31 Year Old 2 Kids.FULL BODY LIPO and Possible MINI Tuck or Full TT - Dominican Republic

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I have been stocking this sight for seems like...

I have been stocking this sight for seems like forever now!!! Finally have booked with Dr Leon in the Dominican Republic - I have had a few quotes by other surgeons and they are all in and around the same price but when I spoke to Dr Leon on the phone there was something about him that just made me feel really comfortable and I knew he was going to be my Doc!! I am supper excited to embark on this journey how ever terrified as well originally I was sold on the bbl and full body lipo but when I sent him my Pic he said I was a mini tummy tuck patient ???? Had not even considered that - so now hear I am looking at before and after pic of all you dolls out there that had a tummy tuck and thinking he may just be right lol. Who am I kidding ofcourse he is right! However we both decided that we would wait to make that final decision as to weather I will go with a full tummy tuck of just the mini once he can see this bad ass tummy in person!!! Now for the hard part a recovery house I was oringally going to have my surgery this summer but my husband could not get the time off work to look after the two babies ???? Anyway I was going to stay with another RS sister at my home recovery house but now that she has already gone with out me I am open to any RH really any suggestions would be great right now I am between serenity and Arelis also Dr Leon has suggested ricio recovery spa but I can not find any info or reveiws thus far on them ?????

6 days before I'm on my way to the DR for my surgery!!

So counting down the days till I am off to the Dominican Republic to have my surgery. I am still really unsure of what procedure I will go through with! I am terrified of the tummy tuck scar but at the same time think that if I just get lipo alone I will regret it. I am wanting to get my arms and chin/jawline done as well. I spoke to dr lean about getting my chin done back in May when I had planes to have the surgery in June but something had come up. Anyway he had mentioned at that time he had never done chin lipo before but would be willing to do it and he knew how. Reading through other post and reveiws on chin/jawline it seems like it's a kinda finicky spot you can't take to much fat out or you will have indents it's not as forgiving as other parts of the body!? Anyone have any thoughts I have been wanting my chin done since I was 18 but here in town it's like 3000 alone for just that and when dr learn told me it was only 250$ extra to add on I was sold!! But now I'm really second guessing it??? All supply's bought just waiting now.......

Pre op

5 week post op pic

Recovery house and abit about my experience

Ok so many of you are asking for details of recover house and just overall experience. So I arrived in the DR Friday night at about 1am lonnng flight ugh. Dr Leons drive Jose Brito was there to greet me with a big sign with my name on it. Scared as hell not knowing what I got myself into I approached Jose and with in minutes he put me at ease! Me was amazing from start to finish! An amazing man and he speaks English!!! He takes me to the recovery house! I choose Serinty and I loved it! It was a nice condo not even a block from the presidents house. So I felt safe with all the cops and security cars driving around all them time ;). The recovery house staff were awesome and there for you if you every step of the way! If t was just to go for a walk with you to the store or take you to the nail salon to get a pedi. They doubt on you hand and foot! I really didn't have much of an spite do I did not enjoy the food but my room mates kept talking at Flaca and how great of a cook she was! Any way so I got there Friday night and just passed out when I woke up sat I got to meet all the girls that were staying there. I was the only one that was still waiting to get surgery so I got to hear all kinds of stories and see what kind of shape these ladies were in lol. I also had my first in person consultation with dr Leon and he looked me over and we made final decisions of what I wanted to get done! He is an amazing compassionate man! I felt so at ease about the whole thing once meeting him! The day of surgery Jose Brito picked me up and took me to the clinic I was giving a gown and was told the someone would be in to do a few tests. So the cardiac specialist came in and did just that. A few mins later a few nurses came in and switched me into a different bed and gave me the "blue pill" and I don't remember a thing until I woke up! Waking up from surgery I was cold as hell like all you others dolls have described the pain was there but was not to bad and at any point it got to be a bit more then I could handle they would top up that is to make you comfortable! 9am Jose Brito (the driver) came to check on me and see if I needed anything he is such a sweet heart! Hand feed me some jello then had to leave to pick up another girl and told me to call him when the doc comes and releases me or he would be back at 11. Sure enough dr Leon and my driver showed up at the same time so dr Leon have me the ok to go home and Brito was there to take me!! I'm not gunna lie I wanting nothing more but my recovery house bed!!!! Get into the car was a bit of a challenge but all and all ok! Went back to the recovery house and slept the nurses would come in every so often and get me up to take a lil walk... Ladies I can not express to you enough how important getting up and walking around as soon as you can!! And wear you compression stockings! I ended up getting two pulmonary embolisms literally almost died! So please please walk you might not feel like you want to you might me a little nauseous and dizzy from the anistisa but do it anyway please ( I touch more on that in another post) first two days post op is hell cant do much by yourself like even just getting out of bed on your own is next to impossible! Day three is when things turned around for me I could do almost anything by myself and is also the day I stopped taking pain meds! Had my surgery on Monday November 30th and had my first follow up with dr learn the Friday and he was pleased with how I was healing ect. Then again I seen him for a check up the following Monday and he revived a few stitches from my chin (I did a little neck and chin lipo too) and a few stitches from my back as well removed my back drain. Oh yeah dr Leon uses two drain most of the other docs only use one from what I seen! The drains are prett annoying and painful! Kinda a burning sensation when you get up. I was happy to get it removed! Unfourtanitly the other one was not ready to come out before it was time to go home so I ended up coming home with one! Ugh. Not ideal but I wanted to go home!!! The flight home was better then expected! I had three fights and I slept two of the three so I was pretty happy with that!

Reason for choosing dr Leon? Well I had had a few quotes from other surgeons a few here in my home town one in Miami and a few down in the Dominican. Looking at the reveiws of many ladies that have gone down to the dr for lipo or TT just had In my option WAY better results then anything here in Canada or the US. So I was sold or going to the dr at that point! I emailed dr Leon for a quote and with in a day he called me and we talked for like an hour! He was not in a rush to get me off the phone he was very detailed and reasonable with my expectations! I felt like he was a safer route then some of the other big name doc's down there that push the limits! Yes they get outstanding results but also comes with allot more risks and deaths and that scared me! I wasn't looking for the music video girl body I wanted a natural upgrade! I had two small children that needed there mommy to come back in one piece! I had read every review on here for him as well as his web site and Instagram profile and fell in love with his work and then once you talk to him one on one you will be sold too!!!

2 month post op

Things have been going well. No more pain st all just a bit of discomfort from the swelling. I started working out this week and holy swell hell :). I'm hoping this swelling subsides sooner then later I'm beyond tired of it ;)

2 months post op

Almost 5 months

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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