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Ok so I've finally decided to go forth with this, ...

Ok so I've finally decided to go forth with this, just take the plunge & gift myself a new body. After having my 11 bundles of joy wreak havoc on my body (the last being twins!) & having my weight yo-yo up & down through the years, with diets exercise etc my body just hasn't bounced back to what it once was, even after 6-7 kids I was still a size 5-6 but after 11, I ballooned up to my current size 11-12 of course it makes it no better with my apple shape! I'm the kinda gal who only looks good thin, I don't wear weight well. I'm about 5 ft 3/4 tall not quite 5'1 & currently weigh around 160-165 that's down from 178 my heaviest ever while not pregnant. Most of my weight is boobs & belly I'll be quite honest, I have almost no hips & no booty either my legs are also slender.. I wear a 38G so I'm wanting to get a breast reduction, tummy tuck, & lipo on my back & arms.. then fat grafted into my booty to created that booty I never had but always wanted lol. Since I am done with having kids I felt I should go for it, I deserve to look nice right? I wanna look in the mirror & look good in anything, not "dress for my shape!" So I've been working out & also doing my cardio (zumba) hoping to get down some more before my surgery.. I lose then gain ugh I hate it, it's alwqys easier gaining it. I'm ready some awesome changes to go with my petite frame, let's face it girls, short girls don't look nice chubby, a taller one might pull it off or even a pear shaped gal but with my body frame I look odd shaped, I'm ready to givey poor back some relief! Lol.. If anyone from Texas is planning to go to either the Dominican Republic or Mexico for surgery, hit me up, pm me let's share stories or be travel buddies. TIA

Doctors & decisions...

After lurking around on here for some time now, and looking at everyone's results (amazing btw) I decided I wanted a body by Duran.. However she is one busy woman! TI have been unable to able contact w her & those skilled hands of hers, I tried emailing both emails, calling the office & cell finally thanks to another sister on here I was able to get her assistant Elizabeth's number & sent her a message on whatsapp, & she responded, YAY! Still no quote just exchange a bit of initial info. I was told she does not have any dates for Feb/March but was not told when she will resume taking new patient appointments.. Anywho I send a few pix & asked for a quote hopefully I will hear back from them soon.
I also sent pix to Dra Tania Medina she responded quite quickly, we chatted awhile via whatsapp she is super sweet, thank God I am fluent in Spanish & can speak, write, translate etc She sent me pix of a few cases & I sent her my pix & she gave me a quote. She recommended I separate my surgeries so it will not be so traumatizing to my body. So total for full back liposculpting w TT & BBL $4,500 w availability as soon as Feb 7th & then the breast reduction w arm lipo an additional $3,000 w a wait time of 4 months in between. I wish I could do it all at the same time but recovery will be a real beeotch! I like her price but since it is my 1st quote I'm still gonna hold out to see what Duran says.
I now am becoming obsessed w the site as well lol well that's all for now goodnight my sistas!

Approx 24hrs after sx results Dra Medina's work

For all those interested this Doc Tania Medina's handiwork 24 hrs post-op on one of her patients.. Thoughts?? Opinions?? Comments??

On a serious note....

Ugh I can't seem to sleep I have excitement flooding my brain, thinking of sx, what recovery will be like-- I have notging to compare it to besides having my gallbladder out via lapriscopy or having cesareans lol speaking of that as I envisiin the bid day I am making my mental list of what to pack, it feels quite like getting ur hospital day ready for birth/delivery!!

But aside from the good/fun stuff, on a serious note did any of u ladies increase ur life insurance plans or start a new plan as a precautionary measure, incase Lord forbid, the worst were to happen? Realistically whether u have surgery in ur native country or any country outside of that. There's always a risk. One doesn't know how we or our bodies will tolerate & react to any surgery.. I have all my babies to think of & I'd hate the thought of leaving hubby alone to raise them. Ugh I hate these thoughts.. not gonna freak out, for now & on that day I'm just gonna leave it in the Lord's hands. Not to get preachey but as much as I want this I can't help but feel guilt & slight fear creep in. I'm also keeping it all pretty classified no one besides hubby & I know. Aside from one girlfriend but I didn't go into further detail just said I was considering plastic surgery never said what area lol she was supposed to join me as she wants a breat augmentation but I doubt now is a good time for her, no no vacay yet.
Oh well I better let my mind rest its been racing I desperately need to go to bed.... okay that is all---- FOR NOW


Ugh please excuse all the typos, can't find where to go back to edit certain sections :-(

Recovery houses/Doctors/etcetera!

Still going back & forth as far as doctors go. I really liked Dra Tania Medina de Garcia's personality & attentiveness to her patients she is the only one I have thoroughly spoken to however & I'd rather not jump the gun till I get at least 2-3 more quotes.. I actually got in touch w Dr Eugenio Lapaix who was recommended by a nurse she runs a recovery house, she had alot to say aboit the docs bcuz she's worked alongside them anyhow I got a hold of Dr Lapaix rather quickly however he didn't seem to have patience when we texted back & forth on whatsapp his answers & comments seemed like he cut & pasted a generic message he sends to everyone.. we were conversing in Spanish so it wasn't like he couldn't follow. I of course asked for before & after pix, he referred me to his website www.dreugeniolapaix.com but I could not open it, it was almost like it was no longer active, it happens I guess.. I asked him about it & he ignored me. I sent him my pix & he responded w a quote of only $3500 for agressive liposuction, liposculpting, TT & BBL which was awesome bcuz Draedina quoted me $4500 but he couldn't show me pix. Now I do realize he may have been at the clinic or spending time w his family or busy in some way of course but idk I got this vibe that he was just dancing around my questions & he kept repeating himself, no clear definitive answers. Now I myself can relate bcuz hubby & I are small business owners there's always that one picky customer who asks alot of questions or wants everything cheap, warranty etc but hey this is MY HEALTH we r talking about right? Not an inanimate object! We go the extra mile in our business that's why customers return, & that means sometimes staying late or thoroughly explaining everything. Dra Medina seems like that she was talking to me as a person not sending cut n paste prewritten scripting, she even joked around w me, it felt like I actually knew her for years before long. She texts me first sometimes, I don't have to hunt her down, that feels nice.

Anyways I looked into recovery houses as well.. I narrowed it down to either Yenny's or Zara's (who was recommended by a sista on here btw) these ladies are actually nurses, only Zara does the lymphatic massages however, they include transportation to & from airport, to & from Dr visits etc, 3 meals a day & a snack, laundry, wifi, cable basically everything for alot less that what the going rate is. Zara quoted $45 a day & Yenny $50 a day. So now I'm trying to select only one of these fabulous ladies, I must say its tough! Healing Haven, Recovery Armonía, Daisy's, Spa JM all seemed to be alot more for the same services! So yea I have already decided as far as that goes not to, it may be fancier but none of them are nurses or offer massages so that was an easy choice. After all its about the surgery, not so much about staying at a spa, well not for me at least. We evem talked about sightseeing since I'm arriving 2 days before sx

Well ladies now I'm gonna go work on my travel checklist on what to pack, that should be fun lol talk to ya soon!

Phone calls!!

Before I forget, ladies most of oir cell providers do not have coverage for DR & it may be super expensive as well. Its best to use ur google voice account if u have one. I myself have one, I also have Tango & Viber but although I've been told u can place calls via that method I'm iffy on that bcuz from here in USA I cannot call free to DR with these apps.. so I recommend buying a cheap prepaid SIM card & add minutes so everything will flow smoothly.. ok ttyl my lovlies!

Vitamin Routine & Weight Issues

I really want my hematocrit levels at an all time high, so I was gonna order Blood Builder by MegaFood but in reading its content, I realized I can buy everything separate for a little cheaper, price wasn't an issue so much as is TIME, the doc wanted me on the vitamin regime ASAP since I'm planning on a a February sx date.. I wasn't willing to wait so I went out & purchased Folic Acid (Folate), Vitamin C, & Iron.. which is basically what it has, except for the beet root, but that I can order & wait or do do without.. The Blood builder varies in price but its anywhere from $25-$35 bucks depending on the count 30, 60, or 90.. I prefer the larger sized bottle since I will be taking them afterwards as well, but these were from $3 to $3.75 so it was even better, hey if it works it works right, so they're generic but it gets the job done.

Also I have been told by a few doctors after submitting photos, to lose a few pounds, it varies but one said to lose 10 lbs, & another doc said 20 lbs.. I'm really gonna try my best to do so. Well that's it for now beauties. Buenas Noches!

Blood Builder ingredients...

Didn't wanna wait for shipping time, meed to get my super blood on NOW! Lol

Too good, to be true??!

Omg its finally hitting me, is this really gonna happen? I feel like I've just won the lotto, haha well almost! I feel like I'm walking on clouds, a too good to be true feeling. Its still not completely real to me somehow.. what will my final results be, what will I look like?At first I was getting very nit picky & a tad upset bcuz I wanted everything done, Burger King style haha my way, right away! I have to wait for my boob reduction, I was like what if I look ridiculous w big boobies & a tiny body big booty.. but I reflected & I realize that I should just be grateful to have this improvement in my life, to hold onto my youth a little longer as one sista put it, & as a wise woman once told me, everyone gets what they deserve, if uve come this far its bcuz ur deservant of it.. it of course was a totally unrelated issue haha but same concept, I guess if it God's will I will make it to the flat side, if its not meant to be,, well u know, but I'd rather not focus on that.. gonna be positive! Looking forward to some shopping for cute dresses before I leave & getting a mani/pedi, since I'll be rocking da flip flops haha hmm maybe while there I'll get a facial that's alwaysss FUN!

Major surgery, major immobility??

Ok ladies so I've been thinking about this, aside from the joy & all the excitement of having attained our new bodies.. there's a major price to pay for major surgery & I don't mean $!
I mean the PAIN & immobility.. I will be in Santo Domingo a little over 2 weeks, most would say oh its a beautiful island, I'll go ahead & make a vacation out of it.. buy really I don't think I'll have strength or be in the mood for it! I can only compare it to having a cesarian or having my gallbladder removed haha as those r the only encounters I've had with ANY surgery!
What did some of u ladies do to pass the time? Its a shame bcuz its sure a lovely place.. I think the first few days u sleep, eat very little & wait for the next pain med haha
But once u had more energy, did u go for a walk? Did u feel up to venturing out & about? Did u even feel like reading a book or watching TV? Haha
I'm just wondering bcuz I'd like to do a lil shopping, maybe get souvenirs etc.. Since I've never been of course... I do go to Mexico often & love to sightsee, eat, & shop there. Lol I know I said its more about my recuperation than a vacation but hmm I'm curious what the difference is, some of u stayed at Spas & I'm staying at a place that's strictly a recovery house.. what are some of the accomodations at the places where u stayed... also when u regained strength for those of u who had an extended visit... more than a week, what was it like what did u do? I wanna hear ur stories so leave some feedback & comments please bcuz I thought of getting a pedicure & facial & other niceties like that before heading out there, buy then I though hmm maybe I could do that there if I feel up to it. What do y'all think?

More & more vitamins.....

So today like most of us do, I walked into a store for an item, but seemed to walk out with more items that expected, lol more goodies! There was a sale on vitamins so I went ahead & got 3 more bottles... got some B12, B6, & calcium w D3... the B12 to aid the metabolism & give me that added energy trust me it works wonders, a few years ago I used to regularly get B12 injections also have taken the pill form from time to time its amazing better than red bull! The calcium I got just to restock, I was out & let's face it we as women NEED that calcium! So my new little secret weapon & favorite right now is the B6, it promotes red blood cell production.. & ladies we all want healthy hemoglobin & good hematocrit levels am I right?! I know my sx is denpending on it.
I considered having my own blood harvested. I cam donate it & keep it on reserve, ship it overnight to DR, just in case I need a blood transfusion, which is very possible (but hoping it doesn't happen) my body would love nothing more than to be resupplied with its own blood haha. But idk it may be super expensive, not sure how it would work out.. oh well it was just a thought, I'm sure they are equipped for emergencies. But yea get ur self some B6 to keep ur blood count up & healthy before, during, & after surgery.. I know throughout my life from time to time I've been amemic. Also after my cesarean I lost alot of blood. My Doctor will do the TT, lipo, & BBL but not the BR & arm lipo, she says two separate surgeries are better, but she may do it if my levels are good after the first surgery is done.. actually all Docs want our levels at at least 12 so therefore..... B6 haha

New regime...

The goodies
From L to R
Vitamin C
Calcium with D3
Folic Acid
& some Arnica I found on sale for $3!!

& here they are My Goodies..


Ugh the Arnica doesn't show up but oh well yea if u have a Family Dollar near u, go check out the Vitamin sale... ok nite nite ;-)

Health & random thoughts

I have begun dieting in addition to my vitamin regime.. I've always been one to eat clean & moderation. But working in an office & rushing after work w errands, family affairs etc I admit I had the occasional donut or junk food, even though within the unhealth I did try to set limits lol. I received 3 different diets, 2 from doctors I've spoken with, 1 from sissy in law who is a nutritionist.. the right combination of food at the appropriate times of the day r what make the difference not so much starving ur self or cutting down portions.

Anywho speaking of health, it seems everyone views surgery so negatively! Last night I reached out to a person in my family that I'm very close to & confided in her... it didn't seem to sit too well w her. We r about the same age (in our 30s) but I have kids, she does not. She doesn't believe in surgery for unnecessary reasons.. a dear friend of hers underwent a gastric bypass mind u so I thought she might understand, but nope she claimed it wasn't the same thing. She brought to my attention what a big decision this was & that it sounded crazy to her but in the end she did say be careful in whatever u decide.. not exactly what I was hoping to hear but not too bad. But after that I felt bad like am I crazy what am I doing this for I felt so selfish..

Today I'm over it.. I'm back on track. The thing no one understands is that, even with diet & exercise sometimes skin doesn't go back to normal, ur body takes a toll with childbirth, especially after multiple times! Yes u can lose weight but to have everything sagging is devastating! Alot of ladies are already hot, they just enchance what is already beautiful which is fine I've always been pro plastic surgery & I'll say it a million times!! But when u NEED things done, like a breast reduction bcuz of excruciating pain, or the infamous mommy apron where ur have a skin flap, most ppl do not realize that its uncomfortable not just appearance wise but I will be brutally honest, u can get skin irritations or rashes under ur boobs or under the belly flap!!! Yes this is TMI & gross but I must express what I feel. Even if ur thin & just wanting to add breasts or booty bcuz u feel different from everyone, they don't walk in ur shoes everyday to know the levels of self consciousness we go through! I love myself I have many great qualities but I absolutely hate my body, yes its embarrasing. U can feel that way whether u have extra pounds or whether ur slim!! In clothing I look ok sure, bcuz I've learned many tricks of how to dress for shape or have used girdles etc but my #1 goal is to wear a swimsuit in comfort.

Ok my lil rant is over haha. If u do confide in someone make sure its someone who's been there. Who's had kids, dramatic weight loss, even a person who's recuperated from an eating disorder & of course & especially one who has had work done bcuz this is about perception, they will know where ur coming from.

I've been well endowed up top since Elementary school but I hate it, I didn't want that type of attention! It feels terrible to have a conversation & for ur boobs to be the focal point! My boobs make me feel like a fat blob when the rest of me is not proportionate! After kids, it was my stomach I looked fine w clothes on & disfigured w them off! I don't know how else to explain it, hubby says its like body dismorphic disorder like when ur bulimic or anorexic... but now after gaining weight & losing it I have no shape. I don't agree with him maybe before pre kids yes but now it os unsitely. I will post a few pics I found on Dr Cabrals instagram these pics r sooo motivating!! If they can do it we can too. SI SE PUEDE! Lol Spanish for YES WE CAN!

True Inspirations!!

ugh pix not loading!!

pix cont.


Today has been a very emotional day for me. When I embarked on this lil journey of course I contacted a few doctors foe quotes, not all responded right away.. in fact some I'm still waiting on.. But even thought I have spoken to some, I was holding out for the others to respond, some I just didn't like the results or the prices! True u cannot put a price on ur life, anything can happen when u go under the knife, so its better to be safe than sorry! But also know I can find good quality work looking in other countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Columbia etc.
In viewing results I feel I would most benefit from the work of either Dra Duran or Dr Cabral they sculpt u more & get the small waist big booty etc. Others I've seen give more suttle results like Dra Baez, Robles or Pizzaglio from what I've seen on their sites. If I'm spending money I could be putting away into savings or aplying towards other things such as a bit of remodeling to our home or taking a lil vacation etc,, then I'd like to get pretty close to my desired results!
Idk it is very affordable but me being me its hard to spend a large amount without feeling guilty about it, I guess its a mommy thing..
So earlier this week I finally hear back from both Cabral & Yily.. Cabral has already given me a price & I've seen hia amazing work, the drawback?? Recent deaths of several patients! He's all over the internet u can see videos in YouTube. Then there's Yily she has yet to give me a price but she did have availability pretty soon however I have yet to see her work.. although I have heard she has more of a gentle touch. I feel I need a more aggressive hand. I know there's only so much a surgeon can do, we have to help it out w diet & exercise as well but I also need to feel comfortable with the docs sculpting skills. Dra Medina is a sweetheart, although I have only seen 2 pix of her work, they were pretty darn good! But I want to see more before making a determination. Dr Lapaix's surgery is extremely well priced but again lack of sufficient photos makes the difference when we r thousands of miles away & cannot go in person so easily.. we r entrusting our lives to these ppl so they should be a little more eager to ease our concerns & answer questions, & most of all be proud to show off their work!!
I haven't told too many ppl of my journey. I guess I'm more of a private person, the one person I did tell had mixed opinions. Hubby supports my decision & we have looked at a few pics together of results, he just said to go with whoever made me more comfortable, not to let price be an issue. So I told him about Cabral & he was pretty leery about him. He said don't do it if he's had alot of deaths lately!!! But I was desperately trying to give him a fair chance. The 2 deaths I know of were more the patients faults from what I was told. One had a heart condition & did not inform him, the other caught an infection & did not seek help right away, she ignored the symptoms. That can be anyone of us with any doc!! We have to do our part as well good communication is the key!
But when hubby said weigh ur options, almost all docs have patient deaths, but is it 2 in all his career or just recently u gotta look at more facts,, I told him tbe reasons that ppl say they died, I told him he's one of the best he delivers phenomenal results.. he said then ask ur self if its worth the cost of ur life.... that had me in tears. I told him every surgery has a risk associated, & I got kinda mad & told him he wasn't being supportive. He really is but bcuz I felt immense guilt at his words I was upset, I guess I was looking for him to just agree w me but he didn't.. its an eye opener.
I know that if too much is removed u can die, I know there can be burns, complications, etc but I want this sooo bad. I had been contemplating it for years & finally got up the nerve to do it, & the opportunity presented itself, the DR prices all sound good, the bodies look fab, unlike the suttle work here in USA.. it all seemed to perfect. No one likes tje word death, no one is prepared to die & I'm a mess right now.. Any words of advice or doctor suggestions sistas?? Duran never replied.. anyone else do good work?? Well thanks for reading this for those of u who did.
Love & Blessings

& More upsetting emotions!

This really is an emotional rollercoaster, ugh! I was feeling better & in good spirits about my surgery fears.. I figured there is slim chance anything life threatening would happen. I figured it was all aboit picking the right doc.
So I continued on my search for doctors & I have also stayed in contact w the ones I've already had quotes from.. like another sister mentioned on here it would be wise to show up in DR early & go interview docs face to face, see pics, maybe even the O.R.
I spoke to someore docs, one of the doctors assistants, & also to a lady who runs a recovery home. Well she seemed nice but also a bit pushy, she asked if I had selected a Dr already bcuz if not she knew of one who was superb etc. Well she shows me her own recovery pix.. she looks nice, but all she had done was liposculpting, she was already slim w a nice shape but she went for the extra mile, which is wonderful however she started asking me what I wanted done etc so I tell her, then she warns me about certain Drs then I sent her a pic of me, fully clothed & she recommended I lose weight then she went on to kinda clown on me she laughed bcuz I told her I had a lil more weight up top.. she made me feel like crap. I didn't realize I was so far gone.. by their standards I'm probably inoperable they aren't as fat as USA. I don't know if I should put this off to lose more weight. Almost doctor I've talked to says I should lose some weight some say 10 lbs some say 20 lbs, one actually said to lose 30 lbs!! Fore that is just not feasible I lose weight slowly, 10-15 lbs sounds doable but more I highly doubt! Now I'm discouraged & hurt :-(

I'm nearly 5'1 & weigh around 160, is that honestly sooo terrible? I bet most of it is boob weight.. maybe this isn't for me after all :-(


Here's some pix of the body I abhor!

Too fat for SX???

Dra Tania Medina's work


Dra Agustina Hilario Duran


Dr Hector Cabral


More pix.. random

Texas SX Group??

So today I found a buddy in my city! Yay me, although I want to have my sx in February or March & she intended to go in June.. we r trying to see if we can work something out..
If any of u ladies plans to go have sx around the same time & ur somewhere in Texas we should become buddies & go in a little group!! Let me know ur dates & chosen docs..

Fake emails/Scam!!

Good day my loves
I wanted u warn u ladies about a scam that is going around, this is the second one I hear of & they have targeted Doctora Duran..
Please be aware & watch for these bogus emails & they r pretty fake sounding but please do report it ASAP, I'm enclosing screenshots.


I have two friends in Santo Domingo, born & raised their. I met each one of these ladies when the lived stateside. Anywho I was talking to one of them today & I decided to strike up a conversation, so I told her I'd be going to DR soon & that what places did she recommend to go buy souvenirs or historical places, sightsee etc... (it was just small talk mind u I could have easily googled that) we talled about malls etc then. This girl used to be quite boxy/chubby & almost overnight about two years back, she went full out Barbie, we aren't that close so I'd never be nosy & ask her about it. Well I had previously told her I was going for a Lasix procedure but the way the comversation was going I felt comfortable enough to open up. Turns out she just had surgery again about 2 weeks ago! She confessed to me, she said that she was completely man made! She said it so casually w no qualms, like it was the most natural thing in the world (hey everyones doing it right?!)

Well she ended up recommending me to her surgeon which was her ex father in laws colleague, so I figured hmm maybe he'll hook me up, pricewise.. of course he did hers nearly free bcuz the families have known each other forever & I wasn't expecting that, just maybe something reasonable for it being DR, nope! He wanted $8000 for just the BBL, TT, & Lipo!! Not including the BR.. after we began talking & I'd told him what I wanted & sent pix & gave him my medical history etc.. the first thing he said was, well u know I can do ALL that, u can achieve ur desired results... but! Its gonna cost u....... from there it went downhill. I didn't like his approach he seemed money hungry & was a lil arrogant ugh.. I guess its true they are almost all opportunists. Even in my frequent visits to Mexico which everyone says is bad, well no one ever acted like that towards me.. girls, BEWARE!

I'm backk....

Okay so earlier I was rushing to finish my post & my phone died! That's why I didn't explain in further detail.. I have talked to several doctors already & I have been given many quotes the lowest one was $3200 & it has averaged around there $3500, $3700 & of course the highest which was the $8000 one. All I'm getting done is the BBL, liposculpt & abdominoplasty (TT), I know that if my hemoglobin isn't high enough I can't do the BR with lift.. I'm not expecting it all done at once I'd rather be safe, even if I could getting it all done in one day, I wouldn't pay $8000 for it! Well not in DR, that is w/o anything included. Call me cheap if u will for wanting to pay less but I think we should pay what everyone else pays. U wouldn't necessarily get lower quality work, its all up to the surgeons skill.

Now when u come at someone like hey yes I can help u, but I must warn u , it won't come cheap, REALLY? How can that be ur opening sentence?? REALLY? U expect to recommendations w that attitude? Yea everyone's out to make a buck, but I feel there are still some honest surgeons out there who's integrity can't be compromised by greed. I know when I'm being taken advantage of! I judt didn't like the vibe that guy gave off. In spite of everyone being scared to go Mexico, I do have family there & I go often to visit or shop etc I have even had dental work done there & a 4D sonogram so I am no stranger to this, a newbie with plastic surgery maybe but I know when someone is being treating u unfairly or thinks ur a naïve tourist just bcuz we r American & wants to poke ur eyes so to speak. Ugh but enough of that

I ordered some supplies today a waterproof boppy cover for the boppy I bought. I actually had another boppy before but I gave it away to a friend who was pregnant, it was almost brand new still,, the current one I got used for $8, I'm not about to pay full price for it, lol! Yup I love bargains, I washed it of course & now I'm buying the covers for it bcuz u never know if it will get stained by all the fluids leaking out lol so the waterproof cover is actually custom made (plastic) & goes over the boppy then the actual cover goes over that,, so when & if it becomes soiled u just remove the outer cover to be washed & wipe down the plastic covering, I also ordered a tube of medihoney that is supposed to aid in healing of even the most severe cuts, incisions, burns etc, its very safe to use & also got bromelain, I need to go get some stuff locally like stool softener, prilosec & baby gas drops, after my c section the gas pains were horrendous so just incase I'm adding this to my surgery survival kit lol. Plus I need a sleep aid like an inflatable something or another.

I have a already got a few things here & there like some chux, wipes for bathing, adult diapers just incase, a cute lil purple pill box just for fun haha & I need to go buy a funnel like the ones u use to change the oil in ur car, I decided it was similar to a PEz but cheaper, I don't need the pricey one since it will undoubtedly go in the garbage as soon as I am done w recovery, dollar stores have these go yea.. I thought of purchasing all the supplies & just mailing them to my recovery place so I don't have to check the added bag on the flight, but who knows if it I can coordinate arrival & if it gets into someone else's hands then I'd be SOL wouldn't I? lol. Soooo since I plan to arrive a several days before any procedure begins, I can just go buy stuff I may be lacking.. I really do just wanna venture around DR & maybe SHOP like for my maxi dresses or something that would be fun! I know enough Spanish plus being Hispanic & Middle Eastern I LOOK ETHNIC haha w my crazy curls I will surely blend in. Ok dolls its late, gonna hit the hay, work tomorrow ugh.. SWEET DREAMS of great results & the best possible outcomes


Traigo la isla en mi mente!

I'm sure ur all familiar w the phrase "Crazy-Texas-Weather..." Let me attest that this is true!! A few days back the weather was quite enjoyable, not too cold, not too hot. So this morning when I drove to work it was in the 20s, & for my neck of the woods (South Central Texas) that is practically a phenomenon, everyone hides indoors, schools & certain government offices close, the city all but shuts down!!

But lucky me, yup I had to work, how lovley.. Anyways I walked to my car & of course cranked up the heater & radio & waited for my vehicle to warm up, u know those first few moments as u wait for the car to get warm but only cold air is blowing out, ugh I could've been cranky about the whole situation but nahh....

I drove away, smiling to myself cold & all.. I had my bachata station on, all my favorite songs were playing, I was daydreaming about perfect weather on a beautiful island fast approaching. Soon it will be a reality for me! Tomorrow I celebrate another birthday, normally it just another day, who wants to age ugh.. but this year its different. I have a new outlook, lots to be thankful for & lots to be appreciative of. I'm thankful for the wisdom I've attained throughout the years & thankful for my loving family, there is truly never a dull moment w them, lol.. last of all I'm thankful for my gift, yup the hot new bod!

But that's not the only reason I'm flying over the clouds lately, yes it has alot to do w it, but its bcuz I realize that even without the sx, I'm truly happy! My children make me proud everyday, hubby adores me & has always supported my decisions for the last 14 years, I'm not rich but I'm comfortable enough, what I do have is an abundance of love & even if this surgery never happens I have all I need in the world. My kids are on board w it though, they wanna see mommy satisfied & smiling, they said mom, uve paid ur dues u deserve this :-)

Hubby & I are planning to renew our vows but through the church this time not in a courthouse like when we were first married & the advantage is that now my kids can participate in the wedding, I have flowergirls, maids of honor, & my sons will walk me down the isle & give me away, my oldest is 19 & in the military, I want him in full uniform that day & I'm gonna look amazing too! Next year my second oldest daughter will have her Quinceañera & I wanna look nice not horrendous in an ill fitting dress. So anyways just thought I'd post some positive, I know I posted alot of negative crap but hey it was just me having a moment, like we all do. Anyways dolls who else is going for sx in February/March inbox me or leave me a comment. Until then Happy Planning, Happy Healing, & Happy Travels Loves!!

Chao Dolls!

The Waiting Game.. ugh...

Hello my loves, let me start by saying my weekend was wonderful! Saturday was my birthday, & Sunday was my aunts birthday. I had a great time w my family. Finally told my mom about my sx, she didn't take it as bad as I expected. She isn't overjoyed, more than anything things of this nature scare her but she is also not totally opposed, once i explained it to her she was a bit more at ease.. she was somewhat accepting of it. I'm so glad I was finally able to get it off my chest.

So today I'm playing hookey from work, kind of lol, I got the day off w approval but it feels weird not to be at work right now.. so here I am at Labcorp playing the waiting game. I'm here to do my CBC, thank to an RS sis who posted up a site where u can order tests online & then go to a local lab, it was pretty affordable only $26. If anyone wants more info send me an inbox msg

Anyways I had a really relaxing weekend, the weather was nice on Sunday at 78 degrees. Today however it windy, or as Winnie the Pooh used to say, "It's a rather blustery day!" Lol. Just walking from the parking lot to the building I felt like everytime I took a step forward the wind pushed me back by two steps!

Well with today off I'll be able to tie up alot of loose ends & finish packing, stuff I hadn't quite gotten around to going. I'm glad bcuz it gives me some peace of mind, I'll be less frantic. Omg the day is drawing nearer & nearer.. oh well gotta go they just called me, wish me good results ladies bye!!!

Attire Fiasco!!

The wait time at the lab wasn't bad, actually not long at all, better than what I'd anticipated. Afterwards I went shopping, had to go exchange the luggage I got recently bcuz the handle was hard to push back down it was either broken or defective or something! Yea I'd rather not be struggling/wrestling w the luggage to get it to function bcuz my sx's will be fresh, don't need anything to popping open, yikes!

So I ended up buying some pajamas & stuff. I saw alot of cute maxi dresses & apparently that is in the sx handbook & code of attire lol, it the signature piece of all us RS sistas. I tried a few on, omg hideous! I myself have never worn dresses well, I love dresses buy they don't love me back! They unforgivingly display not only every curve buy every lump, & bump. I haven't been able to wear backless anything or empire top dresses/blouses for quite some time! Its all boob relate, ugh. So I was searching foe stretchy fabrics or stuff that doesn't have a designated booby region, bcuz they aren't generously made & even a large will fit tight & the xl will fit buy then the bottom looks huge & so ill fitted like if I was pregnant or shapeless haha oh wait I am shapeless. Anywho I was looking for stuff w sleeves or tank style bcuz if doc says I cannot get the BR I will definantly not fit in a strapless tube top maxi or an empire waist maxi either! It took hours but I finally found some tank style & tee shirt style maxis & on sale too! Ladies if u have a Ross in ur area I highly recommended u go there for clothing. Someone said they went to Goodwill bcuz they may never wear these dresses again & they may become stained bad etc.. well at Ross I got a maxi for get this.... 49 cents & some others for $1.99, $2.99 & $3.49 woohoo I scored!! At this price they r practically disposable bcuz they were so dirt cheap, don't get me wrong though, they r cute but I'm glad I found them at these prices, I love me a good sale!!

I bought them exclusively for my post TT, (w possible BR days) I would be caught dead in them now! I was planning to wear sweats or something comfy originally but judging by the pain level posts anything w buttons, zippers or easily able to slide off is best. The pj's I got have velcro actually its more of a towel dress & another style I was searching for is a swimsuit cover up type w a zipper but no such luck I'm sure online I will find plenty. I also need to go get a lightweight robe w pockets for the drains. Well that is all. Until next time, I wish u all the best mis amores


Muñeca De Medina!

Oh yea ishh just got REAL!! I will be a MUÑECA by Medina.. got my plane ticket today & passport is in progress! Omg T-minus 20 days, let the countdown begin!!! She really is the sweetest person ever & as I began to see more of her work (its on here) I can see how skilled her hands are! She makes the best boobs BRwise. I'm flying out February 18th that's just around the corner now..

Also just wanted to mention that Walkinlab is great. I went in one day in the early afternoon & by early the next morning my results were in, crazy fast!! Btw my hemo was at 12.5 kinda low but it bcuz Aunt Flow visited this week ugh so that means I'll need to retest before leaving but I upped my iron to 2 pills instead of 1... more than that would be of no use our body just disposes of the excess, I say this bcuz I see many ladies in here taking 2-3 pills 3x day! Plus Blood Builder etc that is redundancy plus it can be dangerous to consume too much iron or too much folate (folic acid) so please be very cacareful, don't do it unless u have docs orders & I say this out of love & concern sisters.. I wouldn't want anything to happen to any of y'all!

Anyways that's it for now.. not much else to report. Hasta la proxima! Until next time mis reinas!

Besos Ciao

Tick Tock........

17 days to go.. some days feel it it can't come fast enough other days I wonder if I rushed into this, I kinda dove in bcuz the opportunity presented itself.. but I've noticed alot of u wait months before taking the plunge, sometimes I think maybe I should've waited to lose a few more pounds but what's done is done, everything is set in motion & there's no turning back now!

I've been envisioning getting in the plane on a brisk day & arriving a few hours later into a beautiful Spring-like island, I find myself wondering how things will play out, & what my results will be like of course. The only three things I feel slight apprehension about one is the way they sedate u, there's a possibility of awakening during sx, also too much blood loss during sx, & the pain afterwards! My cesarian wasn't bad but the nerve pain or nerve damage was pure sheer agony! Other than that I was ok.. I pray all goes well, I'll be in the best care though since ultimately its all up to God & he will be overseeing my surgeon as I lay in the table, he will guide her hands & instruments, he will make my body tolerant & he will make me heal.. in the states or in a foreign country wherever u have sx God is there that's what counts, it brings me peace knowing that.

I wish I had some company on the trip bcuz I'll be going alone, but I'm sure it will work out somehow. Other than all that I keep wondering if I've packed enough, too much, or not enough?! My instinct just tells me to pack light, whatever I'm lacking I can purchase while there, I dont really wanna make a big deal over it, I'm going to another country not another planet lol! All I really must have from here is some PAIN MEDS!! If I'm lacking anything else I'm sure I can manage to find/purchase it over there & of course maybe even lower priced so it all works out fine.

I'm still iffy on clothes though, not too thrilled about maxi dresses since my boobs may or may not get done & right now they don't fit well into certain clothing haha. I have already bought a few but may just end up using them as pj's, they r the simple type just shapeless. I'm gonna go w my gut & take other clothing just in case like blouses & skirts, I like 2 piece attire. What clothing did u guys take? I wanna hear from u all. Some ladies advise not to even bring panties bcuz its too hard to pull down & the end up urinating on themselves, other recommend bringing adult diapers but I'm not sure if u wear them or they get cut up to place on incision sites?? I'm bringing pads for that instead. So what do u guys think? What came in handy what was useless as far as supplies? Also who wore clothing other than a maxi? Maybe yoga pants or something else?? Let me know about ur experiences! Thanks my Loves.. ttyl

10 days to go!

Hey my Loves how is everyone doing? I hope everyone is healing well & for those planning, I hope everything is lining up as planned & if ur hestiant, JUST DO IT!

As for me, things have been really well. I asked doc to sent a letter for work & got my leave approved. Next big issue was my passport.. well I'm from Texas as y'all know, so I went in person to Dallas get it expedited (every state has these offices at which u can get it expedited) hubby & I made a mini vacation of it, we saw family we have up there & we enjoyed the snow (as we got into town it was snowing!) We did some shopping etc. Best of all I got my passport in ONE DAY!! It was $195 total, I went in at about 11am & returned at 2pm to pick it up so now everything is truly in place. I just wish I had a travel buddy but I'm sure everything will be fine either way.

Hey ladies when I got my ticket last month I used Priceline.. they were coming out to $500-600 through the airline, so I used the name ur own price bid option & I got mt roundtrip ticket for $349!! Everything has been going smoothly & I can only thank Jesus for that :-)

I bought some more stuff for the trip, more vitamins (got the Bromelain & Arnica pills) also bought a mini crossbody bag to put passport & CC, I don't want to scream out tourist so I'm keeping it as simple as possible.

Well that's all for now, just wanted to check in w y'all & see how everyone is doing & report my progress, maybe it will help some of u beauties to know that u can go in person to get a passport in only 1 days time, if time is against u, & u can get cheap airfare using priceline as well. So I'll talk to u soon, until then happy planning, happy healing, & happy outcomes....


7 days & a wake up!

Next Tuesday February 18th I will be boarding a plane headed to DR. I was feeling excited about it last week, but as the date draws nearer, this week I'm having a whole mix of emotions..

I feel doubt setting in ugh I hate feeling this way, hubby says I'm just having cold feet. But it isn't so much the fear of sx anymore, it a fear that I won't be happy with my results! I'm feeling that thing that's at the back of everyone's mind, what if my results r too subtle?

The last thing I want is to come out looking boxy! I know alot of this has to with the surgeon being skilled but I would think that our anatomy has a BIG roll here as well!! I want the smallest waist possible but what good would it be if my butt didn't have the projection to balance it out. U know what I'm talking about? There's women who have the mommy makeover but the waist still looks thick or the booty looks unchanged. There's TT's that leave u nice & flat but also curvy like a coca-cola bottle & I believe that's bcuz lipo was added in the mix.. then there's TT's where ur flat, but ur waist is non-existent ur just like a board straight up & down no curves at all, zero. Moving onto BBL's I want a huge booty not just a bit of extra padding, but projection, a nice silhouette, something to balance out the huge boobs & make the tiny waist worth it, u dolls know what I mean right? But I know the waist can only be made as small as our bone structure will allow, it looks bigger once u add a heavy bottom though, it creates more proportion or more definition.

I am small framed, yup underneath my mommy body of extra fat I have small bones. I used to be little so I'm hoping I can get the lil waist going again. But what I've never really had is ass, I guess that's why I want it so bad now, lol! I don't just want moderate, I want out of this world ass! Haha. Is that too much to ask for? I want beautiful curves but I want it ALL to stand out. My fear is that ima go through all this, using up time, money, getting stressed & then endure all that pain just to come out somewhat different! I would be soooo pissed if that happens! I'd have to bite my tongue hard bcuz I am quite well known for being bold & outspoken.

What I can say is that the doc I've chosen does make beautiful breasts. U can type her name in the search box, then when she pops up click on photos & u can see some of her former patients. But I'm not sure how much booty she can achieve for me, all I can hope is that she goes heavy handed w it not lightly.

Last week I was over the moon bcuz I was able to get my passport in a day's time.. I failed to mention that I was worried about that too bcuz my DL had expired on my bday this year I did renew it but all I had was the paper receipt bcuz my bday like JUST recently had passed, so my new one hadn't had enough time process/ get here. When I called the passport hotline, they were so rude they r all mechanical & don't give u yes or no answers, they say its at the discretion of the person u get... I guess thats their job to keep it all by the book bcuz they couldn't tell me if what I had was enough, they did say they don't accept photocopies. So they had me take my auto title, deed to the house, shot record, voters card, marriage license, ugh I mean it was so annoying & ridiculous!! I called 2X's & even asked for a supervisor & got the same BS response! But when I got there the guy who attended me was real nice, all he saw was my expired DL & the paper receipt for a new one along w my birth certificate,, 8 offered him my file folder w all my identify proving materials inside, but he said nah this is good enough for me! He also wished me a Happy Belated Bday & asked about my trip, he was all smiles, thank God bcuz I coulda gotten one of those picky beeotches! Ha!

Well here I am today w my dilemma, of stressing over results.. I know some docs give u the bear minimum bcuz they say they don't want to put ur life at risk.. I can't help but wonder if it's not bcuz they wanna keep u coming back for more bcuz of the $ they will make. It seems like they over price everything in DR.. like come on $150 for a cab ride, really? $150-$250 for meds?? Why can't they keep it simple? I know medical tourism is a big $ making business for them but come on! They have one set of prices for the locals & then higher prices for foreigners??? That ishh ain't right, it should be one price straight across the board! If u ask where the fajas r sold or where the pharmacy is they tell u they can get it for u, u know why? So they can charge u double the amount, not for ur convenience. If u do happen to go ur self in person ud find.... (drumroll please..) yup u guessed it CHEAPER prices! That's why I'd much rather convert my money into pesos, talk in Spanish not one word of English for the duration of my time there, & take a small crossbody purse etc & try to blend in like a local. Everything right down to what time of suitcase u take, will make u stand out as a tourist which to them equals $$$ that's why they overcharge it all, they figure we can afford to drop some cash we r American, we r rich, soo not true. So many of us make sacrifices for this only to be taken advantage of.. the flashier ur clothes or belongings look the more they will abuse. Try to keep it pretty modest & simple.

Well that's all for now dolls. It's lunchtime & I have some beef liver calling my name haha all for the greater good! Hopefully my HB levels stay on point. TTYL

Ciao Bellas

Agh typos!

Sorry for all the typos hopefully u can make sense of it, lol...

But yes ladies remember, they note even the tinest details, so when planning ur trip watch out for that...

What type of luggage ru taking? Is it name brand? Remember even things that r mediocre to us can be luxurious to them. Look through ur belongings that ur traveling w r they brands? If ur flip flops r Coach, Guess, Nautica, or any well known or even old name brands it makes a certain impression w them.

Also don't carry a large handbag just a small travel purse, either a crossbidy style or fanny pack type.. remember these things may be hideous to us but that equals safety! I for one do not want to get mugged! I also plan on not tipping just leaving a small gift, a token of my appreciation if u will, once I'm leaving to the ones who helped me out.

4 Days & a wake up!

The day is almost here, its soo close now that I'm on edge lol. Today I've been packing & cleaning & keeping quite busy. Never fails, I had a ton of errands & a few events to get out of the way before showtime.. I can't believe this real, its finally happening. I hope everything goes over smoothly. Its all I think about lately, its ever-present in my daily life bcuz I want to make sure I've thought of everything & planned well both for the trip & for my family while I'm away.. I'll take some pics in a moment, gonna go through my suitcase again, lol...

TTYS Lovelies

Its almost "Showtime," & I have a minor speed bump!!

In 3 days I will b3 in DR, today I woke up sick to my stomach ugh.. I think 8 got some type of food poisoning on either V-Day or the day before, bcuz I had horrendous pain, the runs, nausea omg it has just been bad! But luckily these things last 24-48 hrs right? My sx is on Friday so I'm hoping it will clear up by then. I also had some fever, ugh pray for me dolls!!!!!!! God is good.

On My Way!

Got to the airport early this AM... I'm on the plane now just before take off.. will update upon arrival
TTYS Dolls!

..Santo Domingo..

Hey loves I am here in DR, my flights went smoothly, got here & came straight to the recovery house, had some delicious lunch & got aquainted w Zara & her family & friends,, all lovely people. I purchaed a SIM card plus airtime to insert in my phone. I paid about $19 US for minutes & 2gb of data, not bad at all!

I was originally planning to withdraw & bring money in separate envelopes to pay the different expenses I'd have, one for the doc, one for RH, etc but hubby advised not to bcuz he was afraid I'd get mugged, something told me to withdraw money at the ATM at the airport or convert my cash into pesos but I held off due to timing & it was cutting it close on boarding time & I almost didn't make my plane change! So once arriving at the Americas airport I attempted to do so, omg its a nightmare to change ur $$$ converting to pesos is fine but trying to get US currency is a hassle, I was told I could not withdraw more than $2?000 AND that I would be charged $2?4xx,xx USD? who charges. $400+ to withdraw $$$!!!!!! So I canceled the transaction & now I am waiting to be refunded? so pissed off! Ugh anyways this AM I an going to go see a few docs.. wish me luck dolls!! & remember to bring US currency or change ur money ahead of time!


Hey dolls well let me fill u in, this whole money incident has set me back big time.. I was wrong when I said converting dollats to pesos was fine. U should get $44 pesos per dollar, I was given $37 pesos per dollar.. I gave $810 dollars but only received $695 worth. So I lost out on $115 but I didn't notice right away bcuz I was so mad about being charged $400 to get $2000 out, I asked to withdraw $4000, they said it was too high, she said the most I can give u is $2000 so I said fine.. but then she wants to charge me $2448 or some shit like that! So I told her to cancel the transaction. They said it would take a few hours or up to a day to be put back in my card, well big surprise when I call & find out it takes 8 days!! So thats a major setback not being able to even pay my doctor when surgery is imminent (Friday) to be exact. Y'all can't imagine how stressed, angry, & ready to cry I was especially since I came with just enough no extra $$ fortunantely I have found a doctor willing to help me out, bcuz no one is gonna perform any surgery without pay or half the pay its ridiculous bcuz u don't know if ur gonna get scammed of course being in the line of work hubby & I are in I completely understand! But I have found 2 kind souls actually who said to put down half & bring in the rest once the refund is processed. Well other than that there has been good among all the bad.. its crazy bcuz everything had gone so good up until when I arrived everything had lind up perfect for me, then I get here & bam immediately upon entering the airport & going thru this disaster is when it went downhill for me I was ready to cry,, so I when I arrived of course my cell was no longer working.. so I was kinda panicky about how I would find the lady sent to retrieve me. I figured I would send messages vía whatsapp using the airports WiFi but it didn't work well just my luck and I had taken forever at the dang exchange place! My flight got in about 20+ min early.. we were set to arrive at 2:41pm but arrived at 2:15 and by the time I actually walked out of the airport it was 3:15pm or so.. luckily Rosa found me right away! She was given a photo of me by Zara the nurse who runs the recovery home. Rosa was a total knockout she told me right away that she had work done w Dr Contreras.. she has a hot body.

I'm actually set up in my own little apartment I have my room, private bathroom, a kitchen area etc, don't have to share w anyone not that I'd mind but its nice & wayy cheaper than an actual Spa Recovery house where there are many girls.. Zara's mom, Elsa or Mama Doña as we call her, is an awesome cook! I can never finish a whole plate lol. Everyone is so nice, helping me thru this dang money ordeal I feel we r friends already. I've been grocery shopping w Mama Doña & got a SIM card from here so now a have a local DR phone number w internet which I got for $19.. Rosa has driven me around to meet w Doctors, wr all have hours long conversations about going into surgery, recovery etc

So I got a very awesome pedicure from a lady named Marinela, she came to me, it was only $6!! But I tipped her $2 Bcuz she did an awesome job. Well this AM I go in for testing etc so I will talk to u ladies later. Ciao.

:: Showtime! ::

Hey lovelies well I'm finally at Cecilip its VERY modern & beautiful (got some pics of my room) the staircase the furniture, everything looks nice & new.. well arrived here at about 6pm, scheduled for SX at 8am.. so here I go! Send me ur prayers please dolls!

SX Day has arrived!!

Its 6am here in DR & I'm about to get up & shower w my Hibiclens to prep for SX at 8am... Dolls I have a special request please keep me in mind & send some positive thoughts & prayers my way.. I'm doing this alone, traveled alone but God is w me!!

Dormecom (Blue Pill)

Just took the blue pill.. talked to hubby, now waiting to fall asleep, but nothing yet. I'm a bit emotional. I know God will help me thru this.. been praying.
Much Love Dolls
See u on the FLAT SIDE!
xoxo ciao for now


Well sx went well, hubby endee up sending me $ thru Western Union mu account is still frozen ugh... Now lets get to the good part as I'm surr ur all dyung to know. My surgery went beautifully. I did wake up once & felt the cannula piercing me as she lipoed my back it hurt like heck then u knocked out again. After sx I was given a bag of blood from 13 I went down to 8 but w the blood it was back up to 11. My TT scar doesn't hurt much after sx I got bad gas & the runs ugh just my luck.. what does hurt is my mega ass it all swollen along w my upper thighs.. haven't written much bcuz I wasn't up to it. Been so tired. I am doing really really well just in & out of sleep. I can go to the bathroom on my own & walk around the apartment. H first day I climbed up 4 flights of stairs! I lost my breath after that lol. Well tomorrow I go back to see Dra Medina at 9am so I'm off to bed now

A few pix

Keep in mind I'm all sore & bruised up

Magic Jack

Ladies before I forget u guys need to download magic jack the app. I was going to thru minutes like crazy over here then the guy at the Claro Wireless suggested I download it & used my data plan & guess what? It works perfect no 2-3 second voice delay... so just a head up

Hyperbaric Chamber

Well today I had an appointment w Dra Medina. Zara mentioned to her that I had a lot of bruising when I got to her office she checked me out rubbed some special cream in me & sent me out for 2 sessions of oxygination in the hyperbaric chamber.. I've already had one round now I'm lying in a hospital bed waiting for my next session. I haven't eaten yet & aunt flow decided to come for a visit ugh just my luck, plus since I didn't know I'd be gone all day I didn't take my pain med so I've been brutally uncomfortable. Anywho I just ordered some Papa John's (yes they have one here!) Just gonna relax till I'm up for round 2


Hydrocodone ur my BFF!

So I've been doing fine w Klosara & Zaldiar but yesterday I did so much walking & stair climbing which yes it can be beneficial for me but tonight I couldn't fall asleep so I decided it was time to pull out the big guns.. taking hydrocondone at night for pain & to sleep. Been waking up at least 3X's throughout the night, trying to reposition myself, sleep in a chair or sitting down w my head to the side w like ten pillows nothing was working. I swear to y'all this TT is nothing my cesarian was way worse, the lipo isn't bad either it bearable but the heavy ass is why I'm suffering, NOTHING hurts more that my booty!! So I broke down & took the narcos ugh I seldom take meds when I do its bcuz I really need to. Having all 11 of my babies ain't got nothing on this BBL. Well dolls gonna try to sleep at least 2 more hrs before my appointment today.. g'night all!


Been otching like crazy & it sucks I just wanna rip thru my skin plus my booty still bothers me, I have benadryl cream for my body itching but what can I put on my butt? The skin is so tightly stretched
:: Any Suggestions Vets? ::

::: 1 Week Anniversary & Recap :::

Today it's been one week since having accomplished my goal of having sx & completing my commitment to myself of making it to the flat side, yay for me! Now here's a recap & further elaboration to my days through this one week journey*****

Last Pre-Op Day: I had chest Xrays done early in the day then went to see my Dr who told me to go check into Cecilip between 4-5pm and had a few final exams there as well & had the cardiologist see me for clearance to proceed with sx, he gave me the green light! Yay he said my health was phenomenal after having so many kids he said I must not be stressed lol and after having had a heart murmor with one of my prrgnancies all is fine today.
So then I settled in & unpacked Cecilip is modern & I had a private room I didn't have to worry about anyone getting into my belongings, I also had a mini fridge stocked w water & snacks all provided by them. I spent the night to prepare for the morning of the big day

Day 1: the day of SX had arrived I awoke early showered w Dial soap & hibiclens I had warm water which was a blessing then dressed into a hospital robe & put on footie coverings & my hospital hair net thingee & laid in bed till the nurse came w my blue pill. At that moment I felt alone & I knew there was no turning back, not that I wanted too at all but u know that fear one gets.. so I dialed hubby & cried & talked to him as long as I could before they came for me. Which idk when that happened I guess I just dozed off last thing I remember was being in bed in my hospital room.
The next big thing I remember is waking up in the OR during SX wow was on my back getting lipo, I could hear my doc talking to a male idk if the assistant or another doc but I told her to slow down bcuz it was hurting, she told me to relax all was fine & then I passed out again. Later she told me if I remembered our conversation said no.. she said I kept on talking & told her I felt guilty & wanted to go home to my kids & that I didn't want to die or some crap like that & then that I told her don't forget to please be very generous on butt size! Lol that had me cracking up! Then I woke up & I was back in my room where I was greeted by the nurses & told that I was getting a blood transfusion due to some blood loss & I also had an IV going but I felt great from the get go I just felt really sleepy & uncomfortable due to the large bootay I asked for lol! But I had to remain on my back. Now when I say I felt fine I mean I felt in good spirits but of course I wasn't turning cartwheels, my whole body felt heavy to even lift the doc had given me the good stuff morphine thats why I love Dra Medina she does whatever I ask of her she's also become a good friend.
At this point I was getti g flooded with callls & texts hubby was going crazy wondering why I wouldn't pick up or shoot him a text.. um hello I just had SX & I was concentrating on my road to recovery.. idk how some of y'all do it the minute u open ur eyes its snapshots & cell in hand to chat, text, or update RS.. props to u ladies who can do that! I merely wanted to sleep bcuz sleep felt so good & I was happy all went well, even w my pains & discomforts I felt secure & cozy so I drifted off. I had a nurse sleeping in the room w me for no extra charge attending to my every need & there wasa male who was checking in w me & my transfusion etc I truly can say I had great care. Everything was so clean too. I remember waking up & thinking it was morning but it was only 11pm overall it was a good experience.

Day 2: I woke up & I was greeted w breakfast I was told I was cleared for normal food I had oatmeal w cinnamon, toast & fresh fruit then labs were taken to see if my blood level had improved, & yay it was back to normal at 11. X (eleven point something) that day aside from sleeping I remember the trays they kept feeding me lol. During lunch I got up walked a bit to the bathroom after they removed my catheter then when I came back I had my lunch on the chair which was very comfy after being flat on my booty so long. I had a salad, juice & turkey ham rolled up hors d' oeuvre style then by dinner I was told I was able to go home I had chicken w veggies & mash potatoes then pretty soon Rosa my transportation girl came for me & we headed back to Zara's the ride back went ok but there was a fee bumps that my butt didn't much care for lol! Then I remember thinking oh my geez how am I had ever gonna make it up four flights of stairs but I did it! With some guidance & pausing after every flight of stairs. Then I set up with my moutains of pillows

Day 3: I went to see the doc for my 1st post-op visit she said everything was looking good but she did refer me to the hyberbaric chamber for a faster recovery I had a lil spot along the insicion where it looked bright red so we didn't want to face necrosis or for that part to die.. the hyperbaric chamber is a clear tunnel w a bed that goes inside I had two back to back treatments lasting an hour long each.. those treatments r expensive in ANY country u go to, so for her to have sent me there out of her pocket was amazing. I feel it really helped me to feel better. After that I felt almost normal again! Since i was out all day i ordered some Papa John's yummy! But bad I know lol. Well my transport girl was able to take me only to the first session and after the second one I had to take a cab back bcuz she got tied up. Let me tell u cab drivers & DR driving is crazy they drive on the offense not defensively like we do, they use no blinkers they cut ahead of u, at any opportunity all u hear is 100's of cars honking at each other & at ppl crossing the street. We in USA r catious & look out for pedestrians & other cars on the road they look out for there car. But its the law according to their regulations. Although u don't even need to take a test u can just purchase ur license.

Day 4: Two more rounds of hyperbaric chamber TX.. a bit of sight seeing drove around to famous places in Santo Domingo like the Presidents Palace & Cultural Zone

Day 5: Last two sessions of hyperbaric TX all in all I had 6.. feeling back to my old self I can sleep on my sides bend down, I feel like superwoman & I feel I can do it all lol.. some more sight seeing went by the Christopher Columbus Lighthouse, the house where he lived the place where he stored the ships, La Nina, La Pinta y La Santa Maria.. also wrnt by the place where his supposed remains r buried. The Palm trees r so beautiful & we drove past a few modern loking malls that I plan to hit up soon lol! Then we stopped in at a place called Bon's which is like gelato I had biscotti mmm delicious but I know bad girl lol.

Day 6: the day of TMI lol but I gotta tell u dolls, so I was constipated beyond my worst nightmares no matter what I took it wouldn't help, I hadn't pooped in like 4 days since after SX. I was so uncomfortable getting an urge to go but it refusing to exit & I felt this continually like every 3 minutes I even felt nauseated I was like oh no what happened to superwoman? After everything had been so good bettrr than expected! I was so sick & felt weak I was sweating ugh. So I ordered an enema no dice then my nurse (Zara) brought me a glycerin suppository still no progress, her mom gave me a million home made juices & I called my doc for the secret recipe to her marvelous magical tea which makes u expell gasses & go poop nope still nada! Then I remembered that coffee makes me go hello! So Zara's mom made me some hot coffee & wouldn't u know it? Immediately after drinking the coffee I was able to evacuate so to speak haha but since I drank all the other crap & had an enema plus suppository etc, guess what happened? Yup u guessed it I gave myself diharrea but some how still was a bit constipated it was all coming out own its own some hard stools, some watery crap ugh nasty I ended up having to wear a diaper through the night & had it change it twice! No bueno boy was I embarrassed..

Day 7: One week yay! Still suffering a bit from my stomach I woke up in pain & with swell hell on top of that. But Mama Doña gave me a foot bath I put my feet into warm water then she rubbed my feet & legs w arnica lotion, I swear these ladies r so good to me.. the day of the constipation she was so concerned rubbing my face w alcohol, bringing me tea... after she rubbed my legs today I felt better & elevated them w my million pillows then after awhile I felt better. I feel good now back to me again & very mobile I was even tidying up the room & I treated my scars & tried on different fajas so far I'm in a small & will hopefully be an XS soon! Well that's all for now dolls! Any questions let me know.

Proud Moment

Yup here I am in all my shame & glory!

8 days to go

Well next Saturday I leave DR in the evening & I'll be back in Texas early Sunday morning..

I guess I've been overdoing it & trying to do too much bcuz today I have a mega out of this world headache & my body is sore. All I've been doing is laying in bed.

That's how this rollercoaster called recovery goes I guess.. one day ur flying then pretty soon its time to recharge ur batteries...

How's everything going, how's everyone doing? Happy healing & Happy that planning as well dolls. I don't regret it for a moment its the best gift we as wimen can bestow upon our selves. God Bless

CIAO My Loves!

Random Sightseeing Pix

oh no

Pix didn't load! Grrrr!

Platelets enriched w plasma injections

Hey dolls, so tomorrow I go see Dra Medina again & I'm having a facial procedure done. Now mind u I'm in my 30s not as young as I once was although ppl tell me I look in my 20s (yea right!) So I want to hold on to this youth as long as I can. I'm gonna upload some face pix & in a few days u can see the difference.. I hope I look pretty afterwards lol! I know its gonna hurt but it'll be worth it

Facial Shots

Ok so here are some w/ no makeup

With makeup

So this is me


A few pix

Plasma enriched w platelet facial injections!

Hello my beauties hope ur all doing well. Just a quick update on my Dr's visit today & on the facial procedure I had done. So I got to Dra Medina's office & they took out 6 tubes of my own blood then they went into a machine to separate the plasma from the blood while that was being processed/prepared the nurse applied anesthetic gel to my entire face to numb it, she let it sit for 30 munutes. Then Dra Medina came in looked at my wounds cleaned them, said I was doing quite well. After that she began to inject my face which honestly did not hurt as much as I thought the needle is small kinda like the diabetic needles, pretty soon it was over I sat up & they brought out my faja! Yes for the first time since SX which was 10 days ago I finally stepped into a faja. I had only been wearing the 3 panel abdominal binder previously. Somehow they squeezed me into a small (holy moley!) & she informed me that in a lil less than a month I can try the XS wow! The faja feels good but strange, it has too many straps ugh I didn't want the suspender type but oh well it was included in my SX price & its only for a month. She also removed my drain thank goodness for that!!! & of course I cannot do any Zumba for a month & no abdominal exercises (like hardcore stuff at the gym) till... get this... ONE YEAR! I hope I can survive that bcuz I was a gym rat for awhile there. So in one month I can begin cardio not Zumba bcuz it involves jumping & such but walking on a treadmill etc. Well that's it for now. Gonna post facial pix in the AM to see if y'all notice a difference from what I posted up previously right now my face is a lil red & swollenish lol. Well ttyl my bellas!



Cardio (walking) - 1 month
Zumba - 2 months
Gym - 1 year


One more thing dolls, I need advice. My although my BBL was huge I feel it shapeless just kind of a wide load, I was going for a bubble butt.. but everyone says I can achieve it, I just gotta mold the fat. I hope it fluffs I'm pretty stiff right now still. Ok so vets, what should I purchase a butt out faja or some shaping boards? & where can I get it, at in the pink room or.... I desperately need some help/advice/direction-- GUIDANCE in that area please send me tips & how to's bcuz I'm utterly CLUELESS here.

Thanks In Advance
& Goodnight mis chulas!

Outing Day..

This morning I'm on my way to ChinaTown, a few malls & boutiques & to Fajate as well! I'm off to buy souvenirs & trinkets etc wish me luck! Will upload some pix of my finds & of course of the Faja shop ;-)

TTYS mis reinas!


Glass Souvenirs....

What's the best way to pack these? I have mugs & shot glasses.. I figure wrap them well & be sure to put them in the carry-on? What do y'all recommend ladies?

My Day Out....

So I went out to the calle (street) all day yesterday. I went w Rosa my transportation girl who's become a cool friend, her daughter who is 19 & a friend of theirs.

Fajate was totally not what I expected I was expecting a set up like Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret where ur free to walk around & check out all the styles. Nope this place was tiny u walk in & they show u a big cardboard style laminated menu of the different faja styles not everything u see on the web is available. I had gotten a Tioca faja in a small from Dra Medina & I was planning to get a Fajate to take back to the USA for in a month when the Tioca was too lose bcuz I'm still swollen. But somehow the darn sales chick & my friend worked their magic & I bought one to fit now. They said my Tioca was too soft & it wouldn't help much bcuz it was a Stage 1, these Fajates were Stage 2.. so even though the doc told me that the Fajate would be too harsh just yet I was suckered in aghh! At Fajate I was a (M) for some reason not (S)

The thing is my Tioca felt big like too long intended more for a taller girl maybe? The legs part went past my knees so if I wore a short style dress or some capris it would've showed yuck! What I intended to do is buy the Fajate for later as stated & go to the local seamstress to fix my ever so soft Tioca but the seamstress i was recommended to wasn't there only her assistants & they infprmed me the wouldn't cut the legs bcuz they had no matching lace to put on the ends & they would be thicker the higher up on the leg u go. Told her I didn't care if the legs got loose like shorts style but she just wouldn't agree. So Zara had given me two of her own fajas that needed mending I told the girl to make them extra small & fix the waist cincher it was a boned one & the seams had opened. She informed me that I could not be wearing the boned corset styles but I told her they were for a friend, she told me she could not do the legs bcuz if uve had leg lipo u can't wear the panty style I told her I just wanted them a bit shorter.

So in the end when they were done. I was wearing the new Fajate. Which I was supposed to have fixed mine first then put it back on but ugh things didn't happen in that order. So she gives it all back.. she charged me 600 pesos which is like 13-14 USD not bad at all but then I realized that she made my Tioca into an (XS) as well.... I guess she got confused. So now I'm down to one Faja for now & its quite uncomfortable on my skin.

Next we went to eat at a place called My Gourmet oh my geez u guys have to try it in China Town, sooo good! I had a Beef Low Mein, they had Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken & Lemon Chicken it was the bomb! The only weird thing is that they did not serve sweet tea? What? Yup no sweet tea only hot tea so I didn't want soda & I had some juice. The girls had a coca cola drink which was orange but they called it merengue I tasted it it was like orange ginget ale that's the best way I can think of to describe it.

Then we walked off our food & I checked out the local shops all I bought in China Town was a beach towel w a map f the entire DR & a DR tourist type shirt & some silver earring & necklace sets for my daughters.

We also went to a place called La Sirena (the mermaid) which is basically a Walmart. Here I got mugs, shot glasses, keychains, & a few more tshirts.. typical tourist merchandise.

Then we left ChinaTown & went to Coral Mall it has a movie theater & a lot of shoe stores, clothing stores etc. While we were there one of the girls went into Orange Wireless to switch out her old Blackberry (yes a curve) to an iphone & switch her rate plan. DR has 3 major companies which are Claro Wireless, Viva Wireless & Orange Wireless that's it.

Well at the end of the day I wanted to tear off my faja bcuz its not breathable & its very stiff ugh. I got home & Zara gave me my first massaged omg I cpuld have fallen asleep on the massage table! Ot was sooo relaxing & warm too.

Well I'm hoping to get a few more souvenirs liquor, cigars, & local artesian stuff at a mercado... I imagine its like a flea market type place idk but I'll post about it soon. I think I'm going Friday. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment then I go to my last Dr's visit.. then Saturday at 8ish I'll be at the airport. But I'm hoping to still get in some shopping & a movie aside from my hair appt.

That's all for now my beauty queens!


It was upstairs in a plaza type shopping center.

Sight Seeing

Random from different days that wouldn't upload

At the Clinic

Before & after SX

Salon Appointment

Ok so today I'm going to go get my hair did. Will post pix after!

Wish me luck
Ttys Bellas!

:: Waist ::

Since I'm still swollen I feel my waist is not where it could be.. but today I took a snapshot in the closet lol I added a belt to give u guys an idea of what size my waist so far... mind u here u can see the faja underneath (under my faja I have the wife beater, maxi pads on a leak, & a hand towel over that!) so I look quite boxy but tonight I'll take one in a bra & panties.
I discovered a small opening in my incision & ever since the drain was removed I' ve had fluid leaking from there ugh it sucks but glad its not something worse. After my massages my tummy even shrinks down after fluid loss. Well off to the salon. BYE for now!

... first week ...

Modern French Manicure

Got the nails did too!

New Hair

New look, what do y'all think? I had to lighten these bcuz I had zero flash ugh that's what I get for being in the calle all day!


So I had a minor issue today but I'll discuss that in greater detail after I tell u guys about my "Spa Day"

So I went out to the Spa & she looked at my hair & asked me what I wanted so I told her a Brazilian Blowout (Keratin) so that's what she gave me, next I was her for highlights or lowlights so she did that & I asked for blood red or whitish blinde tips.. we went for the blonde bcuz time was ticking away & my Drs appt was at 4pm.. the ladies at the salon were so cool, they even fed me some homemade food white rice, beans, salad w tomato, lettuce & cucumbers & spiced up ground beef, I also had fresh fruit from the frutero selling pineapples, mangoes, watermelon etc outside.. it was like a fruit cup minus the chile & this was so huge it was in a styrofoam plate & I nowhere near finished it. Then I also got my nails did & eyebrows done. It was a wonderful & relaxing experience! $150 for hair $4.50 for nails!! Can't beat it!

Then I headed out to the doc we got there at 3:50pm & my appt was for 4pm but the doc called to say she was running late due to traffic jams. So I waited but I honestly wanted to get out of my faja so the secretary (Stephanie) let me go in & get comfortable. This faja is good on my belly & hips but depending who helps me put it on ugh... today I felt like I was being sexually assault by the faja! Lmao it felt like a wedgie I juat couldn't dig out sorry I know I know TMI but hey I'm all about being real. So when the doc saw me & I told her about the seepage she feared it could be a Seroma but three to four times or so she injected a needle in me to see if I had fluid retention in mu abdomen & nothing was expelled, yet everytime I stood up it looked like pee was trickling down gross! So she asked if I could possibly stay an extra 5 days fr observation I said maybe. But then w the airline & switching dates plus paying for a place to stay it was quickly adding up again. I told her if this isn't A life or death matter then what's the worst that can happen if I leave as planned she said nothing just don't want u freaking out alone in USA. She wanyed me to do two massages a day from here till then

Zara gave me my massage tonight (its barely #3) she told me she was sure I could still travel she recommended that I don't have 2 massages a day, she said it wouldn't change matters any.

Hubby said stay if the doc wants u to stay, but I feel I've already blown through enough $$$$ what do y'all think?

Many girls go home w fluid leaks right???
I want to hear thoughts & opinions chicas, thanks!

Mercado Modelo & Carribean Cinema

So yesterday I went to Mercado Modelo with Ruth, Zara's sister. Its basically like a swap meet or flea market with lots of local artersian crafts, I bought very lovely souvenirs to bring home, I even got a mamajuana for Rum! We had a blast I was so tired out at the end of the day I got here at 6pm I had just enough time to freshen up then at 8:30pm Dra Medina & her hubby Dr Garcia picked me up to go to the movies.. we saw a Dominican movie that I had been wanting to see bcuz its something I can't see back home (the rest were same ones playing back home) oh my gosh that movie was hilarious I loved it soo much we got popcorn & nachos but I limited what I ate (don't wanna ruin the results!) & that was basically it, it was a lovely day & lovely evening for me. Today I hope to go eat some seafood at the Malecon (seaside) if I get a chance & go to Super Lama to refill some meds & buy Dominican candies & a botttle of rum for the mamajuana! Thats a bottle that has some kind of spices that look like wood ready to mix with the rum & wahlah u have ur mixed drink lol!
Talk to y'all soon dolls!


Oh I forgot the movie we saw was called "Locas y Atrapadas" its about some women who get stuck in an elevator & are complete strangers but they soon get aqcuainted & the story begins to unfold as each one shares their lifestory. It has a "Sex In The City" feel to it.. I higjly recommend it if u understand Spanish bcuz the movie is in Spanish... maybe it will be out on disc soon subtitled its awesome. I've always loved foreign film though. French movies, New Zealand movies, Mexican movies etc so if this is ur cup of tea.... definitely check it out!

Back Home

So I arrived Sunday (yesterday) leaving Santo Domingo I was stopped & taken to get checked bcuz of the faja, they made me take it off & I was like ok u wanna see? I'm not smuggling shit! I just had SX & my cuts r oozing, wanna see? Then the 2 ladies were like omg & all creeped out! Haha serves them well... so anyways the flights back home were smooth but I had a super long layover in NY omg from 11pm till 6:36am.. coming off the plane from Santo Domingo there was 3 of us in wheelchairs myself, another RealSelf member named coolSNikki (haven't found her here yet) she was in her early thirties & a woman who was in her 40s-ish from El Salvador married to a Dominican man but she lived in NY it was surprising to see that just on my flight alone there was 3 of us with procedures! We all had practically the same thing done too lol! Ppl head out for SX & come home from it everyday as well!! So much medical tourism!! I chatted w the ladies we all agreed we has no regrets.
From NY I flew to ATL where I had a short layover & I missed my flight to AUS bcuz they didn't have a person waiting w the wheelchair, they had one but they're was a gentleman who probably needed it more so I let him go first & waited for another chair.. by the time they came & rushed me to gate I had missed my flight & had to wait over 2 hours for the next flight ughh! So I got something to eat while I waited.
Finally made it to AUS hubby came in to help me get the luggage loaded bcuz the wheelchair man made it clear that it was not part of his job (damn they're rude & then expect a tip! Ugh no!!) So my daughters ran up to me & hugged me hubby gave me a giant kiss & hug then we headed home to SA we stopped to get some food & that was about it.
Once back home I passed out all the gifts which everyone loved
Hubby kept telling me over & over how amazing I looked & that my PS did a fantastic job.. he is a bit freaked when he helps me clean the cut.. he says I'm a strong woman to have endured it alone & at first he was a bit scared to hurt me by hugging me wrong or something lol.
Today I got my zero gravity recliner delivered by Fed Ex but hubby already went to work so I gotta wait for him to assemble it.
Other than that I'm still draining & I have a few open spots along my incision it started with one but it looks like its 2-3 now.... hoping they close up.. well ttyl dolls!


Omg I'm in love.. gonna live in this throughout my recovery!! I'm so comfortable I don't wanna move. Aghhhh such a relief!

Just keeps getting BETTER

Today its been three weeks since I had SX & I must say everyday I see more physical improvement... be back later to upload more pix ;-) here's a small sample


I feel as though ever since I got home, I've had setbacks.. I'm still leaking fluid, I been feeling weak. Ugh its hard w hubby at work all day & my terrible twins on the loose. I get sharp pains on parts of my incision... ugh I soo wanted to do a photoshoot w cute dresses & a bikini or in my undies but how can I when I have this nasty stuff gushing out? I go thru 2 maxi pads a day so its not as bad as before but its still gross.. the minute I remove the pads it trickles or gushes down & looks like pee. Lately it hasn't been that bad though but I feel so gross I hate it all I can do is endure & count the days till it finally clears up.

Still if given the chance to change things I WOULD do it ALL over again. I had excellent surgery & a great doctor & great nurse helping me recover.. these setbacks r just minor in the great scheme of things.. The end results will so be worth this discomfort & mix of sensations. Ugh I just felt like venting & letting u guys know why I haven't posted more pix.

Muah xoxo
Ciao mis amores

Flu :-(

Well I caught the flu to top it off. I have bodyaches & weakness.. everytime I cough my incision hurts bad. The only way I can describe it is, it feels like someone took a big Rambo style knife, heated it up & started cutting & stabbing me it hurts so much it brings me to tears & I have started suppressing my cough as much as possible... Gosh this is the worst pain I've know in my life this far & trust me being the mom of 11 kids I've dealt w a lot of pain even a natural birth w no meds hurts less!, I've even had sports or exercise injuries that cannot compare. Pray for me dolls that I have a speedy recovery.

Hope everyone is doing well, healing well, & enjoying planning for those in early stages. Well as always thanks for listening my lovely dolls.

This is what I had done!



Here's a pic of me in some jeans that would not close on me before.... no makeup though lol!

1 Month Update

So I was gonna upload some pics today for my one month anniversary.. but I've been blue today & didn't find it appropriate since my mother was rushed to the ER w congestive heart failure & fluid around her heart :-( please if ur a believer send some prayers for my mom, every single prayer counts please help me by joining me in prayer thank you it means alot to me.....


Just wanna say thank u for all the well wishes & prayers.. my mama is doing much better she is out of how ICU & thriving! Its truly a miracle. God is awesome!!!!! She still has a little while till she can come home but she seems to be out of danger for now. Meds meds meds from now on as long as she takes them & loses some weight she will be ok :-) Glory be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014: Reborn as a Muñeca d Medina!

Here is a recent pic of me

One Month + Review

Looking back on my experience I don't regret having sx, I am very fortunate that all went well for me, no complications. I did get a blood transfusion but I was never at a point where I almost lost my life or anything.. In reading other reviews I realize I left out little details here & there. Partially from being drugged up those first days, partially from internet not always being available many pix did not upload :-(

My first days in DR I was off to a bad start w the whole money conversion & my account being frozen. I was in search of physicians, although I liked Dra Medina immediately I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Everyone was refering me to "their" doctor it seemed. But I truly believe in the end I made the best decision by sticking w Dra Medina. In the very early beginning I wanted Dra Duran because of her RealSelf fame I guess, when I first joined I saw a lot of her work & I wanted her to work on me, but then I saw how hard it was to get a hold of her, how many patients she had a day, I decided that if I had any issues it may be hard to get a hold of her since we r just numbers to those types of doctors, after sx ur no longer their problem.. so internet searches brought me to other options one of which was Dra Medina, I'm glad I found her.. she's amazing. I loved how she has this way to put u at ease & how she makes efforts to make u feel comfortable, she's one of a kind.. She jas a cardiologist see u & a psychiatrist, she had a nurse who slept in my room, I wasn't charged for the blood transfusion, or the hyberbaric chamber.. she even sent me flowers after my sx it brightened my day, she checked on me often & we still talk via whatsapp to this day. Before I left DR we even went to watch a movie! No US doctor does that unless u known them on a personal level.

Cecillip has lovely decor & pretty modern equipment, I'd say about as modern as u'll get within DR, I went to Cecip & Cipla & Cecillip by far blows them out of the water there is no comparision this hospital rocks. When I arrived I was told by the nurse that she apologized bcuz I supposed to have my evening meal & have been given toiletries but no one advised that I was coming. Well I don't blame Dra Medina at all bcuz, what I went thru w my money situation & all.. I guess she wasn't even sure if I would still keep my sx date. I thank God it was all made possible after all! What I ended up doing is what the nurse suggested & I called the colmado (which is not room service but a like a convenience store that delivers) all I got was crackers & juice since u can't have much the night before sx.

My Recovery House.. in all honesty I wasn't too sure what to expect, I had heard some recovery houses r like spas etc but I just wanted a place to recover & get the job done. So I picked based on price & experience.. I went w a place that ran $45 a night it was an apartment above my nurses house. I got 3 meals a day & had warm water, but no TV, & a radio that worked sometimes. But u get what u pay for. What I liked is that I was alone, I had privacy, no one messed w my belongings, I wasn't one of many girls in a room. I did wish I had other girls to talk to & pass the time, compare experiences etc but while I was there the other room was never occupied. I loved Zara & thought she was very very knowledgeable & felt she was a big help to me when I got sick from my stomach & several other times too buy there was times when I felt alone or unattended. I felt this was bcuz she was overworked. Only she & her mother run the recovery & she works all day so u only get to see her once in the very early AM (between 5-6am) before she heads out for work & then again about 8-9pm & by then she's so beyond tired that she will hardly give u much attention. My stay in DR was 18 days, my sx happened two days after I arrived.. by the time I left, I had received only 3 massages! There was days where I almost left a bad review but I waited bcuz I wanted to be fair & not judge out of anger. The girl she has as a driver was not the most reliable & even though I paid her upfront there was times I had to take a cab bcuz she claimed to be busy. She complained alot that it was far or the doc took too long or that it was too many appointments etc (umm hello u signed up for this!) She even tried to get me to go to her doctor, she claimed bcuz a female is not strong enough to perform lipo or to pull down on the skin during a tummy tuck & that they will leave u a pooch or fat in places, or that the assistants end up doing the work. I found her cool as a friend but extremely bad as a worker. Mama Doña her mother was a nice lady who liked to chit chat but she did hint at me for a tip once so I ended up tipping her towards the end $60 that had her very happy thats when she became nicer to me & gave me the foot rub etc... there was times that I felt she thought I was in her way. For example in the mornings after breakfast she liked to come in & clean but I guess she didn't know how to ask me to get out of the room. So she would tell me why don't u go out to the balcony & have ur food out there or at the table etc but I just wanted to remain in bed.. I guess that got on her nerves but I barely wanted to eat much less go sit outside it was like 6-8am!! Later in the day I would get up & go walk around & stuff just not that early in the AM before meds! I could never figure out why she would make remarks to me about the other women that had previously stayed there & how they got up to do things & were more mobile & healed faster, that I couldn't just be in bed. Ok if u guys can tell from my posts I was extremely mobile I went out shopping, sight seeing & to the movies etc of course not at 6am!! So one day I told her do u need me to get up so u can come in & clean? From that day forward she juat plain out asked bcuz I told her just to let me know. I also told her that I had to take my meds before I ate (for stomach) & a pain killer if need be then once all that was established we flowed better. Until she approached me to tell me that there was a lady who used to do the laundry & she charged $10 USD per time but that she was now the one washing & by hand.. so that's when I ended up tipping her for all the loads she had done so far & the ones to come. Zara had told me laundry was included for free but it was not the case. I think its bcuz they r new to this so they just need to get organized better, she may need to hire several helpers.

For example I was lucky to be able to get out of bed.. not everyone can do it right away. Her mom came in to bring food or to clean, Zara saw me early mornings or late evenings.. other than that ur on ur own! The only time it really bothered me is when I got sick & no one was there to help me I was alone for hours, her mom came to check on me & just got nervous it almost seemed like she was mad at me for getting sick (this was the day of constipation & runs) she said I had jer climbing up & down the stairs sooo much. Umm hello newsflash what if the person had truly been ill? That's what I mean, they seemed somewhat unprepared. They were lucky the got me a person who resists alot & complains very little. Some ladies r divas & complain for any little thing! Imagine if they'd gotten one of those women who wants ppl to come at her beckoning call! Oh my!!

Zara's massages were a very gentle touch not rough at all too bad I didn't get to have more.. here where I live I haven't had any at all & I feel that I'm starting to build up scar tissue ugh. I need to find a place soon.

Once I got home I felt great but its been short lived, after a few days I got the flu which I still have. I believe its delayed my progress some. Also my mother got real sick but she's now doing better. I am taking care of her.

I cannot wear my fajas, I cannot wear anything tight bcuz my scar starys leaking. Its closed already & has scabbed up but for some reason once I put on the fajas I leak! So I have been wearing my spanx or the binder.. I been looking online for other shapewear that I might benefit from. During this flu whenever I would have my coughing fits my scar would hurt & burn like I was being stabbed so after being off pain killers I started taking them again to help w that. Its since gotten better (remember this has now been weeks) those were setbacks. Dra Medina suggested I take protein to help speed up the healing process, so I bought the one her hubby recommended to me IsoPure. I also got some Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator upon my cousins suggestion.

Right now I no longer have the fevers & violent sneezing & bone-aches or weakness. I only have congestion & cough so I'm definitely more comfortable. What does hurt is my back the lipoed parts sting for some reason like if I am in one position too long, I'm also still swelling ugh darn u swell-hell lol! One day I couldn't even wear a bra bcuz it hurt my back so much even the touch of any soft fabric (like my nightgown) hurt. It sort of feels like I have tape on my back & its tapped real tight but it also stings. My body like my back, tummy, & under my armpits (side of bra) feel like its all made out of playdough but I have a few lumps that feel hard & hurt.. I need to have a massage desperately! Well that's what been up w me. Minor issues nothing like major pain or anything just a whole bunch of strange sensations. Also I am gonna prepare for Round 2 even though I didn't want to initially but now I wanna revise a part of my scar that leads out to my thigh & have some lipo done to my tummy to make it flatter bcuz since I cannot do any abdominal exercises for a whole year I don't want a puffy abdomen that long! I have a little bit of tummy or it may be swelling idk but if it doesn't flatten out more I'm getting some lipo & plus call me crazy but I want a second BBL.. plus my origianllu planned BR so I'm planning to go this September or October. Well TTYL dolls.

Been Away Too Long

Hey dolls, what's good? Please forgive the extended absence but I was dealing with stuff such as my moms illness & I ended up losing my job too ugh! Anyways I lost my phone one night at the Wally World bathroom ugh just my luck, in it I had all the pix I was gonna post for u guys of my progress in the passing weeks. Oh well no use crying over spilled milk right.. I'm happy to report that I've begun exercising started jogging & went back to my Zumba classes. I also have gine on a few successful shopping trips omg I'm not trying to brag bcuz I hate when ppl do just that but I will say that I am happy & comfortable in everything I try on! No more lumps or buldges. I went to Express one day & I just loved how the dresses fit in me, I wanted to cry really its a huge difference. I also went looking for shorts & tops, aside from the sundresses bcuz honestly nothing fits well anymore even the shirts are too big n loose on me not just the bottoms, well I figured I was a 7 but when I tried it on it was kinda loose so I tried a 3 just to be ridiculous haha it was tight going up the hips but when I picked up a 5 it was the perfect fit omg u don't know how huge this is to go from 11s & 13s into such a tiny size.. I haven't been in single digits in years much less in a 5, I'm just so happy & feeling extremely blessed that all has been well for me. Next step is to try on bikinis ekkk I'm nervous. Although I'm in the smaller sizes my tummy is flatter some days & puffy looking other days.. not quite where I wanna be but definitely an improvement, I couldn't ask for more especially considering what I was working with before SX.. would I do it again.... yes, yes a million times over YES!

Too much too soon

Hey Dolls what's going on? Well alot has happened in my world..towards the end of May, maybe a week after my last post I started having pain in my abdomen one day I actually felt like something inside snapped literally! After that it was pain and I could feel a lump inside.. I mentioned to my hubby that I felt a lump in my stomach he felt it and said it probably a hernia it felt big like egg sized.. in the back of my mind I felt he was right but I didn't want it to be true!

When I began exercising again at first I felt quite stiff so I pushed myself a little bit harder to keep up, all I was doing was Zumba, dance, jogging and walking, but during dance and Zumba I felt I wasn't able to move like I used to so I focused extra hard & pushed myself.. also when walking I forced myself to walk upright, straighter bcuz I really wanted to resume my life.. and I felt like I was still walking hunched.. of course I wanted to heal so no one would ever suspect anything.. but look where it got me.

One evening I finally decided to go to the ER bcuz I felt like I couldn't even turn at the waist or bend down it burned inside so bad, it felt like a strange pain like something inside was out of place, I know a hernia can be either a mass like fatty tissue that didn't quite dissolve or a strangulated part of intestine that went through the abdominal wall through an opening or weak point bcuz my aunt had had one, but hers was a visible lump like a ball that grew and grew... what I have can be felt but not seen.

Well the ER doc confirmed that I had a small hernia but he confirmed it by asking me to lie down and then raise my legs.. he did not perform a sonogram or anything else! It was quick and he was a bit rude and all he said was to get in touch with my doctor who performed my surgery, well I need a second opinion bcuz I feel like its the muscle that maybe came unsewn bcuz Medina had told me that I did have a wide separation in my muscles but she sewed them back into place.. after my surgery I felt those muscles right under the skin when I would touch my stomach, now it just feels more like a lump than a straight line.

When I spoke to Dra Medina she offered to have her hubby do my repair since she doesn't do that type of surgery, she said she wouldn't even charge me just he cost of using the OR and also the fees for the anesthesiologist, which is awesome but if I'm gonna go I want to make it worth it and do my round 2 but i just don't have the money togther just yet in a few months I will, in the meantime I hope this doesn't progress.. having surgery here is just not an option since hubby is self employed and I am no longer working since I began taking care of my mother so bottom line I'm not insured.

Since I haven't done anything much but walk from time to time bcuz I was told not to exercise at all.. I gained like 3 pounds! Ugh its horrible so I am going on an even stricter diet.. . I admit I ate bad for after all this happened.

I also lost one of my very dear friends that I had known since Elementary school.. she was innocent, just the passenger in a car of a person who decided to drive while intoxicated he claims he was cut off by another driver then lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree the impact was all on her side.. firefighters had to cut her out of.the vehicle then she was airlifted to the hospital but only made it a few more hours there was just too much trauma. I have been so depressed to have lost her this way, just been thinking about life and death.. how I had just spent time with her, how we had plans to attend a concert together but never got to, instead I went with her daughter and niece in her memory although I almost didn't go bcuz I felt so sad,, but we already had the tickets and her daughter had a birthday just 2 days after her moms death it was so hard on everyone, the funeral took place.on my daughters birthday too..

I think about how many die in sx how my mother got very ill but she is still with us.. I think about how my friend was a wonderful person always smiling, always willing to help those in need she was truly one of a kind she had a beautiful heart and soul. She was my Zumba partner, going out buddy, lunch dates... we lived thru alot together now all I have is a memory.. another one of my friends recently got diagnosed with cervical cancer, she had her uterus removed and is now going to begin chemo and radiation. She and I had gotten into a stupid argument and stopped speaking for a good while but once I found out she was facing this alone as a single mother I made the effort to seek her out, squash the past and renew our friendship bcuz life is just too dang short one minute ur here then ur gone in the blink of an eye lives are altered forever! So I ask myself who's luckier those who die and don't even know what's going on or that they are about to leave this world or those who have terminal illnesses and know they will go and have time to make plans for live afterwards if they have families and a chance to say their goodbyes,,, it really has got me to thinking its changed my outlook on life its just too precious to be taking for granted or to spend a lifetime jealous, bickering, angry, dissatisfied and all the above. I went to see the Fault Within Our Stars which was a mistake to watch so soon after all these events but i wasn't sure what the movie was about I knew involved illness and death but I wasn't prepared for.how impacting it would be on me.. although it was an excellent movie it had me feeling bad afterwards feeling anxiety in my chest and tears streaming down my face.

Life goes on though whether we are prepared or not so we need to be happy and make the most of it cherish every sinlge moment.. I need to get myself taken care of so I can begin to exercise again and be the healthiest I can be for my children if God forbid something happened to me one day my husband and kids would suffer, its one thing to take in ur family members 2-3 kids but no one would take in 11.. I need to focus and be productive take care of my kids for as long as I possibly can, write a will, get life insurance again, open separate savings account leave things simple & easy so they don't have to worry over that aside from mouring to top it off.

Anyway thats whats been going on in my life while I've been away from the site.. will post some pics soon just hadnt been in a cheerful mood but hubby wants to go to the beach next month to take the kiddos so I will be putting up swimsuit pix I went to try some on the other day but the boob part was too small on most of them which makes me want my BR even.more!! So anyways I am gonna check out another swimsuit place and I promise to put pix up soon! Love u girls ttys...

Its been 8 months

Hey dolls how are u all. I'm sorry I've been away so long but there really was nothing new to report so I didn't wanna bore u all. Lol. Well I have been thinking that I do want a 2nd round bcuz well I never got my BR done, and along the way I realized I wanted some liposculpting to give me more definition. Plus not to mention I have to have my hernia looked at/corrected and I want another BBL yes I know I have gone crazy!

So in preparing for a possible Round 2 I joined alot of Facebook SX groups pretty much each doctor has his/her group, sone of the RH have groups too.. I guess thats what's kept me busy.. I want to do other things in DR too, for example my lasik sx and look into some dental work.. but not all at once but its definitely a place I will frequent more.. in the past I used to go to Mexico now I have officially changed it up to DR with all thats been in the news about the situation in Mexico..

Anywho I also decided I want a procedure that permanently changes ur eye color. Currently there are 2 available methods either Brightocular which u may have heard of. Tiny, TI's wife had it done in West Africa not too long ago.. well I am opting for India if I do it bcuz of all the Ebola going around in Africa.. this procedure is around 7-8K I talked to one sx coordinator from Africa already..

Well I promise to stay in touch more now, also if u ladies need the #s for any of the dentists or PS I have many of theor whatsapp numbers. I have gotten to know some of the PS and some of the dentists, a few of the opthamologists as well lol. Definitely my next trip will be different since I'm a "VET" who knows the ropes & what to expect now lol sounds funny but yes I survived sx & navigating thru DR even made several friends out there whom I still keep in contact with among the ones I already had out there to begin with. Well thats all for now but I will probably start a new review for the other procedures to come,, I will probably be traveling with a buddy next time, newbies who are planning round 1, a dear friend & maybe one of my cousins too.. I'll let them benefit from a luxury I didn't get to have.. an experienced buddy!
I wouldnt trade my experience though, ues I went alone but thats just how I roll, I would have loved to go in a group or with 1 other person but even though it wasnt a possibility for me I didnt let it hinder nor deter me...

Thanks for listening dolls, ttys!!
Much Love

My Own WishPix

Actual Pix

Yes ladies these are my end results.. not too flat still have that rounded look and alot of scarring due to openings along incision

Before & After... & Edits

Current vs WishPix

Hey y'all it's me!!

I've contemplated whether or not I should start a new review or just add on to this one. Let me start by saying that although I was really aiming for a Round 2 this year in the Spring or Summer, it just wasn't a possibility for me.

Surprise!! I'm pregnant.. as of this writing I am 19 weeks, just 1 week shy of 5 months. I was having issues with my IUD and I had it removed.. next thing I knew we were pleasantly surprised. This will definitely be our last bundle of joy. I have multiple issues with the hernia I development after my TT and I also want to enjoy my body that I have invested into. I think a dozen kids is plenty lol!

I calculated that I must have conceived at about 10 months post op, around Thanksgiving more or less. I had to postpone school as well bcuz I have rather complicated pregnancies, I'm considered high risk right now bcuz of my hernia and bcuz of previous preeclampsia in my last 2 pregnacies, been on bed rest pretty much and I hate it. I look forward to my bundle of joy. This coming Wednesday I will have another ultrasound and hopefully we will learn the sex of the baby. I must say I also look forward to my life resuming and getting back on track, I feel so limited right now.

I was pretty frightened when I learned I was pregnant bcuz of my sx. I was wondering if there would be enough room for baby and if stretching would be an issue, I have heard so many negative things about birth after TT.. but thankfully all is well I am not even showing yet just a tiny bump, not nearly as big as in my last pregnancy 4 years ago with the twins! I have had pain here and there but I think it's mostly related to the hernias that I have. My doc said I probably won't even need a second TT just some lipo to abdomen, I'm hoping that is true.. so far no stretch marks or anything, thank goodness bcuz with my TT they were all eliminated from my body and I hope I'm fortunate enough to have it stay that way.

So that's pretty much it for now.. if anyone has any questions feel free to ask away. I will most likely start a new review on pregnancy after TT from now until birth and leading up to my Round 2 in 2016. Bye chicas... ttys! Much love
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