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So after doing a LOT of research, reading a lot of...

So after doing a LOT of research, reading a lot of reviews and hearing personal experiences from personal friends about Doctors in Colombia and Doctors in Dominican Republic, I have decided to go with Dr. Molina in Dominican Republic. I was debating between Dr. Villalobos in Colombia and Dr. Molina on DR. Although Dr. Villalobos has been extremely responsive and gave me a great quote, there is something about Dr. Molina's work that Wows me and even though it might be a bit more pricey I truly love his work and results. I love how he molds his patience and gives them that hourglass shape that I'm looking for. My best friend did her surgery with Dr. Villalobos and I heard amazing things about him and her results are expectacular but I do also have 3 friends that did their surgeries with Dr. Molina and their results are exactly what I'm looking for personally. So I'm officially a Future Molina Doll, I will be putting my down payment hopefully within the next 2 weeks with a projected surgery date of July 5th, 2016 so I can give myself enough time to pay the surgery and come up with all the money without struggling financially. I can't wait for this journey I'm getting full body lipo and fat transfer with possibly a tummy tuck.

I have finally put down my down payment to secure...

I have finally put down my down payment to secure my surgery date with Dr. Julio Molina in DR. I'm so excited this is the first step to a new me. I'm a mother a 3 years old and although I had lost weight after having my son I've managed to gained it all back and some. So this is my time to focus on me and do this for myself. Dr. Molina has been very responsive to all my questions, he is trustworthy since he has done surgery on 4 people I know personally. So now time to start taking my vitamins needed and looking forward to June 2016. I honestly can't wait this is a new journey

Scheduled Surgery June 28th. Looking for Recovery Buddies


So I finally secured and scheduled my surgery for Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 with Dr. Julio Molina. Only 6 months away and I can't truly wait, very excited and looking forward to this amazing journey. Anyone getting surgery around that time? I'm thinking of staying at Serenity RH, if anyone wants to buddy up

Counting down has began

So a little update since I haven't been on this site in a few weeks. Im scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Molina June 28th so this week I purchased my airfare and tomorrow I will be putting reserving the recovery house. I have decided to stay at Venus Recovery House, it's a new RH that Dr. Molina is affiliated with. Every week this become more and more surreal but little by little is all becoming a reality. I will be in DR From June 26 through July 11th and I'm still looking for surgery buddies, if anyone going on those dates please message me.

Can't wait to become a better version of myself

Change of Mind in my Recovery House in DR

After having the opportunity to compare recovery houses and their amenities, I have changed my mind and decided to reserve my stay with Serenity. I have a few friends that have surgery with Dr. Molina and have stayed there. Liz the person that handles the email communication has been very responsive and attentive so I'm definately looking forward to booking my reservation tomorrow. I'm looking for Surgery Buddies I will be staying there from June 26 until July 11

3 months away from the Big Day

So today it actually hit me that my surgery is a little less than 3 months away. A lot of scary thoughts, not only about the surgery but leaving my baby's behind with my husband and all I can think about is who's is going to watch after them. Not my husband wouldn't but they come to for everything and I mean EVERYTHING!!! LOL. I think is time to start buying the stuff I need to take and I don't even know where to start, if anyone would be so kind so send me a "what to pack" I would be truly thankful. The main stuff are done Doctor is selected Dr. Molina, Deposit is paid, Recovery house is reserved I will be staying at Serenity RH I've heard amazing things about their bedside care and just lots of positive stuff about the facility and staff. Flight is booked, I just need to start verify that everything is in place, passport, all traveling documents, and start buying my tank tops, maxi dresses and other items. Getting very excited but also a bit scared. Any tips would be helpful.
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