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I'm a 31 year old mother of a 12 year old daughter...

I'm a 31 year old mother of a 12 year old daughter. Stats: 5'5 146 pounds 34C breast size, I assure you without my bra they are maybe a B.
I've wanted wanted a mommy make over since the day my daughter was born. I'm very active, in shape and just want to look the way I feel.
I want a skinny waist, nice large natural boobs and junk in my trunk

Waiting on a quote

I emailed and sent photos to 3 doctors in the Dominic, I'm anxiously awaiting the deets!
Anyone else looking to travel for the Sx?

Where I'm at in the process of finally getting the new me!

Ok here is the deal:
I'm a full time student here in oregon. The only extended break I have is December 20th-January 13th( there is one in November but that's only 4 days)
I have decided without a doubt I'm traveling to the Dominican Republic for my Sx I have. 12000 budget and that will not cover the quotes I got here in oregon.
With that being said I need everyone's help finding someone to fit into my plans.
Here is who I have contacted:
-Yily De Los Santos, MD( will be out of office until January 3rd. Which Is do'able but that only gives me 10 days until school)
-Dr. Nelson Rubio( I'm waiting on a reply back, also Nelson is certified with the America board of plastic surgery :) one of 2 in all the Dominican Republic)
- Australia Fragoso Baez ( will be out of the office December 24th to January 7th) :( this is who I really wanted!
- Robles Walkiris ( will not do breast augmentation, tummy tuck and BBL in the same surgery, if I'm correct?

So does anyone else have ideas of a doctor who I can verify certifications on that are located in the DR. Who will be in office
December 21 to January 4th

Thanks everyone for the feedback I'm so excited :)

Details Details

I'm taking my husband with me, I need advise on weather I should stay in a recovery house that allows males or if I should stay in a hotel. I wonder which would be more cost effective?

Flight booked

Well today I purchased my tickets to the Dominic Republic to have Surgery with DR. Robles, I bought 2 tickets one for myself and one for my husband. He will be staying with me at the recovery house for an extra $55 a day.
Grand Total
2 airlines tickets arriving January 2nd $1256.42
An estimate for Tummy Tuck + Liposuction on sides + Breast augmentation with Lift US$6200.00
We offer an all-inclusive that includes the following:

1.) Pre-Operative lab work and EKG, Chest X-ray.
2.) Hospital stay.
3.) Anesthesiologist.
4.) Medical Procedure ( All Surgery fee's).
5.) Basic Post-operative Medication ( Antibiotic, Pain Medication).
6.) One Surgical Compression Garment ( you may bring or buy an additional one) the cost for the extra is 100 USD.
7.) Recovery house ( days will vary depending on your procedures).
8.) All of your meals ( Home cooked ).
9.) Ground transportation ( airport pick up, Dr's. office if needed, back to airport)
10.) Surgeon home visits for your convenience.
11.) You may have a companion stay with you for an additional 55 USD per night; this will also include meals. (FEMALE COMPANIONS ONLY)

^^^^^^My husbands stay in the recovery house is $550.00 for 10 days

Grand Total 8,006.42
This amount excludes vitamins, extra toiletries. and anything else I buy for the trip!

Passport Time

Im heading out this morning to drop my Passport application and photo off to get that ball rolling, one less then on my list to do!

Next I will be scheduling my Doctor appointment for my blood panel, I was told November would be a good time to get this done but I should schedule now do to the fact that my doctor is at the VA and they are usually backed up.

Getting excited!


Just adding more photos of my c section scar from 12 years ago. And wish pic

Wish pic

Finial Questions I have sent in just to clear up any misunderstanding

So this is Melissa Dodds I have a surgery date set with you already for January 2nd with my flight coming in on the 1st of January
I just want to clarify a few things

1)The recovery house is included in my quote, do I need to call them and book dates or do you do that?
2) for a male guest to come is an additional $55 a day, correct? and its ok that its a male companion?
3) I have scheduled a date for my blood work up November 1st which is 30 days before my surgery. Is this a good date?
4) I am scheduled for: Breast Augmentation with a lift, Tummy tuck, and Lipo of flanks and inner thighs..When a tummy tuck is done is tightening of the muscles included?
5) when do you need the deposit and how much is it and how do I send it?

Questions answered

dear Melissa,

Please see my responses bellow:

1)The recovery house is included in my quote, do I need to call them and book dates or do you do that? Is included I reserved it.

2) for a male guest to come is an additional $55 a day, correct? and its ok that its a male companion? yes you are right.

3) I have scheduled a date for my blood work up November 1st which is 30 days before my surgery. Is this a good date? yes this is fine.
4) I am scheduled for: Breast Augmentation with a lift, Tummy tuck, and Lipo of flanks and inner thighs..When a tummy tuck is done is tightening of the muscles included? yes muscle repair is included
5) when do you need the deposit and how much is it and how do I send it? $100as soon as possible

Thank you,

Laura Castro
Customer Service Assistant/ Asistente de Servicio al Cliente


So I want to buy extra Fajas a stage 1 and stage 2
I need advise on where to buy and which ones to buy, there are so many =/

Yeah! Update

So I received my order of Vita Medical Recovery Pre and Post OP support Vitamin pack, along with Arnica which helps reduce bruising, swelling, and pain from soft tissue damage.
Still waiting on rose oil, stage 2 support garment, ted hose and a zip up post surgery sports bra. Im ordering these all now so if they don't fit I can return them.
I also went online and ordered a knit robe, slippers, button down jammies and underwear.

Next step will be to print up a calendar of all major events that must take place before I leave.

I have done hours and hours of research and have come up with a mesh of about 12 Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons and their best recovery must haves. This is where the calendar will come into play.
1. low to no sodium diet 2 weeks before and after surgery to help with water retention
2. Absolutely no smoking or even being around it pre and post
3. Continue working out but increasing strength training days to really build and fuel muscle growth which will help during the recovery process(1 month prior)
4. Take all required medication from surgeon pre and post up according to schedule
5. Drink recommended amounts of water based on your needs, post surgery water consumption is the most important.
6. Im getting 2 lymphatic massages 1 month prior to surgery to clear all ducts and release toxins from muscles. along with several massages weekly during recovery.

This is just the start of my list
If anyone has recommendations please let me know I want the fastest smoothest recovery process possible.

Wish picture

The more I see pic, the more I want a bigger butt


I have been on real self for a while now, doing hours and hours of searching on here looking at pictures, reading story's and this is what I have come up with.
Is it just me or are any of you guys or girls who are going out of country super confident with your choice.
I know its a major surgery and there are risks but man I have no doubts that when my surgery is over I will look just like I had hoped.
Its hard to explain to family and friends my decision to go to the Dominican Republic. After I show them pictures and stories of both US surgery's and ones overseas even they are impressed. I personally have not found one story that has had truly bad results, yes infection, yes swelling but nothing that will not get better or wasn't the fault of the patient.
If anyone has come across really BAD results let me know.
I did hear all the issues with CILPA about a year ago with the girl dyeing and infection but since then I have not heard anything)

Slowly packing up my things :)

Got a few of my orders in
VS button down shirts
VS slippers
Silicon strips for scarring
Front button medical sports bra
More meds :/
And the best thing ever! My passport!

What to do

I've been doing my crossfit thing 3 days a week! I absolutely love it! And running 2 days a week to keep my heart healthy..
I'm just worried if I lose to much fat she wont have any fat to transfer, if she decides to do the BBL...what to do what to do:)

Hurry up!

So I paid my $100 deposit today, surgery dated confirmed for January 2 2014

Getting closer

Hey ladies!
So I don't have anything new to post really but I thought I would fill you in on what I have been doing
I increased my crossfit workouts to 5 days a week..:) been taking all my vitamins, I have an appointment for Dec 5 to get my blood work up done...I hope my iron levels are high!

Change maybe?!

So I have been reading and reading trying to get all the info I can on DR Robles and it seems the more I read the more I think Im changing my mind on my doctor.
I have read stories on Gauze being left inside a girl and it causing a bacteria infection that lasted 6 month, We don't not have antibiotics that can get rid of it that easy.
On top of that I have read story after story about the staff and how horrible they are.
I have requested a quote from Dr. Duran I hope I hear back soon!

OMG! Im so excited!

19 days left and I have been dreaming crazy ass dreams every-night!
Some days I'm ready to bolt out the door doing cart wheels all the way to the DR and the next day Im freaking out, doubting my decision to carry on with this...
Either way my flight is booked and my honey and I will be in the DR real soon!

I need some advise from someone who has gone through with the surgery in the DR
I dont want to over pack or under pack
I need advise on what to bring

Couple more weeks!

Well its finals week at school! which means 3 more days and I get to kick back and relax for the next 2 weeks until I fly to the DR for my surgery!
My honey and I have just about everything ready to go
Im going to start packing any day now. I have decided I'm going to bring alot of low sodium snack foods for me to eat...jello, protein bars, instant oatmeal.
From what I have been ready the food is great! at the recovery houses but its not really a good diet to be eating right after surgery. With all the swelling I would think staying away from foods that cause you to retain water would be a bad idea..idk
Here is a list I have complled using info from DR. Robles and other surgens in my area.
1. Make sure you have read and understand ALL of your surgeon's post-op instructions

2. Line up RELIABLE, in house care for 3-4 continuous days (or stay in a recovery house =))

3. Make sure your caretaker has read and fully understands all of your surgeon's instructions( I will have my honey right by my side)

4. Fill all of your Doctor's prescriptions. It is much better having them before surgery than having to look for them after surgery( I am bring a prescription of pain meds)

5. Pack a Gym bag with the stuff you'll wear and need to go with on the morning of surgery! ( I will post an updated packing list later)

6. STOP SMOKING or using all forms of Nicotine( already done this!)

7. Stop taking all medicines which make you bleed longer such as Aspirin, Advil, Alleve, Garlic, etc. Every surgeon has a list. Make sure you read your surgeon's list of things not to take or eat.( Done!)

8. Im bringing my own stock pile of snacks, protein bars

9. Consider keeping a diary where you write and document this transformation. Start with copies of your before pictures. Add daily pictures after surgery and you will see the transformation.( I will be updating on here as much as possible or my honey will!)

10. Starting the first night after surgery walk around the room every 15 minutes or so (commercial time) to lower the risk of blood clots. (will do!)

11. Remember your bed is for sleeping. Do NOT use the bed "to rest" the more time you spend in bed the higher the risk of blood clots and pneumonia. Walking, deep breathing and eating and hydrating properly ARE the secret to rapid recovery(=))

One of the best things I have read so far is dont go on a crash diet before your surgery, starving yourself! Your body needs to be full of nutrients. You also dont wanna go crazy and start eating your self out of house and home. You will cause a drastic shift in your hormone levels...maintain your weight!
If you already exercise keep it going! If you dont....just add some heart healthy activities dont over due it!

Lastly the best way to increase your iron levels is with red meat and green can take supplements but you will waste lots of it when you pee.

Gosh hope that all made since...I was just rambling!


I've been stalking this girls page who just had surgery done with Duran on I think the 16th of December..I cant find the comment I left on her page... Does anyone know who Im talking about...?
She posted once the day of surgery and I have been waiting and waiting to her how she was and now I cant find her page

The count down begins!

Ok lady's
Im at day and Im so excited today!
I actually packed my pill case with all my pills and bought some rapid release Tylenol cause im pretty sure any narc's they give me will make me sick! -_- booo.
anywho~ Im packing my bags tonight,Scott(my honey) and I will be sharing 1 large suitcase and we will both have a carry on to minimize the crap he will have to keep track of. I figure its better to pack now so I dont have to pack in a hurry and forget anything. Pretty much everything Im taking is nothing I will need between now so there is no reason not to have it packed up...
I have several long maxi dresses
package of granny panties
package of white (mens) tank tops aka wife beaters
package of sox
2 pairs of flip flops
compression stockings
sports bras
2 button down jamies
2 pairs of slippers
makeup( a must have for me!)
baby wipes
Food items in check bag
instant oatmeal
protein bars
Im sure there is more I will add as I go!

Im going to take a bunch of pic (pre op) back front side you name it

BTW Scott will be doing all the update post after surgery he will give details of everything that goes on. =)

Good Morning

The Holidays are officially over for me seeing as I will be on a flight to the DR on New Years. I cooked the best Christmas Dinner(it was my first time)
Im spending the day cleaning up my house and prepping for my 13 days guess you can call it a vacation.. I going to go get a pedicure also! Excited for that!
Decided Im packing my scrap book and pictures so I have something to do while Im laying around for 11 days straight....What are other girls taking with them for entertainment while in the DR

Wednesday is the day

So I leave in 5 days and Im so excited at this point, I could scream...Im ready for this! Im ready for the pain, tears and the regret because I know when that passes its nothing but up hill from there!
I went and got the last few things for my trip! I even pulled all my cash out of the bank....Now I will just sit and wait and wait and wait and maybe read some more RS updates!

Count Down!

So Last night was horrible... I was freaking out decided that I don't need to do this.. Then I woke up this morning all better =) Im going to the DR to get sexy!

3 days!

Im heading out for a run this morning then drinking a yummy smoothie! followed by lunch with my momma.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

1 day!

Well Its finally here...Im tying up loose ends, cleaning the house, pulled 6000 out in cash
Bags are packed for the hubby and I
House sitter will be here at 11am tomorrow, I will walk here through and show her how to take care of all my animals.
I am going to post pre op photos tonight!

Updated pre op photos

Today is my final day home before I leave...I'm not the least bit scared!

Night before

Well ladies Im off the computer for the night, we leave for the airport at 4am!
Ill message again when I get to the DR

At the airport

Whoop whoop!

DR bound

I'll update as soon as I can

Made it safe and sound

Hello lady's
Arrived in DR at 1230 am, stopped and paid tourist fee went through immigration. Wilson my driver was waiting for me and my husband at the exit area. He loaded bags and we where on our way. Like everyone says drivers are crazy but lucky for me it was late and not to many cars on the road. Once we got to the clinic Wilson took our bags and escorted us in. It was very quite so either no patients where here do to the holiday which is totally possible or everyone was sound asleep even the nurse that Wilson woke up. Lol
Wilson escorted Scott and I to my room where we ate a granola bar and got into bed. The room is very clean has 2 beds and a bathroom. I didn't sleep all night... 630 am rolls around and the first nurse comes in so I can fill out a health questioner then blood is drawn for lab along with a urine sample. Now I'm waiting on the EKG...
Everything so far has went very smooth and although there is a language barrier I have a son complaints. The nurses are attentive and knowledge. I will try and update before surgery! Ta ta for now

Post op

I'm in a lot of pain, swollen and hungry
I'll update again when I'm in a better mod

Thanks everyone

So far so good!
Yesterday was a blurr...after the chest ex ray I was giving the "blue" pill laid down with my hubby and all I remember is being in a wheel chair...then nothing until they were putting my garment on after the surgery...I sleep well the first night they just came in to fill me up with drugs from time to time..everyone at the hospital was sweet. Woke up at 630 this morning and had bandages changed, I look wonderful!
The pain however is kicking in :/ I will post pic soon!


I'm at Angie's house relax and recovery
She speaks perfect English( she is from Huston Texas) the food is home cooked and it's so clean! Love it!


I only ate a few bites and got full :(



Banana smoothie and a muffin :)

Question answered

DR Robles is one of the best Dr I have come in contact with on a cosmetic surgery's like art work to her, she believes everyone has a different shape and she shows that in her took her 15 min to draw me up..I told her what I wanted and she told me if it was doable and gave me options. She wanted me to be happy with my results. She is sweet and I would recommend her to anyone!

Day 2

Hello lady's
So day 2.....I had a rough night, only sleep a few hours and that was not consecutive...the stupid drain pain is what bothered me the most. Not to mention I'm peeing every 45 min :/ I set out on the balcony with my hubby for 10 min which was nice to get fresh air.
I woke up this morning gave myself a bird bath lotioned my extremities and now I'm patient waiting for my breakfast. :)
Did I mention I love Angie's house? Well I do!
I noticed I'm getting stronger and stronger all the time, this morning I want to eat outside! :)


I fell asleep after breakfast for a couple hours on and did that feel good! I get up and walk around the house a few times a day I think that's why everything is moving so body is draining less and less. I'm walking at about 80%straight :/
Here are a few updated photos


Had a rough night sleeping kept tossing and turning finally got to sleep and didn't wake up again until noon...thank goodness!
Today I'm getting a bird bath by my nurse and tomorrow is my first post op appointment with Dr. Robles I hope to god this drain gets taken out!

Ahhhhhhh....a bath

So I got my first sponge bath which felt like heaven the bad part is we got the dressings wet and I was adamant about putting dry dressings on even though DR. Robles said not to mess with them! I'm still draining about 150ml in 24 hours so I'm almost positive my drains won't come out. Which honestly I'm ok with, the biggest complaint girls have is get seroma because they take the drain out to early. I don't want that..
I'm walking sitting and standing more then I'm laying which is a good thing I really wanna go on a walk tomorrow!
I'm sorry I didn't get photos after my bath it just wasn't on my mind...I will however say my breast are looking better and better..I wanted high profile 325cc breast and although she put in more about 350cc they look perfect. I also had to get the long scare for the lift I just had to much skin for the size I wanted. Anywho I'll update after my appointment tomorrow thank you everyone for praying for me!

First post op complete

Dr Robles said everything is healing just right I will go again Friday and might get my drain taking out
I can't start getting massages yet darn it! I'm still really swollen but here is an updated photo



So I wanted to give you an idea of the pain I have been experiencing so far.
From the moment I woke up from surgery it has felt as if I can't breath I'll I can take is short shallow breaths it's really scary actually. Your ab muscles are so tight and the garment is so tight and then add fluid bild up and there is no room to pain the worst part for me.
My breast have not hurt they well full as if I have breast milk wanting to spill I do get little stings of pain where the stitches are but it's not bad.
My stomach is super tight and swollen but my stomach it self does not hurt.just feels like I have done a million sit ups
My back only hurts when I stand without support to long oath wise if I have something to lean on I'm ok.
However my drain site is the worst it does not always hurt but when it does it about drops me to my knees
All in all I'm feeling good
Scott and I sleep from about 1 am to 7 am eat breakfast and go back to sleep tell noon. We are trying to stay on oregon time zone .lol
We are board out of our mind and I hope to go out doors for a little while tomorrow to get fresh air.

Hey everyone!

So today I got all ready, put some makeup on got dressed and went yo the grocery store to get me peanut butter and crackers.
I'm drinking about 7 glasses of water a day which is helping with the swelling and I'm taking all my meds as prescribed!
Tomorrow I get my first massage and then we are heading down to the beach at 11 excited to get out of here!

Day 7

Went to the beach with my honey it was a beautiful day!
Got a massage this morning which did not hurt at all maybe because I don't have as much fluid draining and swelling has gone down. I leave Saturday morning and I will have my finial follow up Friday


So after reading my own post I realize I'm making it look easy breezy. Butttt.....I want to assure you there have been bumps along the way
BM: day 1, 2 had bm day 3,4,5 no bm stool softener started day 6,7 had BM whooooo hoooo

Back pain: only if I'm standing without support or something to lean on it will start to hurt a little

Pain meds: they do not have narcotics in the Dominic if you want actual pain meds bring them...that being said they pain meds they give have worked for me. I'm not in "pain" I have discomfort like it's annoying but not pain..

Swelling: here is the bitch
I have pockets of fluid on both hips honestly I'm not sure if it's water or she injected fat I didn't want fat injected and I see no holes where she went in so I'm assuming it's just fluid. I have the massage lady coming again today to try and work them out. As for pain during the massage I had read horror stories but I'm an exception honestly it felt so good the whole time..the girl in the other room not so

Drain: stupid freaking drain it's just annoying as he'll carrying her around, worrying about her getting clogged, wondering when she will come out...ughhh I have a feeling I will be stuck with her for my flight home but ohhh well I will have to deal with it..

Hope this clears up something's it's not that this experience has been easy it's just I can't lay around and be in pain it's just not in my blood. I can't wait to go home and see my chickens and ducks and my dog!
I'll post some pic after my bed bath today

Crap I forgot

Garment: ughhh it's a love gate thing
Just when it was getting easier to breath I was told to go to the second
So I'm truly uncomfortable in it all day...but on the other hand laying here writing this without it on feels like my guts are spilling isn't that a MF

My hubby

So my hubby wanted to read everything I have been writing and was a little butt hurt I have not mentioned him and actually it's a little rude of me.
My hubby has been with me every step of this journey and total supportive. He emailed my family and friends before and after surgery and helped me when no one understood my needs.
He helps me to the bathroom, washes my hair while I'm bent over in the tub, lotions my arms and legs. Gets up with me in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. Honestly I never would have came without him but if I had Im sure my spirits would not be where they are today..alot of lady's have talked of regret and depression and I know for a fact it's because of him that I gave not felt that way :)
I love him
To the moon
For always!


Ok so like I have heard many many times, I over packed for this trip
Things I used:
Package of thick overnight pads not the untra thin hold up crap
3-4 dresses or gowns
Flip flop for when you go outdoors
2 packages of wife beaters they try to get you to buy a cotton shirt for $10 but these tank tops have worked fine.
Your own button front sports bra
My own gauze and medical tap
Antibacterial soap
Bath robe
My own vitamins I just trust my own I get at home from the health store...they do give vitamins tho
Bring extra extra money everything cost extra eve,n if you go to the beach you pay them to use lawn
If your husband comes note that they bring beer right to your

What I didn't use
Bobby pillow
Tons and tons of Jammie shirts

I didn't need underwear I put bad directly on garment adding underwear is just one more thing

2nd post op appointment

I'm gonna have my hubby take lots of photos at my appointment, so stay tuned! I'm sorry I haven't posted more pic but I do not mess with my dressings or take this damn garment off unless it's completely necessary..DR orders! :)
Please please god I hope this drain is removed..


So you can see in the photo how much fluid is on my hips due to the garment being tight on my thighs. When I get home I'm buying a garment with legs :)


As you can see from my photos I still have the stupid drain so frustrating..DR Robles said maybe 3 more days she wants less the 50 cc and I will do as directed. :/
Anywho I'm leaving the dr tomorrow morning at 745 am no excited to go home my mom is coming Monday to stay the week to help me cook and clean. I start school Monday morning and am not looking forward to carrying this drain around
Anywho I will update again when I get home

Im Home

Hello! I am home and lovin it!
I have been in some discomfort but no real pain swelling has gone done so much!
Im still draining fluid but it gets less and less everyday! I will post pic soon.

after sponge bath

Day 12

Well its finally day 12 and Day 2 back st school
I feel great!
The swelling in my legs is almost completely gone, the swelling in my flanks and stomach is getting better and better everyday=) Bruising is fading more and more.
Again no real pain but my abs muscle feel like someone has their hands wrapped around them and squeezing.
My drain however is still emptying fluid but it is such a pain in the butt, My DR removed the stitches and now I have to tape the crap out of my leg to keep it from coming out, which mind you is still happening! One of the drain holes on the tubing keeps sliding out a little which then allows air in the tubing and it messes up the vacuum seal it has...So frustrating because I have to keep pushing the tubing back in to keep the little hole from being exposed.
So my question is should I just remove the drain and hope my body can absorb the fluid? Its not a lot of fluid mind you, maybe 100 cc or less in 24 hours or risk getting an infection in draining opening from having to keep pushing the drain in?
sorry the pic are not so good I had my daughter take them real quick and she was freaking out about me being


So i decided to do side by side
Obviously pre op and post op are way different
and you can also see from day 8 to 11 I have more swelling now which is normal
I figure in the next week a lot of that swelling will be gone =)

Day 13

What am I experiencing thus far?
I feel more like myself everyday swelling is going down more and more. I know at the beginning I had put that i was 146 but the day of surgery I was 156 in the DR. I had worked on gaining some weight prior just in case DR. Robles decided to do the BBL.(which she didn't) so that being said before surgery 156, three days later I was 158, day 11 I was 160( by far the worst day for swelling) Day 12 158, and today day 13 I'm 155.
I have replaced breakfast with a fruit smoothie made with coconut milk, Greek yogurt (for protein) fresh and frozen fruit and vanilla. Starting today I will juice veggies and fruit for lunch for 4 days to try and detox my body from all of this trauma.

Next incisions
Dr. Robles said to keep dressings on for one more week after I leave the DR changing them every three days. Which I have been doing thanks to my wonderful mother! All the incisions look good a little spot on my boob that is a little moist so I took everything off yesterday and hung around the house nude for 1 hour to air dry.

My opinion

My honest opinion Being healthy is key! Im not saying it will be a smooth ride but it will have far less bumps. Many of the lady's I am following on real self have similar life styles as mine. I figured our results would be more alike then say someone who has nothing in common with me and so far my thoughts are RIGHT ON!
I believe the fact that I ran 2 days a week and I did cross fit 5 days a week helped me when it comes to the physical trauma my body went through! My legs back and arm not to mention my abs where in great shape! My back has not hurt throughout this whole process. (It helps to not laying in bed all the time! as soon as I could walk i made it a point to be up and out of bed.) Next my diet has helped me on the chemical aspects of recovery. I ate very good! low carbs high fat and protein diet, sugar salt and processed foods where not in my diet at all.
If you want my opinion this is it( please skip if you dont want to hear my rant)
If you are over weight, smoker who eats a unbalanced diet i suggest you postpone your surgery and work at changing your whole life! why not do the surgery when you know you will have fantastic results. Tummy tucks are not a way to lose weight! Its a way to reshape your body! why would you wanna re shape fat? why not reshape a lean body by removing excess skin and stubborn fat on your flanks? My surgery has been a freaking breeze! and you should want yours to be a breezes as well! ( rant over)

So as I said earlier I made a yummy fruit smoothie for breakfast and for lunch I had fresh cucumber and carrot juice! Honestly I feel better already!

hiding my drain

4th daybacktoSchool
I feel great!

2 weeks!

I'm letting everything air out, thought I'd snap some pictures

close up

side by side

Front shot of post op and pre op
So just to update a little
Im walking completely straight
I have no pain what so ever//unless I stretch to far =)
My lower tummy is itching like cray cray
My drain is still draining about 75cc its been that way about 3 days
Im down to 152 pounds! I was 159 when I got home! The swell is leaving my body!
I think the juicing has really helped!
I think I want to start walking the track since I have a few nice days here is Oregon with no rain.
The swelling and hardness in my flanks gets a little better everyday.


My mom pulled my drain out today I was below 50 cc..
We also removed the tape over my incision
Looking good!


So these are pictures from the recovery house while in the Dominic

Medication and vitamins

Ok so here is the low down and dirty on vitamins and pain pills
I bought the make me heal vita medical pack and was told many times not to take it because of Vit E and I think A
Anywho here is the deal the vita medical pre and post op meds are made specifically for surgery here is what is in the pack
Arnica Montana 30x Homeopathic Medicine: A homeopathic remedy hat helps to reduce bruising and swelling.
Bromelain (1500 mg; 3000 MCUs): A natural, proteolytic enzyme (digests protein) that is extracted from the root of the pineapple stem and is beneficial for reducing inflammation (swelling) and treating tissue injury. Bromelain inhibits prostaglandins that cause inflammation and promotes the formation of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.
Quercetin (1500 mg): Quercetin is a flavanoid that is a plant pigment found in large amounts in foods such as onion and apples. Quercetin enhances the impact of Bromelain and slows down the release of inflammatory mediators (including histamine) and thus helps reduce swelling.
Vitamin A (25,000 IUs): A fat-soluble vitamin that must be present for wound healing and acts as an antioxidant that is necessary for new cell growth, and repair and maintenance of tissue. Vitamin A also helps treat superficial wrinkles, prevent skin disorders, protect against cancer, and helps remove age spots.
Vitamin C (750 mg): A water-soluble vitamin that is vital for wound healing and acts as an antioxidant and is needed for repair and growth of tissues damaged by surgery. Vitamin C plays a primary role in collagen formation, which is crucial for wound healing.
The VitaMedica Surgery Program DOES NOT contain any Vitamin E or Vitamin K
B-Complex Vitamins: The “Stress Fighting” family of water-soluble vitamins help maintain and promote the health of skin, nerves, eyes, hair, liver and mouth. The B-vitamins are essential for smooth skin and lustrous, shiny hair. The VitaMedica Progarm includes the “unofficial” vitamins, inositol and choline.
Zinc (21 mg): A trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant and is essential for protein synthesis and collagen formation. This mineral helps to promote the healing of wounds and increases the absorption of Vitamin A.
Selenium (210 mcg): A trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant and that inhibits the oxidation of fats.
Copper (210 mcg): A trace mineral that works in balance with vitamin C and zinc to form elastin, which is essential for the formation of collagen. Copper is necessary for the function of an enzyme which is required to cross-link collagen and elastin. Collagen also aids in the formation of bone, hemoglobin, and red blood cells.
Bioflavonoids (600 mg): Bioflavonoids strengthen the walls of capillaries and thereby prevent bruising. Bioflavonoids also help build resistance to infection and are potent antioxidants that enhance the absorption of Vitamin C and prevent this nutrient from being oxidized.
I started the Bromelain with Quercetin 3 days before and continued 2 days after surgery..Instructions: Begin taking Bromelain 3 days prior to surgery and continue until the inflammation has subsided (usually 7 days). Take 2 capsules three times a day. Bromelain should be taken between meals preferably on an empty stomach.
Am and pm healing I started the day after surgery and am still taking it now.
The last thing in the kit was Arnica Montana 30X Ingredients: Active Ingredient: (HPUS) Arnica Montana 30X I took this 3 times daily starting the day after surgery.
I didn't start any of the vita pack until after surgery I only took what DR Robles wanted me to b12/folic acid /iron /multi vit/ calcium/ Vit D
I can't say for sure if the vita medical pack made a difference because I have nothing to compare it to. But I will say that they are chalked full of vitamins and minerals that your body can use for recovery. Also based on all my readings my healing process has been fast without any major bumps did the vita medical pack help? Maybe? :)
Next! Pain pills
So in the dr after you leave the hospital you cannot get any will get a prescription for lots of vitamins and something called neural fluter which is a low low does muscle relaxer that contains acetaminophen. So woman have stated that they bring there own pain meds and by all means if that's what you want to do then go for it...I however took only the muscle relaxer. People often confuse pain with discomfort and I believe the pain meds can be more of a set back for your healing.
Here is what I took ( I did not take the vitamins that are included in the package price I took my own vitamins from home)
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Stool softener
Folic acid
Vitamin D
Vita medical pack pills
Prescribed muscle relaxer
Hope this helps! Sorry it's so long

My review changed

Ok so here is the deal Dr. Robles made me beautiful and I'm thankful for it...however being a good dr is not just the surgery part but that whole experience from start to finish. Including after care and questions. Since being home I have sent 6 emails and have been ignored. Luckily I just had questions in regards to my wounds and how to care for them after day 15...but what if I had major issues? So anyways I emailed them this morning as said this:
I had question for DR Robles and I got no response..
How do you expect me to come back for my surgeries and refer people to Dr Robles if you ignore me.. you haven't even asked once how I'm doing. As a Dr it's not just the surgery that a patient needs but follow up care also.. if it's to hard to find time to respond to your patients follow up questions about surgery maybe you should do one less surgery a day and spend that extra time responding to email and phone calls..
I will take my next surgery to another Dr.. and I will no longer refer patients to you..
Thank you
So that's it! DR. Robles is good but I have read over and over about patients having post op issues and they are ignored. I have been ignored over and over. thank god I have not gotten an infection or bacteria because it would be like pulling teeth to get them to respond.
If you have a problem with my review talk about it on your own page this is all my personal opinion with facts to back it! Hope it helps


I got a response from Laura dr. Robles assistant she forward me the email she had sent me...I never got it I even looked in my junk email.
She felt horrible and was more then happy to address all my question..we talked on the phone and then she had me install whatsapp( I recommend this)
I sent her photos and am now waiting on the doctor.
I'm glad to find out it was all a misunderstanding because Dr. Robles is the best...I will update ASAP with what she has responded with.

Recovery House

Ok... so Im not going to post the pic again but a few days back I posted pic of Relax and Recovery House AKA Angie's house. This is not one of Dr. Robles primary recovery houses, she usually uses Virginia's. however Virginia's house does not let male companions at her house...Angies does.
So here is what I know of Angie
She was born in the US lived in Texas where she met her husband, Angies father is Dominican and her mother is Hispanic. 3 years ago Angies husband was offered a job to work in the free zone in The Dominican Republic. So he went there by himself for the first year I think and then Angie and her kids moved there after he had saved some money...It was only suppose to be temporary but 2 years later they are still their and loving it!
So to bring it current Angie had work done in the Dominic and decided after her surgery that there was money to be made in opening a recovery house so that's what she did! The reason Im telling you all this is because its nice to have the back ground( well it was for
Angie speaks perfect English which for me was a relief when all of a sudden your home sick and worried. The house is like seven stories up in a gated condo... its beautiful inside the rooms are decorated and it gives it a real at home feeling..It has a balcony that over looks the city which is where I spent most of my time.
Angie is not there all the time she has 2 caregivers who rotate every 3 days one of them is the best cook who makes the bomb fresh fruit smoothies! the other caregiver is sweet but not so good at cooking. lol The Dominican diet consist mostly of rice and potatoes with pork and chicken
Please make sure you bring ensures and protein bars to supplement some of the will walk out of that house 10 lbs heavy from the good food and swelling!
Next topic
When you book with Robles you get a driver named Wilson who will pick u up and take you to follow up appointments. However Angie also has a driver named Jose is speaks good English and will take you anywhere you need to go for a good price. He took Scott and I to the grocery store several times and to the beach which was a 40 min drive one way. He will also take you out on the town if you so wish, he tried getting my hubby to go out but I was like hell no he is my rock! I cant have him all hung
Scott could order beer and pizza when ever he wanted and it would be delivered in min..crazy we need that here in my small town. lol
So that's my review Angie's house is great she makes you feel right at home not to mention she has had surgeries done so she knows how you feel...
Hope this helps


Im only going to post pictures weekly now but I will be on daily to answer any questions you have

heading to School

Love my small waist

3 weeks Today!

I cant believe how fast time fly's!
So tonight when I change my dressings I will snap photos and do side by sides!
For right now I will just fill you in on how Im feeling

Swelling: This I would have to say is the biggest annoyances for me. My flanks(aka love handles) are still hard and tender to the touch it has gotten better everyday I just wish it would go faster. lol I have read a lot about swelling in the lower tummy and I was say I also suffer with lower belly swelling. Its not to bad but defiantly noticeable. I had my mom massaging me while she was here but she left Monday so today I go to get a lymp massage. I know some say its a waist of money but the lymphatic system is the real deal and the lipo suction and tummy tuck really wreaked havoc on it.

Pain: I have no pain and haven't in about 2 weeks.. I do get little shooting pains in the incision area of my breast but other then that nothing to major. My abs still feel like someone has ahold oh them especially if I have been sitting for a while and then get up quickly. It doesn't hurt though, just feels like I have rock hard abs. lol

Itching: I have read about the itching over and over and on day 20 I still wasn't experiencing what I had read...It was made out like they wanted to take their skin it hit me and let me tell you my husband thought my head was going to start spinning...From what I gather it is from the lipo and your body healing. I took Benadryll and it helped some.

Skin: I am literally shedding layers of skin again I have read this is apart of the healing process but man Im walking around like frosty the snow man...I lotion twice a day toooooooooooo!

Moving: I walk completely straight and have since about day 16 I think....right around there. I go to school 5 days a week and I have since day 10 with no problem..Walking from class to class at first was tough cause I was still a little bent but other then that no issues. I have been driving since day 9 when I got home and have not had any issues...I just cant look over my shoulder to check for cars, I have to use my mirrors. I clean my house, cook meals, take care of the chickens, dogs, cats, and rabbits, I just have to be careful and not stretch or reach..

I still just take bird bath showers filling the tub a little to shave my legs.. I have a little spot on my breast that has not healed all the way so DR. Robles said to wait 3 more days... I change the tape on my tummy tuck incision everyday 3 days and Im going to keep doing it for the next 2 weeks i think! I heard It helps keep your scare from raising up and getting bumpy... I still have to apply dressing to my breast like I told you it is slowly healing.

Faja: so I still wear the one I got from DR. Robles and I am one the finally button and its kinda loose so I went in search of one online and found one....sure as shit even after doing the measurements Its about a size to small...! ugh! I should have just done some searching to find a store it would have saved me 80 bucks!
I wear the faja all day and night and take it off only to change dressing or to clean myself...

Lets see.....I think thats it
I just want to say I feel wonderful maybe not 100% because my lower tummy is numb and swollen but other then that Im doing great..I feel good, look good and am extremely happy I did this! I have no regrets!
If you have any questions let me know Im an open book!

Q&A from a real self member

I am considering Plastic Surgery (and husband is on board - yay). During the midst of reviews, I noticed that you were from my region (from Seattle). In addition, you have some of the best results - that is exciting!!!!(keep us posted) Anyhow, I was trying to obtain additional information so I hope you don't mind responding to a couple questions.
1. What made you decide on surgery in DR versus TJ, Mexico (for example Patajona (sp)? I see some great results from a couple, however, there are not as many TJ postings that show results. It would be nice to be close to home (TJ, Mexico versus DR) if I could obtain quality results.

Well I started coming on to real self it was my initial intention to just gain info on how to prepare for surgery..I planned on having it in the US. After months of searching on RS I kept reading about surgery in the DR and not so many in Mexico( which is sad because I communicate with a girl who had surgery there and she looks awesome!) I really started to drift towards surgery in the DR after seeing how good the work is! I had narrowed it down to DR.Robles and Duran.

2. Did you feel unsafe in DR? I more than likely would travel alone (hubby watch lil kiddos), what are your thoughts?
No, I didnt not feel unsafe. You are always with someone weather it be Wilson the driver or someone who is local. Even when we went to the grocery store we had a driver with us. Its not that its that unsafe but you have to remember it is a 3rd world country. Girls travel alone all the time and I have not read any issues. I just know having my husband there made everything better for me! However if you go with Robles you will more then likely stay at Virginia's house and from what I have heard she will take care of you and make you feel right at home.

3. When decided on breast aug, what brand does she use and does she have all sizes available? Would like to ensure they don't just use what they "have in stock" size wise. (I want to stay small and natural).
Robles uses Implants from 2 different company's Mentor and Eurocilicon both approved by FDA. you can choose between silicon and Saline. Im not sure how the sizes go that is something you can ask Laura directly.

4. If you had to do it all over again (after care issues and all), would you have it in DR again or choose a local PS surgeon?

Yes! In a heart beat I would do the surgery again and I would use Robles...The thing to remember is there is no set rules for all of this and thats why this site is so wonderful. You can read what I went through and make sure to avoid the same pit falls, just as I did with the ladies beofre me. I should have set up direct communication with Laura before leaving that way we where not so dependent on email only. And if I had a friend ask my opinion on if she should stay local or go to the DR, I would tell her to choose the doctor who based on photos and references can give you the look your going for. Robles was the doctor for me she understood my needs and gave me exactly what I wanted. PS.. Im going back to the DR next year to get the BBL!

5. Did you have any concerns with incisions? or otherwise? was it clear when your bag needed to be drained, etc from tummy tuck?

Concerns with incisions? like possible infection? not initial..I have a spot on my breast from the lift that is taking longer to heal but it is showing no signs of infection. My tummy tuck scare is perfect and so far has giving me no issues. I will say this nothing was clear when I left the surgery clinic i was dazed and confused. that being said Virginia knows all the rules when it comes to changing dressings and when your drain should be 2 days post op you go back in to see DR. Robles and I had a list of questions to ask.

6. Is plastic surgery performed at the hospital? Do they have all equipment, if heaven forbid there were complications. Did you have to bring your own blood in case of transfusion? That part scares me.. don't want blood from someone else if heaven forbid it was needed.

Ummmm... the surgery is preformed in Ceipl which is a surgical center it is not a hospital. However that is not uncommon even in the united states. Yes they have all necessary equipment needed for the surgery and complications. However it is not new like you would find in the US. Its like they bought all of our equipment when we upgraded. But it works all the same. Im a little confused about the last part any time you have an emergency even in the US when a transfusions is needed. 99% of patients will not have a refrigerated bag of blood saved. Blood transfusion is donor blood, But it is tested and safe even in the DR. Hope that makes since.

7. Would you recommend staying longer know that you know what you do pertaining to after care? That drain seems like a pain? Also, who takes out your stiches? Do they expect your Doc at home will do it? I am sure no plastic surgeon in Seattle would touch it due to litigation issues.

Nope 10 days is plenty, like I said above its a matter of taking it into your own hands and having all questions answered before you leave and if something comes up makes sure you have many ways of contacting them. The drain is a pain! ughhh but its necessary for a smooth recovery. Dr. Robles will remove the stitches right before you leave that way when you get home and its time to take it out all you do is pull..However it kinda sucks becaise you have to tap the hell out of the drain so it does not slide in and out. The drain works as a vacuum so if the drain slides out a little and exposes the drain holes you loose the seal and have to real seal seems difficult but its the time you leave you will have it down!
8. Lastly, sorry for all the questions, since they didn't do your BBL, do they just credit you after the surgery for what they didn't do? So, how much, if I may ask was your Breast Aug, TT, Lipo and did it include inner thighs? (Thank you!)

I only payed for what I got...Tummy tuck, breast lift, breast Aug and lipo to flanks 6300
Inner thighs may cost more Im not sure
I plan on going back next year for lipo of the thighs and BBL


So my husband is at work late so I'm just snapping a few quick pictures until he can take better ones.. ican only post one at a time damn phone

few more

extra extra

My honey went into work late this morning so he could take pictures and help me squezze into my faja!
I will add them later when I get out of class.. until then here is a sexy photo i took this's amazing how having breasts again can make you feel beautiful.


Hello ladies! As promised!


The pictures show up small if you think I should down load the larger ones let me know!

Hello Ladies

So Im a dumb ass and I kept calling Angies house relax and recovery but it is in fact called Silhouette Recovery Home which a girl on here asked me about and I was like no I dont think oh man sorry about that ladies!

Also my new faja was bought online at Caribbean Shape I got it for $80 which is not to bad of a price
I got a medium based on my measurements and when I got it I was so missed because it was to small..well my husband help me squeeze into it and it fits it is just super tight which is what i needed. I have already lost about 2 lbs of water swell after 3 days of wearing it without taking it off besides showering... even my measurements have decreased in my upper and lower waist by an inch and a half! so dont go returning your faja until you get someone else to help you while you are laying down! =)

On Saturday I had a certified Lympth drainage nurse come to my house. It was so nice actually having someone trained and specialized doing it!

Monday I am going to start walking around the track starting with 2 miles and doing that 3 times a week to start.=)

My scars are almost completely healed so I have started rose oil and scar therapy, its so exciting seeing my new body!

I will snap a few photos later when Im getting ready for bed...stay tuned!

it's amazing what a couple days can do

So I love that everyday my body contours more and more! My hips are softening and swelling is the end of the day my lower belly swells big time but it's gone when i wake up...

To maybe clear some things up

My right breast was shaped differently then my left and hung lower..Dr. Robles had to do some correcting to try and make them even.. My breast where not the same size before and they are slightly different now but way better then they where prior to surgery.


First time in bra and underwear since my sx...:)
I love my new body

one more

my fav jeans

Just so you know I wear my faja all day and night only to take it off to shower.. it's kind of depressing because i can't wear my cute clothes only sweat pants and yoga pants... :/

what tummy Tuck

You can't see shit even in my smallest pair of underwear.. .:)

wore jeans today

Almost 1 month!

In 2 days I will post new before and after photos! Yuppie!


Dra. Robles Plastic Surgery

1 month

New pic

Just a few side by sides

I will be updating on how I'm doing in the next couple days...

updated photos

I was getting ready for class and decided to snap some photos...sorry about the sox haHAHAHA

5 weeks-ish

So im just going to kind run off at the mouth trying to remember everything that has gone on over the last few weeks since I updated my review.

Swelling: As you all know this is something that I will have to deal with for up to a year give or take a few months depending on how fast my body rebuilds its lymphatic system back up. When I first wake up in the morning i look like a goddess and thorough out the day depending on my activity level it really swells in the evening. The swelling is mainly in the lower abdomen area however my flanks and sides still have hard sensitive tissue which im waiting to soften still.

Pain: pain really I can jog and stretch, jump...whatever I want It just feels kinda weird. I just listen to my body and stop if it becomes to much.

Scars: I'm healing wonderfully everything is closed up in my tummy tuck area other then one spot where I had to remove a stitch that did not dissolve on its breasts are beautiful and big and the scar is nothing I've seen. Robles really is talented at what she does. I have been doing scar therapy for the last couple of weeks using rose oil and smoothing the scar tissue under the wounds!

Diet and exercise: I still eat very clean staying away from salts processed foods and carbs. I drink only water and Im currently doing 30 min on my elliptical 3 days a week

Itching: OMG I would say week 3-4 was the worse for me when it came to the itching! stock up on anti itch creams and oral Benadryl

Faja: This damn thing! so as most of you know Im a student and by week 4 sitting in class back to back for 5 hours and having the Faja dig into my stomach and leave marks, not to mention I could only wear certain outfits...So I decided that while at school I would say F#$@ the faja but as soon as I get home I put it on and place the ab board in to keep my belly flat!

sex: Scott and I started having sex at day 25 ish I think and although Im not 100% its not painful at all...and I look sexy as hell!

well I think I covered it!

Just a few pic

Im feeling better and better everyday, swelling in the evenings and still tender on my flanks but all in all I feel and look like a million bucks!

Update 7 weeks I think

I am feeling 97% back to normal all of my scars are completely healed, I have worked out everyday this week so far 1 day I did a HIIT workout and the other 3 I did 30 min on my elliptical.

Pain: well no really I have a spot in my upper abdominal area that has sharp pains but i think i might have just pulled it a few weeks back

Swelling: I swell a little in the evenings depending on what I did that day. My flanks are still a little tender and hard but it gets softer everyday

Garment: I only wear it when I am at home..evening and all night long. I will not wear it to school it digs into my stomach when I am sitting and caused more pain then good.

I am still 100% happy I did this surgery and I still plan on going back next year for my BLL

For people who may be hearing the news

Angie the owner of the recovery house I stayed out posted this message in regards to a death at the Clinic in Santos Domingo

Silhouette Recovery Home
Good evening ladies. With a heavy heart I confirm that my dear Treena Jackson passed away yesterday. In this post I will give a detailed explanation as to what happened to clarify all of the speculation.

Treena had a LapBand procedure done about 3 years ago in the US. She came last year for a tummy tuck and all went well. She came again this year in late January for some lipo. Her lipo went good. She began to complain about the tightness of her band. She was unable to eat for a couple of days....And asked to see a Bariatric doctor. When taken he discovered her band had busted. Advised her to go back to the US immediately. Yet she waited two more days. The day she was due to fly back, she was too weak and was rushed back to the clinic. It was discovered that the band had punctured her stomach. Stomach contents had spilled out and burned surrounding organs. She was becoming septic. She remained in the ICU for almost two weeks getting better, then critical, then better again. I saw her everyday and thought she was gonna go home this weekend. I saw and spoke to her Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately she passed in her sleep early Wednesday morning. Her mother was with her till the end. May she rest in peace. Her outcome was due to the Lapband not the plastic surgery procedure. I know people are saying different stories. This one is the real deal. I lived it with her day after day, and am so heartbroken and feeling so absolutely helpless.
I know its scary and these are some of the risks involved in any kind of surgery. Its unfortunate. She was an amazing and beautiful woman. I love you Treena baby and I know you are in heaven. Rest in peace Ma.


Just a few pictures of my new bra from VS: )

2 months

New Pictures

So I went and picked out a bathing suit and it was the only one left in this style...well lets just say the bottoms fit fine but my boobs are popping out of the

Its all gone even the sensitive parts on my flanks everything has softened and went back to normal

Boobs: Well they are huge and even though I love them it has been hard getting use to, bras are kinda hard to find, seeing as my breast are large. Also none of my shirts really fit me any more either they are to tight or my big boobs under a baggy shirt makes me look Im still trying to obtain a new wardrobe. Running and working out have no been an issue, I just wear two sports bras so they do not move to much. I have been doing push ups and sit ups and pretty much all work outs that I did before the surgery just lower weights.

Im super excited to head back to the DR next year for my NEW botty!

One more Photo

Side by Side


Hello lady's
I Just want you to know ihave not forgotten about you..I've been on vacation with my family..i will post an updated review later this week witb pictures

3 month update with pictures

I am officially back to normal, I work out on a regular bases do ab exercises, run have sex everything! I will tell you that it takes about 2 whole months to really start seeing your results. Do to swelling and bruising, things changes. At one point my sides looked horrible but as my body healed and fluids began to move everything smoothed out.

Swelling: Minimal in my lower belly usually after a long hard work out or major salty foods or alcohol, by the next morning its usually gone.

Garment: I dont really wear it anymore sometimes I will put it on in the evening when Im swollen =)

Things I wish were better:
Well my belly button #1 although I like the shape the scar is so visible, and i know it will take years to fade so that kind sucks. I would ask DR. Robles to try and have the scar further in the belly button.

Dog ears: they are not to bad but if I go to the DR next year like I plan too, I want them fixed.

My breast a wonderful the scars are like I imagined, but no one really see's them but me and my hubby. But I think they could have been brought in a little more, by that I mean more skin removed. are the pictures


Just a quick shot of my beautiful belly

Hello Lady's

Ok So same old same old...nothing no
Like I said in previous post's, I am completely back to normal. To even see pictures of my old body I cringe...I really dont remember it at all. Sorry the most updated picture on the far right is not very good I will try and get a few more closes up down. I however will be posting less and less. But I will continue to update on land mark days!
You guys have been so wonderful and I have enjoyed the ride!
I will be back when I head to the DR for my new butt! See you all soon!

enjoying the sun

quick update

I just wanted to pop in and say how grateful I am that Dr. Robles worked her magic on me. My scars are beautiful and low, my breast are natural. I feel like a million bucks.

pic of my scars

I'm posting a pic of my tummy Tuck scar. Its low and straight, i love it.
After my daughter was born 13 years ago my C-section scar looked just like this but smaller of course. By year 2 it had faded to almost unnoticable
It only gets better :)

sexy photo i sent my honey


Just a few pictures

update time!

So I decided to take a few minutes this morning and give you guys a real update on how everything is going?
I am currently at 7 months post op and feeling wonderful I will go over as much as I can good and bad. I will try to answer questions as quickly as possible. I remember being pre op looking for reviews that continued to update after their surgery so I could see the long term results. So my promise to everyone out there, I will continue to update my review as much as possible for as long as possible. =)
Swelling: very very minimal! maybe after a really hard hard work out or a high fat high sodium meal. otherwise I have not really had swelling in several months!

Garment: Haven't worn it since about month 3 but I wore it religiously until then

Scars: If you have ever had surgery or scaring before, you know that the scars go through a long process where they get worse before they get better. That is just where I am! my tummy tuck is very low and straight but its pretty thick and a deep pink color. The scarring on my breast is what I dislike the most. If you all remember back in my earlier post in the beginning, I had a spot on my breast that would not heal. well that spot has just healed pretty ugly. I think if I have any scar revision it will be on my breasts.!

Tummy tuck: (likes and dislikes) I have the flattest cutest stomach I have ever had in my life. Even after a meal it still looks cute. I dislike my belly button scar, I wish it was less visible. The shape is wonderful but the scar it self is around the edges and can be seen.
Another thing I have noticed is that my abs seem so weak after having them tightened. Its like they cant flex as much, less movement of the muscles or something...idk
next subject, If I could do it all again I would have my tummy tuck scar go more around my hips. My stomach is all flat and tight and my sides are kinda jiggly!

Breast: ok so this where the fun
My breast look 100X better then they were before the surgery, however I am still not happy with them. Like I said above the scaring Im not so happy with, and I think I still have to much extra skin on my breast. I want them higher and tighter so I may be getting them fixed soon! We will see I guess!

well hopefully I have updated everyone enough! I will post pictures in a little bit!

one more thing

I have no regrets! Not one!
I dont regret making the decision to go to the DR
I dont regret Dr. Robles(she is the best)
I dont regret the surgery
For once in my life I am happy with or with out clothes on! I feel sexy and beautiful all the time!

8 months post op

Hello ladies!
Checking in with an update. I'm doing great, scars are healing up nice. Definitely less red then they were. I stillllllll have swelling in my lower abdominal area daily, some days worse then others. Not so swollen that it is noticeable to others. Only me when I'm naked. Lol

I promise I will work on getting new photos.

Wow. It's be forever!!

So almost 3 years post op
What's new??
Got married
Graduated college

How I'm feeling??
Still 100% satisfied.
Swelling in lower abdomen happens after a heavy night of or after a high sodium meal

What I'd change?
I would say based on my body build that I should have done 300cc not 350cc.
Scar around my belly button I wish was further inside so it was less visable.

What I love??
My scars are fading more and more
I'm 100% back to normal.

I'm sorry it's been so long but life gets going!


Some more updated pictures of my body now that I'm back into working out full force. ????????????????
Follow me on Instagram: smjacob15 and snapchat: staystrong1981 ????????????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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