12/7 I Will Be A DelVecchio Doll- BBL (First Round)

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So I finally decided to write a review after years...

So I finally decided to write a review after years of stocking this site. I have done soooo much research and I decided to go with Fatima Almonte. I also really like Baez but I like the fact that Alamonte does a lot of plus size women and especially women who have a lot of fat and loose skin around there abdomen. I literally need it ALL. But the dilemma that I'm having is do I want to have a baby first OR get my body first. I know there is a high chance of my stomach stretching back out and that's what scares me but then Im also ready to focus on ME finally. Yes I lost a lot of weight but I have a constant reminder of how big I use to be (311) when I take my clothes off. But then I don't want to be selfish to my body and family because If I get the surgery now they will have to be there for me waiting on me hand and foot and then turn around and have a baby and then the possibility of having surgery again and they have to put up with me again!! Then to do that to my body again is torture. So after long and hard my hubby and I decided that we will work on having a baby FIRST but in the meantime if it doesn't happen after we do 3-4 rounds of IUI cycles (hubby lil spermies have issues getting to my eggs) then I will move forward with getting my surgery. We want a baby really bad and have been trying naturally on our own for two years. So now we are seeing a fertility specialist. We will start the IUI process this week with me getting a couple of test ran on me first. But if all those attempts result into failures then we decided that we are not going to move forward with an IVF (the cost is ridiculous high 15-20k)!! I don't want to solely focus on a baby because that will do nothing but stress me the hell out (like before) and that's why I will keep researching and thinking about my surgery and I don't want to focus too much on surgery so I have the baby thing to think about. So I think I have balance between the two so I won't put to much emphasis on either one. But overall I do sometimes want my surgery more!! I know deep down if I got surgery first, I wouldn't want to have a baby!!!! I just want to finally feel good in my body. I want my body to match my confidence and swag!!! I sometimes can't believe I went from a 22-8 and I look good with clothes ON but when I take them off I be like WTF!!! I be thinking like "damn all this fat came from under those clothes"!! I did get some dates for Sept and Oct but we will see what next year brings!!!

Waiting Waiting Waiting

So as I stated before, my goal is to have a baby before surgery. I suppose to start the IUI process next month. I am going for a couple of test to make sure I am ok which I've done this before but I have to retake them. It's starting to stress me out a lil because I want my surgery soooo bad but trying to be fair and give my all to having this baby. Anyway I reached out to Alamonte to see what dates she has in oct-dec and I'm waiting on her reply. I'm trying to be proactive in my process and make sure that I'm staying on top of this. So that's all I have for right now. Hopefully I will be pregnant soon.

Finally Ready To Just Focus On Surgery!!!!

So my last post I was saying that I was trying to have a kid first. Well after me and my hubby talked LONG and hard, I'm just going to focus on my surgery. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want kids and it's not as if I wanted to do surgery before a child but I'm noticing that it's bringing too much stress along with it. My hubby and I only been married two years and we talked last night and basically he just reassured me that we have TIME to have kids. I am the type of person who has to plan their life out and it has to be a certain way and when things don't go my way I'm mad, upset and feel like a failure. Overall I'm learning that things don't always happen when I want them to and everything happen for a reason and I have to continue to trust that GOD is always working behind the scene in my behalf. I really do need to just enjoy my MARRIAGE and my husband and we get to know each other as a married couple and live life with each other! If I have a baby after I get surgery I won't be mad at all. The reason is because regardless if my stomach got stretched back out (hoping not too much) or got more stretch marks, because I lived with a HUGE ass stomach ALL my life and I had NO excuse. Meaning no KIDS! I been big for a very long time so if I did gain a lil in my tummy after I've had surgery then I'm ok with that. Like I mentioned before, my first round will be,BBL, lipo to full upper body basically and inner thigh. The reason being because the doctor I'm choosing will not do a TT and BBL at the same time. I wanted to go to Almonte but decided to go to Dr. Dan Delveechio in Boston. His skill set with the BBL is AMAZING! I'm not saying Almonte can't deliver because she can and I love her but Dr. D has done miracles on woman with buttocks like man. Meaning NO ass at all. I mean he really does a great job. You guys please check his IG out because his BBL work is great and you can see why I chose him. Another reason why I chose to stay in the states because it's cheaper because my hubby and sister going. With flight there and back for all three of us and having to pay additional for both of them to stay at the recovery house is way too much and hubby wants to be there but don't want to stay the full two weeks because of work. If we go to Boston, I don't have to stay there for 10-14 days and if something did go wrong I can easily get there and mainly it's to put hubby mind at ease because I do feel like going to DR wouldn't have been a problem. We will fly to Boston and then drive back so I won't have to deal with all the drama flying back and especially it's uncomfortable in the flight because you need to stand up a lot and can't fully lay down like you want. So as of right now, I want to do surgery around July-Aug timeframe so I can be 3-4 post op around the holidays. Also I just started a new job and I want to build more leave and honestly mainly I don't want to take off too soon. I want to be there at least six months before I take off. I work for the government so I won't have a problem getting my leave approved because they can't deny me medical leave with a doctors note. So anyway that's my update and I will keep ou guys posted.

HEMO Check!!!!

So I took blood work back in July and being as though I'm looking to have surgery soon, I wanted to see where I'm going to be starting at. So I asked my doctor to send me my results from July when I had blood work done and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that my hemo was 13.0!!!!! OMG!! Yessss. Now the question is how long does it stay that way?

Surgery in July

Hello Ladies,

So I decided to have surgery in July. I am not going to Almonte in the DR anymore and will be going to Dr. Dan Delveechio in Boston. I chose to have my surgery in July. The Doc gave me a tentative date as of right now. His Assitant Peg told me he had the week after the 4th of July available. I am happy with that. I asked the doctor would it be best for me to schedule surgery after my cycle or before and he said it doesn't matter. I was trying to have surgery at least 2 weeks before my surgery. Being as though my hubby and sis will be helping me, I don't want them to have to deal with me being on my cycle as well as putting up with me being a big baby! LOL! When I had my VSG surgery, I came on my period 3 days later but Hubby didn't complain at all. Anyway, the plan is for my hubby and I to fly to Boston and drive back. My sister will be meeting me there so I will be fine. I met one of the coolest and most down to earth person on here @LaLatina978. I hope to see her when I have surgery in July as well. Hopefully before then though. LOL! Questions for some of you ladies. Did some of you start taking birth controls pills while waiting to have surgery? Now that my mind is made up to have surgery first, I don't want to end up getting pregnant and it would be just my luck I got pregnant after 2.5 years of trying. Like I mentioned before, It is not a big deal for me to have my surgery before a baby b/c I am not getting a TT. I am not able to get a TT anyway and I will have to do a second round anyway. I am wanting a nice big BOOTAY b/c you lose sooooo much volume. I am going to tell the doc after I show him my wish pic that I want my BOOTAY to look like my wish pic 1 year POST OP. So if he has to make my butt HUGE then so be it.....yes it will look huge in the beginning but after awhile you lose a lot of volume. I have read soooo many reviews about girls who end up doing a second round due to volume lost. He is a true artist. Please check him out on IG drdandelvecchio

Went To The Pink Room (NJ)

Hey ladies. So hubby and I went to NJ on Feb 5-7. We went up there to celebrate his Gma bday. So anyway, Saturday morning I got up and got dressed and sat around and chit chatted with the family about what our agenda would be for today. The party was Sunday so I had all day Saturday to have fun. So being as though I cannot get enough RS and I'm always on it, it suddenly hit me that I should GO to the PINK ROOM. So I immediately ran to my hubby like a little kid and said "bae I want to go to the Pink Room, I have to go, I need to go...please please please!! So he says calm down, what is the address. So I didn't want to spoil my excitement and started to hesitate to repeat the address to him in fear it would be to far. So I told him and he said "what!" And my stomach started to drop and he said "oh that's 15 mins away, yea we can go"!! OMG!! Ladies I was super excited. I started to do the damn happy dance! So we get there and the outside is really nice. I expected it to be bigger I guess but it is still a nice size. Very elegant and clean and the decor is amazing!! My hubby insisted I take pics outside and inside the store. At first I was a bit hesitant because I had on a full got damn snow suit because it's COLD as HELL there and I felt like my outfit wasn't cute enough. (Don't judge) but BABY when I got inside, all that changed. I really liked it. Everything was right there in front of me. All the fajas I see you ladies post, I was finally standing right in front of them. I was so geeked up and that moment made me realize that I am for SURE getting my surgery in July. It may be Aug but baby it will be before this damn year is out!! I had a great time there and the employees were really nice.

So lately I just been compliling all the info I've been getting from different sources and preparing little by little. I am about to start doing yoga soon because I eventually want to start meditating. I know that's a good way to start off and then introduce meditation, that's how I want to do it. I know my body very well and stretching helps me with a lot of pain. I am the type that don't like to take medicine becausee I don't like the fact I have no control over my body. I had a bad experience and that really made me not like it. Prior to that I never needed pain meds and even when I had headaches in my teen years I would always massage my pressure points. At the time I didn't know what I was doing but I tried different things and it helped. But I am realistic and I know damn sure I would be popping meds after surgery but I know my body better now and when I stretch OMG it relieves a lot. When I have pain in my shoulders or back or anything. I stretch and I massage the area and different pressure points. Again it works for me and I am no expert. By doing this on a continue basis and incorporating different things and researching more will only help me after surgery. I am the type of person who don't take meds and if I do it's because I am damn near dying and that's rarely. I always seem to do my own thing and end up ok. I am not saying I will not follow doctors orders but I will make sure I focus on AFTER CARE even more because that determines your end results.

I feel like a lot of dolls lose sight of after care and only focus on the results soon after surgery and a wish pic. I read how ladies admit about knowing the doctors had bad reviews but still went to the doctor and then get mad. Or blame everything on the Doctor but they didn't follow orders. Like come on ladies you have to be held accountable as well. I don't understand why some dolls don't disclose their whole medical history but when something goes wrong you bash the doctor. I am simply saying both parties play a major part When it soles to surgery. You can go to the best and still have a bad turn out. But thats what you sign up for...the good, the bad and the ugly. That's why I spend countless of hours on this sight and others so I can see the good, the bad and the ugly and make my analysis based on that and determine surgery is worth it! Not based it on how my ass will look in some jeans. Now wait don't get me wrong YES I want that BIG Juicy booty BUT I have also set certain standards and requirements and outcomes that I choose not to encounter and if I feel like one of those things are being compromised I will NOT get it. And as for ME I pray and depend heavily on GOD!! I don't want this surgery to have any long or short term affects on me wether it be, personally, professionally, financially, mentally, health wise and most of all my MARRIAGE! So all I am saying is that I take it ALL into account when making a major decision like this one.

I am happy for all you ladies and I hope I never bother you guys too much with all my questions. I am going to start my regime to prepare for surgery by mid March. By then I would have gathered all the improtant info needed to begin my regime and in time I may alter it as I get new info.

Happy V-Day to all of you Beautiful Dolls!!

Finally Had My Consult With Dr D

So I finally went to NYC to see then infamous Dr. D! I was so that this day had finally come. I arrived at 2:30 and completed my paperwork. I was seen within 5 mins and couldn't believe that it was finally here. I met with him and he was super nice and answered all my questions. Oh let me say that Javoncia is so pretty and soft spoken and her ass is on POINT! I mean you can't miss it but it fits her. The office is nice and small but just right It wasn't overcrowded and did I mention how pretty Javonica was. He said to me "I am going to suck you dry and you will not have any fat left"! I told him that is exactly what I wanted to hear. I didn't set a date b/c I was unable to make deposit b/c they were transitioning to a new system and there monitor wasn't set up. I am setting my surgery date in Oct-Nov. I will know for sure next week

December 7, 2016 I Will Be Delvecchiofied!!

So I finally made a decision to set a date and I picked Dec 7th. I can't believe it is finally happening. Now I am feeling like I'm so clueless as if I didn't spend the last 1.5 years researching. I am so grateful for all the dolls that have helped me along my journey. I also noticed how once some dolls get surgery, they start acting brand new as if they're too good to answer questions. My thing is you were in the exact same seat as the dolls now just a few months ago. And now you got your BBl or whatever and now you to good to answer questions. Girl please have SEVERAL seats!! That shit blows my mind!! That's why I am in constant PRAYER with this whole surgery thing because I see how it can go to your head. I am always being realistic with myself and I know I am going to like attention and so on but I don't ever want to be arrogant and acting as if I am too good for folks. Anyway I am having surgery in Boston and I'm going to stay with a friend who also had surgery with Dr D. I made my deposit on 9/27 and set my date. Peg is very helpful and she was just as excited for me as I was for myself. So I will keep you dolls posted and please feel to provide any advice that you think I will need. (Diet, vitamins, meds, supplies and etc;)

Time Is Getting Closet

I am getting so nervous with my date closely approaching. I got my HEMO checked on my bday 10/7 and it was 13.5. I want it to be higher than that so I will start doing a regimen once I find one I like. I am also going to start taking vitamins, stretching, and buying products. I am staying in Boston for 8 days with my friend. She is a former Dr D doll so she will be great with helping me out. My hubby will be there with me the entire time. I am nervous as hell because I don't know what to expect. I have so many emotions going through my mind. I hate my shape and scared that the bottom of my stomach won't shrink enough for me to see my kitty Kat! My legs are so small and I am
Okay withthay because I know Dr D will add fat to the back and front of my legs. I am nervous of how big he will be able to make my butt. I want a nice big one. I am literally all skin. I know it doesn't look like it but I am. I am a size 6 and it's depressing to have this stomach and don't look like a 6!! And honestly I am smaller than that. If this damn apron wasn't in the way I will probably be a 4! I am praying I have enough fat!! That's another thing I'm scared about. He said he will suck me dry when I saw him in July. I am so ready to get this over wth but then again I'm not ready. Lol. Well I will keep you guys posted.

One Month Post Op

I can't believe it's been over a month since I had surgery. I'm going thru the motions but that is to be expected. The burning, numbness, stiffness, swelling and being annoyed. I do not regret my surgery but I'm so over the process. I am in love with my results.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I have switched doctors and will be going to Dr. Dan DelVeechio for my Lipo and BBL

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