Young Mom of 1 in Need of a Full Mommy Makeover - Dominican Republic, DO

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I'm a 21 year old mom of 1. After lurking for a...

I'm a 21 year old mom of 1. After lurking for a while I decided to just bite the bullet and post about my own plastic surgery journey. I'm hoping to help someone like the many post on here and makemeheal have helped me. I am scheduled to get my surgery done on Jan 12 2015.

My family/boyfriend are so nervous about me traveling out of the country for surgery and honestly I'm a bit nervous myself but I'm gonna proceed and pray that everything works out for the best.
I am getting silicone breast implants (thinking 350ccs subfascial),tummy tuck, lipo of the abs/back/waist/inner knee(I have this weird patch of fat there) and fat injections to the hips and lateral booty.

I got my quote through Bella Vita Consultants and paid my $250 deposit to Duran and for the Recovery Armonia recovery home. My mom is supposed to accompany me but I'm uncertain that she will be able to get the time off,so I'm a bit nervous but if I must go myself I will.

My current measurements are 36(across the nipple,I am a deflated 34b cup),30(waist),40(widest part of hips).

My goal post op measurements are 38(hoping to wear a 34d bra)-26-42.
While I love my booty at its current size, I have always hated the dents in my lateral buttocks/hip area. Before the birth of my daughter my tummy was my pride and joy,now... not so much. I feel like I'm too young to give up my bikini wearing days and I'm ready to have the body of my dreams!

A few Wish Pics

Btw,I am 5'5 and I weigh 146-150 lbs. I'm thinking about gaining a few pounds for the fat transfer... Maybe get to 155 lbs.

I don't want to look done,this summer I have seen so many bodies that screamed plastic surgery. No shade...while I think obviously done bodies look good,I know I don't have the personality to handle all the attention that comes with it. I want a body that says daaamn she has a cute shape... not daaamn I wonder who she went to.

I collected so many curvespo pics that I truly wonder what my new hobby will be once I have my dream body. More dream body pics to come...

Surgery Buddy

Hi everyone. I'm leaving NY on Jan 11 and it looks like I'll be alone. My surgery date is Jan 12. Is anybody else in a similar predicament. I could really use company,I have a double room at Real Recovery Armonia that we could go half on. I'm so nervous but I don't want to postpone my surgery.
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