I had a vaginoplasty&Labiaplasty Here in Santo Domingo with a Doctor Recommended by Tania De Medina Garcia - Dominican Republic

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Hi ladies A quick review because I'm only 5 days...

Hi ladies

A quick review because I'm only 5 days post op.
Came here in DR for a tummy tuck and finally got a vaginoplasty and labiaplasty without really having planning it. But I originally wanted it and was expecting to have it done some year or another.
My surgeon tania de Medina told me 'I know somebody if this is something you want to do in the same time you can'. So I said 'well I think I will only have as much done once in my life so let's go for it'.

They grafted fat to my labia who looked like a flower in need of water. I gave birth twice and it was really bad. The first time the doctor didn't have the chance to cut before the baby comes out, and the second time I've been cut out but the result was a scar I didn't like at all.

I also had an incision and some laser done but I am not sure. To be honest my gynecologist, Clara Varga de Garcia - wouldn't speak a word in english. Besides I only met her after the surgery when she came to check on me.
I trusted Tania Medina so I went for it and that's it.
So i don't really know what they did, I only know I told Tania Medina I want better looking labia and a more tighten entrance to my vagina.

Xhen I saw my vagina for the first time after the surgery I wanted to cry. It looked like a big mess. I was like "what have I done with myself ??".
I also was in a big pain between this and the tummy tuck. I thought everything had been a really bad idea.

My labia looked enormous and diformed.

Now at 5 days post op I can say that it looks more better. But also I didn't give it a proper check because I can't move like I wish with the tummy tuck. I only used a small mirror.
I'm using what she told me to buy regarding her prescription: Cloroxin (an antibacterial gel for feet ? - who seems to really do the job) and an antibiotic cream called baneocid.
The cost was $2000 and I cannot say yet if it worth it. I will come back in a few days to share my truth.


It's been 8 months. I'm now ready to tell the world and the ladies who read me:
"Never go to do this surgery with this doctor, never!!!"
I don't know you but I don't want what happened to me, happening to another one.

Today what can I say about my surgery that I didn't say before? For months, at least 4, my vagina looked so bad I couldn't even look at it. So i'm sorry if I don't have any picture for you to show but simply imagine the worst, and this is how my vagina looked like. Even when Tania de Medina and her assistant looked at it after the surgery, and me crying, they realised how bad it was. Well it kept this look for a while. And I also got discharge for month, it was yellow, almost green, it was disgusting.
But I never saw another doctor here in the UK after the surgery because I was so ashamed of myself. Fortunately it got better.

Not the discharge completely disappeared, now I can see the final look. And this is so far from what I wanted. This is why ladies you should never do it with this woman. She has her office, a name, she's well known in her country apparently, well i absolutely don't know why because... Well... You know why. I look like a mushroom. And I say that I've learnt how to laugh about myself. Otherwise I would only be crying.

It's only been one month since I started having sexual intercourse again. She was supposed to make my vagina tighter but even if my partner remains the same, I feel no change, neither does he.

At least she didn't make me bigger. Thanks for that.
Also the fat she put on my majora labia was too much. I'm so unlucky with that. Same thing like with my BBL. So I also ended up with fat necrosis in my right majora labia. So now when you touch me you can feel like a little bal in the inside. And it moves.
Apparently fat necrosis can go down but wil never disappear. That means I would have to do a vagina lipo to see it disappear. How fun is that?
And I don't see proper changes in the look of my majora labia. I wanted them to look fresh again, they said to me "don't worry after a few months you will look like youw ere virgin again". Total BULLSHIT!
Therefore this woman cut me very badly. She cut my minora labia but she cut one of them a little bit more so now one of them is popping out while the other one is not here anymore. Then on top of that and certainly because of the addition of those things, it looks like my vagina is constantly open. I don't know how to explain.

Let's just say, don't do it!

This is all for today. Thanks for reading me.
Dra. Clara Vargas De Garcia

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