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I'm writing this review to share my pre-op and...

I'm writing this review to share my pre-op and post op experience with ladies that are considering having this procedure. After having my babies the appearance internal and external have not been appealing to ME, therefore I've decided to reach out to my obgyn. My overall goal is to feel sexier and look sexier!

About me

I'm 26yrs old , mother of 2, fiancé , and employed in the healthcare field. After giving birth to my second child I noticed the internal appearance of my vagina was stretched out and the labia (outter skin) had increased. Although my fiancé never had an issue with it I dont seem to enjoy sex as much as I use to.

Previous surgery

In 2014 I consulted with my ob gyn in the states and complained of the labia (outter skin of my vagina not the lips ) irriataing me when I would wear certain underwear or when I would walk it would rub against the underwear causing redness and blisters. My ob gyn then stated I was a candidate for labia removal and my health issuance would cover it! Due to this being medical necessary. I had the surgery which was amazing ! The expierence and recovery was worth going through the down Time was 2 days I went home the same day was on 5 percs(pain meds) and went back to normal activity a week after. I did have a few stitches that didn't desolve and during my check up they were removed. Now that hurt!

fast forward to today!

2 years post op The labia is still looking wonderful and now I'm ready to just have the full vagina rejuvenation "vagina makeover". This procedure consist of the tightening and labia (which I had already) reduction, I also want fat transferred to my vagina lips! Therefore I started researching ob gyn that cover this procedure for those who follow me on insta gram know initially I was having the vagina rejuvenation with lipo, bbl , and tt combined but I've decided to do them separate due to me no longer wanting the lipo,bbl and tt done in the Dominican Republic .


I decided to go over seas this time around because I know my insurance wouldn't cover this , And it's more affordable ! Plus After a year of research I found Dra.Belkys she works out of cilpa and she comes highly recommended! I contacted her through my consult "phenombeauty" ( I will provide that info soon ) for a quote and she quoted me $1,500 usd for everything! I'm scheduled to have surgery in October prayerfully all falls into place


Ladies I just wanted to extend the invitation for this procedure in more detail! Follow my insta gram page beauti_improving16 , I will be recording this procedure and updating more on my insta gram page. Lots of dolls are shy about this or are uncomfortable speaking of it but I'm open , no shame here !


As most may know these surgeries being preformed could cause you to loose a large amount of blood to prevent this I've started taking iron supplements! ( recommended for this procedure 13) I'm currently a 12.... I will also be adding molasses as I've witnessed this build your hemo tremendously!


I booked my flight! (As you can see I have to move fast , my surgery is a month away ) I used the hooperapp to book it's so amazing at prediciting the most adorable flights. I had a credit in my travel bank (from canceled reservation in the past ) I used that no money needed!

Q & A

Ladies if you have any questions regarding vagina rejuvenation feel free to ask I'm an open book????

Recovery home

For many patients who stay in the U.S to have this procedure you will more than likely go home the same day. However I'm going to Dominican Republic therefore I will be staying at a newly opened luxury recovery home for a week. If you have insta gram you can follow @essencerecoveryhome or go to the website and book I will be staying at the sister recovery home of Essenese! Houseofphenom both are new and Americanized so home away from home! I put down $100 deposit via PayPal to secure my dates !

Before and after

Ladies my consultants posted a pic yesterday of dra.belkys work and I wanted to share with you! Again this is the ob gyn located in Dominican Republic that I'm going to!

Over night nurse

I book my overnight nurse her name is Maria, I can't wait to meet her I've heard nothing but great things??

Current delay!

Hi ladies I know you're just as excited as me to hear about my results and read my review ! However as sad as I am I had to push the date back until January 9th (surgery is still happening!!) . I was approved for a transfer???? and can't take off until then ???? . In the mean time I will share some before and after from Dr. Carlos in DR as promised stay tuned!

My ob gyn information

Hey ladies I'm scheduled for February . Sorry I haven't been on much I'm responding to questions now ??I'm stacking funds for other surgeries I'm trying to include with my vagina procedure stay tuned!

What's up with me?

Hey beauties all is going well , adjusting to my new shift at work and stacking money to have an additional surgery in February . I also have 2 active pages on ig where I post detailed info I will try to keep everyone updated as of right now I'm patiently waiting for surgery!??????
Dra. Belkys

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