Went to walkiris Robles, she is wonderful and I love my results

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Well I'm young. I have two kids who I had back to...

Well I'm young. I have two kids who I had back to back that tore my tummy up. I've lost most of the weight I gained which was more than 60lbs but now I'm left with a scrunched up belly. I workout often but can't get rid of this loose skin. My main issue is my belly button which always looks like. Straight line. I will be going to with dra. Yily or dra. Duran in the Dominican Republic.

Less than 2 weeks away. Nervous.

Okay so I have been working out like crazy these past few months. I am actually going to miss running when I am recovering lol. I have almost all of my supplies, and had all my preop test done. It's just getting so real to be honest I find myself chikening out every other day but I trust the doctor I have chose. My hemo was 13.8 last week and I'm hoping It continues to rise.

So I'm on the flat side, about 5/6 days post op

I wanted to update awhile ago because this site has been so helpful to me, but just had not been up for it. I arrived around 8pm Tuesday night expect surgery on the 8th, two days for then. When I got there Laura said that she had me down for the 7th, which was not what my confirmation was for, but hey I was happy and she said I'd be going first the next morning. So I did all my labs that night, had to ditch the hotel my hubby had already paid for to stay at the one by the clinic. Wasn't too much money so I didn't care. Next morning we were picked up at 5am, and I was waiting for my blue pill. Went to the operating room at like 6:30. The blue pill did nothing for me but soon as they placed an iv in me I was out. I didn't really wake up during surgery, at least I'm not sure if I did. I can't remember my own dreams so its a blur for me. I woke up feeling like I was hit by a train, and then moved to a room where I was so happy to see my hubby. He had cleaned everything for me in the room. I didn't get sick or anything from the anesthesia, surprised by that. The nurse were great, they checked on me very often and dr. Gonzalez was great too. I saw Robles 3 times in the whole hospital process. I think she is nice and very serious about her work. She won't do anything she thinks is too much. My experience with Laura was fine, very quick. She's a business woman so I don't expect much. The first 3 days I was just wondering why the hell I chose to do this, but then I see m body and remember why lol. My hubby stayed with me the first 3 days which was so great. I was supposed to go to Virginia's but because they don't take men I'm at some other one that is not great. My iv was backed up soooo far with blood that i was getting extreamyl weak. my boyfriend kept telling them bt they just say, its okay. finally another girl in the house who had surgery told the they needed to remove it and they did. i was going to remove it if they didnt anyways, but yeah thats how far their medical knowledge went. They try but I don't think they are very attentive and the food is well.....not great. I'm feeling good today, pretty independent. My drains are annoying as heck but they are working and I'm thankful for that. Robles cut the stitch off the front on to dislodge a clot but that made the stupid thing slide all over, and stop suction. The night nurse fixed it. Her name is Wendy, she's pretty good. Well that's all I've got for now. It's basically impossible for me to get a pic on my own so I'll get one when I get home. Hoping to get a massage today :). Dr.robles team is great and she is a wonderful doc so far.


Oh and Los Simpsons is on like all the time lol. That must be their show here.

Only pic so far

Only pic I have. That was less than 1 day post

I went with Robles btw, she is great!

Swelling is not much today. Either my drains are drying up or it's clogged, one of those two. I leave in a few days and ill likely be taking the drains home, which I'm okay with I guess. Right now I feel really good, were it not for the drains I'd feel semi normal lol. I can say the one thing I envy about surgery in the United States is being able to go home to your family. I am missing my babies and it was my first Mother's Day away from them and my mom. Hubby is at home struggling to be mr.mom lol.

Recovery house from Hello....

I just have to say I will probably kiss JFK's floor. This recovery house is not whatsup. Nobody should be sent here because the aftercare is almost nonexistent. I managed to unclog my own drain lately since they just look and say it's okay. I can not wait to see Robles today so I can get my final check up and go home to American healthcare. My mother-in-law has been a nurse for 25 years and will take much better care of me. Usually I see the ladies say the recovery house has been the best form them, but I think a nice hilton and my hubby would have been better. Oh forgot to say, I'm the only girl here so I don't get how it's hard for them to be attentive. The only good thing has been the massuse Sarah. She was heaven for me. Yeah so if you can, bring a friend or relatives that is a nurse because I highly doubt most of these people are licensed. That is all for my rant lol.

I am in love so far

So Robles did her this from what i can see. I am happy. I'm home and I took one drain home with me. It's annoying but she said I could take it out but I'm waiting still.

11 days post op feeling okay

I've been walking a lot. Went it the gym with my hubby and walked on the treadmill so slow lol. I was so tired. My mom also wanted to know if me and my kids wanted to go to the zoo. Bad idea as I was soooo tired we had to leave early, luckily we have a membership and go often. Swelling is still a lot. I am beyond swollen at the end of the day. My waist is so small now my garment is already too big and I use a squeem over it. Robles did such a good job I am already in love, even as a swollen mess. My belly button is really round, but I'm just happy I have one again lol.

New garment

I bought a new garment, it's so small. But it fits, I'm going start wearing it at 3 or 4 weeks post op. The one I got after surgery is way too loose already it's freaking my hubby out lol. Anyways, resting today and going to walk tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Everyday gets better!

Well, swelling is going down, I no longer look like a bowling ball from the side. I can't wait until it's all the way down. I went to work on Tuesday, i'd say it went well. Well I feel like my results get better everyday. I haven't gotten any actual massages since i've been home, but my hubby has been giving me some pretty good ones, that have really helped with my back swelling. I think i am going to buy a new bikini. All mine are from high school before I had children lol, so they don't quite fit in the chest area. I'm super excited. Well here are a few pics.

I'm a bit emotional today

I am so thankful that I chose to go to Robles. She was not my first choice but I trusted her hands and she gave me results beyond what I ever imagined. It's emotional for me because I never thought I would feel good about my body, I felt insecure around my boyfriend who had seen my body at its best and it's worst. I'm so thankful. I cried a little this morning lol seriously. This was so worth it. I feel so wonderful about myself again. I'm forever grateful.

Almost 3 weeks post. Feeling great

I am feeling great, swelling is way down and I'm standing almost straight. I have been able to walk long distances fine now. Tomorrow I am going to walk on the treadmill again and see how that goes. Life is starting to feel normal again except that I can't pick up my sweet babies. I'm still sleeping kind of proper up, but can sleep on my sides a little. Can't wait to be able to go swimming even if I do swell like a beach ball lol. I am so happy I decided against getting a Brazilian butt lift too because the tummy tuck made it look huge and I would look crazy with anymore lol.

Every day gets better

I walked 2 miles yesterday. Safe to say I was very tired before work. My swelling is way down and I feel pretty normal other than when I first wake up. I'm a little sad because I have a red patch on my tummy from taking off tape and accidentally getting alcohol on it. I have been using natural Shea butter on it and it's getting better. I bought a new bikini too but couldn't find a new bottom that fit... Bummer of having a big butt is finding things to fit it. Well anyways I'm 3 weeks post and looking forward to going swimming in a few weeks.

It's a good week. My results are good

Well I'm very happy with my results. Swelling gets better each day and my belly is very flat. Yesterday I had a very swollen day at work but today I was fine. Probably was the Mexican food I ate lol. Anyways here are some pics without the garment

Enjoying my new body more everyday

People ask if I am happy an if I'd do it all over again. Heck yeah! Robles was wonderful while I was there, and when I am home. I have healed very well an wry quick. I still swell some but it has only been 4 weeks and I am happier each day. I can't wait to not be in my garment

Just updating

well I'm still loving my Robles body. I'm in my garment 24/7 because I still get swelling in my upper belly. I can't wait to be garment free.

Almost 2 months post op

Things are going good with recovery. I have been swimming, running etc. I bought a new cincher and it is tiny.

8 weeks post. Still loving resulta

Just a pic update. I don't swell very much anymore but I still live in my garments lol. Went on a couple rides at a theme park lol. Can't wait until I can wear my crop tops out and about all day.

Yup, still in love with my new body

My swelling is so minimal now because my new garment. The garment while on makes my waist so small and it is staying that way now. I've been working out the same as before now. I do squats with weights, lots of leg and butt and back work and a ton of running. I'm up to 5 miles in one run which for me is great. My abs are sooo weak I can't even do two crunches which for me is frustrating. Ill work into it I guess. My hubby loves my new body and I do too. Feels so free to be sexy without clothes for him. Well here are some pics, I will update again soon.

No more pictures

I would remove the ones I've posted but don't know how. I have decided I want to keep my journey personal and don't want my pictures constantly shared on social media any longer. If anyone knows how I can have them removed I'm very interested. Sorry dolls, thank you to everyone who has followed my journey. I wish all of you luck on your journeys. Perhaps I will update at 6 months and one year.

Better everyday

I haven't been wearing my garment 24/7 anymore but I do wear it most of the time. I have yet to measure my waist but honestly it just keeps shrinking. My nieces told me I'm too skinny now lol. I'm not going to post a pic today but I think I might soon. Just have to work on taking out the identifying marks (tattoo).

Just checking in

I still swell a little bit from time to time. I wear my waist cincher sometimes, not as much as I should though. I went to santo Domingo with a close friend who had surgery last week. She looks great. I feel like I want to go back for more lipo but my boyfriend says now I'm just being greedy lol. We will see if I go back. Anyways here are some new pics. I think I'm like 4 months post op.

Oh and my before pic....beware lol

Here is my before picture taken by Laura.

A before and after

The pic on the left is my before. I worked out so much before and my stomach just stayed the same. The pic on the right is at 4+ months post op and i have to say that I am still am forever thankful to Dra. Robles. She has changed not only my body for the better, but my self confidence as well. Right now I am trying to lose ten pounds and tone up some more. I can't wait to be further in my recovery because I am thinking of getting a sexy tattoo on my side lol. We will see.
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