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This is my first post. I wanted to find more...

This is my first post. I wanted to find more information before I started to share. I am a 27 year old, mother of 2 girls. Ages 4 and 10. They are amazing. I had Gastric Bypass in August 2005. I was approved for the surgery at 235 pounds but at the day of surgery I weighted in solid 255. I eat everything I thought I would never touch again. Silly me!! However actually 1 year 4 months 2 weeks and 4 days later I weighted in at a nice 145. I had some skin but no problem, I was just happy with what I had. Now fast forward to 2009, weighting around 150, I found out I was pregnant. I gained 40 pounds and lost all but this last 15. It been sticking with me ever since. I bounce between 155 and 165 over the past 4 years. I knew I would want to do this eventually, but we wanted one more child. Now that she is 4 and I'm taking some time off work to go back to school. I need to take care of me. Everyone is on board and supportive. I'm excited. I have chosen 2 doctors. I am waiting for quotes. I will share who I decide based on the consult over the phone. Thought email so far so good. I just want to make sure we are on the same page.

I Found My Doctor!!! Super Excited!

SoooooI have made the decision to go with Dr. Walkiris Robles in the DR. Her works looks awesome and the back and forth process with her staff has been a breeze. She really gives you a lot to go and read over but its all worth it so far. I have my date for 3/11/2014 but hopefully if the money gods come sooner I will calling her back ASAP. I also ran into a YouTube video from Parafaitamourr she gives an amazing review on her TT and BBL. I am so excited. I am getting the TT, BBL and Lip. I wanted my boobs done too but she said it was tooo much. :-( because of the amount of lipo I am getting. so I trust the doctor but I will getting my boobies taken care of SOON! Anywho, I sending my deposit. and looking for tickets. I really need info on what should I do now??? 5months and counting.... When I get the guts to show my blubber I will.

Any help would be great!

Can someone send me the information (Phone Number) for Virgina's Recovery House? I really would like to stay there after my surgery. I have heard such great things. I'm in desperate need of that phone number!!!!

I Have Finally Picked My Doctor-Changed My Mind

Hey Everyone. I have been doing research for my doctor for almost 3 months now. I did not base my choice off of price only but how I felt the doctor made me feel and also how knowledgeable she was when asking questions, and last but not least communication. Doctor Yvelise is awesome so far. Everything was explained to me very promptly. Now I feel super comfortable sending my deposit. She even advised not to bring more than $1000in extra money, because it would not be needed. My Quote is $7000 including everything (RH & Faja, Meds..Transport.....) and $80 per day for our travel buddy. I am bringing my best friend with my to help take care of me and she speaks Spanish!!! What a plus...she can make sure everything is right. I changed my mind from Doctor Robles. She is a nice doctor but she could not perform what I needed her to; I was very pleased that she was upfront with me about my options. Now I have one more week before I can put my deposit down and pick a date. I already started taking an iron supplement so when I go to the doctor and get my levels checked I don't have to far to go get where I need to be and or I will already be there and can start on all the other vitamins that go with the process. I am no stranger to surgery however mine has always been a surprise. I go to the ER because I'm in pain. I go into surgery. I am the 1 percent. LOL but planning to get cut open in another field for me. After this I am having surgery on my mouth.....it doesn't stop at least this one Is more of a need than want. I'm more worried about the after pain on the mouth surgery than I am about the Breaking Into The Flat Side. Getting up the gut to post some pics.....Its coming maybe after I put the deposit down and pick a date I will post pictures.....the wait the wait.....It sucks!!

Not Sure What To Do First.....

Good Evening, I am sitting here pondering on what to do first. I am still waiting for the doctor to confirm my date so I can buy my tickets....But should I start buying stuff before or after I have my doctors appointment to see what my levels are. I have started taking iron supplement a few weeks ago. I don't want to spend all this money and my doctors is like your levels are wacked. So many questions....I am hoping to figure this out by the end of the year. Trying to be in DR on 01/08/2014...Happy Dreams Everyone! :-)

I Got My Hemo Checked! 6weeks and 4Days To Go!

So I had an apt on Wednesday to get my levels checked. I already started taking 50mg of iron 2 to 3 times a day. I am a Gastric bypass patient so I am always worried about my levels and taking a little extra because I don't absorb or eat as much as normal people. Even after 8 years I still have to remember to eat. Any who my levels where 11.5. I believe I need to be at a 13 for the big day so I'm not far and my order of Liquid Iron just came in yesterday. I will start taking that today instead of the pills since it easier to absorb. I have another apt at the end of December just to make sure everything is good and to get a physical before I leave. My primary has been seeing me since I was 8 years old so everyone is checking everything. It feel like family at my doctors office. I'm super excited I have just a few small things to get but I have most of my stuff. Now I just want to enjoy the holidays and then keep marking off my calendar. 6 weeks and 4 days to go!!

Time Is A Ticking

Ok I'm going to say...I'm addicted to this site. I have 5weeks and 6 days starting tomorrow. I know I'm ahead. OMG Ok I have to go.

My Phone Digggggged!!!!

It is one month until I leave. I have my phone set for reminders and today my 30 day mark went off while I was having a glass of wine with my best friend who will be coming with my to take care of me. It funny because we were talking about going of course and how close it was and then that nice music started playing from my phone and made me dance. This is going to be soooo awesome. Christmas with my family...New Years and then me....Let me say it again ME! My boyfriend said you have to start doing more to make you happy. My response was I am spending thousands of dollars on myself......I'm good for now. The Foot Pedi can wait until I'm about to leave. Nobody thinks of the struggle of changing your body. Everyone does it at a different pace. My Journey started in 2005. I still feel like I have a long way to go but its so much fun learning new things about your self. Soo since I am I am 30 days out I will post my first Selfi.

23 Days,9 Hours,43 minutes........

How is everyone doing?? I am doing great. I had to take a break from planning because it was so overwhelming. I was told to wait until after Christmas so maybe someone will get me something to take the tension away. The wait.....

17 Days and counting.

Hello, Good Morning Everyone! I find myself getting up at about 5:30am every morning to start cleaning and getting things in order to go. I don't know when to start packing. 1 week before...A few days?? I still have a few things to get like the Bobby Pillow and my snacks ( I want them fresh). I also wanted to share a list of things that I have purchased for this trip. Ok here we go..

Hibiclens Solution
Maxi Pads-Super with Wings (So I can stick them places)
Water Proof Band-Aids
Surgical Tape
Dial Soap
Baby Wipes
Cleansing Wipes
Vitamin Post Op Pack
New Body Sqeem
Acacia Gel/Pills for swelling and Bruising
Dermo-plast- Ant itch/Pain Relief
Stool Softener
Laxative-Just in case
Compression Socks- In case feet swell and for the plane ride home.
Hand Sanitizer-Like 3 or 4 bottle
Lysol Wipes- To wipe every down
5 Cotton Maxi Dress- Mom's Old one so they are a little big.
Wife Beaters- To Go under the Garment
Granny Panties in a Large!!
EZ Pee Funnel
Boppy Pillow -Still have to pick up
Folding Chair
Extra Thick Zip Ties -For Luggage- Tamper Proof
Mederma For Scars

I still feel like I'm missing some items. I am also using space bags for pillows to fit in my luggage and I will see if they want to keep them unless they have a vacuum to suck them back in the bags! LOL It wont let me post my photo...I will keep trying.

Merry Christmas Everyone......By the way I am 13 days away!

Good Morning! Merry Christmas. Today has been an awesome day. After spending the morning opening gifts, and smiling at all the panties and little Tank Top my boyfriend bought! Its the thought that counts. So I took a look at my count down calendar and crossed off another day. 6 days until the New year and then 8 days until leave after. I have to a habit of breaking the time down so it seem shorter its been working. I'm so nervous. When I first started to stop smoking I did not notice my appetite Increasing until my best friend said " Yo You have been eating" Ha Ha! Well went to the doctors and I gained 14 pounds. Oh My GOSH!! The doctor said at least I'm telling the truth. That it will stop.....But when???? I just love snacking now and the fact that I'm not working makes it worst. I have a kitchen free and open 24-7.....I cook dinner every night. We don't eat horrible (Fried Food/Junk Food) so I know its the "NOT Smoking!" :-( and :-) at the same damn time. My doctors said it you want your nice size 8 back you have to exercise. Im very active but he is talking gym level and im a little scared. I use to work out a lot and the Journey to getting back there is no joke. Im up for challenge but can honestly say I wish I could snap my fingers and go back about 5 years where I was running 4 times a week, No Soda, No Processed Foods. No Eating after 7pm was my lifestyle. Now its eat when the kids are sleep so My food doesn't get cold. Time for a change. I also got a new Dance Work Out Game for Christmas. he is trying to motivate me I tell you. That with the Pink Undies I got today. Im going to look good in them babies I tell you. Back to the waiting game. I also must apply with the US Embassy today. Anyone traveling out the country should do so before going. This way they where you are incase something happened. You get arrested and need help beyond what money can fix....... The Unpredictable... Everyone have a awesome Christmas Day!

Hey Guys!! Looking Forward To The New Year

Hello Real Self World. I am in an awesome mood. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Even with my family and friends around I could not keep my mind off of the Due Date. Talk about Focus. Also it was nice not to have everyone asking a ton of questions around the holiday time. I wanted to focus on the kids right now, Not what size implants I want. LOL any who; It was nice. Now New Years is right around the corner. Happy New Years To Everyone just incase I don't update again until after. You never know how a day will turn out or a week..... I have to say I am excited!!!! I haven't even started packing yet. I know, I know. What am I waiting for?? What Am I Waiting For??? I have no idea. The list of things to do in head just keep going up and up. I keep telling myself it will all get done don't worry and play Just Dance 4 with the kids....So that just what I did, and have been doing. Today was Gooey Louie, and Hello Kitty Trouble Game night. Ha ha. Sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy the day. I wont be able to lay on the floor with my kids and play games for a while. So Im trying to NOT be so consumed with surgery until Its about time to leave. Let maybe the day before, I'll spring a DIVA moment after they go to bed. I always wait until they have gone to bed or Left the house before I write a post. The Healing Time.... I have so many questions about Healing and Recovery. That's the hard part.

Nerves Are Kicking....I Packed Last Night

It was the land of the Zip Lock Bags! I bagged everything. I mean Everything. In a way I feel like im taking too much. 1 large full of supplies some under garments...But mostly supplies. I small with personals and some more towels, hand clothes... and a small carry on with any straggler items. That will be my carry-on to avoid the luggage fees. Also im super excited my Total Boppy Pillow also fits nicely in the suitcase so I don't have to carry it. Packing makes it super official to me, Besides the fact that I gave these people some money. Im feeling like " Shit Just Got Real" LOL as my 5 ft BFF would say.

A Question I Keep Getting I My Inbox

Question: Why Do You Only Have A Pic That shows The Front Of You And Not The Back?

Answer: I have lots of tattoos cover just about my whole back. Too much to cover up, I will find a way to share what my Bum looks like. Ha Ha

-Never thought someone I didn't wanted to see my "Bum"

4 Days Until Flight Time

Hey Everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I have been going nuts over here. I am all finished packing. I went to the store today to grab a few things, Like Cheerios, Granola Bars....etc. Low Sodium snacks if you will. I am so nervous. I am antsy, aggregated something will not be in place or someone is not going to listen to the instructions I left. Yes I am a bit of a "Do It My Way" kind of person. Only because, its my house, My things....I just think its worst because I am trying to make sure everything is right for the kids and my husband before I go. Did I mention I AM NERVOUS. Wednesday is right around the corner. I am all packed and ready to go. I am all researched out. As far the implants manufacture and what not. What To Expect After Surgery. What To Do....What To Not Do....Bugs That Are In Dominican Republic. so on and so forth. I have had to much time on my hands.
Oh A Few Extra Items Im Bringing:
I Purchased An Extra Blanket
Water Bottles With Filters Attached
Total Body Pillow
Night Time Plug In-I think it will remind me of home. My house smells like this.
Candles-Again I Need It Like Home A Little
Make Up Kit-Hey You Never Know
Puzzles & A Good Book

If I Think Of Anymore, I'll Let You Know. Anybody Have Tips That Can Help With The Nerves.....

The Nervous Sunday Bring

Hi Im here. Again. I couldn't stay off all I wanted to do was tell you how much anxiety I am having right now. I cant believe tomorrow is Monday. It mind as well me Thursday. My stomach is horrible. I am not a fan of change and I am also one of the most spontaneous people you'll ever meet. Talk about a bad mix LOL. I don't like the wait. I just want to get the ball rolling. I went to get snacks yesterday which was a success. I also got my nails done today to help with my mood. It helped. Looking pretty always makes one feel GRAND. Now the 72 hour count down until I hit the sky Passport-Check! Luggage-Check! Balls-Still Attached To My Husband, I think I need to borrow them.

It The Night Before I leave.

Hey everyone. Im here with my nervous going nuts again. I board my plane in 24 hours. Im going to miss my kids so much. I have a 10 and 4 yrs. old girls and I don't know how to function without them. Some people me call it attachment issues. My girls are very independent. How ever no one will take care of they kids like you will. My Husband. He is amazing, He is trying very everything in his power to let me know it will be ok. I am not even nervous about leaving them with him. Its the wondering of then will Mommy be back I don't to feel selfish. I was workaholic and then one day I told my husband all I wanted for the past 7 years was to put my youngest on the school bus something I was never about to do. He said quite your job, and do what you love. By all means; we are not rich but I worked in accounting for about 7 years so balancing books at home was really easy. I don't to going about this, but are there any mothers that can give me some advice on deal with feeling guilty that Im not stopping everything and once again putting me on the bad burner. I know they will be ok. Its just my heart.

P.S Im adding someone "Wish Pics" People These Are Not Me!!

Wish Pics

It's 5 am In The Morning.

I cant sleep for NOTHING. Im scared im going to forget something. My Husband went to buy my Blue Berry Muffin candles and Vanilla to burn, he knows it my thing. It sad to say hope me doesn't have to work today. We got a nice about of snow yesterday. I want to say a few feet. I live in Western NY. Im hoping there is no delay in my flight. I hope all goes smoothly. I want my husband home so I stay under him until I leave. I am already a reck because Im going to miss my kids. Im a total Tiger mom at home. But they are the reason I crack up until I cant breath everyday. :-) what is there to do at 5 in the morning with out waking everyone up??

I'm Here In DR!!

Everyone is so nice. I just got my lab work done. And I'm all set for surgery tomorrow. I'll hit you guys later.

Hello Fellow Real Self Members

Well I finally have time to update a little. My Date was pushed back until tomorrow. Had to fly from Buffalo To Boston and then in Santiago.....Then drive the 2 hours to Santo Domingo. Tell me about a road trip. They Had Lunch ready when we got in. Dinner was amazing also.So I will be on the flat side tomorrow. I feel Like I cant sleep. Nerves are kicking in. Im ready...I was ready today.Hit you guys up. tomorrow.
I feeling like the shit...If I do say so myself...If I do say so my self. LOL (Jay Z)

Im On The Flat Side!! With Boobs!!!!! :-)

Hello, Hello, Hello, Everyone! I have made it. Im waiting to be discharged while I type this.

First Off Let Me Say......... Ms. Bello is the most awesome lady surgeon I know. I was greeted that morning with a big hug and kiss to the cheek. She already knew who I was, which also made me feel very comfortable. I over packed reading all the reviews and not wanting to be missing anything. They had everything. The only she asked me for (The Lady That Comes To Wash And Dress You) was my wife beater and my Feminine wipes. I just knew regular baby wipes would not do for down there. Im glad I brought them. Back to my amazing doctor. She asked me what I wanted again to make sure. I guess people change there mind last minute. The only thing was I though I had more fat. Ha Ha Ha....She said no no sweetheart; this is skin. This too....This also. So she took some fat from my lower back and inner thighs just to fill my butt out some. I am in love with my boobs. She put 300cc in each. I told her I wanted to have a D cup because that's what I had before when I was heavier of course. She said oh sweetie that would be too big on you. I am so happy I listened; I love my size. I have to ask what size bra I am now. Before I was about a 36B but I didn't fill the cup of course so Im hoping to be a full C. I am going bikini shopping as soon as I can. I walked some today. I am waiting to be outside now. I cant believe Im up and moving. I thought I would be in more pain but it feels like I did 1000 sit ups and got sucker punched in both boobs! Other than that I love everything. I love the hospital/Recovery House and Most Important Ms. Bello! I will post pics as soon as my phone charges. Talk To Guys In A Few!

Hey Guys!! :-)

Hello Everyone! I had a ruff night as expected. As I left the hospital to go back to the recovery house It started. The nausea!! It was horrible. That lead to muscle spams.....Ugghhh. Now I feel great. Of course I the nurses are great. They gave me something that made it all go away. I have not eating anything since the surgery until today. My stomach did not like the all those meds. This was all worth it. I am already on my last hooks on my faja. Im excited to see final results.

A Few Pictures

I will post more after I have a massage.

I Got My Drains Out Today!! I am so happy to be free

Today I got another massage by the awesome Anni, she is the best. I love her. She made me feel so good. I have a Belly Button Ladies. I mean a real one. I never had a belly button before. I love it. I love it. I am so happy. I am going to post some more pics for you guys. Oh also my friend Dom who I met here went into surgery this morning. I am sending her prayers. I am so happy. Everything is going great. Ok Im getting off because all I can say is how happy I am.


Here you go!!

Morning Pic

Waist small still swollen.

Hey Guys Im Back.

So today I decided to get out the house and walk. well 1.8 mile walk to and back from the store felt great. Kept a good pace. Didn't feel any pain, But I did get some throbbing later this afternoon. I took a 800 Motrin and was good. I have not had any pain meds beside an 800 Motrin since day 3. I haven't had much pain at all just sore in the stomach and lower back. The massages also help. I got one with a heated massaging head today. It helps wake the cells up she said. I am also 2 small for my garment but its not time to move to the next. So what do they do???? I have one LipoFoam in and about 3 cloths folded on top to add all under that last hook of an Xsmall Garment. Oh my. I felt like I couldn't eat. Im moving to a XXsmall garment on Friday. Wish Me Luck!!

Its Friday!! I Am 1 Week Post Op!! Yay

Hello Ladies, it's been a full week since I came to the flat side. I must say I am loving it. I got to see my new boobs today; and I must say I love them. I smashed one while sleeping last night. That let's me know im getting good sleep. LOL When I woke up one was slightly swollen more than the other. Doctor said it was fine just make sure I stay on my back for now on. They have removed my boob bandages and replaced my tummy ones. I was then givien another massage :-) and then stuffed in my XXsmall Faja!!! I swear I thought this thing is not going to fit. Not only did the thing fit!!! I could still fit 1 Lipofoam Board and she snapped on the 3rd hook in. She said my swelling was going down fast and asked what I was doing. My response was drinking a lot of water or fresh squeezed juice ONLY, walking a lot and resting. Plus I am taking the Motrin 2x a day to help with soreness and inflammation. I also have not used any seasonings on my food. everything is made light I also eat my meal with a salad. So for example for lunch today (Remember Lunch is their largest meal of the day) I had grilled chicken, mashed potatoes with a salad. The salad was made of Lettuce, Cabbage, tomatoes, and avocado. Yummy!!! I must say this was the best choice I ever made. I am so happy that I did this. My belly is flat my boobs are perky and my butt is nice and round. Im all smiles here. I also will be going home early because Im feeling soooo great. I was going to stay until the 21st but im going home on the 19th bright and early in the morning. Happy Healing Everyone.

Pics after massage today.

Smaller And Smaller

I am in love...... In love with this shape of mine. I am on my last hook of this garment and I am unsure of what to do next. should I order and XXX Small? Confusing and happy at the same time. A lot of my swelling has gone down. Its a blessing and a curse. Who wants to be all swollen; However as the swelling went down I began to feel more and more of the tender muscles underneath. Uggghh! I have been doing a combination of heat and then a good massage with some vitamin E oil. Feels great and breaks up all the hard/tender spots. I cant wait to be able to take my bandages off. The doctor said in 15 days get the stiches removed. I have one the top of my butt from the BBL and one small one at my hip and under my boobs. Then about a week after that all bandages can come off. Tummy, Belly, Boobs!! Feb 11 cant come fast enough. This has been an awesome Journey. :-)

Some Updated Pics

I stay in my garment pretty much 24-7 unless using the bathroom or getting a massage.

I Got My Stitches Removed Today.

Hello, Hello, Hello. I just wanted to do a small update I will putting up some full body pics soon. My body looks amazing. I want to wait until 1 month post op to post pics because honestly I am a germ-a-phobe. I don't want to remove these bandages until I have to again. So far not one complication. No infections or popping stitches. I was told to keep the stitches in for 15 days, however my doctor said 15 days was too long for them to stay in, so they were a little pain full coming out. However everyone said how nice the lines were and how well I was healing. She said if I have a complication she can help me with to come here first instead of wasting money on a plastic surgeon to give to Neosporin. That makes me feel great. Let my insurance pay for it. :-) There is also a nurse at the clinic that use to work with a surgeon so she knew just how to handle my stitches. I can say I had a good day. Oh and I gained the weight that I lost from surgery. I knew I wasn't going to stay that small. But im happy im bad to my normal weight and my tummy is still flat. The weight change was crazy, I know ill lose a few when I exercise so im not buggin.

Normal Weight-165
Pre Op Weight-174
Post Op Weight-149

Updated Pic Of Boobs!

Oh By The Way

I have awesome sensation in my nipples. I wanted to speak on how Bello did my breast. She created the incision with-in my areola so I wont have that darkened ring around my areola that I have seen some post op pics. All stitches on my boobs are internal. I cant wait to show you guys my belly; and the bruising from the lipo is finally lightening up. One thing I will say is that I will never have lipo again. No one could pay me enough money. Its a Been There Done That......Wont do that shit again type feeling. I have small areas done. My thighs and lower back. That lower back is very serious in my opinion. I would get another tummy tuck over that. Including a boob job. The BBL was not painful at all. At first I thought she skipped it until the soreness came. It lasted maybe 2 days or so or it was only in certain spots. Didn't bother me. I am looking forward to standing upright and not waking up sore. Until then me and these Motrin or best friends....

I Love My New Body

Hey Everyone I know its been a while since I have updated this thing. Before surgery all I did was stay on Real Self ,after surgery I was focused on recovering and then getting back into the swing of my life slowly. Well at about day 30 I woke up like wow. Im starting to feel like myself. My breast have dropped and softened up nicely. The middle of my stomach is still a little swollen and tender to the touch, But every day that gets better. The lipo on my back is just about gone. I am still getting massages. I use vitamin E oil and pure coco butter in the stick or jar for my scars. Oh also I had a little scare I thought I started splitting stiches. I emailed Rossaline and she replied right away. I went to my primary for stich care removal also my scar. My scars are awesome. I will post some pics of them also. I haven't taken many pictures. I just love the fact that I can wear a dress without a bra. I got measured the other day and I came in at a 34C which is great!!! I was a very small nonexistent 34-36B before with stage 3 padding. LOL Im not sure what else to say I am very happy with my results now so I can imagine me at my 6 month mark. I went from wearing a large to a small and a 9-10 to a 5-6 with stretch or a 7/8 without. My waist is still swollen to I have mostly just tried these sizes on. I have only purchased things with stretch or like cute jogging suits or yoga pants. ok I will post some pics next.

Pic Update

I have only used Pure CoCo Butter for my scars.

Still A Little Swollen. Feeling Awesome!!

The Days Just Keep Going By!!

Just another small update I'm doing great. I'm down to a 23in waist clincher which keeps me very flat. I can't wait until the swelling goes away. But until then. Here are some pics.

Hey Ladies!! I'm doing an update.

Oh my God I can't believe it's been almost 6 months to the day since my surgery. The first thing that I want to say is I love my body. Mrs. Bello did an awesome job. My boobs look awesome ,my stomach looks awesome I feel awesome. The recovery was not easy but it was not hard to where I would say I would never do it again. My scar on my Tummy tuck, it has faded really light so fast I will definitely post a few pictures of those and the scars around my nipples I can't even tell that I had scars around my nipples she made the incision with in the Areola so I don't have that funky scar around the outside of my areola. I don't have that discoloration. Through everything the trip to the Dominican Republic the trip home which was very tiring exhausting and uncomfortable and then the recovery which was about two months a good two months after I got home has all been worth I will definitely keep updating. My weight has stabilized back to the weight that I was before I left 160. and I'm very happy about that because my stomach is still flat him my butt looks awesome. All the fat went to the right places. I still have no feeling through the center and bottom portion of my stomach so I have to be very careful when I'm cooking or If even a cold bottle is set on my stomach and was cold I wont notice it. I have no feeling at all whatsoever. So next it's tattooing the scar. My artist said he would do it at 6 months so wish me luck. I hope my blog helps everyone be more comfortable with having the surgery just do your research really no get to know your doctor and just have faith. Everyone looks awesome Bye
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Ms. Bello is the best surgeon I ever met. I have had other surgeries in the US and non of them compare to her. She asked me what I wanted and them told me what she could do. She listened and made me feel so comfortable. The staff greets you with hugs and kisses. They are all so nice. I have to leave a HUGE THANK YOU to Rossaline and Camille and our driver Luis Serrano . They are freaking awesome! Rossaline even answered my question about towels at 10pm. No hour was ever to late. Thank you again to Ms. Yvelise Bello and her staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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