"Wanna Love What I See in the Mirror" BA W/implants BBL, TT, Lipo of Back and Sides. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello everyone I am 5'11 and 184 lbs. I'm a...

Hello everyone I am 5'11 and 184 lbs. I'm a mother of two beautiful girls ages 2 and 5yrs. They were both born weighing 10lbs each. After my first I lost the weight through diet and exercise, but with my 2nd working out has been a challenge. I am currently working on my weight to ensure great results after DR Leon makes my body adjustments. Lol. He seems very caring and has my best interest at heart. That's most important to me.

I hide my roles well. Lol

Hello all. Thanks so much for the support. When ever I tell anyone in going to DR for the procedure they think I'm crazy. Happy I have this site to express my excitement. Went out this past weekend. I balance my fat well.

At the Airport!!

Hello all I am very nervous. At the airport now and so ready for my big day tomorrow. I gained weight by the way ????, been a little stressed out. Now weighing 190, gained 6lbs. Hopefully it won't be a problem. Will update after I meet with Dr Leon later today.

I'm here!

I'm here!! Got my blood work done today. Met with Dr Leon talked about expectations " the look I'm not sure what I'm going for. Lol." I know I would like to be Hottttt! Talking about hot, Dr leon is lovely himself, very sweet doc!! ????????????.

Back to reality now, I paid the procedure balance of $6300 and the medical insurance fee of $135.
Soooo I know I'm going to get my tummy tuck, a little projection of my rear end via bbl, and breast-lift. I'm not 100% sure about the implants. Breast look so beautiful with them. I won't have the fullness at the top of the breast without the implants ???? So we will see tomorrow how it goes.
His recovery house is nice and clean. Had a late lunch since I came in after 2pm. Food was delicious! I'm a foodie????
Oh the driver Jose Brito is soo cool and has wifi in his vehicle. Well I will show a few pics and I will talk to you'll tomorrow.

On the painful flat side.

In a lot of pain, the translator app helped met rough the night. The nurse was very helpful. Will update later

Waiting on Garments to dry

Still in pain, feels helpless and sorry for myself. 2nd guessing my decision. But it's apart or the healing process.

Confessions of a faja.....

Hello to all, the healing road is long and draining (literally)????????. Sleeping in my faja has been a struggle. It's so darn tight. I know the results will be worth it, but God will have to get me through this one.
Please be mentally ready for this journey. Compared to days 1-3 I've come a long way. I have learned that I have to be patient, and allow my body to go through stages. I won't see my final result until months from now. What I see in the mirror is a blueprint for amazing results.
Thus far I am content and starting to love what I see in the mirror. Had another follow up with Dr Leon and he advised that all is well with my healing.
I have been walking around, even went to the mall one day to buy hair extensions. ???? It was tough but I needed the exercise. I have learned that I have to keep moving.. I also play music in my room and dance. Dancing took my mind off of feeling sorry for myself. Music is a great motivator and I takes me to a happy place. Happy thoughts ladies.

Healing, healing and more healing 5 days post up.????

8 days post up.

Swollen, bruised, and stiff, but definitely feeling much better than day 1post op.

10 days Post op.

New me! 33days post / 1 month and 3 days post.

Hello all, just wanted to post pics will update soon.

Learning to work my new body.

2 days shy of 6weeks. I feel great, still swollen. Loving my results. Thanks Dr Leon!????

11weeks and 2 days post up

Hello all, I feel great. I still have some swelling along with stiffness at times. Walking fully upright. I no longer get the need to lean forward. The back itch is a killer for me, but fortunately I found out about using bio oil from friends I made at the recovery home. Omg ladies if you're having itching please use it. It works definitely helps with the itching. My breast are still healing, sometimes I get sharp shooting pains. I also have a spot on my right breast that took forever to heal. I'm trying not to get the bio oil on it. Don't want the wound to be get broken down and delay healing. I also tried swimming and I was not successful. My tummy tuck scar would not let me move my legs. Has anyone else experienced this while trying to swim? So far I'm loving my results. I secretly desire a bigger but. Which I went bigger. ????

Loving my results!!

8 1/2 months out. I have gained 6-10. I fluctuate. Trying to loose the extra weight now. I still experience some swelling and I also feel limited with body movements due to the TT. I need to do a better job with scar treatments, but I'm ok with it for now. I'm still amazed with my transformation. The procedure was only the beginning, you still have to do your best at upkeeping your body.

1yrs post

Hello all! Im feeling good and excited to be one yr post my mommy makeover. I've gained about 10 lbs and I'm not thrilled about that. Working out and eating right is a must girls. Hope all is well and good luck on your journey.

More pics of 1yr post surgery

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Jose Leon. Has been very attentive and informative. He has taken time out to call me and discuss the procedure and after care.

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