Ive Waited All my Life for This. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello I am traveling from new york to the DR for a...

Hello I am traveling from new york to the DR for a tummy tuck, Lipo in the arms tummy and back and I am sooo nervous. After havin a 11 pound baby and 9 pound baby my body hasn't been the same. Ive tried diet and exercise even lost 68 pounds but my skin was still fat and flabby. Im still young and I love to travel so Im looking forward to looking good in my bikinis and swimsuits. I love to dress. I can't wait until I can look good in anything. I am already self confident but everyone can use a ego boost. Does any one have any suggestions for me as far as preparations? Looking forward to meeting Dr.Hungria and the new me!

Its almost time!

Ive started getting things for my care package... still have to get bio oil, hebe cleanse (spell check) and some granny panties.... ive waited so long im a lil over a week until ill be on the flat side

1 step closer!

I just let my doctors appointment and got my surgery clearence!!!! A big relief off my shoulders !!!!!

Next Stop Santa Domingo

Hey dolls. My flight just landed at JFK in NYC (im from buffalo). The ride was really smooth. We are departing in an hour!!!! Im getting excited!!!!!

Welcome to the flat side

Well its done! I did it!!! Im all wrapped up so i can't see anything at all. Everything went smooth I'm in alot of pain. Any questions?, Just ask

First update on the flat side

Hello gals. I made it out of surgery everything went well. My body is really tight like I have on 5 waist trainers. I havent saw myself yet they have me all wrapped up. I did take a small peek when they changed me and I saw my coochie lol. Haven't saw that in years lol
Ill keep you guys updated. Cant stand up straight yet. At the recovery house the staff are nice. Oh yeah im in pain but more discomfort than anything

Dis satisfied

Hello I havent been on in a while i went through a small stage of depression. I am not satisfied with my results what so ever. I try to keep a positive mind and positive thoughts but when i go to sleep at night I regret this whole process smh. could have went to the gym and saved money. although my stomach is a "little" smaller. its tucked tight but its pudgy at the top. My Arms are still huge although I was "supposed" to have arm lipo. smh so i am just praying that with some diet and exercise I should finally be at the size i wanna be *sigh* I dont want to discourage anyone. but it is what it is smh

6 months post opp

dislike my results, definitely wouldn't recommend my doctor to anyone! Researching for round 2.... summer 17!

Planning Round 2

Hello. I haven't been on here in a while but I'd like to let you gals know that after being dis satisfied with my first round, im on my way back to the DR round 2! This time I'm not going to jump face first, I am doing my researching, eating healthy, loosing weight and preparing to meet with the best surgeon for me. I'm undecided between Dr Manon and Cabral... but I also have my eye on DR Mallol. I'm going in july so I need to make a decision fast, I'll keep you ladies updated. Also you can follow me on Instagram: indecisive_doll im very active on there. Inbox me and let me kno you are from real self for faster approval. Thank you talk to you soon :-)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far the staff has been nice and efficient with responding.

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