Can Wait to Be a Leon Doll I'm Getting a TT with BBL and Lipo and I Want to Ask for a Little Bit of Hip - Dominican Republic

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I didn't have my surgery as yet but I booked my...

I didn't have my surgery as yet but I booked my ticket for April 19,2015 with Jose Leon I'm leaving from jfk but I live in south jersey they don't have any straight flight leaving from out of Phl so I would rather get a ride to ny where I could get the straight flight back then I just get a ride home instead of the long everlasting layover no dolls I'm not having it I can't wait I'm so excited

Pics of the body before can't wait to get to the flat side and the fat backside

Printed my tourist card

Woke up at 5:30 and say why keep on putting off printing my card so I printed out 2 copies of it just in case Aldo you can always go back and get it

Tourist card

Counting down my days

I'm going to start to count down my days starting from today

I'm still not finish with my supplies

I have to get busy with my supplies to bring with me to go to Dr.jose Leon recovery house any advice previous Leon dolls that went to him or that went to his new house what was there already that you don't need to over pack?

Just a little stuff from walmart





Still counting

Still counting

Still here counting down got a little more supplies


Still counting and waiting on few more supplies thru the portable safe

Yep still counting just waiting on some more stuff to come in mail then I post them up

Still here counting

Trying on 1 of my sundress pre-op and then I will try it on again post -op ,this belly don't have no behavior whatso ever I tell

I don't know if I went over board with some of my supplies but previous Leon dolls could you help me out and tell me if I need t


Still counting

I forgot lock for my suitcase for when I'm in surgery and a thin robe all I have at home are thick like winter robe

Jamaica here I come in july

I'm a Jamaican female with 3 beautiful kids, so you know we jamaican have to be turnt up for the summer independence holiday in august , I can't wait to do road and spend time with the fam

My girlfriend gave me this boppy pillow to have yeeeehhh,one less thing I have to buy

Ladies not one of my supply but you know what time it is when you finish it smooth like baby'm just saying

Still counting

I made my wheelchair reservation today can't forget that ...I can't I just can't....can't do all that walking

No walking for me

Still up and about counting

Pack and ready this suitcase not opening again ....mi dun ....mi finish.....I'm done......I'm finish

Count down

Almost but still counting


On my way to stay in the city (Manhattan) to be closer to the airport then I can just get up in the morning and hop on the shuttle for $17 dollars going to jfk....woopti do darlings

Almost ladies

@ jfk airport

Just chillaxing until roll call

The time is now 4:33am

I woke this morning with the help of God ,took a shower and just waiting to be pick up by Jose Brito I'm going to climb back in bed though you guys already saw pre pics so I'll put up post pic in gods name

Sorry was in the hospital for clot in lungs I'm good now

I will finish tomorrow ok Leon dolls goodnight

Because of my breathing problem I had to take off the faja and sit on my but in the hospital because could not catch my breath s

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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