38 yrs old, Mother of 7 children, and Grandmother = surgery needed

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I am a single mother of 7 children, so u can...

I am a single mother of 7 children, so u can imagine how stretched my skin is. I have dreamt of the day I could have all that excess fat surgically removed. I not only have 7 children but I also have Vitilago which basically means I am losing all the pigment in my skin. To have these two issues to deal with on a daily basis really brings your self esteem down. I weight 247lbs and I'm not ashamed to say it. I love myself more now than I ever have, but doesn't change the fact that I want to look even better. Today I purchased my ticket to Santo Domingo, DR, and sent my itinerary to Dr. Walkiris Robles assistant Laura. Laura emailed me back and said my surgery is scheduled for 3-19-13.

Well my surgery will take place in just a little...

Well my surgery will take place in just a little over a month. Today is the day I quit smoking. I know kicking this habit will be best for me and my healing process. I will be taking this trip by myself and my family is not too thrilled about that, but I remind them I've been to Africa twice by myself. They agree and the turn around to say well you knew someone in Africa unlike DR. I'm actually not scared, I have a very good feeling about this trip, surgery, and my experience. I'm a procrastinator so I will get my vitamins tomorrow and I will get prepared probably a week before I leave. My mom is coming from VA to watch my kids so I'm happy about that. I posted a pic of me today I don't have any shame about my Vitilago, or all that stretched skin. I have a booty I just want all the dimples gone and it to be more round. I wish I could get a breast lift and reduction but Laura said I'm asking for too many procedures. I just want to get all I can get done. Oooo summer is coming and I'm hoping to be somewhat normal, because I plan on putting on a bathing suit, yes I do. To some woman this maybe nothing but putting a bathing suit on and feeling confident about myself is a really big deal for me. Ok I'll post in a few more days or weeks not really sure just yet.

I'm Ready

Ok I was scheduled for my surgery with Dra Walkiris Robles in Santo Domingo DR last March and my family convinced me not too go forward. I had my plane ticket, surgery was scheduled and I canceled like a butt hole. I've grown some since 2013 and I am doing this surgery for me. I have bought my plane tickets and I'm waiting on a response from Laura Castro surgery coordinator to confirm my surgery date of March 17, 2014. I am so excited. Ok I read a lot of reviews so if there is anyone going to DR in March please reach out to me because I have a few questions about what exactly are you bringing as far as supplies.

I'm sooo ready

Ok it's count down time I just sent Laura the surgical coodinator my deposit via Western Union. I am scheduled to take off on the 17th. Can anyone tell me exactly what really was needed to bring on the trip. I dont want to bring any thing that is unnecessary. I mean like toiletries, clothing, medication, over the counter stuff etc. Let me know cause I want to begin packing this coming weekend the 8th. I don't want to wait until the last minute to get things together.

i leave on the 17th of March

Ok so i just went to this store called Ross and picked up like 6 cotton comfortable dresses for like 10 bucks each. I plan on getting all my medical supplies this week. If anyone can contact me and advise exactly what I need that would be freat. I'm not trying to spend anymore than I have too in DR. My surgery is scheduled for the 18th. I already sent my deposit to Laura via Western Union and she sent me back my disability paperwork so a Sista can get paid while I'm out of work. I'm sooo excited. I can wait. 1 week to go.. here is a photo of me

6 days until take off

Ok so i have an idea of what I need to take with me to DR but I haven't packed I'm kinda a procrastinator so more than likely will wait until this Saturday or Sunday to pack everything. I really think my family, kids, best friend are truly worried about me and they are just not really saying I love my family n friends but this is something for me. I have prayed about this surgery and God has me covered. I'm going to be good, I'm going to heal n have no complications. I'm still confused about the medication so I'm going to see my MD today and will ask for RX for meds n see if he thinks i need a EKG. I'm also going to let him know i have a serious cold right and i need to get well before the weekend. Yall prayer for me.

5 more days until Takeoff

Ok so i went to the MD yesterday and he would not prescribe me any Percocet but he did give me a tip and i hope this helps someone else he told me to take 4 200mg of Ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol 2x a day this is the equivalent of taking the Percocet for pain. Actually i think this better cause i won't have to spend a lot of money on additional medication. I believe the package deal i have with Robles includes the medication but i will bring back up just in case. Also my friendsaid i will need chucks which are those wee wee pads and my MD said i can get.those from a medical supply store. I will be going tomorrow to the medical supply store to get them and a different kind of compression socks. My sister is a nurse and she said you have to be sized for the socks cause if not you can make matters worse. I'm also going to take some 2 dollar flip flops from Walmart n use as shower shoes and to lounge around in. I checked the weather in its going to be raining off and on more than it will be sunny but you know how mother nature can change. Ok I want to post a Vlog but I'm not sure how too so if anyone know how please let me know.

4 days until takeoff - video link attached

Ok I had so much anxiety last night that Idid go to bed until 2am and it's now 7 am Est in the morning smh. I even made my first video. Don't worry about the hair lol when I get closer to my experience I will post another one. I hope you all like it. Share my video and subscribe to my journey. Xoxoxo My 1st video.. Dominican Republic here I come:

2 days until takeoff

Ok so i was getting real nervous today cause i hadn't heard from Laura well she sent me like 4 txt messages just trying to reassure me basically I'm going to be in great hands. Today was my last day at work all is set for my disability and FMLA. I believe I have everything I need to travel. I have to remember to get wheelchair assistance for my return flight home. Ok I'm still not sure which recovery house I'm staying at. Oooo one thing I researched about was this oil called Emu oil it's for surgery, muscle pain kinda like Arnica but the Emu oil absorbs through all 7 layers of skin down to the muscle and this is great if your getting Lypo suction. Now another thing I researched was the Arnica gel and the only difference is that it doesn't go through all 7 layers of skin but works well for patients with arthritis, surgery, just pain and it's like a Ibuprofen for the skin. Now here is the kicker I read you can mix the two for the ultimate healing. Now if I had some menthol to add to it pow talking about explosion in the healing process.

It's down to just hours now until takeoff

I'm packed I have to wash my clothes n my hair. I'm such a procrastinator and my plane takes off at 5:50am est. I hope I meet some of the dolls I have met on RS. So pray for me...

My arrival in DR

I made it here to DR now I'm having all of these test xray, ekg, lab work, all is good so far. I met Laura but she didn't take my money yet not sure what's up wit that I'm ready to get all this money out my purse. Also, I think my period is coming on I'm feeling cramping smdh. Laura hasn't confirmed my surgery what house I'm staying at idk. Now I'm waiting at cecip for a hospital room so my surgery must be tomorrow if they taking me through all the tests. I just need someone to sit down and explain the process instead of let's go here and there have this test and that test, take ur clothes off put ur clothes on ijs I'm just about order and no Confusion. I have a short video i will put up with my arrival to DR.

Surgery Scheduled tomorrow

I saw Dra Robles she is very pretty in.person and she is only going to do the Full TT and liposuction my sides not back and no fat transfer to butt due to my weight and she said it's going to be hard for me to breathe after the TT so it's healthier for me and my HGB was 12.5 which is low n I told her my period is coming. I'm ok with coming back next year and doing the BBL and back liposuction. This is why I chose Dr Robles she is about the patient not money hungry. She was concerned for my well being and her license lol but she told me what she could do for me and I'm happy plus I saved $1000 bucks. Well if you all seen my picture I really need that big Ass roll in the front to be gone and that is what she is going to do. The wifi here at Cecip kinda sucks it works in the waiting area but not the rooms themselves that you stay in, so I am literally outside my room typing this review. I am also going to be staying at Angie house which I heard good reviews in. I will up load videos soon

Still waiting Patiently for surgery

Ok so Dra Robles and Laura met with me last night and the doctor explained I can only get the TT done my HGB was low like 12.5 I'm ok with that cause i do not want to lose my life over a doctor being money hungry. I was told I'm the last to have surgery so I'm supposedly scheduled for 1pm est. I just want to get.this surgery over with and begin my journey to healing. Keep praying for.me yall

2nd day Post op

Ok so I'm here in Angie ' recovery house and it is really nice the ppl are nice they tend to you needs. I met Angie and she is very down to earth a real cool person. This girdle they have me in is for the birds. It's very uncomfortable. I got my period yesterday and that sucks. I hate having to go pee cause the walk to the bathroom is difficult for me. I didn't sleep much last night because I was not comfortable it has nothing to do with the bed it just this girdle having to literally sleeping straight up is just uncomfortable. Angie gave me a rockingchair and it's really helpful, when I have to get up its much better from the rocking chair than the bed. Ok let me retract and tell u my experience in the hospital. Please be careful with your money those nurses will lie and say you need this and that and it's not true it's because they trying to get your money it's their own inside hustle. The give u a med pay that has everything u need when u.leave the hospital and they give u this tight ass girdle. Be prepared u will not be able to shower do to Doctor orders so make sure u bring wipes and soap. Everything I thought I needed I haven't used yet like feminine pads, arnica, Ibuprofen etc. The wifi isn't the greatest so skype has been my best friend when communicating with family and friends.

pic of me in hospital

Me bent the hell over lol

post op

Ok so i had some real bad edema today iput my compression socks on which are helping. I actually got to take my faja/garment off today for couple hours I also did num 2 which good. I put my Emu oil on so I know this will help me with swelling too. I cant wait to go back jome. I miss my kids. I'm bored all i do is watch spanish speaking channels dont.get me wrong it's nothing wrong with that i just miss my English TV shows Scandal, the originals ughhh Thank God for DVR. I need to walk more cause.right now i can't walk for more than 3 mins without it killing my back.cause ur bent over literally the whole time. I will post some pics when i am able.to stand lol

1st visit Post op with Dr Robles

I just want to say Dr Robles is a very sweet, beautiful, and kind person. So Wilson the driver came to get me and 3 other girls here at Angies recovery house. When it was my turn I had to take my summer dress off, and my faja with help from Dr Lara of course. They changed my bandages and put some what felt like alcohol on my skin which stung a little. DR Robes says I need to sleep basically sitting up because my incision is red. Girl, I've been laying down on my left side legs straight getting my zzzz's in lol. I will do better she wants to see me before I leave this joint early Thursday morning. I can't wait to be back in the states. It's beautiful and all but I'm just home sick. I miss my kids.


OK so I was able to see Dr. ROBLES Wednesday before I was scheduled to leave on the 27th. My legs were completely swollen including my abdomen. They changed my dressings by cleaning my wounds with alcohol and placing the 3mm tape straight on my wounds which in America wound care 101 is a no no. I just wanted to get back home to my kids and family. I got back home safely on Thursday but didn't sit still which I regreted on friday. My incision dehisced a little on my left side. I went to see my medical doctor on Friday and he confirmed my dehiscence and an infection/allergic reaction to the 3mm tape. The doctor took some blood from me and said he will call me this weekend to tell me the results. Yall pray for me cause all this edema can mean something is wrong with my kidneys. So the doctor put me on a water.pill, vert strong antibiotic, and some codeine that will have you feeling high as hell. I'm still not sure if OK with my results because I've had so much swelling. I will upload photos when I'm in a better state.

So much has happened

I saw the doctor and he told me that my kidneys were fine but I have a skin infection (cellulitis), some slough nasty yellow mucus by my incision so he had the nurse clean my wounds he said continue to take my antibiotics and he will schedule me a home care nurse to come to the home to do my dressing changes on my wounds. Ok Thank God my sister is a nurse and we were back on talking levels cause she came to show me how to clean my wounds 3x a day before the home nurse was to come. Mind yall its very difficult for me to walk I need a wheelchair, bedside potty, and a walker to help me get around. Thank God for all my kids cause each one of the 5 left at home helped there mommy out tremendously. Ok a couple of days passed and I saw my nurse for the first time on 4/3/14 she look at my wound and the.swelling in my legs and said you need IV antibiotics, I should be in the hospital. I was scheduled to see my doctor on the 4th and my sister told his nurse what my home care nurse was saying (I didnt know at the time my home care nurse stressted to my doctor I should be admitted to the hospital) so my doctor looked at my wounds and at first he was going to send me home but said no I'm going to send you to the hospital. Ok yall I had no breakfast this was like a 10am est appt so my sister goes and gets something eat and eats that piece right in front of me lol not out of spite yall I told her I was good but that food sho did smell good. Ok I go home get a quick bag to bring with me to the hospital. I go to the ER they have.get a.wheelchair for me cause walking for a period any period of time was exhausting and it hurt. I check in at the ER there is an issue with my last name because I changed it back to my maiden name when I divorced so im glad I had my passport on me so they corrected that situation. I was wheeled back they gave me an IV in my arm which was not a nice.experience

cont'd review

I was in the hospital from April 4th to April 8th they had me on IV antibiotics -Zosyn and Vancomycin. Im feel a lot better Im still on oral antibiotics for this serious yeast/fungal infection near my groin area. Its clearing up well though. They nurse removed my drain on the 8th of April I asked her to give me pain meds before taking it out and it must have worked caused I didn't feel a thing. The nurse cleaned the area and put something their im not sure what the topical cream was she covered it up with gauze cause it was draining a little bit. My home care nurse saw me on 4/10 and changed my dressing by the drainage site and check my blood pressure and it was a little high. I went.to the doctor the next day and my pressure was fine. My doctor has me going back to work on April 28th. I return back to the doctor on the 25th. I did see the plastic surgeons on the 15th and was told everything is healing nicely my stitches will dissolve eventually. I feel a lot better just taking it one day at a time.

Here is a pic of my incision

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I basically researched, read millions of reviews and decided to go with Dr. Robles.

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