TT, Liposculture, Bbl - Dominican Republic

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I'm scheduled for sx with Ramon Sabala, I've...

I'm scheduled for sx with Ramon Sabala, I've researched many of doctors and I thinks he's the one lol. My hemo is only 11.2 so I've been taking iron, vit c and just started on liquid chlorophyll :).. My current stats are 5 4" 200lbs, I plan on losing a few pound before surgery. I will be stay at armonia recovery house


Y'all I'm too excited! I'm really getting impatient, unfortunately my hemo level isn't up to par as of yet:(.. I wonder how well the dr can snatch my body! I look at other peoples pics and I can't even imagine what my results will look like. What do you guys thinks?

Headed out

Im headed to DR now, I'm leaving Miami:)... The flight is under 2hrs long. My hemo level 1 wk ago was 10.6 I've been doubling my iron intake, hoping I can get my hemo up .

Better than expected????

After arriving to santo Domingo I was picked up by my RH driver and immediately taken to Cipla where I met Dr Sabala. Upon meeting my Dr he was very approachable and friendly. I told him what procedures i was intrested in getting. I decided to get a TT, back lipo and lipo of my inner thighs. I didn't feel rushed or pressured to get anything done. Actually I 50/50 in considering implants but Sabala suggested not to get any work I wasn't sure i wanted lol... I got my labs done and they were fine then I headed to the recovery home:)


Ok I'm 19dpo and this recovery has been challenging. I can't say I suffered a lot of pain, but the soreness and swelling is frustrating. I still have in my drain and I am easily draining 100cc or more daily. I have returned to work and work is kicking my behind! By the time i get off I am completely exhausted! I sleep for hours after work.. Since surgery my waist is 3inches smaller and my curves are becoming even more apparent.

Blessed hands of Sabala

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He's very easy to Communicate with, responds quickly

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