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Mommy of 3 boys 10,4,2 ready to get her old body...

Mommy of 3 boys 10,4,2 ready to get her old body back! I'm 5.9ft 204lbs I carry most of my weight in my lower body hips,thunder thighs,and booty i work out 3times a week. my problem is this stomach every time i try to lose weight my ass is the first to go. So I've been interested in a TT for 6years now my mother in law has had the works done in Mexico. I went to a couple of doctors out there but i knew i was going to have more children. I use to live in Santo Dominigo ,Dominican Republic and i went to one in 2005 but like i said i wanted more children. I'm moving back to the Dominican Republic in June my husband has a business in the north coast 4hrs from the capital and 1.5hr from Santiago. So that's why Im getting my work done in the D.R. I haven't picked a doctor yet I will be going to different doc's to see which will be the right one for me. I will also be asking around the local girls to see who they went to or if the know of any good ones! I'll keep you ladies updated on my search. Hopefully i an get video of the doctors and the offices,surgery rooms and some of the recovery houses. I'll put it all up on youtube when i get some footage.

Sorry Dolls

Sorry Dolls form taking this long I got to the D.R on the 3rd so i've been busy finding a place and getting use to this place again with 3 kids. I will be starting my research starting next week in Santiago. let me know of any doctors you would like for me to check out so i can start making appointments.


before pics

doctor's Yiliy,Duran,Cabral,Beaz

I went to Santo Domingo finally!!! calling for a appointment to get a consultation was just frustrating! CIPLA is a building full of at least 10+ plastic surgeons and everybody you see and talk to all say there doctor is the best!lol. I went with my mother in law she wanted to get a BBL and plasma rejuvenation we went to 4 doctors Yiliy,Duran,Cabral,Beaz, while there I asked for my self as well ;)

Yiliy : office is small Her receptionist was nice not to much English. Yiliy was in and out of surgery and didn't have much time she quoted 3,200 for lipo arms,back,bra,flanks,stomach,bbl and 4300 if i want a tt. The girls in there for there follow up looked good and had good things to say! consultation free

Duran:office is medium size Her receptionist not as friendly one spoke a little English.She told us the doctor was in surgery and would be back in 45 min and we can see her right away but we can't leave or we would lose our place! that was at 1pm. Now when we walked in there was 10 people in there and i must say Duran does her damn thing! nothing but "big boody judy's" and "Barbies" she had alot of full size women. The only problem was the wait! some of ladies had to wait hours to see her for post- op our 45min wait turned into 4hrs(thats why i have more to write) One girl that just had a tt,bbl told us she had been waiting for 4hrs and had a appointment for 10am. Now I hate to wait but one thing i will say is Dr.Duran takes about 45min with each patient and answers all questions and explains everything and checks everything and has a very pleasant mannerism very loving and modest. she quoted me $4800 for tt,lipo,bbl. Her consultation $40us or 1500rd which is around $35 us get peso's every thing is cheaper!

Cabral: His office is fabulous! the front desk person spoke a little English it was around 5pm and he took us in right away he seemed a little tired which who can blame him and he still had two more surgeries to do! very nice man his personality is a little dry but very professional nobody was in his office but i did meet two girls that had the works done and they looked good and said great things about the doctor.He speaks perfect English and quoted me $4800 tt,bbl,lipo hes very one on one gives his prospective on what to realistically you should expect to look like!. his visit was $40

Beaz: met her in the hallway! we talked for 20 min very nice lady took time to talk laugh,and joke around I don't know how much English she knows i talked to her in Spanish. We had a email consultation after I left and she quoted 3400 for tt/BL/lipo .
I meet 4 girls that had work done by her very impressive small waist big butt nice shape. no complaints from any of them everybody got what they wanted. consultation was free

Things you should know before you come out here! it is a lot different than the United states pls have everything planned out hotel / recovery house things don't run as smooth. Don't come out here blind it will be very overwhelming and disappointing If you don't speak Spanish my recommendation is stay at a recovery house they will pick you up from the airport and take you to all the follow ups. make things easy for yourself come two days before so u know where your going and how long it will take. If staying at a hotel walk around and get #'s of places that deliver and taxi company's. I've been living in and out of the D.R for 7 years and is still overwhelming at times to do the most simplest things!

lost more weight

Happy to say i'm down to 189lb!!!! I'M going to drop 15lb more i don't want to get lipo in my arms hopefully I lose weight in that area and not my booty or hips.

I will be a Beaz Doll Jan 23!!!!!

My Husband and I went to meet more doctors yesterday my plan is to get my surgery Jan 23 and since its only a couple of weeks away i needed to get a Doctor asap lol. PS I met with are Carlos Callado,Juan Rijo,Manuel Castillo, and doctor Fragoso Baez. All the doctors were nice and pretty thorough but Dr Baez just felt right to my husband and I. Yes to your health to her is very important and because of all the health precautions she takes I dont think she will be one of the doctors you will be reading about that have malpractice and deaths! if she keeps up her standers. I saw a couple of women and the all looked pretty FN great! in my opion her work is just as good as the more popular doctors. She was very honest with me i want my arms lipoed and i have some sagging skin she said she could take alittle but if she where to take more it would cause my skin to sag more but if i where to workout i would have a better outcome. My tummy tuck scar will go from hip to hip becase my stomach sags a little on the sides and after the lipo it will a little more and it will prevent me from having "dog ears". She told me that she will have to lift my pubic area some I have a "fat monkey" camel toe, as my husband says and it will look way to big after my fat rolls are removed. so the cat is getting lifted LMAO! She told me i have really beautiful nice skin she was jealous and I have a really nice Booty lol which was funny all the PS said the same thing lol I did want it filled out a little but I may just keep it the way it is plus it will look bigger once all the rest of this fat is off.

I little info she gave me on doing a BBL the Doctors put your fat in but its you body that decides how much stays . So ladies keep that in mind you may want to ask for a little more than you want to keep it. Also when you do a TT&BBL together you cant sleep on your stompic so there is a lot of presure put on the hips and butt and that will cause you to lose a lot of your BBLand hips if you added some.

My pone broke two weeks ago so i couldnt take pictures of the diffrent offices but I will say the place were Baez office is the outside of the building is a little 3rd worldish the inside is clean the first floor has a dozen mosquitoes there is a emergency room and other doctors in the building you have your surgery upstairs and its very clean,professional,and sterile, with all the hospital machinery equipment need for a successful surgery(I worked at a hospital in the states for years and have seen many operations preformed) . Baez husband is a really nice guy he is also a doctor i didnt ask him what field but he is very knowledgeable and i think may help her not sure though. any ????? you ladies may have ask away

One more thing i like about her she doesnt GRINGO price you My husband is Dominican and I.m 1/2 Hispanic and we live here. a lot of doctors give people from here way lower prices than they give people from the states we call it Gringo pricing lol. I sent the doctors a emails before time with pictures and asked for pricing in english to see if in person them thinking i was from here would change the price and Dra Baez didnt but a lot of doctors did!

I need a RH buddy Jan 23

I dont know which RH i will be staying in but i need a buddy

down to 185lb!!!!

I'm so proud of myself I got on the doctors scale thinking ohhhh shit i hope i'm under 200 and ya girl is at 185lb. this time last year i was at 229lb and in june 204-209 thanks to good eating habbits and a little cheat here and there! hopefully 175 by surgery

Mission boost my Iron

I was super sad today i got my labs back and my hgb is 11.6. I've been taking iron pills and eating right but i have always have had low iron so i guess it is good compared to what it usually is 7-9 so I sent the Baez a email with the results just in case i need to change my date to my surprise she said no that she would be fine with 12 and i need to take iron in a iv at the hospital for 5 days and i should be fine. My only worry is I will start my period next week and i hope it doesn't bring my count lower.

6 days until I become a Baez Beauty!

So I have almost everything I need just waiting for my last package to come by mail. I finish my iron infusions in two days! Dra Baez told me to get 5 since my levels where at 11.6 so when i walk in there on thursday it will be 12-13hgb. I've also been drinking guayaba with spinach and red pepper, pineapple with honey and spinach,and iron pills with vit C twice a day. so if this does'nt do it than i dont know what will! I will be staying at Dasiy's RH. This last couple of days waiting is killing me i want to go and get it done already! look beautiful and check it off my bucket list! lol

HGB still at 11.3

Well found out my HGB is still 11.3 so Baez wont touch me. I started my period last week and it messed everything up! I wanted to go next week but she has no openings so maybe Feb will be my month. Just trying to keep in good spirits and know everything has its timing and my video girl body is coming soon! please keep my girl Mznewbody in your prayers she goes in tomorrow!

my mom is a Edgar Contreras Doll

So I ended up not getting my procedure with doctor Baez she's a sweetheart but to be honest I'm not really impressed with here tt lines. Like I said before I live in the Dominican republic so it's easy for me to ask around local people to see how is the best! Well I had about 20people tell me about Dr.Contreras 6 was friends of mine that asked when I was next Lol. All of the girls had beautiful body's no one had any complaints or complications. All had tt,bbl,breast. Ok so this is how my mom got involved we my mom turned 54 in November and she said she wanted to start the new year with a new her she started a new spiritual awakening,broke up with her husband(who was crazy) and her boyfriend(well more like was her boyfriend but has lingered around for 20years) she had a hysterectomy 8years ago gained 60lb because my mom start taking pills for depression. Well 3years ago she lost 50 and has been up and down with her weight ok now you have some background. Well she called me Dec 1 and said she is getting a tt I said sure you are so she started to look into the VA and saw that they would pay for a tt and breast reduction if it was needed . My mom went to different doctors and got consultations but she felt going to the Dominican republic doctors would give her more of the shape she wanted. She told me that she wasn't impressed like she was with my friends. So we looked for a plane ticket for her to come out and we found a super cheap fare $288with insurance one way from Burbank to Santiago. My mom came on Dec 23 and we went to doctor Contreras office the 26the just for the consultation the building is modern, beautiful,very organized,and clean. We talked with another American mother and daughter team that got Lipo,bbl and the daughter got BA,Lipo,bbl they were very nice and helpful. The doctor called us in his office is gorgeous there is a side room where he examines you he ask you to take off your Clothes and ask what you want than tells you his opinion. Well after we both went in and was Finnish he ask when would we like to do our surgery I said 2mos reason on Christmas I was in the hospital with a kidney infection. I told him my mom right away we could come in the morning he said no we will do it today . Boy you should've see her face priceless lol so he told her I'm going to mark you up. My mom ate 3hr before time so he said we will Waite 3hrs he marked her up and sent us downstairs to the lab than we got a taxi to the cardiologist everything was fine! We came back they told her to put on the blue gown and feet covers than she was off. 21/2 hour later Dr Contreras called said everything went great than another surgical Tec called told me she prayed with my mom because she was very nervous and my mom looked great and she would be one sexy women lol. My mom was bought down to the 3rd floor and that was it nurse's checked on her several times. We didn't see the doctor he went out of town the next day which we were aware of before time he told us that he was delaying his flight to do my mom's surgery.

3weeks update

So my mom is 3weeks out and still swollen but her incision is amazing you can only see some of the stitches that haven't yet dissolved. She is walking straighter and taking 30min walks a day.her back still gets stiff at night she has some hard areas because she only did three massage and hasn't found a massage therapist where she lives. She is extremely happy with her results she just wanted to enhance what she already had. And wanted a very natural look no super small waist or biggg ass just to take off her front rolls and fill in the dimples lol.the only suggestion she would give is to bring a least $800 more than your expected cost just in case ! Her body is shrinking as the weeks go by!

my friend went to lucus Baez

So a good friend of mine went to lucus Baez this last week for a bbl he did a great job! He claims he can use laser Lipo and you won't need a tummy tuck!

edgar did the damn thing

So my mom wanted me to show her progress. And give some helpful tips. Her back still hurts sometimes worst than others she said using "gabapentin" helps a lot with the nerve pain. She has two small Sonomas that are shrinking at the bottom of her stomach. her incision is still small and thin. Still some bruising

3 month

new pics

Surgery set for 12/9/2015

Ok so I been busy! Well let me get y'all up-to-date. My mom had surgery last year December18 and I did a review on her and will post pics later on her update she went with Dr Edgar Contreras he did a good job on her. I also have a lot of friends that went to him so he was my first pick. I was supposed to have surgery two years ago with Dr Baez(female) my blood count was low even after iron infusions so it didn't happen and I'm the type of person that thinks everything happens for a reason. In case you are reading my review for the first time I've live in the DR on and off for the past 10 years and permanently for the last 3years I have been busy helping other women from the states find doctors here and help with all their accommodations. So I have been to Contreras office many times I know his whole staff even the taxi drivers. I went to get a quote from Contreras 2weeks ago and I just didn't feel right with him. He isn't a man of many words his personality is very dry but to me I really am more in to a person's knowledge and skills than their personality. He briefly looked over me and told me I needed a tt and Lipo. My husband had questions for him and one was why has his work changed recently. Ok so I know Dominican girls that have been overweight and shaped like a square and after round1 have a video girls body and it to me seems like he isn't giving the American girls the same. I know girls from the states who have gone to him 2times and still don't match the girls from here. So basically he gave my husband an answer that didn't make to much sense something about the girls here are different. So my husband also asked him if I would need more than one round to get my wish picture he said no he could get me to the wish pic in one round.Ok I told him of my iron issues he said it was fine I'm a 11.4 and he gave me a quote that was $500 more than he originally told me so when I called him on it than he went back down. I felt like I was being played because like I said before I go with other girls and offer a service to stay with them overnight and help translate so I know how much he charges Dominican and American girls. My husband and I left the clinic not feeling sure about him. My husband said he feels after the last girls died in the clinic the doctor has grown colder ,unattached ,and all about the money I agree. I don't know if his mind is just somewhere else maybe in his election but he is very cold and unattached.My friends that came out in June for her round two with him said she felt different from the last time she was there. I was still thinking about just going with him since I know everyone at the clinic.
we went to have a consultation with another doctor named Dr.Daniel Rodriguez. I know about 10girls that have been to him and they came out looking amazing just as good as the old Contreras. He has been practicing for 11years here and Venezuela. He definitely knows how to suck the fat out and leave you with an amazing small waist his bbl are great nicely shaped like Duran dolls, tt lines very thin and belly button is centered and don't look like fake he works wonders on heavier girls.He is in the same clinic as Dr. Molina he's breast lifts are like Molina as well. And he's cheaper than a lot of the more popular doctors. So when I tell you he is all about health explains everything,he will tell you what you need, how he's going to do it ,what you will look like after.he's English is perfect you would think you are talking to a new Yorker.Very pleasant,charming,and knowledgeable. This man knows his shit! I've meet a lot of doctors here and have never been as impressed as I have with him. He doesn't have a fb,or instgram I asked him why he said because most doctors lie they show only the best they have done and steal other doctors pics so I rather get my patients by referral of someone that has seen my work and I don't want so many people that I don't have time to be there for my patients. I do this because I love to make people feel good not the money. And I appreciated him for that I've been to doctors offices here were the patients wait 4hrs to be seen and the doctors are doing 5-7 surgeries a day. He told me when you have so many people how do you have time to make sure you put %100 into what you do. How cant you be there for everyone when you are up to your neck in patients. Since I've talked to him two weeks ago he has called me 3times and texted me 10 making sure I was doing my labs,iron infusion,and taking my vitamins,he also asked how I was feeling mentally and if I had any other questions. I really like him and feel comfortable with him. So I guess this will be the first review on Dr Rodriguez. let me know if your interested in his information I will be updating my journey as it unfolds. My measurements are
Breast 36DD
Waist 33.5
Hip 45

Dr.Daniel Rodriguez

So I decided to go to DR Daniel Rodriguez Dec 9 and it has been the best decision I could've made. He's a wonderful very informative doctor who cares about his patients. And his work is amazing. I live in the DR and have relationships with many other doctors. I choose him because he only does 1-2 surgeries a day he does his own lipo not some nurse like many other doctors. He's very honest his work is comparable to all the more popular doctors. The best part he speaks perfect English unlike many other doctors that are very one word.I love having a doctor that can fully communicate and explain in detail what's going to happen and what to expect. Another reason I chose him is the after care I've been to other doctors wI think friends and they will be in pain and have to wait 2-6hours to see the doctor because they have so many patients. Or after they only talk to the staff because the doctor doesn't have time.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Changed doctors Dr.Baez is a sweetheart. But Edgar Contreras will give me more of what I want. Changed again to Lucas Baez

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