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Hello, I am new to realself and am just beginning...

I am new to realself and am just beginning my journey with plastic surgery. I am a mom of 3 and am looking to have a tummy tuck with liposculpture to the sides, back, inner &outer thighs and arms--- approximate date Late March 2014
I have decided to have my surgery in the Dominican Republic. I have always been afraid because of the horror stores of people going overseas and getting botched surgeries. But over the years I have met at least 8 women who have had work done in DR. All look fabulous by the way. Only one had a bad experience but I believe its because she did not follow doctors orders and returned to work wayyyyy to soon. Plus she always had keloid issues.
I am Dominican, my mother lives half the time in santiago so I am looking into 2 plastic surgeons in Stantiago, Dr. Yussef Serulle who operates out of Clinical Corominas and Dra. Jacqueline Miranda Pereyra who operates out of the the most modern hospital in santiago Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS). I have read a few reviews from Dr. Serulle and seen some before and afters. Dr Pereyra however I cannot find any reviews on; that worries me. I only know one person who had several procedures done with her she looks natural and great ... But I will still consult with her because I like the facility she operates in ... should anything go wrong I want the best available. Also I know the DON at HOMS santiago so I wld have someone kinda watching my back. In DR it ALLLL about connections and who you know in order to get great service. I plan to fly out 1st week in september ; Dr. Serulle has free consultation and Dr. Pereyra has a $50 USD consultation fee.
I also have planned to consult with 2 doctors in the capital, Santo Domingo.... Dr Walkiris Robles and Dra. Yily De Los Santos. From what I gather from the website they both have free consultations. These two doctors are very popular here on real self and i have seen lots and lots of reviews and pictures. I like Dra. Robles natural looking results ...the waist is not so super cinched and obviously done, however I'm not impressed with her work on breasts. I am CONSIDERING doing a BL/BA not sure yet but I want to keep that in mind when I choose my doctor. Dra. Delossantos does super liposculpture work...supercinch waste and great back work..... I just have to decide if I want cinched or natural.
So I hope to meet all the doctors before I choose, Bedside manner is important to me, and i wld like to get a vibe before i select. 1st week in september ......i will keep RS posted with info as i gather it----- Cost, date, pictures etc

Quote From Dra. Walkiris Robles

Dra Walkiris Robles got back to me and gave me an estimate via email. I sent her some photos (head cut off) lol for privacy and she replied within a day or two. For a TT, Lipo of waist, Breast Lift with implant, All inclusive package with recovery house $6200. Without recovery house $5350. BUT she says I have to lose 20 pounds first. womp womp womppppp.... thats gonna be hard but I'm trying. Spoke to my PCP and he prescribed me Qysmia as an appetite suppressant to aid in the battle against the pounds, I've been on it for a week. Lost a pound. meh! Also using fitpal to track my calories. We'll see what happens.
If I did decide to go with Dra. Robles I would definitely pick the all inclusive, because even though I have a lot of family out there, we all live 2 hours away from the doctors office, I'd rather be close and the price difference is not that much.

I have emailed today my info to Dra. Yily DelosSantos to get her opinion and quote.

My only concern is that there is no mention of arms. Last thing i want is this flat tiny waist and big wrestler arms ..... i dunno. I will try to post some pictures for u guys to see what i mean


My befores... Complete w big wrestler arms hah

PS. very embarrassed to post these but since most everyone here has been brave enough to do it Im gonna YOLO it. Here gooooesssss

Decisionssss and Revisionssss

Ok so since my top 2 concerns are my stomach and my "big wrestler arms" I wrote back to Dr. Robles and told her how important it was to me to tackle these two things first. I told her I was willing to split my procedures into two surgeries (safety first). So it came down to this. I am leaving the boobs for later, why??? because I can put them in a push up bra and they look fine in clothes, my belly is impossible to hide and my arms have always been too large in proportion to the rest of my body, plus impossibly difficult to find blouses that my arms actually fit into soooo here's my new quote

$4700 - Tummy tuck; Lipo waist and sides; Arms

I couldn't be happier that she agreed because she is the doctor I've been leaning toward this thus far.

As for Dr. Yily DelosSantos, I emailed her for a quote 5 days ago and I have not heard back

Another revision -- I have had to cancel my preview trip to DR in the 1st week of September to visit with the Santiago doctors, and have pushed up my surgery date to December 2nd. (Because I have extra vacation time now that I cant carry over for next year and now that the surgery is cheaper I will have the money sooner) I am waiting for confirmation on the date from Dr. Robles assistant.

Exciting stuff going on guys!!!!!

Quote from Dra. Yily De Los Santos and Nelson Rubio

I receved a quote from Dra Yily for 5700 all inclusive TT BL/BA Lipo of waist flanks back and BBL...... this is including a recovery house for 10 days. I find that a little tooooo cheap. PLUS I never asked for a BBL. And I think it's way too much to do at once. I wrote back stating to remove the BL/BA and BBL and email me the new quote ........But I have since heard that the location where she does her sugeries CIPLA was closed by the dept of health in DR for failure to adhere to health codes. I dont know if they have since re-opened but, pretty much that is enough for me to not go with this doctor

I shopped around with other doctors in Santiago because that is where my mom lives and recovering at home is always nicer.- Dr. Nelson Rubio does incredible work..... for TT, Lipo of waist, flanks, axilla, back and arms he's charging 8000 dollars. He does surgeries out of HOMS the most modern hospital in DR and many carribean countries for that matter......I think that I'd be paying more because of that. I also reached out to Dr. Javier Baez at HOMS hospital, his work is not as impressive but to have somethng to compare it to. I'm waiting for a quote.

So far Walkiris seems to be my gal! Only prob with her is that she wont lipo my back, she says its too much surgery in one. But at least i feel like she's looking out for my best interest and not out to charge more money. I also like her and her assistant Laura's responsiveness. I just get a good vibe from them

I will be making my final decision by the end of this month when I either send a deposit or buy the plane ticket.

I'll update more soon.


ok i was to quick to judge about cipla.... apparently it reopened right away after it was shut down. After reading here on real self i found that out. Ok so I will still keep Yily De Los Santos on the list as an option. She is at least willing to do what I want (back Lipo). Also I spoke with Dr. Javier Baez assistant and she says that if I dont do my back now I wont be able to do my back lipo later because very few doctors will do back lipo along with breast surgery.... and as you guys can see from the pictures. I have a pretty big chicho on the the back that needs some attention LOL.

PS isnt it nice that Dr. Javier Baez assistant replied with a Phone call??? Nice personal touch.


6 weeks to go

I have not updated in a LONG time. Here is the update,

I decided on Dra. Walkiris Robles, I will be having a tummy tuck, lipo on the sides and lipo of the arms.

My surgery date is December 3rd. I officially sent my deposit today. My flight is purchased. Im starting to take the vitamins as ordered 325mg iron twice a day, 1000mg vitamin C daily, B-Complex daily, Im supposed to take 5mg folic acid daily but havent found it yet.

Side note.... in September I had a tubal ligation, just to make sure I wont have any unplanned pregnancies that may ruin the tummy tuck.

I have bought clothes and supplies and already started separating things in my suitcase. I'm very excited. My mother is accompanying me to the surgery and staying the 1st 3 days with me at Virginias recovery house.

I fly out on December 1st :-)

almost time

. Well its almost time. I fly out in 4 days. Yesterday i did the final arrangements. Got my compression garments for arms and.chin.... Yes i plan to add chin lipo. The ladies at the store were great... Saying congrats, u will b a new woman for the new year. Asking details. Ooohing and ahhing. It was a nice experience. I went to the pink room in elizabeth nj. Highly reccomend them. They have eveeythingggggg all the garments for every body.part that u can lipo, ab boards, antinflammatory oils for.after care etc... Also had my blood.drawn. My doctor was so supportive. Hes filipino and he has a russian PA and they both approved of the surgery. In fact my.doc.said the surgeons in DR are very competent. The Russian PA even had a friend who had lipo don in DR who she says turned out great. According to her the key is following ur surgeons regimen to the tee, and spending.enough time in DR to heal and preferably come home w/o the drain. Im living my positice feedback :) i get my hemoglobin results. Crossing.fingers.

Tonight is the night

DayIts 4am. Cant sleep. Im so excited. In 24 hours i will b landing in DR! Hopefully all goes well. My hemoglobin results were awesome, 13.5. So hope to get everything done. TT chin lipo and arm lipo. Im pretty much all packed. Well today i.just minute grooming, mani pedi, straighten hair , shave, get missing items like dial soap, pads.

Going for 3 weeks. 1 week at Virginias and 2 weeks at my moms house. nervous ut.excitef @ the.same time. Cant waitttt :-).... I may be a little to happy pain

we'll See how happy i will b in 3 days.LOL.

today is the day

I should be going into surgery shortly I just got re marked by the physician's assistant I think some of it feed it off as I was sleeping and when I took a shower. I will be going in for surgery very soon. we are not a hundred percent sure if they will be lypo suction ing my chin because it was a last minute addition. Dra Robles says that depending on how easy or hard it is for my friend to come out during my lipisuction she will make the decision on whether or not she will add the chin. she said she does not want to add drama to too many different areas at the same time so we will see. I won't know until I wake up after surgery.

I am super excited and I will update after I finish the surgery when I feel. B good enough to post

See ya later!

4 op

InToday i am 4 op. Im finally.feeling a little better. My surgery was ok but complications arose at the end. I vomited.blood during surgery (probably an ulcer or gastritis i wasnt aware of) and aspirated.some into my lungs. She didnt get my chin, but everything else got done. She.added a little.lipo to the lower back.

Recovery is.painfulllll, but my main breathing. I get.short of breath n winded very easily due to theaspiration. I feel like an asthmatic. I am getting nebulizer treatments daily and doing breathing exercises which is helping ALOT. 1st Virginias i thought i was.gonna.die w the staircase. Oh and u dont even want to imagine needing to cough up phlegm with a tummy tuck. I thought i wld pop a stitch! Day one was hell but now on day 4 i can see significant improvement. Im more.independent. I can handle.the stairs. Just wish rhis drain wld get outtt. But hes my neq Bff for at.least 10 days lol

Saw dra robles.yesterday,.she said.everything was healing reallybwell I see her afain in 2 days and then i my.moms house in santiago.

back photo

4 day post op pics

Day 10

I had a check up with Dr. Robles on day 2 post op, day 6 post op and then I left the recovery house to stay at my moms house in Santiago, 2 hours away. I returned on day 10 post op hopeful that my annoying drain would be removed. I dont know why it bothered me so much but to have that thing sticking out of my body and restricting my movement was the worst part of the whole experience. The stares when I would go out to get my massages, everyone asking me why it was in so long, when is was i getting it taken out...etccc and I just felt awkward. So I was really hoping it wld be removed at this visit. ....... It wasn't. I was devastated. Dr. Robles said there was still too much fluid draining and wld risk seroma. I was pissed. I felt she was being overly cautious. In the states drains are left for 1 to 2 weeks. that's it. After i left the appt and finally got back to Santiago for my daily massages I bawled like a baby. I really didn't want that damn drain in......... but i guess it was for my own good and there was really nothing i cld do.
Later that night it was bothering me, painful, burning cramping, it was moved during the visit and sort of mispositioned. I called Dr Robles in a panic telling her i wanted to take it out.....she called back on a Sunday evening mind u, i think it was nice of her to drop whatever she was doing on her day off to call me back, She instructed me on how to reposition in myself to avoid another long ass 2 hour trip back to see her. So i fixed it -- painfully --- and that was that

Ladies i must say that the hardest part of recover has been the emotional part of it. I was ready for the physical aspect of it. But emotionally it is so draining. On top of that i developed terrible anxiety at night, cldnt sleep and when i did i wld wake up having mini panic attacks.........who the hell knew that wld happen. The dr. gave me a sleeping pill (which was an antidepressant really), pain killers that made me drowsy and even with all that i cldnt sleep for like the 1st 2 weeks.........horrible.
Once i just stopped taking all that medication is when i FINALLY got a decent nights sleep. Crazy stuff

Day 15 Post OP -- Drain drain go away

I went back to see the dr. on day 15, took the longggg ass 2 hour ride on the metro charter bus, with my siamese twin/ BFF/ my boyfriend/ my little friend AKA my drain---- those where all the nicknames my family and I had for it. Its exhausting to make those trips when your sore, swollen and semi hunched still....... awful.

This wld be my last visit with dra. Robles and of course i was still hopeful my drain wld be removed, but againnnnnn it was NOT, I was just like awww c'monnnnnn are you kidding me. 15 DAYSSSSS pple!!!! Dr. Robles said there was still to much fluid draining, but she removed the stitch that was holding the drain in place and instructed me to remove it in 2 days if it was 50 ccs or less of drainage in 24 hours...............17 days, overkill in my opinion. My body is fully capable of reabsorbing fluid, as long as the drain was in doing all the work my body wld not train itself to do its job, (my opinion). But i followed her instructions anyway, reluctantly. 2 more days with my BFF :-(

To remove the drain, i emptied and measured the 24 hour fluid amt. I had 64 ccs; not 50cc's that dr. robles wanted but close enough for me to remove the thing. So i pulled slowlyyyyyyy lttle by little and the drain came out painlessly and clean. Easy peasy, and then i slammed it in trash with such pleasure... AHHHHHH freedom, I cld wear pants again, I wldnt get stares, I cld move easier and finally feel semi normal againn YAYYYYYYY

Lymphatic Massages in Santiago - Dermocosmetica Integral

Okay so, Dra. Robles did not really have any contacts in Santiago to recommend for massage. She has pple here in New York, but that's it. Sooooo through a family member who had a tummy tuck recently I was recommended to go to Dermocosmetica Integral.

This is a small massage parlor that has super sweet staff, great atmosphere, and most importantly very competent massage therapists. My first massage was on day 9 post op, I just dropped in without an appt and was massaged by Rut, OMGGGGGG how soothing, light hands. After they set up a package of 5 lymphatic drainage massages, and 5 ultrasound massages 2 hour sessions daily for 5 days, for the equivalent of $20USD per hour. Awesome price. Here it wld be at least triple that amount. So anybody who is going to do this plsssss start your massages in the DR to save some mula.

My permanent massage therapist assigned was Leo, a funny petite lady who is very sweet, down to earth, and very knowledgeable. Her massages are so effective. I wld leave feeling so relaxed, stretched limber, and less swollen. She knew just how to smooth out the hard spots that develop from fluid buildup after lipo. I always told her she had Magic Hands lol!
I highly recommend this place, they are so nice and attentive. Brenda the secretary always offers you some tea of coffee and serve it to you so daintily on a tray with a doily and tiny little sugar spoon, so darn cute. They are a positive crew that always want to make their client feel better. They are effectively skilled in the massages,

I ended up getting the package plus paying for like an extra 5 massages to get them all in before i came home so I didn't have to pay the US price. I had a particularly hard spots at the love handle area because i started my massages late.(ur supposed to start at 6 days, i started at 9 days post op). But Leo got those love handles so much softer by the end.... I left and haven't needed massages ever since ..... Any body looking for a massage center in Santiago, Go to Dermocosmetica Integral I had a great experience.

Faja Problemsssssss

OMGGGGG the fajas.......

So I've never been a faja kind of girl. Im the type that pre-op wld put on a faja and go to the party then take it off in the bathroom and stick it in my purse. I HATE FAJASSSS lol

But when u do these procedures, fajas are a must for recovery, reduction in swelling, molding and seroma prevention. Sooooo I got a fajate (disenos d prada) from my massage Parlor on day 18 post op ($170 USD) after my drain was FINALLY removed.. Fajas are more expensive in DR. I suggest you buy it in the states. I clda gotten my faja for 30 bucks less. Leo my masseuse insisted i get a size small..... i was like whattttt maybe a medium. Nope a small, she convinced me.

OMG day one I cldnt breathe, my ribcage hurt and I was dyingggg, but i left it on. I took it off daily to "bathe" sponge bath, Leo wld always squeeze me back in it after the massages. Bless her soul; it was a workout to get me back in that thing.

After wearing it for about a week or so it sort of stretches a little and I'm able to put it on without assistance, and I can breathe now lol! But, its too tight to work in , I was just like i cannot work in this thing so I went to the Pink Room, in Elizabeth Nj for a lighter compression faja. I got a brand called "Reno Life by Annette" $126

Also for us girls with big thighs, I suggest you get the fajas with the shorts to the knee. It,s worth the extra money to not have anything cutting at your skin. Panty style and mid short styles rub, cut you at the seams. I don't recommend it. I tried some on at the pink room..... its a no no for me. And you're more likely to be compliant with wearing it if your "comfortable" And i don't like the corset only style bcause they cut and rub at my incision line. Just my opinion.


day 22 post.op pic

1st time post op in jeans today


1st time in jeans


Swelling is supposed to be a problem for the next 2 months but about 2 days ago it was at a point that It was unomfortable to just be.....cldnt take it

My solution, pineapple (natural anti=inflammatory) cucumber juice (natural diuretic), Bromelain tablets and Calendula tea........Can i tell you the difference!! By the next day I feel so much better, less swollen. My faja was easier to put on. I reccomend the above products post op

New years eve - exactly 4 weeks post op

hi guys on New Years Eve marked the exact 4 weeks post op day. I was hoping to wear off really tight coochie momma dress but I couldn't get around to going out shopping. because I usually have my two daughters with me and I cannot pick them up to put them in the car seat in the car so it makes it difficult to go out alone. waiting for other people to come help me did not work out

accordinf to o dr. Robles I cannot pick up my children for 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery so I have at least two more weeks ago before I can do that and be more independent

so I figured I would recycle an outfit that I wore before the surgery so that I could see the difference of what I look like now in it. by the way I still fit into all of my clothes it's just their very loose at the waist and the jeans kinda have a space in the front.

so I really don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe its just that my clothes fit better and look better I went from a size 16 to 14. if I go shopping for new clothes because I want to wear tight shirts because before this I have a lot of loose shirt that kinda comes by my belly

recycled outfit before and after


Omggggg yup i got not one but TWO abdominal seromas i spent 6 hrs.en ER.yesterday to get a cat scan paid my.insurace. Nobody was willing to aspirate so i an waiting for a PS referral from Laura. I velueve they have a doc in NJ help.out her pts. THANK GOD..... Lessons learned..



I did get my seromas drained, dra. Robles referred me to someone in the heights. Thank.god, the relief isamazing. The doc only aspirated about 30cc total if dark yucky.fluid that.lloked like fat mixed.w blood, but that.fluid. Felt.heavy and made me feel pregnant.while it was in there

seroma smaller.... might need one more aspiration.

before and.after pics

7 op

b4 n after


Hello RS .....thanks everybody for your amazing feedback, tips and compliments. You guys rock!

Im doing a lot better, I got my seromas drained for the second time maybe about 10 days ago or something, Instead of 30ccs this time the doctor only removed 15ccs and the color was not as weird. It was more like blood and fluid, not that thick fatty dark brown like the first time. Doctor Angela is the one who drained me at Golden Angel Spa in Manhattan ny and she said she doesn't think I'll need another aspiration (THANK GOD). They are great over there. I would keep getting massages over there but I can no longer afford it so I have not gone back. I went to my regular doctor today for a check up and he says the seromas are gone. No need for further aspiration!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!

Since I discovered the seromas I've been wearing my faja 23/7...only remove it for showers and I use an ab board along with it. I like the ab board. Provides even compression and prevents pinching from the folding of the faja fabric. I have the octogan shaped one, cost 30. bucks

Swelling - Still an issue, lower belly swelling. Its discouraging cuz your like OMG All this pain and procedure and I'm ending up with a pouch NOOOOO. But according to my friend who did a TT recently, this supposedly goes down by month 4 -6. Patience is a virtue (sighhhh)

So also I've been paranoid about gaining my weight back b/c my appetite is still as it was before (EXTRA LARGE) lol but I"ve been trying to watch my portions. For the past week
I started the green smoothie craze from and replace one or two of my meals with a green smoothie each day. Ive been given the ok to walk from dr. robles and I'm starting to do Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds at home because its FREEEEEZING here in new jersey and I wont walk outside. I will try the elliptical at the gym maybe in another week. Today when I went to the doctor I weighed 188lbs!!! I went into sugery at 205+; immediate after surgery I was 195; 3 weeks post I was 194; and today at about 2 months post 188. Thank goodness I'm on a downward trend, I would've been PISSED at myself if I gained weight LOl!

I will post pics in 3 days when I will be exactly 2 months post op. bye for now!!

8 months post

wow its been so long...i have recently gained a lil weight back. Im back at 195 because I eat like an animl end results are satsfactory. when i stand my tutummy is flat but when i sit there is a roll that forms to the upper central abdomen. no lipo was dobe to that area. making it look a bit odd. my lower abdomen is flatter thab the upper. but overall its better than what i had. i wore a bikini for the 1st time in 15 years last month. and i can wear tight dresses with no spanx. im off to d.r.. again next week foe a vacation. i have purchased several new swimsuits that i cant wait to wear
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Robles is very sweet. She has a great bedside manner. She is extremely responsive via phone text or any method I have used. Her work is amazingggg I couldn't ask for a better job done to my body. She answers all question you may have and she really cares about her patients. She is very cautious and wants us her patients to be as well so that we can have the best recovery possible. I totally recommend anyone to use this Doctor not only for the results but for the type of person she is. Thank you Dra. Robles and staff for making the journey to a new me a pleasant experience.

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