TT, Lipo on Flanks, Lipo on Full Back, and BBL - Dominican Republic

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Surgery is scheduled for September 1,2016! This...

Surgery is scheduled for September 1,2016! This doctor is very kind. You can tell he cares about his clients! When I sent him a email about questions on the different type of surgery that he preforms he responded. He also called me after I sent him my before and after pictures! Any time I had questions after we talked I emailed his assistant Kenia she responded right away. I also down loaded the WHATUP APP, and communicated with the doctor by his personal cell phone. If he is busy he will tell you that and call you soon as he gets time. This doctor has no bad reviews, and is a TOP doctor in his state. I will be staying at the Spa Medical (Recovery house)! I also communicated with Spa Medical through the WHATSUP App as well.

My expectations is to feel happy in my skin. I know I'm a beautiful woman, and I dress to kill anytime I put clothes on :)! However I want to feel good once all them clothes and garments comes off. I want to be without the lose skin. I want to wear back out tops with out the back fat! I work out daily and also eat right 5 days a week. In my view, having this surgery will only help me to enhance my body. I'm looking forward to a greater me!

More wish pictures

Wish pictures that I'm hoping my new booty looks like!

Before picture

Hi dolls,
Here is more before pictures of my back and side.

Inspiration ????

Just wanted to wish all who are having surgery and or recovering nothing but the best blessing of all things. May God continue to bless US!

Some items off my check list

Hi dolls,
Here are a few items that was on the supply list from the doctor. He recommend me to get a CBC(complete blood count) before living the country! I'm so early, and surgery is not scheduled until September, however I rather get these done so when time come I'm all set! I hope all is well! :)

My Dr Rocks :)

Dr. Mota rocks!
I sent a email to his assistant asking her for their website to view more pictures. Well as you guy can see his assistant didn't respond HE DID :)! This is the number one reason why I choose this doctor he really cares! And look at the time difference.. YES! Didn't take him days to respond! My surgery isn't until September, and I'm so glade I picked him.

Help with supplies

Hi dolls,
On my list under wound care items: there is LIOTON 1000gel & Lipofoam! My question is where can I find these items from? Please help me, and thanks

Vitamins FYI

Hi dolls,
I asked Dr. Mota
About the recommended vitamin he wanted me to take, and the correct way to take them. I thought I should share. Hope all is well! FYI I know his name is spelled wrong on the pictures that I will up load but that's okay you guys get the point!

At times

At times, I get down/sad about surgery. One reason is its money, and taking the time to plan this surgery around your life and your family life. Being off from work and so on. I think to myself like do you really want to go through this??!??! When I put my clothes on I'm wearing something under my clothes so it can lay right on my skin. Which I am so sick of that. When I take these clothes off I'm like oh hell yes, surgery me PLEASEEEEE!! Some more before picture. So ready to get the Shape of my dreams!


Even though my stomach/flanks are not my best friends however I work out 4 times a week. Working out makes me feel I'm getting closer and closer to the woman I want to be! My tummy tuck will get the extra stuff working out can't! Hope all is well, to all the Dolls!

Before picture

100 days and counting

Today marks a 100 days and I'm so ready. I can't believe it. I hope all the dolls are healing well.

Death in the hands of Dr. Hector Cabral

The link of above is something for us all to read. This doctor is in the Dominican republic and have had several death. Ladies please let's do our research! Peace and love

Count down

Hello all,
Next Friday is the big day. I will be in DR on Wednesday. I'm excited and looking forward to a greater me! I can't wait to be on the flate side. I will post and keep all updated as days goes on. I hope all is well with everyone!

6more days

6more days and counting. I can't sit here and say I'm not nervous because I am. However I'm excited that this is near. I'm very ready for a newer me! I thank GOD for this and I pray that GOD covers me in all the steps and days of my life! The time is near.. DR here I come!!!!

I'm here.

Having problems with up loaded picture. Surgery is Friday 09.02.2016! I'm excited. I stay at Spa medical, and so far so good. The food is fye LOL. I will try and upload pictures one by one. Either way it goes I will post the picture one way or another.

More pictures as I stated

My bedroom with bathroom attached.

Dr. Mota building

Pictures of the building where the surgery will take place


Today went well. I'm now back in my room resting up for the big day tomorrow. I must be there @8:30 to prep for surgery, surgery will not start until 12noon. I will be having a tummy tuck with muscle repair, Lipo on stomach/flanks, Lipo on full back, and BBL. I went for X-rays today and went to the cardiologist. All appears to be well. As for the recovery house so far so good. No complaints. The food is good and the people are nice. I even spoke to 2 ladies who was renting a room like I am, and both had nothing but good things to say. One lady was here because she had her breast done by another doctor and the other lady was here because she said she just love this place. She stated that this is a very peaceful place to stay. To this date I have to agree with her I am at peace. It's peaceful and quite. The lady that got work done by another doctor said good things about dr.Mota and told me not to worry and that I'm in good hands. Well that's it for now. Peace and love. Oh picture of my lunch, and breakfast.

Night before surgery pictures

Just a few pictures of me the night before surgery. Time has been changed. I have to be there by 6:30am. Blesses to all. GOD has me and it's already done! In Jesus name Amen

All marked up


To GOD BE THE GLORY. I have made it. Thank you Father GOD praise your HOLY NAME! Well the man come in with the blue pill and very little of water in the cup. He first asked me questions about health, then I took the pill. I went to the restroom, lock my belongings up, and laid Right on the bed. He put an IV in my had and because my veins are small is he went to get another smaller IV. He put that in my arm in the middle. And I promise that all I remember. I woke up to an nurse telling me that my 24 hour nurse who is with me now is here she she wanted me to meet her. She has her own bed on the opposite wall from here I am. I called the doctor and 15 mins later he was walking in. He told me that Surgery went very well. He added since on side of my tummy was larger then the other that scar will be longer. Which is fine so long as my tummy looks even. He also expressed that my back Lipo went well and he took the fat from my back and placed it in my ass. One cheek was also larger then the other so to even it out on cheek as 1000CC and the other has over 1000CC wow right lol. I hate the fact that I'm sitting on my ass but it's best, and an order by the doctor. I did want my breast done however the doctor said he wouldn't think that would be best due to the tummy tuck and BBLplus the LIPO on my stomach and full back. So I listened to him. I will put a deposit down for breast and come back with in 6-8 months. Well the pain for now is okay. I did ask for pain medication and the nurse came right in and gave it to me. She also comes in like every 30mins or so to check my IV, jad blood pressure. Well ladies it's 2:28am in the morning and I can't sleep. I will try to get some rest. Until next time peace and love to all.


This is pain that I never in life experienced before. The medication that was given to my wear off in 1 hour. It's not strong enough. I call me self bring some muscle relaxers but I didn't become I wanted to do right and listen to the doctor. OMG This sucks.


Hi dolls,
I sent the doctor this picture and asked him was this normal. He told me that it is normal and to drink lots of fluids. He said I had lots of Lipo done. He also added if I'm still weak during doctor appointment tomorrow he will give me an iron IV. I haven't seen my body at all. I will walk today. Once my doctor appointment take place tomorrow I will take pics. Well, that's all for now. Thanking GOD for all of my blessings. Peace and love

First day FAJA off

Today was my first massages. As you guys can see I am super swollen. I have to add that I felt much better after the massages was done. I'm thinking I may double up on them. Well that's it for now. Doctor appointment at 4today. Peace and love

Only 5days in

Look at the difference. And only 5 days in! YESSSSSSS! So far I have gotten 4 massages, I double up on massages for Tuesday. No more robes for me lol! I'm so excited and very thankful. I will be back for my breast. I hope all is well with each and every doll. I am taking it day by day, and truth is it is not easy but it gets better daily. The recovery house has been amazing to me. I love it here so far (Spa Medical) and will be back. It's peaceful and not a lot of girls(clients). The key is to come when the doctor and recovery house not soo busy. Coming around taxe time is not the best.

5days after

More pictures

I am still super swollen. I don't feel pain as much just soreness every where. I am trying to embrace this process because we all know with time everything gets better. Still can fully stand. I hope I am at least able to fully stand by next week. I go home whoop whoop. As I walk bent over my back (lower) hurts like hell. See I'm a woman who will try anything once especially if it's somethings I'm interested in. But here me clearly I will never get a TT again. This is beyond painful. It's so painful too me that I can't even describe the pain. I thought it would be something like having a c-section. Oh boy it's not. I will say this, I'm definitely coming back for my breast. Well peace and love.


Hi dolls,
For those who have had surgery TT, how long did it take to completely stand up ? I'm 8 days in and still not standing completely up! with Lipo done on my back it feel like hell trying to walk bent over.


2 FAJA. Whoop whoop. I have to add that it is super tight. One drain was removed also today. To this date drain be in 11 days. I didn't feel no pain or burning while the drain was being removed! I still have one more drain to go. Dr reported that it maybe removed tomorrow or Wednesday. So far with recovery it's still a drag. I am much swollen then the first day of surgery. The swelling in my Lower stomach and lower back area is extremely tight. I been getting double massages for the last week now. The doctor said my main focus should be more and more massages. That's the plan. I leave to go back home on Friday and I'm very excited about this. I miss my husband and children so bad. I will resume massages in my home state not daily but twice a week for sure. Well family that's it for it. Peace and love


You can't tell me it isn't a GOD! WOW! I am filled with all sorts of emotions. Glory be to GOD! I am 11days in with lots of swelling and I look FABULOUS. WOW. I promise to take care of my body, and I'm very thankful to get a second chance. I know I have ways to go and I'm ready. I won't complain. Ladies Dr. Mota and his wife is the DREAM TEAM :)

Last day , Selfie

Today was the last day I will be visiting the Doctor in DR. This has been a life changing experience for me. I am blessed beyond measure. Dr. Mota and his wife is the dream team, please believe me! I am expected to be home on Friday. The doctor showed me how to take care of myself correctly. I did buy a stage 3 FAJA. I am expected to start working out in 6-8weeks and start silicone strips on my scare (the doctor called that scar therapy ) in 6-8weeks. So, realself dolls that's it for now. Peace and love


Look at my back! Difference at its best. 13 days after surgery. Pictures took today

Belly button

Adema, is what the doctor calls it. Adema is when the skin is super tight and swelling set in. Well if the skin is super tight with swelling there is no room for the swelling to go. As a result Adema has set in under my belly button. Pretty much it looks like a burn. My skin will peal and new skin will arrive. The doctor gave me step by step instructions on how to clean the area. My belly button is the best so far. My belly is so tight and small. I change, and clean everyday. I use lots of rubbing alcohol and bacteria ointment! I haven't took pain pills in some time. I'm happy about that. If anything I feel sore. I can now get out the bed, get in bed, place my BBL pillow when laying down or sitting up, walking longer, stand longer all by myself.. WHOOP WHOOP. Your girl is getting back to her self! That's it for now. Peace and love family

Happy Sunday

Hi dolls. I got home Friday night. Oh boy I happy to see my family. My bbl is not that sore. Some spots are sore then The other spots. honestly it's the easiest part on my body. Now my stomach, back, and sides are a different story. I don't feel pain just soreness, and very stiff when waking up every morning. I am still not standing straight and I don't like that at all. Sugery was September 2 and it's now been 2weeks and 2 days. I am so ready to stand up. Me bending over I'm sure it's causing more pressure on my back. I always use my bbl pillow with anything I do, however I feel I messed it up since I been putting pressure on it since day one. It's not like I could have laide on my stomach since I had the TT. I asked my husband do he see a different in my ass and he said yes. He took pictures so I could see the difference myself. I did see a different so I guess I will stay positive. My scare is very very low. I have so much swelling in my lower stomach and back. I'm still in my FAJA and I wear my Lipo foam in my FAJA for extra compression. I will love to get my nails, eye brows, hair and feet done. You know when you look good you feel good. Well that's it for now. Peace and love to all. Happy Sunday

3week update

Hi dolls,
I surely hope all is well with every doll who had surgery, or who surgery is near. Well this is my 3 week up date. I am still not standing 100%. I am trying my best to stand straight each and every day. My whole back, flanks, and stomach is so tight. I can't even pull the skin with my fingers. The doctor really snatched me okay. I am very very swollen and it's uncomfortable. I don't feel pain however it gets uncomfortable to walk and stand when my FAJA is on. I place the Lipo foam in my FAJA for extra compression. More compression helps to bring down the swelling. I find my self taking my FAJA off every morning so I can walk for about 30mins. I move so much better with out it. It also gives my body a break. I am still super hard all over. I have started more massages in my hometown but I can only get them twice a week. Funds okay LOL!!! I feel good. I went and got my nails and feet done yesterday. You know when you look good you feel good. So I'm slowly trying to get my grove back. I don't want to feel hopeless! Here is some pictures. Peace and love dolls.

4weeks update

Hola, I hope all dolls are well. Friday will make 4weeks for me whoop whoop! I'm still hanging LOL. Even though this process is not a walk in the park I still haven't said anything negative about my decision. I am embracing every step. I haven't sat on my booty yet besides using my BBL pillow. I use it all the time. I still feel as if I'm sitting on it. I had to compare before and after pictures to truly see the difference in my booty. I do see the difference I got want ass LOL. As for my stomach and back I am most definitely snatched PERIOD. I am super swellon and tight all around. Today I feel smaller. I'm liking my results and hoping and praying for nothing but the best. I'm standing completely up, and walking better. Well that's it for now. I so can't wait to play dress up YESSSSS!!! Peace and love.

Not feeling well

Hi dolls, I feel like crap. I'm running to the bathroom each and every time I eat. My legs caught a Charlie horse ( muscle cramp ) last night, and this body is extremely sore and very uncomfortable . I really don't get any sleep because I'm running back-and-forth to the bathroom in the middle of the night . This road is not easy. I need to go and at least by something that will keep me from running off. The doctor said it is the medication that's wearing off. I haven't had my period yet. This body is tired.

8 weeks this Friday

Hi dolls,
Just dropping some eye candy in y'all time line LOL. I sure hope all is well. This week (on Friday) makes 8weeks for ya girl YESS. I'm chilling taking it day by day. I told my self come December 1, 2016 this chick will definitely be in the GYM. I am looking forward to a better ME, you feel me :)!! In my pictures you guys will see that I am still swollen all over, very stiff, Edema has set up in my lower part of stomach and my lower part of my back. I feel better each and every day and I'm taking my time with everything. I still clean my wounds, my bellybutton, and I also use gauze and paper tape every day. I came home from work and decided to take off my FAJA and give my body a rest . So what's a girl to do but take pictures!! I'm looking forward to a greater and stronger me and I just thank God that I am still here. I communicate with the doctor every time I see progress so pretty much once a week and he communicate right back with me. It do not take him long to respond he also calls me. This doctor aftercare is definitely well . That's it for now! Dolls, take care.

My scar and Edema update

These pictures are of me as of now I took them today. I really didn't want to post these pictures because I do not want you guys to think that the doctor is not a good doctor, however I suffered from a edema. This is something I have stated since day one of surgery. It get worse before it gets better. Edema is pretty much swelling with no place to go. Old skin come off a new skin arrives. The purpose of me posting these pictures is for you guys to see how low and thin my scar really is. I am curvy I love my shape and pretty much I'm just waiting for my skin to appear below my belly button. If you guys can see closely my skin is now forming back to its original color. Leave all the negative comments to yourself this is a website for health ,wealth, development, and growth no shenanigans. Peace and love. Oh lastly I feel super sexy, and my Breast fits this body of mines. I may put the boob job on hold.. still thinking :)

My Doctor ROCKS :)

Hi dolls,
Just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you guys know that all is well on my end. This is the 2nd weeks back working out. I only do 20 mins of cardio. Once I get stronger I will add weights. My shape honey is the BEST. I am truly what they call a hourglass diva Lol. The purpose of me posting today is to inform you all how caring Dr. Mota is. I wasn't communicating with him as much as I did with all the questions when I very first got back home. Well he texted me and asked about an up date. I was like for real lol. This Dr truly cares. That shows you that he stands by his practice, his name, and most importantly his clients. I'm so thankful that I chosen him to be my doctor. I know DR is very far away from my home town in another country but I'm here to tell you, that was some of the best money I ever spent in my life. I will be making 3 months in December WHOOP. So please expect me to flood y'all time line :)! Peace and love

When your doctor checks on you

Just because

Hi dolls happy Sunday! Here's a picture as of this morning.. once I become 3months I will post more front and back. I hope all is well with everyone. Peace and love

3 months!! I feel good

How's everyone on this beautiful Sunday?! I sure hope all is well. I made 3 months December 2! I feel darn good in my Skin. Thank you GOD for this body!! My doctor reported full results within 6 months. My skin color is taking time to come back, but I'm still praising GOD for all he as done. I am ALIVE!! Blessing be upon all who reads these words. Be grateful for all things.


Hey family,
I didn't workout this morning, so I made sure I did it before the day ended. As I was putting my clothes on to leave I'm like let me take a selfie or 2 Lol. I really dont see my body often because it's always in my garment. When I seen this body I was like DAMMMMM!! I couldn't believe it right LOL. We dolls, I hope all is well with each and everyone of you. Peace and LOVE

My new new

Hi family,
Surely hope all is well. Just a picture of my new bootyyyyyy! Honestly, I have nothing to say at the moment but I'm grateful for life and I'm also grateful for this is experience. I haven't worked out on my stomach at all. My body not ready for that. I also still sleep with my BBL, I still sit on my BBL and I still sleep with my FAJA. I sleep in it every other day but wear it every day. My lower part of back can be stiff at times. I work out 3 days a week. I do 20 mins cardio and switch each day with either arms or legs. Also as you guys can see its still taking some time for my skin color to come back. Well that's it for now. Peace and love.

Quick drop off!

Hi dolls,
I hope all is well with everyone. As you guys can see my skin color hasn't came back yet. Which is okay with me. I guess it okay with me because a girl is HOT!! Yessss. And besides I'm in good health and alive. Once the summer comes the doctor recommended sun. The area is to sensitive right now. Once the sun hit the area my color will come back. March will be 6 months whoop whoop. I love the new me. I feel fabulous ALL THE TIME. My NEW booty is on point as well YESSSS.. lol. I still where my FAJA sun up sun down. My doctor recommended at least 6months of wearing it. But only 3 months wearing it sun up and sun down. I wear is all day because it helps form your body. I love the idea, that I have the option to wear a garment when I feel like it. Before I didn't have that :)! I get so many compliments of the body honey. That's it for now. If anyone want to know what happened with the skin color, please read past comments .
Peace and love

Update 2.24.17

Hello hope all is well. Just took these pictures. All is well and coming along just fine. I hope all is well with everyone. 6 months is coming soon. I will post more
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I had a tummy tuck, 360 lipo, which is on stomach, flanks and full back. I also got fat transfer to my butt for BBL and hips. I fully enjoyed Dr. Mota and his whole team since day one. His wife is also a doctor who also works hand and hand with him. She was amazing. Them together is what I call the DREAM TEAM. The office is clean, and both doctors made me feel comfortable. I came with the thought of a flat stomach and nice booty. But honey I got that and much more. I am a full hourglass Diva, and love my new body. I thank God for a second change and I promise to take better care of my body and health. I'm not even 3 months post surgery and my stomach is flat and this body has curves. I notice a difference in my body 2 days after surgery. I was like OMG. I feel fantastic. Whenever I had concerns he was always there. It's even been times where he didn't here from me and he would call or text me and asked me for an update. How cool is that , right ?! :). Dr. Mota ROCKS!!! He cares. Not one time has he step out of the role of professionalism, his before and after care is on point. He has been there for me since( I gave him my money, fly all the way to Dominican Republic, after surgery was over, my follow up appointments, and even when I got back home to the united state) I have contacted him. This doctor is amazing, his prices are nice, and I will always seek him for my cosmetic need. Cheers to becoming a woman comfortable in your own skin !! You better get yours because I sure did, and love it!! Surgery is scheduled for September 2016! This doctor is very kind. You can tell he cares about his clients! When I sent him a email about questions on the different type of surgery that he preformed he responded. He also called me after I sent him my before and after pictures! Any time I had questions after we talked I emailed his assistant Kenia she responded right away. I also down loaded the WHATUP APP, and communicated with the doctor by his personal cell phone. If he is busy he will tell you that and call you soon as he gets time. This doctor has no bad reviews, and is a top doctor in his state. I will be staying at the Spa Medical (Recovery house)! I also communicated with Spa Medical through the WHATSUP App as well.

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