tt, lipo,bbl*******finally scheduled for 6/17/14 - Dominican Republic

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Sh*t just got real!!!! I am FINALLY booked for...

sh*t just got real!!!! I am FINALLY booked for surgery on June 17th with Dr Yily. Flight booked for Sunday 6/15 and Armonia RH reserved. I am looking for buddies who are scheduled on or around the same date to communitcate and share concerns. My friend had surgery with Dr Yily in March and is healing beautifully, no complications whatsoever. She stayed at Armonia and said they are very helpful and the place is nice and clean. She was not able to have all of her scheduled surgeries do to her Hemoglobin levels. For this reason I have purchased a home hemoglobin meter to monitor my levels for the weeks proceeding surgery. I have had the same issue with no email response, so I resorted to buying a calling card and after multiple calls i was finally able to reach Theresa who does speak English well enough to assist and is very pleasant. I hear that this time of yr is extremely busy but I just couldnt sit around and wait for an email. Well I hope to hear from any potential buddies to partner up with and I wish everyone scheduled for the upcoming weeks a speedy recovery.


YAAAAAAY!!!! My home hemoglobin meter arrived in the mail 2 days ago and my level as of yesterday was 10. I also received my SSS Tonic in the mail today. i have been told by several people that this is the most potent old remedy to raise iron levels. I refuse to have my surgery delayed so I'm being proactive. 8 weeks to the day for my big day and I'm amped. Going to apply for my passport next week and hopefully have that back within 3-4 weeks. I must say that i am totally obsessed with reading the reviews of all the ladies on this site. its keeping me motivated and gives good insite on what to expect. I work from home so i am planning on returning to work as soon as i return from DR so i have been researching the best post op pillow for BBL. Does anyone have suggestions or stories on what worked for them?


Its been a while since I've updated but I've been super busy working and preparing for my surgery. I have been packing already and adding supplies as I go. I went to baby's r us and the damn large boppys were $40 and up so I decided to go to a really nice baby resale store and found one like new for $10. I had a dr appt last Thursday and had an EKG and blood work. I'm anxious to see what my hemo level will be considering how much iron I have been pumping my body with. I still haven't received my passport yet but I am anticipating that it arrives later this week or next. Its a bittersweet time right now because my bike club and all of my friends are heading to Myrtle Beach this week for bike week...its a yearly trip but I can sacrifice missing one year to finally get this flab off of my belly lol. I have all of my meds from Dr Yily's list prescribed by my dr and luckily it was fully covered by my insurance.... No charge yaaaay! Well I have to get back to work......have a good one all!

Woot woooot! Passport is here!

Feeling exited that I received my passport today...yaaaay! Exactly 3 weeks to the day that I applied at clerk of court. Its all downhill from here. Also received my second bottle of SSS Tonic in the mail today.

Packed and ready to go!

OK dolls its really hitting me now the time is drawing near. Flying out if Orlando tomorrow evening. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a tad bit nervous. But my faith, excitement, and courage overshadows any fear that I have. The only concern that I have now is my hemo level when I arrive! Well my birthday was your yesterday and I turned 42 so this will be a birthday experience to remember. I will be posting throughout the next few days....ta ta for now!

At Orlando International Airport!!!

OK so I'm here at the airport waiting to depart. Im overwhelmed with emotions. Im praying that my arrival and pickup from the airport goes smoothly. I contacted Mariah yesterday and she said Leo who be picking me up and confirmed the time. Well dolls I will check in tonight to let you know how phase 1 of this journey begins.


Well the flight was great, Mariah and her husband greeted me with open arms and the recovery house is modest but very clean and comfortable. But I went to open my suitcase to get settled and guess what!!!!! The damn baggage folks gave me the WRONG BAG!!!! they had 2 baggage people check my claim ticket and still got it wrong. ALL of my clothes, meds, and supplies are in my suitcase gggrrrrrr. I'm PRAYING to the almighty God above that my bag went unclaimed when I return the one that I have. We made multiple calls last night to the airport but the said I need to come today. The ladies here have been so helpful with translation. Will update y'all in a few hrs


OK I just got back from Cipla to have my preop testing done. Everything is ago for tomorrow. I decided that I want to come back for the BBL and back lipo. Going to have tummy tuck and lipo to the sides this go round. OK now I'm waiting for my ride to the airport to handle this luggage issue. As for Cipla, its a very busy place but everyone is helpful.

Yaaaaaay my bag was returned!!!

OK so NOW I can relax. My bag has been returned. Thank God for honest people. Now I rest my damn nerves. Sitting here at the RH enjoying the peace and quiet.

Pre surgery pics

OK well I guess I will go ahead and post a few before pics of the flabby bag of skin I've been carrying around. Also posting a pic of me last week to show how well I've been camouflaging this mess lol. I'm not in desperate need of the but lift right now so I'm gonna come back with my friend in 6 months for that and more lipo.


quick post op update

Well dolls surgery went great. In pain right now but wanted to let y'all know I'm good. Will give full details tomorrow

waiting to be discharged

Well Dr Yily just stopped in my room to see how I was feeling before she starts her day with other patients. She said the surgery went well. Yes I did wake up during the surgery as everyone said I would and was awake for all of the suturing. I remember trying to talk but don't ask what the hell I was saying lol. The night in the clinic was rough for my because I couldn't move or lay the way that I wanted to. The bandages were SUPER tight but the nursing staff tried to make me as comfortable as possible. I hired a nurse from my recovery house to stay here with me as well. I'm waiting to have catheter and iv removed and faja put on. Praying that my hemo level didn't drop so low that I need an infusion or God forbid a blood transfusion. I'm in great spirits otherwise.


Well ladies today I had to get the dreaded blood transfusion. I tried to get up for my followup appt and damn near passed out. They rushed me to the clinic and my hemo level had dropped even lower than it was after surgery. I had even received 2 iron infusions via IV and iron injections prescribed by dr Yily because my hemo dropped to 7.9 after surgery. Today it was 6!!!! I tried to refuse but dr Yily said please have the transfusion and everyone assured me that it was safe. Well low and behold I feel like a new me. Walking around with no problem. I did not purchase the insurance so I recommend that u ladies do just in case. I ended up spending $80 for the iron infusions that didn't work and another $200 for the blood transfusion today.... Uuhhggg
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