Tt, Lipo and Bbl! November 2016 with Medina!

So starting off to give you guys an idea of my...

So starting off to give you guys an idea of my background I am currently 28 years old from the state of Virginia. I have had 3 babies and all via c-section (last one was 12/2015). I am 5' tall and weigh 140lbs. I have only been on the Real Self for about 6 4 months looking and researching doctors and reading reviews. I decided to go with Tania Medina because she has some very good reviews, doesn't have ANY record of death or burns, and also because she IS a certified plastic surgeon by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). So far communication with Dr.Medina's assistant has been good and I have sent in my $500 (USD). My surgery is booked for November 22nd 2016! My flight is booked to leave Richmond, VA on 11/20/16 with a layover in Atlanta, GA. I am currently looking for a travel buddy and or a recovery home buddy. I have been told by Dr.Medina's assistant that I will be staying at MYHOME recovery home, but that information has not been confirmed yet. So yeah I am nervous and every single day I check for updates on Dr.Medina and also follow her on IG and her Snapchat! For now this all I can think about to write, but feel free to comment or add any suggestions. I will upload current pictures of my body. ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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