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Hi, I am new to the site and looking to get...

Hi, I am new to the site and looking to get surgery mid March, and have been stalking this site for quite some time. LOL. I have been doing a lot of research on Dra. Robles in Dominican Republic. Laura has been really good in answering all my questions and being really fast. I have also sent in requests to Dr. Yily and Dr. Almonte. Please does anyone have any suggestions on which one I should go with. I got a quote from Dr. Robles office of 5200.00 for everything, this is with BBL. I will be posting pics soon.

TT, Lipo of Arms, Flanks, and Back, BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

So, after more research, and going back adn forth with Laura from Dra. Robles office, I am confirmed for March 20, 2014!! Yay deposit is in. Now the waiting begins. Any one traveling during that time please let me know, we can be recovering buddies!! :) 3 months to go, I will be a Robles doll! Here's coming to the flat side. :) Any help with things needed, would be much appreciated, don't want to forget anything. Thanks Dolls!!! :)

Can't wait till March 20, 2014- finally added a before picture!

Just hear thinking about how everything will go and my results. I have finally got brave enough to add my photo. All you ladies are my inspiration. Thank you for sharing so much I could not have made my decision without you, my beautiful dolls :-)

March will be here before you know it!

Hey everyone, I have meta really nice girl on here and we are gong to be travel buddies! I am praying everyday things go good. Dra. Robles office had been great answering all my questions. I feel good about my decision. I posted some pictures of me hiding my stomach. Lol. But soon that will be in the past. :-) I love this site and all the supportive women here. I am going to look for some wish pics.

Getting Ready!!

So I have ordered some supplies for recovery. I am getting so anxious! I talk or text my travel/recovery/friend all the time. We are so excited and can't wait to join our ladies on RS on the flat side. We will be Robles dolls real soon, about 2 months to go. Looking to book my flight real soon, and have started taking my vitamins. I want to get about 2 weeks into my iron before I go take my lab test. I can't believe this is really going to be happening, its been a long time coming. Summer bikini here I come. LOL All of you ladies are so inspiring and you give me strength everyday :) Thank you!!

Getting Close!!

Less than 2 months and I will be a Robles Barbie!! Got most of my supplies, but I'm sure I will keep thinking of things to buy. It seems I buy something new every time I read another RS journey! LOL I have so much respect and admiration for all the ladies sharing their experiences, Thank you!! Not nervous yet, just excitement. Will continue to take vitamins and pray for a high CBC. Good luck to everyone and happy healing!

Getting prepared!

So, my tests are scheduled for Monday!! I pray everything is where it is supposed to be, or at least on the right track. I have been taking my iron twice a day, but will be going to 3 times a day Monday, and looking into getting a blood builder. I am still trying to lose 10-15lbs, but also want to make sure I have enough fat to transfer for BBL. My travel buddy and I are so excited!!! CAN'T WAIT TO JOIN YOU LADIES ON THE FLAT SIDE!!

17 more days to GO!!

So, I have started to pack. I am so excited and nervous, all I have been doing is thinking about being on the flat side, and all the reviews on RS have helped me along the way. I am sad that I won't be meeting up with my sx buddy to travel together due to my plan ticket being SKY HIGH!! But thats ok, I will be looking forward to seeing losetowin when I get there!! We are almost there GIRL :) I keep think of things I am missing, but after speaking to her, she has calmed me down and I know I am over packing, LOL, so I am going to go back through my bag and remove some things. Can't wait to be a Robles Barbie!!!

9 more days!!

Hi Ladies! It is getting down to the wire now. I picked up a few more things for the trip, I leave on the 19th at 5:45am and arrive in DR at 1:48pm, with my buddy losetowin!! My baby turned 1 on the 7th and my family came up for his party, my mom asked me if I was still thinking about having a tt, and I told her "I don't know". She has already tried to talk me out of it before, so I just can't deal with the negativity right now when its so close now. I want to stay focused with less stress as possible. My husband has turned around and has been a great support, I am so lucky to have him by my side and here to take care of me when I return. I am going to miss my kids so much....The lord will see me through this :-). Love all you beautiful ladies on RS, thank you for your journey's and support!

6 more days!

It is getting so close! One day I am good and the next I keep thinking is this the right decision. I was doing good at keeping calm now it is all starting. Lol I'm just ready to get it over with, and after reading the mixed reviews on Dr. Robles it is not making things any better, but like I said it is in God's hands :-) On to the flat side ladies!

3 days!

Hi ladies, it's getting close! Me and my buddy losetowin fly out early Wednesday morning meeting up in ATL for our flight to DR! I think I have all my supplies now just ready to get it over with. So aunt flow is coming, I started cramping this morning I just hope it does not drop my hemo to much I am still on my organic liver capsules for iron so I hope it is working! I got my email from Laura confirming everything is still as planned, so it's a go, nerves has really set in, I am going to miss my family. .. tears. . But everything is possible through Christ and he will see us ladies through this. Many blessings and happy healing to all my beautiful RS ladies! :-)


So I didn't get much sleep from all the anticipation and excitement! I am meeting up with losetowin in ATL then we at off to DR! We are finally going to make this a reality. It was so hard to leave my babies and husband but I know God will continue to hold me in his arms and bring me back to my family safe and in good health :-) Wishing all my RS sisters a speedy recovery and good luck on your journey, I will be following! Here's to the flat side, Robles Barbie in the making!

We have arrived!

So we are at Cecip and it is moving along. Losetowin and I have gotten all of our test done about to see Dr. Robles and get marked up for tomorrow! Thank you ladies for all your prayers it was a safe trip here and here's to a safe surgery tomorrow! I am so glad to be here with losetowin she is great! :-) I will keep you all posted.

On the flat side!

Hi ladies we are on the flat side, but we had a rough night. Am accident happened to lose but I will write a full review later just got smote pain meds so feeling out of it. It was crazy yall God was definitely with us!

At Virginia's

So lose and I are at Virginia's and it is so nice here. To start off lose had an accident where the shower glass door fell on her and 2 of her fingers were cut. But after that settled we went to sleep and they were there at 535 to get me for surgery, took the blue pill and that's all I remember. Woke up twice during surgery but I did not feel anything and went back to sleep. We had a really good nurse named Honey, very attentive to your needs. The only thing was the long wait after we did all our test it was terrible. I got a butt still waiting on swelling to go down to see tummy results good, but now is the hard part recovery! This back drain hurt!!! And lipo is the worst, but I am trying to make it through the pain and my scare is so low love it. Well I am going to end here and good luck to all the ladies having surgery and happy healing :-) Thank you for all your prayers!

Swell Hell!

Hi ladies, recovery is going ok, but this swelling and back lipo is crazy! I went a little shopping yesterday with a few of the ladies at the recovery house and let me tell you, my energy is not what it used to be and i swelled up like I had a baby! No more outings for me till I leave. Lol. Thank you for all your prayers lose and I appreciate everything :-) Stay tuned for some pics!

On my way home!

So recovery so far has been ok. I have gotten 5 messages and they hurt but they are worth It. I have so much swelling, but I also have the wrong size faja. I need a medium and I have a x-large! I learned that from the recovery house that's why I am so swollen! I ordered a new one to be at my house when I get there and I am stopping in philly after I get of the plan tomorrow to get one. I can't wait to see my family :-). Lose is staying till the 1st so my home journey is alone. I will miss all the ladies at the recovery house they have made my stay very comfortable. I will keep everyone updated. Happy healing ladies! :-)

Sorry for the late update! 8 weeks :-)

Hi my realself ladies! It has been 8 weeks and it is a roller coaster! Some days are great but others there is the shooting pains in my back and none of my fajas fit anymore. I just got a corset vest and it is ok but I feel it does not give me enough compression on my lower tummy so I am going to go get something else. I am in a small now. My measurements are 36 27 43. This butt is crazy! Robles did her thang! I have started working out, no ab work yet but I am on the p90x at my own pace. Hahaha but I am seeing some results already. Once I got back I have heard from Dr. Robles twice but I have been really taking good care of my body with the help of my hubby. I still have some stretch marks but it's ok because I know I had alot. I'm using my bio oil everyday and scare strips. I am going to post pics after. Thank you all for your support I could not have done it without you! :-) Good luck to everyone and may God be in your hearts always.

Pics! post 6 weeks and before. Love Dr. Robles!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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