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I'm patiently waiting for quotes from the famous...

I'm patiently waiting for quotes from the famous Dr Duran in DR and Dr. Baez. I have sent emails what's app messages in Spanish but I will just have to wait.

Not sure which Dr. to go with yet as they are both good but have heard Dr Baez is excellent with breast. This would he my second breast reduction I need them reduced and more perkier that is my main aim thst my breast are not sagging.

Has anyone had breast done by either doctors I plan to have surgery in October.

finally got my quote from Dr. Duran

Finally got my quote from the popular Dr. Duran I'm excited now. She recommends tt, bbl, BL and lipo. So now I need to decide which doctor I will use and pay my deposit.

Need to find RH too I need excellent aftercare so will be researching many. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm planning to go October.

Here are my horrid before pics. Can't wait to be snatched!!!

Dr. Baez - DR!!!!!!!!! Excited is an understatement

It just has to be Dr. Baez to do my surgery as I need my breast to be PERFECT this time around and I have read everywhere she's excellent on breast surgery. So all in all I will be have breast lift with small implant (to prevent sagging) she said, tummy tuck lipo to abdomen, sides, waist and back and BBL. I'm super excited. I have given chosen surgery date for October now need to wait for confirmation to pay deposit.

This will be my xmas pressie to myself after all I deserve it as I work very hard and never treat myself it's always the kids. I should miss them dearly but I have to do this for me. I plan to stay for 12 nights in total just need to find a decent recovery house preferably with hospital beds and not too pricey.

Does anyone have any suggestions please or recommend any nice recovery houses.

Recovery Houses DR need help!!!!!!!!!

Not sure which RH to choose I need somewhere with hospital beds, helpful staff don't mind if they only speak Spanish will have my translator app!!! Near to CIPLA if possible and a RH that supply basic materials cotton, alcohol, gauze pads etc.

Been looking at Maria RH, Jamie & Kindness so far has anyone stayed at these and could recommend. I just want somewhere that's quiet I can relax will be travelling alone from UK.

I don't want to be paying over the odds for this some prices are over the top I think anyway.

Deposit Paid!!!!!!!

I feel great today deposit been transferred today via bank transfer Western Union takes 1 or 2 days for her to receive. My surgery date should be confirmed for 25th October I'm so excited but very nervous at the same time.

Dr Baez is excellent when it comes to communication via whats app she usually replies back early morning on my way to work. She recommends I have breast lift with small implant, tummy tuck, lipo to waist, stomach and back and BBL. I dont want a massive booty but just a nice shaped one. I am so nervous about this surgery partly because I am going alone from UK.

Now looking for RH, I have decided to purchase a cosmikit from this will include all my vitamins, personal hygiene and recovery supplies. In this way I can travel light with just maxi dresses and comfy clothes as I will not have anyone to help me lift luggage etc when I am leaving. Plan to go from 23rd October to 4th November.

Will have my bloods done this week to check where my hemo levels are from now so if I need to get them higher I have plenty of time to do this.

Can anyone recommend any RH been looking at Sealily and highclass - any recommendations. Also found @ncipladr she provides: -

transportation - (airport pick up and drop off all doctors appointments) $85
bilingual assistance
overnight caregiver
nursing companion - $100 for 14hours/ $50 for 12hours
can also contact via whatsapp 18295394940 / 18292771925

My cosmicare kit includes: -

SSS Tonic
? Vitamin C
? Vitamin B Complex
? Calcium w/ Vitamin D
? Copper/Zinc
? L-Arginine
? L-Glutamine
? Quercetin w/Bromelain
? Stool Softner
? Laxative
? Extra Strength Pain Reliever
? Bio-Oil
? Neosporin Ointment
? Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream
? Arnica Gel
Personal hygiene
? Pre-Op Body Scrub
? Anti-Bacterial Soap/Wash
? Hibiclens Antimicrobial Soap
? Firming Body Lotion
? Neosporin
? Chapstick
? Toothbrush
? Toothpaste
? Mouth Wash
? Deodorant
Recovery supplies
? Go Girl Female Urinal
? Bobby Pillow
? Pill Organizer
? Lipo Foam
? Chux Pads
? Gauze Pads
? Medical Tape
? Q-Tips
? Alcohol Pads
? Compression Stockings

All for $300 - which can be delivered to your RH.

Where are my UK surgery buddies

Anyone ftom UK having surgery with Dr. Baez I am travelling alone and would love if someone could join me. I am travelling 23rd October to 4th November.

Please anyone thinking of surgery to DR would love to hear from you.

DR recovery houses need help!!!!!!!!

Received my confirmation email from the lovely Dr Baez today confirming my surgery date I'm so excited but nervous at the same time.

Now I need to choose a recovery house which I'm finding much harder than choosing my surgeon arghhhh.

I've received quotes from so many most similar prices and packages but it's hard to choose. I'm now looking at Daisys, Kindness or Serenity.

I have two people going to highclass Recovery soon so will get feedback from them too. I just want somewhere that are able to take care of me properly and help me as much as I need. I'm travelling alone so aftercare is important to me.

Has anyone stayed at any of these recently and can give recommendation please.

Height, Weight & BMI

So I am 173.5cm (5ft 8inch) tall, weight 12st (168 pounds). Just checked my BMI on website and its 25.3 so I am happy with this. Excited for my surgery date I'm so ready for perkier boobs and a flat stomach and a little booty.

Nervous about travelling alone plane journey is abouy 13 hours including stop off but it needs to be done.

Have already started eating more spinach and pineapples. Will start my vitamins exactly 3 months before surgery date as advised by Dr. Baez today.


I just seen this o a dolls page I'm following on IG. How terrible this makes me so worried. Ladies we all need to be extra careful when travelling this happened outside Yasmine RH

Please please please be extra careful. When I read things like this I really need a surgery buddy but haven't met anyone having surgery when I am - disappointed.

Tropical RH

It's so hard choosing a recovery home that can give you everything. I think I am more leaning towards Tropical. Hospital beds is a must have for me no negotiation I don't want to be sleeping in no recliner. Cleanliness and hygiene is of the utmost importance especially after surgery when I have open wounds don't like the idea of sharing bathroom and toilet with so many others. I don't mind sharing between 1 or 2 others but need to know this will be thoroughly kept clean. I've heard stories where bathrooms are not kept tidy I can't deal with that.

I need staff that speak English even if it's a little. I speak zero Spanish so I know I will struggle to communicate.

I'm considering Tropical just waiting on a response back.

Anyone have recommendations for RH please help - thanks.


I found this on amazon a must have to secure your money and important documents.

Dr Baez work

For those still deciding which doctor to choose in DR here are a few pics of Dr Baez works personally I think her work is excellent. She communicates well with you even after surgery too I have been told.

Good luck to all my future dolls.

essentials needed for my surgery

Think I will start purchasing a few items each month for my surgery these are a must have travel pouch will use to put drains in when going to follow up appointments. Female urinal just in case I struggle straight after surgery, bed pads for the leaking. Also trying to look for heat pads once I'm in recovery I know from my past experience I am usually freezing and shaking. Have to have my antibacterial wash for before surgery too.

Still unsure on recovery house this is harder for me than choosing surgeon.

new plans recovery house and hotel DR

So my sister in law has decided she's coming with me I'm over the moon. I have finally decided to stay in recovery house for first 8 nights which will be 5 nights after surgery then in a hotel for the other 5 nights which is 3 mins away from recovery house.

I will have a nurse with me at hotel a few hours each day to check me over etc and will be resting loads.

It's all getting real now hotel is booked will pay deposit for recovery house next week then be on the hunt for bargain flights.

decisions decisions decisions

Can't believe how difficult it is choosing a RH. Daily I keep changing my mind it's harder than choosing a surgeon. I have heard nothing but positive views about Serenity so think it will have to be that RH. The owner responds to all my questions timely and don't have me waiting for days on end.

hemo levels

I need my hemo to be above 14 for Baez to do all procedures BL TT lipo and BBL. Not sure when I should start taking vitamins I have already starting to eat more spinach, beetroot and pineapple.

Any suggestions anyone? Surgery is not until October.

RH in Dominican Republic

Hey dolls I need honest reviews on RH you have stayed at preferably ones with hospital beds I'm having a TT and the less stomach muscles I use the better when healing (advised by nurse).

I am looking at Princess RH anyone stayed there would love to hear from you. Just read a review on Sealily and glad I haven't booked there.

Any recommendations are appreciated this is much harder than choosing a surgeon!!! We need emojis on here.......

percocet for pain

I'm in the UK so we don't have this painkiller is it safe for me to buy online I want less pain as possible after surgery.

Also the 'blue pill' that is given wonder if it's safe to take two will ask Dr Baez I'm so concerned about waking up during surgery. Would rather be knocked out fully.

Choosing a surgeon in DR

This helped me choose my surgeon thought I would share with others: -

Determine what is most important to you because the best breast doctors are not the best in BBL and Liposculpture unfortunately. Is communication and aftercare more important to you? Sadly there is no doctor in DR that has it all in 1 package. You will have to trade off something for what matters to you most.u
If I have a good body already with good fat storage (no saggy/excess skin), a little something on my behind already and was more interested in having an excellent breast work, I would choose Baez (the lady), Robles or Disla in that order. They have had no reported deaths or infections that I know of. Baez has top notch communication and aftercare and uses FDA approved implants which costs a little bit more. She is also the only one that has textured implants which stay where they are placed and you won't have to worry about your implant dropping or wearing a breast band. Their Liposculpture and BBL on small girls with enough fat and no saggy skin is on point and amazing. If you are in the same RH with Baez or Disla patients, you will envy the aftercare they receive. The doctors clean the incisions themselves and take care of their patients better than any of the other doctors I will talk about. Robles aftercare is great as well but the time taken to book an after care appointment and wait time to see her is just horrible. If I'm a big lady or have tons of excess skin, I will not go to any of them except maybe Robles. You will not like the results from them if you do, except if you want to console yourself by the fact that you look much better than what you started off with, but that's not what you paid for or is it? Some of Robles patients are complaining of their belly not being flat after TT.

Duran is great with after care and does it herself and communicates very well with her post op patients but it will cost you an arm and a leg to get through to her to get a quote or a surgery date, but it is worth it at the end. She is one of the almost well rounded doctors there, good with all body types, her skills are just crazy. She does good breast work with different lift techniques depending on your body and what you ask for, note that I said good not excellent like Baez. She sculpts a lean and mean torso like Cabral but she still maintains the definition at the waist line for extreme curves. The S curve at the back and the curve at the bottom of the butt cheeks differentiates her patients from that of other doctors. By looking at pics I can tell if the doctor is Duran or Cabral (their work is quite similar and different from the others). The only faults she has: extremely difficult to contact initially, 1 reported death, infections more than 2 that I've read of, 1 patient still unable to walk post op, some complaints of volume loss from BBL and hips and some have complained of belly bulging after eating (that may be normal I think?)

The great Yily acclaimed to have mad sculpting skills, yes I agree but when she actually does the work herself, there are lots of reviews to prove and disprove her results. Yily is a skilled and excellent doctor for certain body types. If I have a good skin tone (big or small it doesn't matter), some foundation for BBL, no TT, breast work or any other lift required I would go to Yily. I would also require a guarantee that she would do the job herself. Yily is hit or miss, when she does the surgery herself and gets a hit, the results are jaw dropping awesome but when she misses, it is quite mediocre. For breasts, she misses more than she hits, her Liposculpture success depends a lot on body type. There has been lots of complaints on belly not flat after TT, loss of volume from BBL and hips with time and horrible breast work. Communication is okay for pre-op but mediocre to non-existent for her post op patients. Aftercare is handled by another doctor, so it's great. A lot of how I took care of myself after my 2nd round was what I learned from my 1st round aftercare with Dr Anna (Yily's post-op doctor). Yily's cons: 1 death due to sepsis, several cases of infection, burns, poor communication.

the excitement

My flights booked, apartment booked just need to book recovery house will be staying at princess recovery house I need a hospital bed. The less stomach muscles I use to manoeuvre etc the better healing. It's getting real now I'm do excited and even more so that my sis in law is joining me for support.

Flight is long ftom UK but I've requested wheelchair service for return journey and cannot wait to finally have the body I've been longing for. I love my 3 kids dearly but damn they fucked my body up!!!!! It's time for me to get it back I'm gonna be looking so hot for xmas the excitement is real.

Also booked a private nurse for when I'm in apartment to give me general care check drains and for my massages I want two a day.

Baez finally collected deposit

So after 2 weeks of sending my deposit to Dr. Baez I finally receive email from Western Union that my money has been collected. Feel so relieved eventhough I always communicate to her through whats app she assured me my surgery date is definitely booked. She just didnt have the time to collect deposit.

I have 6 months to prepare myself for this journey I am so excited and cannot wait. Need to start buying my supplies which I will need for after surgery.

Also decided to see a private doctor in UK to get my bloods checked nearer the time and to get prescription for medication I will need for after the surgery as my general doctor ask a million questions and will not agree to give me prescription. I want and need the strongest painkillers going!!!!

Depo injection - contraceptive

Hey Dolls anyone can give advice who has had surgery already and have the depo injection. Do I need to stop taking my depo injection prior to surgery I am unsure.

I was still taking depo when I had breast reduction surgery in 2014 so I am unsure. Any advice please. Thanks.

Follow me on instagram

Follow my journey dolls @baezbarbie2016uk

pain pump

I am over the moon that there is an anesthesiologist that arranges for you to have a pain pump if you want it only $200 for 2 days. This is given to you on discharge from hospital if you need it.

I know I will be in terrible pain so I am definitely opting for this option for the first two days after surgery. It's then collected from your RH or wherever you are staying you can have for 4 days in total which is an additional $130. Anyone interested let me know happy to share details.

RH then hotel

Finally made up my mind will stay in RH for first week then all inclusive hotel on the beach yes it's 30 mins drive away but I prefer it for my last week. At least I can take strolls on the beach if I'm strong enough I would crack up if I was stuck in RH for 2 weeks.

which procedure is done first

Can anyone help I am having breast lift with implants, tummy tuck, lipo and bbl. Does anyone know which order these are done when having surgery. Just curious.

For the dolls that have had this what position did you sleep in what was most comfortable?


Be Live Hamaca Garden - DR

Excited to be staying in this all inclusive hotel in my second week at DR. I know I want be swimming etc but at least I can enjoy a stroll on the beach and be around nice scenery and good food with the 6 different restaurants they have to offer.

Accommodation while in DR

I know I've changed my mind a million times but who cares.

Now staying at Tropical_deluxe owner is Ruth and she's very communicative. I have spoken to many girls that have stayed there recently via IG (which is soooo useful by the way if you don't have surgery page create it).

Apartments are very clean cleaned daily nurse care is excellent food is great. Your nails and feet get done after surgery too. Massages are great painful but great it's important after surgery to have at least 10 or more if you can while in DR.

Counting down my time now roll on October. I'm preparing myself mentally for this journey.


Ok so I've just started these this week I have 6 months to go.

What else should I be taking any recommendations is useful thanks.

Found this

Check this out

Inflatable backmax wedge cushion will help with TT and multiple procedures and looks much more comfortable than sleeping in a recliner (my opinion).

RH in Dominican Republic

Haven't been on here for a while instagram is so addictive.

Change of plan I'm now travelling alone for surgery in October. Has anyone stayed at Karis RH or any RH recently please let me know how it was for you. Keep hearing horror stories about these RH!!!!!!

Staying in am apartment alone I think would drive me in sane for 2 weeks.


Haven't been on here in a while since I created a surgery page on Instagram its so informative and helpful. If you don't have one dolls get one its soooo beneficial the information you get.

I am just counting down my days for surgery now nearly 4 months to go been taking my hema plex slow release tablets every other day, feroglobin liquid iron and vitamin C 1000mg so far. Will increase with more supplements nearer the time. Still not had my hemo levels checked yet as my doctor is making my damn life so difficult so will go to private doctor in July so at least I know what I need to work on.

I now have most things in place for surgery now been buying a few supplies too organised pain pump for after surgery, booked nurse for surgery day just cant wait to go now.

Surgery Buddies

So excited I have found 3 surgery buddies two are having surgery with my doctor and one with Dr Cabral. We are arriving same day and all staying together at same RH.

Feels good I am now experiencing this journey alone now not too long to go just concentrating on my hemo and making sure I am healthy and well for this trip.

Just hate that the flight is 13 hours!!!!! Have to stopover in Madrid for 2 hours going and 1 hour coming home.

18 weeks and counting

Cant believe I have just over 4 months until sx I cannot wait to be searched by the famous Baez she has been giving out those bootys lately. I am all prepared had my hemo checked at the weekend its currently 12.3 so I am now taking all my vitamin supplements as well as making fresh smoothies daily. My best so far is pineapple, mango, apple, ginger and spinach.

Hope my hemo improves within the next two months when I will check it again to make sure its increasing otherwise I will start taking the Tot'hema iron you can buy from ebay its very good heard many good reviews, it increased my friends hemo by upto 1 whole point in 8 days. (she was taking 3 per day with OJ). I'm not on here much prefer instagram you get so much info and advice.

Hemo life

Well I have gone healthy eating crazy I think since I have decided to have surgery. Every morning I make smoothies which included pineapple, apricot, mango and Kale taste really nice you barely taste the Kale as the pineapple over powers it. I make sure I have a smoothie each morning along with my vitamins, Vitamin C, folic acid, b complex and feroglobin liquid. Had my hemo checked last week and it was 12.3 without me starting my hemo regime so I am hoping this increases when I check again.

My friend is back from DR today and she has bought me the Ferroprotina sachets which helps raise your hemo too.

Smile to match my body

Follow @drjepssybeltre Dr. Jepssy Beltre - for that smile in DR. Very good prices his also available to contact on whats app too.

Flight decisions

It's either London to Punta Cana direct flight 8hrs and a 3hr car journey to Santo Domingo or London to Madrid Spain 8hrs odd then lay over for 2hrs or 3hrs then onto Santo Domingo another 2 hrs so in total 13hrs travelling by plane. I don't know what to do spoke to a few dolls that have took the direct flight and found it ok they just laid in back seat of car. I can't decide what I should do anyone done the same.


If you don't have one get one you will not regret it!!!!!! Just like RS you get soooo much info up to date pics from dolls that have just had sx you hear the good, bad and ugly about RH's too. I love my IG sx page found my buddies on there too which was helpful now I'm meeting up with 5 other dolls. So excited for October not too long to go now.

Also decided on direct flights to Punta Cana spoke to many UK dolls that have done the same and they were OK with the car journey to airport, much prefer direct flight than these connecting flights and delays. One girl from the UK it took her 16 hours to get back due to delays etc.

Flight booked changed RH AGAIN!!!!

Direct to Punta Cana I go. Now not staying at Sweetheart RH it turns out the owner is nothing but a liar. Staying at Harmony Deluxe now a doll is there right now giving me full detailed review on IG. That's why I love my IG sx page.

Just choose your RH carefully when corresponding to them via what's app they all seem nice etc but is the house in correct order she was faced with a broken toilet seat dirty shower which water was not coming out of properly.

Baez dolls please take note

My dolls if you have eczema please be aware Baez will not give you aggressive lipo. My friend is one day PO and she was not able to have it due to this reason but Baez still removed 5 litres of fat from her and gave her 1000cc in each butt and 300cc in hips.

Just thought I would share this so if you do have eczema try treating it before sx

Selling my date with Dra Baez

Anyone interested please PM me........
Australia Fragoso Baez, MD

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