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I arrive in DR on August 31,2016.. I took a late...

I arrive in DR on August 31,2016.. I took a late fight so every thing was smooth sailing.. No long lines at airport.. I had a row to myself on the plane ...
I'm staying at Princess recovery house.. I had requested a picture of the driver prior to arriving.. When I got to airport in DR he was right along with owner of the recovery house..
Room was as deceived in the pictures.. Two others girls staying in the room with put there were out having surgery.. I had the room to myself.. Didn't sleep much I got to the recovery house around 4am had to be at the doctors clinic by 7:00 am.. Driver pick me up drop me off.. I met Dr. Baez assist who took all my info.. Took me to lab to get my lab work done .. He never left my side.. When all that was done we went back upstairs .. Doctor Baez was there.. She discuss with me what look I wanted to appreciative I told.. She is extremely nice & attentive... I paid her .. She told she would see at 7 am because I was her first patient.. I was really nervous because hadn't had my Hemo test since March it was 11.9 at the time.. I refuse to get excited until I got the text I was cleared for surgery.. I went into the waiting areas spoke to some ladies about there recovery .. I felt a whole better after speaking to them

Day 3

I had my surgery September 1.. I was Dr Baez first patient.. Came in fill out some paperwork after that went to 3rd floor.. I was given a room to change my clothes.. They had a nice & cozy fleece blanket on the bed.. Than I was given the famous blue pill with tiniest drop of water.. I was still wide awake.. Dr Baez came in give me a hug.. Mark me up.. Than I was brought into the surgery room.. The I was given the blue pill again.. I was knock out instantly.. When I woke up I was in recovery room.. I touch my stomach I knew I was on flat side..

I was a little nauseous than I threw up.. The nurses test my blood.. I was given soup which I threw up... I started to get hot flashes.. I was given a nurse who spent the night with me.. That was very helpful & I recommend it..

Next morning my blood was tested again.. Than Dr Baez came to see me.. To let me know my Hemo had drop from 13 to 7.. I got an immediate blood transfusion which cost $150..

After the transfusion I felt 10x better ., no dizziness or nausea..

Dr Baez very through.. She give me strike instructions what to do when I get to the recovery house.. I can't tell how amazingly sweet Dr. Baez is..

Genuinely cares about her patients.. I still have a lot swellen.. I have an appointment tomorrow hopefully this drain can be removed.

I have not been in any major pain just discomfortable., Skin is still very tender from the lipo..

I recommend to bring with .. Depends, anicare cream helps a lot , iron so you don't have to buy it in DR.. Gas pills, stool softener , wipes lots of it., snacks.. Heating pad because if you are sharing room with someone who is always hot you will be cold.. Night gown with zip up front 3 maxi dresses.. Pads.. The picture was taken right after surgery

Follow up visit

Earlier today I had my first follow up visit .. Doctor everything is looking good.. I'm schedule for a massage today.. I have a lot swollen upper part of my stomach.. Once my massage is done I will fell a lot better..
My faja is on the third row.. I'm going to need to have it taken in.. The doctor also put on my ab board on today.. Pls don't put that ab board straight after surgery .. Do not let anyone massage the day after surgery.. Your massages should start 2 days after surgery .. You will thank me for this.. The horror stories I have heard.. Hoping I will be walking straight by Friday .. It's a process I have a lot bruises.. That's to be excepted .. Make sure you drink lots of water after surgery & take your water pills..

Before & After picture

Before & After picture

After pictures


The reason my quote was $5000 is because I include the cost from surgery, supplies. Airfare, recovery house, massages etc

The drain

I'm leaving to go home tomorrow.. I'm so happy but I still have the drainage.. Just happy to be going home

Princess Recovery House

I am writing this review in reference to my stay at the Princess Recovery House..

I stay here because I read a few reviews about it.. I was excited about getting my sx over look the fact that this house only had a few reviews.. Not many ppl stay here..

I was pick up from the airport on time.. Within a few hours I had an appointment at 7am to see Dr Baez.. I was drop off on time.. Once I was done I text the owner she never reply back.. My doctors assistant called no reply.. I waited 2 hrs for them to pick me up.. Finally the owner sent me a message she had to be taken ER because she was having bad cramps..

When I get back to recovery house I found out that was lie .. She was actually on snapchat showing off her new location.
Mind you she never once mention when I was booking her .. That she was in the process of moving..

Now a few hours later she sends me a message stating she is moving to a new location.. Sends me a picture .. Keep in mind a few hours before that she sent me a message that she was in the ER..

I never said anything to her about it.. Next day I had my surgery.. The Day I was beginning release again 2 hrs late.. She sent a non air conditioning taxi to pick me up.. The car was very low so it was difficult for me to get I out of it because I just had a TT..

I didn't say anything about it.. They brought to the new location no problem..

Now both location the bathrooms had a really bad smell like the sewerage system was back up..

I couldn't take the smell in the room so opted to sleep in the livingroom because it was easier for me to get up & sleep..

I still didn't say anything.. I just wanted to recovery.. In her package she offer free wifii & cable tv .. Wifii signal was very weak it was not fix until 2 days prior to me leaving & the cable.. There was no mirror in the bathroom so I couldn't see myself.. No hot water& food was too salty .. The juice was always too sweet..

My doctor had told Nina husband who is also the driver that my faja needs to be taken .. She explained in details how it show be taken in.. They take faja to the seamstress to be taken.. When I get back I felt like one side was taken more than the other side..

I go back to the doctor days later she says it wasnt taken in properly.

Now I'm mad .. I get back to house I was starving .. I ask for food I was given fruits.. I told them I don't want any fruits .. I want food.. I finally black out on Nina the owner..

I told her you never once apologize for the inconvenience.. She was like I was unaware of all this.. Yeah ok.. I was so upset .. I called my husband to change my flight.. I could not stay here any longer.I made reimbursement for days I wasn't staying.. She still never apologize.. I don't know what she told her staff everyone mood change.. Don't believe the pictures on IG we was never served shrimp or red snapper..

I can go on and on but I would never recommend staying .. The other lady's that stay felt the same way .,

12 days PO

So Saturday I had my 3rd massage which was heaven sent.. I went to a place in Union City, NJ.., I was happy I didn't have to travel to NY for massages.. Since I leave in NJ.. It's 50 per massage or you can purchase a package of 10 massages for $400. There is a faja store right across street where I can purchase fajas.. She said I'm healing very nicely .. She said within a month a should feel a lot better.. I am also having my husband massage me through out the week.. I plan on getting massages professional 1 a week..

Please make sure you get your massages you will feel a lot better.. She even removed my drain for me.. So happy that drain is out .. It was so annoying .. I have been wearing my faja too.. Helps me walk straight.. Gives me the support I need..

I drove for the first time today.. Thank God my husband had small pillows inside the car.. I can use behind my back and to seat on.. I will share new pictures after my massage on Thursday..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Baez is an amazing Doctor.. She took her time and address all my concerns.. She told me exactly what she was going to do.. You know a doctor is amazing even her assistant was great .. I saw Dr Baez prior to surgery she marked me up.. Everyone who apart of surgery was amazing.. She is exactly what expected.. Her bedside manner is very impressive..

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