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I'm traveling to the Dominican Republic to get a...

I'm traveling to the Dominican Republic to get a tummy tuck lipo and the Brazilian butt lift. I am a 40 year old a mother of two and I have never ever had a waistline! Would love to chat with ladies that will be there in early August. I'm scheduled with Dr. Tania Medina and I can't wait to meet her... my date is scheduled for August 4th...


My surgery day is less than 30 days away and I can feel my iron extremely low. My deficiency is something that I live with day to day so stressing about hemoglobin levels has never been concern! To prepare for surgery I've been researching diligently ways to make my hemoglobin levels rise quickly and I've learned a couple of things that are think are important. I'm not a doctor and I would definitely encourage you to do your own research. But this is what I've learned the hard way. First- there is no quick way to bring your hemoglobin levels up it takes 90 - 120 days to generate new red blood cells so raising your hemoglobin levels may take a little bit longer than one may think. That's not to say that it cannot happen, but a rise in hemoglobin levels of 1 or two points, with lots and lots of iron supplementation...maybe three if you're really lucky Within 30/40 days is more likely, when you are anemic... I've learned that I was not taking nearly as much iron needed to correct the deficiencies. For example was taking two blood Builder capsules which contain 27 milligrams of iron daily... not nearly enough especially as a female who has a very heavy and long period. hemo is way down...Finally,in a last-stitch effort to lose the last 10 pounds prior to my surgery I decided to take Herbalife products to accelerate weight loss. Unbeknownst to me the protein powder contains soy which inhibits the absorption of iron. Product also contains a lot of calcium which also inhibits the absorption of iron. So has I'm trippling my iron intake by drinking the Herbalife Products twice a day was overidding my efforts to absorb more iron. Just a few Lessons Learned and I thought I would share hopefully I'm on the right track I will be able to tackle this iron deficiency anemia before my surgery date on August 4t. best of luck to all of you!

Need Hemo to get to 13 to fix this!

Need Hemo to go up to 13 to fix this!

Need a nurse for cipla

Any one have suggestions on hiring a private nurse?

Medina 4 days post op.

Feeling better

5 weeks postop

5 weeks. Down 20 pounds since surgery.



Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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