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I am both excited and nervous! Aside from birthing...

I am both excited and nervous! Aside from birthing twins I've never had a major procedure. I just want to say thanks to all who have posted their experiences. After, many days and countless hours of research I have chosen Dra Robles. I read the good and not so great reviews of Dra Robles and other PS within the US. I have also had stateside consults as well. I am confident that I have chosen the doctor equipped for my transformation. So, the journey begins!!!

Pre Op Pics

Well I've finally mustered up enough courage to post the infamous "before-pics."

Preop Day

Hi, ladies and cuzzo!!! I'm finally in D.R. My flight arrived about 30mins late (3:00pm) but, Hanel (I think) was @ the airport waiting. I'm traveling with one of my BFF's who will stay for about 3 days. It took about 45 mins to get to CECIP and once there I was immediately escorted to my room. The wait in between services was pretty long but at least I had a room and was able to order food (KFC). After, being in my room for about 2hrs I was directed to go and get my chest x-ray then sent back to my room to wait for a doctor to do my Heath history and the cardiologist. I also got my blood drawn in my room. Somewhere during that time Laura came in with the doctor that took my health hx and Laura explained the procedure and what to expect as she is the one who basically has the best English skills. Later, (just as I am about to finally take a shower) Laura comes back with Dra Robles. This was about 8:30pm. So, with the shower on hold I eagerly listened to Dra Robles explain what she could and will try her best to do as well as reiterate what Laura explained earlier. I really felt more relaxed after talking to Dra Robles. She also used this time to mark up my body. I immediately took a shower after that and forgot to take pics of the mark-ups.

SMH in disappointment... ????

Ok, 2mos pre my hgb was 12.3, 1mos pre it was 12.2, and today after increasing my iron intake my hgb was 11.8. Laura gave me this info just as I was in the shower and stated that she would come back to talk to me. I had already prepared myself for the chance of not getting everything I wanted but I didn't prepare for the possibility of not having surgery or having surgery and my BFF not being there (she works in healthcare as well.) So, I'm thinking all kinds of thoughts. But, when Laura came back to talk to me she stated that Dra Robles can still do the TT and lipo of my sides but not lipo of my back or BBL. Also, it will be 1k cheaper. Hey, safety 1st so I'm ok and back to being calm.

Approx. 4Hrs Post Op

As instructed by the cardiologist I woke up at 6am to take my blood pressure medicine. I made a partial payment in cash last night and the credit card services were closed at that time. So, at 8am when the administration office opened Dra Gonzalez (same Dra who did my health hx) marked me up and escorted me to pay off my balance. I went back to my room and at 10:45am Dra Robles came in to give me the 'Blue Pill'--actually it's midazolam for sedation. I have no idea when it kicked in. I just wake up in the post op room with approx. 5 other patients(pt.) Some got wheeled out but shortly after another pt filled that spot. It was chilly in there but I had a blanket and felt comfy. The nurse working in the post op room checked on me frequently. I remember her telling me to relax. But, I didn't feel panicked or scared. Although, I do not recall what the heck I was talking and I kept dozing off and waking up. I was really trying to fight the sedation so that I could go back to my room. So, my BFF could monitor me. She takes my vitals every hour with equipment that packed.
PAUSED the post @ 10:05pm.
Dra Robles came in along with Dra Gonzales and my nurse. Dra Robles assessed my TT scar and the areas where she lipo'd. Dra also put a clear cream on my TT scar. I also called her "le mehor" (the best) and got a chuckle from her. Well, the antibiotic is making me a little queasy. So, gonna try to rest and later. Take care dolls????????????
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