Having Sx with Dra Cabral 4*23!!!! - Dominican Republic

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Well I am writing my first review pre-sx I am...

Well I am writing my first review pre-sx I am scheduled for Sx on 4*23 with Dra Cabral. I am excited and starting my count down 43 days and counting. I have been back and forth between Dra Yily and Dra Almonte but I have decided to go with my VERY first choice which is Cabral ????? #Jesuswillbethere2

My time is getting close

Hi Ladies I hope all is doing well and everyone is in good spirits, my time is getting close I leave in 26 days. I am excited but I guess it hasn't quite hit me yet I am just going through the motions and trying to make my last preparations I stopped at my bank today to let my banker know I would be leaving the country and wouldn't you know it she said she is going in may (for visit not sx) she gave me a copy of her cab driver she uses when she is there and advised me to get a whole bunch of $1 bills will do...! She has been 3 times she says nice little lady. So I'm currently in the process of exchanging $100 USD into Dominican pesos for tipping etc the rest I will use in USD I think you come out better. I have started doubling up on all my irons and folic acid, I'm taking blood builder tea and straight liquid iron yukkkkkkkkkkk! But I drink every night along with my tea. I have basically all my supplies and just bought some more stuff ******I think out of boredom now! Spending spending spending... I bought the owner of the rh I'm staying at a nice gift because I'm appreciate and she is really nice. I'm staying at Gianna's rh. Yup yup she is the best in massages so I will stay with the best.
I will include photos of my massive supplies but definitely am not taking all this with me ******I over killed it... ;) but enough for when I come back home. I'm taking 2-3 weeks off work I'm already approved for 2 and plan on requesting the last week when I come back from DR. Ladies this journey has highs and lows and as in life there are a lot of negativity that you may deal with along the way... But if you stay strong and stand firm on your own convictions (what you want) you will be OK and nobody can sway you this is my first real actual update here because I just haven't had the time, and what can I say to help other ladies??? Just speak from the heart that's all j know. I Gabe up smoking my beanpies about 2 weeks ago (Mary Jane to most) I miss my beanpie sometimes but again its for my health and I have to put myself in a position to heal healthy and happy. I stopped drinking my tea....uuugggh but will be taking with me because it REALLY helps you flush system seriously LOVE IT.

I have my tourism card already out the way ($10) ?
Plane ticket bought ?
Already set up wheelchair service for coming back.
Insurance on ticket bought?
Deposit on rh paid I think I will pay rest of this before I go.?
I get my hemo checked again on 4-10 and my EKG my Dr is very supportive he even gave me his personal cell number so I can call him in DR and keep him.posted with me ??

umm let me see, there aee a few things I still need I.e. couple more dress, panties, wash clothes, loofah sponge, faja I will buy over there and them order one while there for when I come back home. I feel like I'm rambling maybe because I'm tired and have to be up in am.for work so ladies I will leave you with Don't let anyone steal your Joy and definitely dontet anyone rent any space in your head... Thats not free...!

I will post again when I'm less tired and give more detail of my journey if you have any questions please ask I will answer until we type again..... Lol dey humor yesssss I'm tired night ladies

6 days and counting

Well I'll make this brief my time.is close and in have just about everything packed that I'm taking I bought some.more stuff to help.me.along the way, the Wobenzym is to help with my own bodies natural inflammation response system since I'm have TT, with MR, lipo, bbl and BL all these items should help me to be as comfortable as possible.. I have started washing my self everyday using antibacterial soap*****dial***** gold bar, which I must say works wonders you never know all the bacteria you have on your skin until your start using the dial.... Amazing! Let me post some visuals of.some things I bought to take with me,
Dra Hector Cabral

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