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Good evening lady. I have been lurking around on...

Good evening lady. I have been lurking around on this website for over a year-and-a-half. I have been torn between four doctors Almonte Fatima, Duran, Yily and Robles. I finally scheduled my surgery with Walkiris Robles on May 27, 2016!!! Now I'm searching for a surgery buddy, I will be traveling alone coming from Hou, Tx.

Rescheduled surgery date for August 24th 2016

I have decided to post some before pictures. I ABSOLUTELY HATE my stomach. I have gone through two ceserians so i have a some experiance on how much pain i will have. The surgeries I will be getting is a tummy tuck, liposuction on my back, flanks, bra area, waist and BBL. I may do lipo on my arms. I don't think I need much added to my butt but as you can see there are some areas that can use some extra projection. I wanted to do a breast lift with implants but Dr. Robles recommended that I do that surgical procedure in around 2 because she doesn't like to have patients on the table longer than 5 to 6 hours for safety purposes. I have already booked my flight with Delta Airlines and my bags are packed!!!! It is about to get real and I'm getting very nervous because time is really passing. I will be going alone. I have been waiting on this for over 10 years.


I'm getting extremely nervous now. Even though I know that i will be fine, GOD will protect me. Dr Robles does a great job and her assistant is really sweet. From reading the reviews Dr. Robles appear to be very nice and caring as well. The only thing i don't like is some of the Dolls on here said once you get out there, there are lots of communication barriers and after the surgery you don't see the Dr but once. Well I got my bags packed and i believe i have all of my supplies. Monday I am going to my Dr's office to get a CBC done so i can see where my Hemo level is. I usually don't have problems with low blood levels, its usually are 13.1 without taking iron. I have been taking my vitamins:
Vitamin C
Folic Acid


Good afternoon ladies, I just got my CBC results. My Hemo is currently at 13.2. I have 3 days to bring it up to 13.5...honestly I haven't been taking my iron pills daily because I hate to take pills. My time is short now, how many iron pills are you all taking? My pills are 65mg...When I take them I take 3 a day. Any suggestions?

Surgery Day

I have arrive at the PlastiCenter which is where Dr. Walkiris Robles will be performing the surgery. The time is 8:29 a.m. I have already been marked up but I have not been given the famous blue pill yet. So far, the staff has been very nice I will give you more updates once I wake up.
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