I Am ALMOST Set for DR-Baez Doll...Just Waiting on the Final Confirmation of my Date!!!! - Dominican Republic

The profile pic is of my bestie. She is a Cabral...

The profile pic is of my bestie. She is a Cabral Doll and I love her results, I wanna be like her!! After 3 children (26, 18, 14), I am ready to be snatched to the gawds!!!! I am nervous, excited and all of the above. I have anxiety attacks daily just thinking about it. But September can't get here fast enough!!!! BAEZBEAUTY

Journey Just Beginning--43 Years Old, Mother of 3

I have stalked this page for awhile. I have stalked a lot of women also. LOL My bestie had a procedure done last year with Dr. Cabral (BBL, TT & Lipo). I absolutely love her results, however, after researching I found out that Dr. Baez would be a better choice for me. I only wanted Lipo and BBL, however, once I sent my pics Dr. Baez, advised that I need TT as well because of my skin. I had 3 c-sections and a gaul bladder surgery, all over 24 years ago. I am scared to death and I truly appreciate this group. I especially appreciate the ones that post pics. I will post pics from my journey.

I am currently 5'6, 200 lbs and Dr. Baez said that I must get under 200. My surgery will be in late August, early September and I plan on being 180 or less by then.

Now they only thing I am waiting on, is for her to confirm is my DATE!!!! Nervous, anxious and excited.


I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED, nervous and have been having anxiety attacks, but the date has been CONFIRMED and the deposit is on it's way. IT'S REAL!!!! WHEW!!! I'm ready/NOT ready!!! I look forward to being fine as wine! Thank you to all for posting their experience (good or bad) and assisting me along this journey. DR HERE I COME!


Sooooo Bcuz of the awesome ppl on this site I have FINALLY decides to post my fat self. I am currently 200 lbs and b4 SX I WILL get down to 160. This is embarrassing, however it will help me to stay on track. Thank u all for posting ur journey pics. I will post as I shed!!

Some of my Products came in!!!

I'm super excited. SX Is not until September, however I wanted to start ordering. All of my products r from Amazon!!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss, so I contacted Kindness RH, who told me my dates were available and instructed me on how to send my deposit. I sent Conrad a message on WhatsApp and he confirmed my dates and the deposit. His English is awesome and my feeling about them is GREAT!! I'm making moves...GO ME...GO ME! I'm excited.

Send Huggs and Prayers for our SX Sister

Ladies, please send huggs, positive vibes, prayers and blessings and our SX Sister LovieJLove is about to take her blue pill and be on her way!!! Love you J and we will see you on the flat side ((((hugs))))

Date Changed....Flight Booked!

Greetings All,

Due to some complications, my date has changed to 11/10. My flight is booked and I am set to go. I will be leaving here in coach, but returning in First Class with a flat stomach and big a*& (fingers crossed). Let the countdown begin!

Passport FINALLY here

I was worried abt my passport Bcuz I changed my name. But nope!!! Passport on deck. I'm super excited!!! Countdown!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Baez was quick with the quote, but slower confirming my date! It's ok though, I had time to play with. I started early. I emailed and sent her a message via whatsapp every 24 hours...LOL and she replied. Date set...9/8/2016

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