Tummy Tuck with Dra. Yvelise Bello in DR

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I've been researching a lot & hv decided to go...

I've been researching a lot & hv decided to go with Dr. Yvelise Bello. I'm having Tummy tuck with lipo done & I'm excited nervous HYPE etc. Her prices are reasonable. Her facility looks very nice, professional, clean & pleasant. She called me once I put in my request online w/ in 2 days. I hv had a breast reduction b4 so I know there are scars with every procedure. I'm hoping to hv very few scars but I've seen b4 & after photos so I know what to expect. I kno my journey will be HARD at first but worth it to look like I first did when I got married b4 hvn 2 kids. I hv booked my flight, next week I will renew my passport. My sister is going with me to help & for her own Sx. Cnt WAIT Will post pics.


I'm SO EXCITED about going! Dra. Bello's office called & confirmed my date & scheduled pick up from the airport! Following her instructions about vitamins & walking. Even started looking at Tattoos to cover the TT scar.

pic change

Hip shot

WORKING OUT & staying positive

I keep reading & updating the closer I get to Sx. I've hd fam say they think I'm crazy for going to a foreign country to hv Sx. Smh. Hubby is supportive but still says workout & you dent need Sx. I read about how some HB & Bf start becoming insecure & what not. I hope that's not my situation. Have to get my passport renewed ASAP too. Get supplies & keep reading to see if I've missed anything as far as tips & tricks! LOL Worried but at least I'm not going alone. Got my friend riding with me same doc same day same flights! Butterflies just thinking about the Sx, the post-op, the pain, the months of recovery, the sacrifice of wearing a corset for months etc. Gotta hv a ride or die team when u hv Sx. Hv a couple thank Goodness

Shopping ain't what it used to be...

Went Xmas shopping & refrained from buyin any clothes :-( :'( ALL those sales! But it makes NO sense to buy anything bc after sx I will be a totally different size. I went for my consultation w/ a new pulmonologist today (hv to get clearance b4 sx). Figured I'd say hi b4 I say ok dude clear me NOW! LOL hv to do 1 test for a baseline then follow up next month..... then BOOM off to DR!

Preparing myself... mentally, emotionally, physically

Mentally: I'm hype & nervous. Emotionally: I'm gonna miss my kids while I'm away & Hubby scheduled to leave b4 da Sx so NOW I hv to make plans for my kids while I'm away (FUCK). Physically: Setting up my diet to incorporate a more strict no nonsense regimen. Putting a workout schedule together with my spec who is a personal trainer. Buying my surgical supplies for there & when I get home piece by piece. Later next month I will order my silicone sheets (helps reduce scars). Buy my juices b4 I leave so I cn hv them ready when I get back & continue to juice. A few unfortunate hang ups bc Hubby won't b here. Hv to get a cab now to get to the airport & a cab ready for when I come home. Smh. Also got a # to call so I hv my prepaid cell phone ready at the airport. Hv to buy a lil desk clip on fan just in case the RH doesn't hv A/C. Just prepping for my BIG day. & I'm nervous. LOL

A month to go....

Good morning ppl. Starting to wrap up a few things. Have a pulmonary test today, medical clearance Sunday, & follow up on the 25th for pulmonary clearance. I'm positive so I know I will get it. Started my iron pills, cardio workouts & juicing. Have to order my silicone sheets next week so it's here when I get back; cnt use them until 3 weeks or more after surgery. I hv taken care of my kids child care while I'm gone. I'm gonna miss them da most. Hubby won't be here to see me off bc of work he will be out of town for the month.

Couple of fam are now saying OH your REALLY doing THIS? YOUR serious? Dnt do it....why a foreign country? 1 fam said she saw on YouTube da Doc hd a girl die (2 yra ago, which I knew) & da RH is an apartment in a like a tenement.... just REALLY negative. It hasn't changed my mind, just wondering why NOW? Wishing my Hubby would see me off b4 I go just for moral ya know. SMH LOL. Grown woman behaving like THIS. Sometimes I get a lil down. My bestie, Sis, rifht hand cnt make da trip bc she is pregnant. So I'm REALLY feeling a lil down about that.

I wnt to get an Orange phone or da other 1 b4 I leave so I cn call home ALL da time & NOT feel limited. Dr. Bello has phone service to call da US but I just wnt my own. LOL. Anyways just an update & voicing a few concerns.

Less then 30 Days!!

Gdm ppl. The weather is crazy in NYC. Making ut harder to exercise. I hv my medical clearance from my PCP, now I nd it from da pulmonologist; appt this Saturday. Weight loss is goin gd. Dr. Bello's office called me Thursday & confirmed me & my friend's plans!!! She said "I cnt wait to meet u. U always sound HAPPY!" It's unbelievable I'm doing this. I STILL hv to finalize wht I should & shouldn't pack. SMH. I excited reading blogs of Dr. Bello's other pts. Tummy tuck w/ Lipo here I COME!


HAPPY about a fellow blogger & fellow pt of Dr. Bello's (JOURNEY27). She haa helped me feel even better about my decision & confident about choosing Doc. I read some of the blogs I hv commented on & ladies are goin in on other ladies concerning some of da most ignorant of things. SMH. If u dnt like a person's pic, profile, wish, b4 & after just leave that blog. Dnt go in on them. Even if YOU feel it's helping. Inbox them. WOW! I thought most were on here to big up one another, share experiences as u get ready for WHAT ever procedure / surgery u wanted. I'm not bumping nobody but THIS, to me, isn't Facebook. #Ijs. Vent over.
Oh I go tomorrow for my last Sx clearance! Yeah.


I hv about another week b4 I leave. Bought a small piece of luggage as a carry on. I've been so focused on bringing stuff for ME after surgery I forgot about da comforts of home. Nd a glade plug-in, pics of Hubby & kids, bring my tablet to Skype, still hv to get my hair done, mani-pedicure, etc.

I still hv to take my b4 photos find summer clothes to pack. Im reading thru Journey's blog to figure out if I missed anything. LOL Plus tryin to stay positive with some negative ppl around. Excited, scared, nervous, happy etcm


Ok NOW quick question... did I forget anything plz comment. LOL

2 days b4 I leave & 3 days b4 Sx

I'M a mess! LOL SMH. Hubby is away on a business trip that as da senior exec he couldn't get out of. Won't b back till this wknd after I leave. My coworkers that KNOW are excited for ME & hv me hype! LOL Sleep is nonexistent. LOL. I did get MY hair braided then added a nice ponytail. Keep over thinking, thinking I forgot something & wanting to cry bc I'm SO excited & nervous. Dr. Bello's office, Rossaline called to check on me. & she is GREAT!
DAMN period JUST finished which means I was eating WAAAAY too much. LOL NOW the forecast says snow Thursday morning! My nerves are shot! (I'm in da NYC area.... & boy hv WE been getting hit hard). My girl who works for TSA was putting me on to what can & cannot go on da plane. VERY Helpful.

Also I finally posted a pic of what I look like. SMH (normally I wouldn't). B4 I leave I will post da regular b4 pic. Ladies Ty for ur cyber support & words of encouragement. I hv some ppl with da negativity but MORE w/ positive S/O & phone calls. I jus take it one step at a time.


24hrs till I leave!

STILL hvnt REALLY packed just organized da little things like medication, wet wipes, feminine wipes, abd pads (dnt wnt to use maxi pads). LOL. I REALLY am trying to keep it together. I want to LOL & cry at da same time. First time ever I'm doin something major without MY husband there to hold (me) my hand. THAT support is da best & only 1 I've always had. Anyways.... Gdm Ladies. May GOD continue to watch over us as we each start our journeys while still staying on da path HE has chosen for us. May he watch over us & keep us safe, free from any harm safe & secure mentally, physically, emotionally, financially & religiously. Be blessed. BE good & be safe.


Landed fed & napping! LOL the recovery house is beautiful & better then a damn hotel! WTH OMG. CAN'T WAIT to hv sx tomorrow

Surgery was cancelled

Abnormal labs. Surgery was cancelled. I cried so much I made myself sick. Dr. Bello told me it was too high risk. I will be deleting my profile bc I'm so upset. Ty Ladies for checking on me. Good luck with ur journeys. Mine has sadly come to an end. Be blessed stay safe. My friend did get her surgery. She looks amazing. GOD bless. Bye Ladies
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bello is very NICE. She & her staff spk English & hv a lot of patience even when ur asking a lot of questions. My point person is Rosalyn. Who has been so sweet & pleasant. Dr. Bello told me to get clearance from my specialist, bc I hv asthma b4 coming, & what to bring & wht to do to better prepare myself for the Sx. I'm very excited.

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