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Alright ladies, so today I wired $300.00 deposit...

Alright ladies, so today I wired $300.00 deposit to book with Dr. Collado. The coordinator gave me some dates and I choose July 20th 2016. I'm now waiting on a confirmation, so I can book our tickets. My husband will be flying with me. He has family out there and we heard he's a really good doctor. My husband's aunt said she knows the Dr's mother and he studied abroad and is board certified. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm very disappointed with my last surgeon on my tummy tuck and now having to do a revision. I'll post some before pics up soon. So you guys know what im talking about. Lol.. I wish Dr. Collado had more pics up for us to view but I feel secure in my decision and I'm looking forward to meeting him. I'll keep you guys updated..

Airline Tickets

Yesterday, I booked our airline tickets for my husband and I. I'm leaving a few days prior to surgery to get settled in and make sure I have everything I need. The tickets cost for both of us was $1,200.00. Im planning on staying in DR for 2 weeks. I bought insurance just in case I need to change the dates coming back. Im not trying to leave with the drains, so we will see. I sent my airline reciepts to the coordinator. She in turned sent me a Pre-Op and Post Op instructions. I'll update that in another review.

Wish Pics

Just surfing the internet on wish pics.. Im super excited..


Okay so I've been taking my vitamins for about 2 weeks now ( Iron/vitamin c ). The Dr wanted me to start taking Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin C. I've been on Pre- Natal vitamins since my daughter was born and she's 5 now. So Im going to continue to taking those until 6 weeks out and just stick to my vitamin c, folic acid and iron. My prenatal vitamins contain folic acid and vitamin e and unfortunately E causes you to bleed more. So I will be stopping the prenats and buy a bottle of folic acid. Super excited and cant wait to get this over with. My anxiety is already started to kick in.

PreOp/PostOp Instructions

My coordinator sent me instructions in spanish, so I created a word and translated in english. No worries they do have a english version. Ive been talking to the coordinator in spanish so she sent me the instructions in spanish. Anywho it maybe hard to read and please note all surgeons may have their own way of pre and post care. Be sure you talk to your doctor about it.

PREOP// 30 days prior stop Multi Vitamin, Immediately start taking 1 gram of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Iron

14 days prior stop all use of Aspirin and smoking.. I'll get to that in another update.

7 days prior, you cant get sick..

2 days prior no alcohol.. Bummer

1 day prior your labs 8am to 12pm, after you will speak with Dr Collado.


Okay, so I've been trying to find pics of before and after on Dr. Collado work and I've only seen a hand full online & instagram. It's a bit frustrating because like the other surgeons out there have a whole crap of pics... Feeling nervous and even though my cousin wife had surgery with him and she looks amazing it would be nice to see and compare others. Just on a rant..

Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Treatments

Hey Dolls, has anyone tried HCO "hyperbaric chamber oxygen" treatments in DR?

Tampa, fl Area After Care

Hey dolls, is there anyone in Tampa, Fl area who had surgery outside the states and had a after care physician in Tampa bay area?

Changed Dr's

So unfortunately, I cant go to DR due to us moving. We just sold our house and we have 30 days to be out. I am now going with Dr. Balogin aka Dr. BBL. Surgery date is set for Aug 25th 2016. I setup a youtube account MamiAndMe for me to post up videos on my journey. Its alot easier to anser questions and post updates that way but I will periodically come on realself to do updates as well. Wish you ladies the very best you on your journey into surgery..

Dr. BBL aka Balgobin

Alright ladies so my surgery is booked for 25 Aug in AM. I bought my tickets leaving out of Tampa, Florida to Minnesota was about 500.00 for two people not a bad deal. I'm planning on staying at a hotel, Dr. Bbl has a deal for 80.00 a night for 5 nights, free shuttle to and from the airport, surgery.. I just ordered my supplies so I will be posting a YouTube video on that YouTube Channel: mamiandme2 I'm very excited and nervous at the same time but I've seen his work and I think it's amazing. His work is getting better and better as he performs. If you ladies have any questions just let me know.

2 week 5 day Post Op_ Dr. BBL

Healing well, lymphatic massages, no pain. I can sit at 3 weeks. Going to push for 4. Happy so far with results

3 week update

Doing very well. I have videos on youtube channel. Mamiandme2 Doctor is definitely the bomb dot com

Before & After

Ya'll have no idea how happy I am. Dr. BBL did wounders on me. I feel so confident in my own skin. Im not looking for perfection but good lord what a difference.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Trying to change my Dr. On here. Anyone know how to do it? Im still going to him for my breast next year.. New Dr. Balgobin aka Dr. BBL

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