50 Years Old Looking to Be Revamped - Dominican Republic, DO

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Went on vacation to Dominican Republic last month...

Went on vacation to Dominican Republic last month to celebrate my 50th birthday. I was amazed how slim and trim everyone was , I decided on the plane ride home that I was going to get this body together. Now I am no stranger to plastic surgery. I previously had a breast reduction, tummy tuck over 20 years ago. I also had some smart Lipo last year that was just plain dumb and a waste of money. I had tossed the idea of going to DR last year as I've been stalking this site for a long time. Any way here I am today I'm not currently working so I figure now's a good time. I'm 5'4 150 pounds I use to work out but due to a foot injury and just being lazy, I got comfortable and let myself go plus it's something about turning 50 that puts life in a new prospective. I want to say I really appreciate all the ladies that have told their story and although I thought long and hard about writing this review here I go! I will be getting a tummy tuck scar revision , Bbl and Lipo. Will upload ???? soon.


Here are some photo's having a hard time uploading.




Ladies!! Are you soon to be Medina dolls excited? I know I am! I'm so ready to get rid of this back fat I don't know what to do...the 4th can't get here fast enough. I was thinking after my surgery it will be like having a new wardrobe every thing will fit different. No more taking over an hour to get ready,changing three or four times cause nothing looks or fit right. I am so over that!!

In need of overhaul!

Fully dressed

It's amazing what clothing can hide!

Just Arrived

Hello ladies
Just arrived in Santo Doming picked up by the famous George, on our way to where the magic happens! Will update you dolls later...

It is 3:45!!

So it's 3:45 and I have my alarm set for 4:15. Needless to say haven't gotten much sleep tonight. I guess I will be Dr. Medina's first surgery this morning at 6. Just a recap, arrived on July 4th picked up by George had labs drawn, ekg , spoke to psych doctor than off to get chest X-ray. Hemo at 13.9!

In recovery

Hello a Ladies
So woke up in my room with either a nurse or nurse aid. I guess DrA Medina provides one with package..I am not in any pain just feels sore. Just when I was about to go to sleep DrA comes in to check on me states tummy tuck, lipo went fine now the bbl may be a different story she says I had a lot of scar tissue in my back from the (smart/ dumb ass lipo I had last year). I should have know not to utilize that clown last year, my fault I didn't due my due diligence. Please ladies always do your homework. Anyway she says she was only able to get a small amount for the bbl I asked how much and she states that it's in her note. I didn't want a big ass anyway so hopefully it will be nicely shaped if only a tad pit smaller as you can see it looked a mess outside of clothes. Will update tomorrow ladies.

Pic of back

Day after surgery

Three days post op heading to the beach

Hello DollsJust wanted to update with a couple of...

Hello Dolls

Just wanted to update with a couple of pics. Since my return home I have been resting and getting my mind right after this emotional surgery toll. I returned home with a drain which I removed a week later. I also received a Lipo burn on my back which I continue to nurse and that's why I haven't had any massages .Still dealing with swelling wearing my faja 23 hours a day. Developed a seroma on my back which I went to a urgent care and emergency room. ER did labs and CT scan to rule out infection..there was none. Than sent me on my way. Decided to buy my own freaking needles and syringes and drained myself. Starting to really like my results thought I had wasted my money at first. Didn't get much booty as I didn't have enough fat... But what I did get plus her shaping up looking much better than what I had. Any questions feel free to ask. Will update more pics soon.

My new size small faja received today from...

My new size small faja received today from Caribbean Shape inc. I have been looking for a black one for several weeks. 


10 Month Update! Breast Reduction scheduled for Jun 2017.

Hello Ladies
Hope all is well with my surgery sisters.
I've been gone for a minute getting on with life. Just wanted to post an update with pics. I can say overall happy with results. I will be having a breast reduction the end of June with Dr. Zannis out of New Bern, NC, approved though my insurance (Tricare).
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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