28 Year Old Mom of 5 Making a Second Attempt to Achieve Desired Results - Dominican Republic, DO

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I was planning on getting my tummy tuck in August...

I was planning on getting my tummy tuck in August but my husband and his sister are making plans for a family vacation in June. Is going to 13 of us going to Los Cabos. And I want to look great. Im tired of this ugly stomach. Anyways I haven't shown my belly to anyone since I was 15 yrs. I don't know how I got the courage to upload photos. I decided on Walkiris because I like her tummy tucks.I'm schedule for April 9 in exactly 5 weeks.Laura said I didn't need to lose weight but man I feel heavy a 162 being 5"3 anyway I started taking my vitamin c ,b complex,folic acid, and iron yesterday. Hopefully I can loose a little bit of weight in the next 5 weeks.

24 more days for my Trip to Santo Domingo

Buying few items for my upcoming trip. I was just going for a tummy tuck revisiĆ³n but the Doctor included a bbl in her quote so I said that's a lot bang for my buck why not. A Bigger butt Wouldn't Hurt.So I told my husband about it and I think he is already fantasizing with the idea of me having a bigger booty.

7 More days till my surgery here are some before photos

I'm getting a little nervous already but I have faith that everything is going to turn out well for me. I know my god will take good care of me. My desire is to have a very fast recovery and that those drains are removed before traveling back to the states. My list of things I'm taking
Yarn to crochet
New book
Tablet and phone
Lots of yoga kinda pants
Lots of T shirts
3 dresses to go out
Tennis shoes
Cotton undies
Large pack of baby wipes
Different kind of tapes
Femenine wipes
Personal higiene productse
Milk of magnesium
My vitamins
For now that's it I'm going to buy the last items over there at Santo Domingo like compression garment and compression socks and the thing to pee I don't know what it's called.
I was thinking about taking my juicer so I can juice pineapple celery and cucumbers for my swelling to stop soon. I'm afraid its a little to heavy but I will see or maybe I'll just blend everything.



My Flight Date is here !!! I'm having mixed feelings

I'm not worry about my safety or what my body is about to go though. My body is strong and I can endure pain.I had 5 births with no epidural. The fact that I left my 5 kids to come and do this makes me feel sad not because I feel selfish but because I'm going to miss them so much????I have a 12,9,6,3,1 years old. I have a great husband and a very nice nanny so I know they are going to ok. Right now I'm at the airport their has been a delay. I will be staying at queens recovery house

I'm here at the clinic

Been here all day I haven't ate my stomach hurts it's 10:20 and I haven't seen the Doctor yet. But I won't complain this is not the United States. But Walkiris work is superior to anyone I know in the United States. I spoke to women that are very happy with their results. And I also seen 1 girl with a lot of pain. Hopefully she feels better

1 day post surgery Walkiris Robles

I had my surgery yesterday I love all the attention given to me by Walkiris staff. Walkiris is really busy with all her patients but she has taken good care for me.The hardest part so far has been waking up with the anestesia. I was shaking uncontrollably and I couldn't stop moving but It didn't last very long. I feel like I'm in good hands with Wakiris Robles. She is very pretty in perdon.This is not a fancy place like in United States but I spoke to some locals and they comment that this clinic in where the best of the best is at. Best Doctors best clinic. Across the Clinic is the President of the Dominican Republic 's House. I saw one girl very badly constipated the night I arrived. I think maybe to many pain killers cause that I saw her sister which also had surgery crying. I feel very good I'm in pain but it's tolerable. The Doctor told me the day of marking I didn't have enough skin To Pull Down So I Am GoinGracias To Keep My Tiger Stripes. Today she told she removed a lot of fat from the back. I'm so please with my results. My scar is thin but I can't really see it clearly because of the blood around it. I pray to God right before surgery and I'm doing very well one day post operation thanks to the my God al mighty I serve. Doctor Robles is very strict with her patients she has me with ivy fluids and she gave me creams ,vitamins,iron shots,antibiotics,paino mesds and some other stuff I Dont know what they are.Feeling Good So far????

1 day post surgery

1 day post surgery

3 day post surgery feeling good

So today I'm 3 days post surgery I'm worry that Im starting to move around to much so soon. I need to slow down for real. I'm always really hungry and I feel energy but I will try to slow down. I don't want my incision to open because that will just slow down my healing. I'm very swollen but I like my results. I will be working out as soon as I can cause I want my arms and legs to match the rest of my body.

One week post Robles

Feeling better and better each

8th day

Getting home sick alrready everyone here has been awesome except the night nurse. Sarah the massage lady is awesome love her. The food is good and healthy. Wilson was nice his wife is sweet . Fatima was so caring. Robles makes me feel so good like I'm in good hands. No American Doctor will take care of you like Robles. So pretty in person I would definitely recommend Dra. Robles

2 weeks! Feeling better each day

I'm finally back home. Felt so good to be with my babies. Today I went out with my hubby to eat. Can't wait till I hit the gym to work out my arms and legs so they can look as good as my waist

2 weeks post operation took off bandages and tape

I wanted to see how the undie that I wore on my wedding day 13 yrs before my 5 kids. The string covers my incision!! Thank you Dr. Robles you are an artist. Can't wait to see my final results!!


17 days post operation and wearing a shirt that haven't wore since I was 19 yrs old. I have to text Robles to let her know she is my hero. I love my results.

Super thin incision!!!

My incision is so thin I can cover it with this thin pantie. I'm very pleased with my Doctors work!! I want to go back and do my arms and inner thighs. Robles said I should get my breast done instead but I don't mind my tiny breast. I don't know why I'm not a fan. This is my 18th day post surgery and I'm very pleased.

my incision at 4 weeks

I like my incision not happy with the swelling I feel like it increase now but I'm hoping it's better in 2 weeks.I have continued to put tape on my incision so won't it get thick so far it has work. I will continue ro put tape on it for 4 more weeks. After that i will start with the silicone sheets. It's just the swelling that is irritating me

Sorry I'm deleting a lot of pictures for my privacy

I'm like 9 weeks post surgery feeling great my incision is still thin I had issues with an absence but it heal already and I'm ready to hit the beach. But I'm vereally pleased with my outcome. My boot y is pretty big.
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