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I'm 28 year mom with two boys and happily married...

I'm 28 year mom with two boys and happily married to my high school summer love. After 13 years of loving one another my body is ready to be happy as well. I am on real self to educate myself and maybe teach others from my own experience the only reason I am doing this is because of the influence any many women and young girls have shown me and some stories I really enjoyed so I will do the same. Back to my "journey" 28 years and my stomach is ruined I do not know how my stomach once looked like lol that's no exaggeration. When I was 17 I was pregnant with my identical twin girls unfortunately they did not make it into this world. I lost them at 71/2 months to twin to twin transfusion and complications. At age 20 we welcomed our first born child and our second at age 27, My family is now complete. And now that I have the money I'm looking to get my sensuality back and not hide in this jail of a body anymore!

Going to DR to Meet Tania Medina De Garcia

So I pretty much have made up my mind about where I am going for my tummy tuck a much needed tummy tuck. Tania Medina She is quick to respond even though the convo left me slightly guessing if it was really her?! We had a email exchange about quotes and precautions etc. the what's app convo seemed a little generic scamish but so many women go to her I tried to put it past that and keep my hopes high that I could secure a date and start to prepare for this serious surgery. I know I have to leave the US and I'm terrified about it but I wanna be selfish and take this money and fix my body. My body is messed with up not because I was lazy or because I'm just overweight I have been told by plenty of my doctors over the years to go and fix my tummy when I'm done having children so now I'm ready back to Tania Medina I love her!! I love her and her work. I just worry about being scammed I don't wanna be talking to someone who isn't her. I told her I'll pay off the entire balance in two weeks she told me just pay deposit and bring the rest in person leaves me a little scared not at all downplaying her business in any way just my precautionary way. So now I been trying to scour his site of any bit of info on Dra. Tania Medina de Garcia. So far soo damn good really good. Side note: why don't a lot more doctors do drain less TT's?

Dr. Fisher

I don't think I can go through with leaving to DR to have surgery i need way more time to heal down there and I just don't have the means to stay for 2 week or more. I've wanted to go to Dr. Fisher from jump but I got caught up in the DR cloud of beautiful bodies. I have to be realistic and I know Dr. Fisher will do good by me his work is amazing! I wish I could just have my tummy tuck and bbl at once but I completely understand why its way safer to stage them. Im leaning towards staying local and choosing Dr. Fisher.

I've Had Better Sleep Now

Ok so I've wanted to do this and I'm doing it! I'm just waiting for my check so I can pay my surgery in full in excited impatient and so scared at the same time. So now that I have decided I will not being going abroad for surgery I've been sleeping better for a couple days I was restless and having terrible dreams, gory dreams it's also because I read a lot of girls wake up during surgery abroad and their doctors weren't actually operating on them I'm good all too save a couple hundreds nope I think because I was on RealSelf soo much and delving into everything I could find bad or good it made me soo preoccupied and took over my mind soo much but now that I have decided to go with Dr fisher I feel way more at ease. I just cannot wait until I get my money!! Lol pay the shit off! Book my date. And go! I'm not trying to recreate a body I just want my body to look normal not normal like layer up I look good no Im ready to wear white shirts again wear rompers body con dresses and feel good. I'm scared bcuz I've been with my tummy looking like ground beef for like 10 + years I'm only 28 ! Yes I got preg young but still I want and deserve to feel normal in Reg clothes. I want my scar to be low but I won't know until I go and he checks me out I still have to drop 18 pounds before I go and I'm scared that i won't be happy with my tummy after I don't wanna look boxy some women get tummy tucks and look boxy I'm scared of that. I'm gonna live in my faja and ab board.

DR. Ortega

Having a Mommy Makeover done by Dr. Ortega! scheduled for february 17th. will post before and after once ive completed surgery! very excited! Lizbeth is amazing and seriously cannot wait until Dr. Ortega works his magic on me and help me change for the rest of my life!! ;-)

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