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Hi dolls, I'm a mother of 3 gorgeous girls, 41...

Hi dolls, I'm a mother of 3 gorgeous girls, 41 years old .... happily married I think... LOL.Well so far I have to say dealing with Dr. Luis Redondo and his assistant Yamilka has been very pleasant. They are definitely a good team. Yamilka is an absolute sweetheart, she is helpful and knowledgeable and If she doesn't know makes an effort to find out and get back to you right away. Now about the Doc I have to say he's pleasant and after checking up on his credentials and pertinent associations I feel confident he's the right doctor for me. I've even you tubed him and he's been on national news and talk shows as an expert guest... I liek the way he looks young but yet so focused and professional.... dont let the young face fool you. This guy knows his stuff. He's been clear about his expectation of me as a patient and insisted my stay be no less than 17 days total (2 days pre and 15 days post) which I am very appreciative of, because he is looking out for my well being. Is it going to cost more? well yes the recovery house is a little on the pricey side, but it is what it is...I don't recommend any of you take short cuts, make the sacrifices..... you could end up regretting it. Unfortunately the recovery home is the only one in Puerto Plata, which is where I will be getting my surgery. Hmmmm potential business idea there... LOL. I see most of the review on RS are based on docs out of either Santo Domingo or Santiago. So hopefully something refreshing for others looking at getting feedback on other options in DR. To be honest the popularity of many of the doctors on this site is great but at the same time a bit concerning due to comments on docs seeing too many patients in one day. Not my cup of tea. I could have decided to get my surgery pretty much in any of the private clinics (they are called clinics in DR, to most of us they are hospitals) since my surgeon has access to pretty much all of them, but price wise would have probably been a bit more. Anyhow I have been to Clinica Burnigal with family down there (mother in law) and I have to say it looks superficially like a well kept place nothing that I saw was out of the ordinary, and my experience like most of yours will be once I actually have my surgery and then I could judge better. For now I have tentatively booked for May 26, 2016 my deposit is going Monday and I am super duper excited. I want to thank all you lovely dolls for all the time you all took to review and express your experiences and emotions. Not always so easy to do. Now I feel I owe something back and well here I am.... ranting. LOL wish me luck and I will stay connected through the whole thing to keep you all posted.

Soon to be Redondo Doll

I was going to secure my date by sending him my deposit this week and I love the fact that he was awesome enough to tell me to wait and give him the full amount when I arrive in Puerto Plata. I was thrilled due to the fact my currency is Canadian and it was going to cost me more to send the fee being also in USD. Just one more small detail that makes me feel I picked the right doc. Very thoughtful of him :)

my proceedures

In all this I've left out what it is I'm getting done with Dr. Redondo. I'll be getting Full tt with muscle repair, lipo of back flanks and waist with fat grafting bbl. I was contemplating breast lift but not sure if that will happen. Well see when time comes.

Change in date...

Hi dolls have changed my procedure date late June..... Family arrangements, oh well that's fine all is good, will use the time to work on losing some weight before my surgery and increasing my hemo.

Flight confirmed!!

I've confirmed and paid for my flight. I'm getting more anxious than anything now. I'm officially 7 weeks away. Been busy with work, kids, school and working out. Trying to lose about 15 pounds before surgery, as we all know it's the best thing to do. Working on my hemo. Went to get some blood work done with my family just waiting on that to see how bad I need to work. He also recommended booster shots for typhoid and hep b shots. Also, paid for my apartment , costing me skittle over $600 Cad for 16 days awesome! Especially since it's in a very nice, gated community.

A few more

I'm hoping I have better pics to post in the near future :)

I'm getting so anxious

I can't believe I'm so close. I have to admit there is ally of emotional back and forth with this. I wasn't expecting that. But in the end I feel I deserve to do something for me. There is nothing wrong with that.

Feeling bloated

I was trying on a new dress today and I felt so gross.could be cus I'm PMSing but still ... :( I decided to keep the picture to do a before and after. I really hope I feel a lot better after my procedure.

Getting close!

I'm so excited my date is getting close. I've been working really hard on getting myself in shape and eating healthy... Taking my supplements and had blood work done to check in my hemo 13.8 very happy will definitely keep up what I'm doing.

A week away

I am sooo ready to do this!!!

Finally here

Hi ladies , well time has finally come. I'm immensely happy and relieved that I'm here. Met my Dr in person and he is just as professional and pleasant as I thought he was. We went over medication, scar placement, possible outcomes risks and follow up. Yamilka is even nicer I person thank she is on what's app . I've done pretty much I all tests. I have to go see the anesthesiologist later. Also I arrived in DR with a bad cold. So there is a chance the cardiologist will not approve me for surgery tomorrow. Might be that I have to wait out this cold for a bit. Sooo happy my hemo was 13.8 didn't even take iron pills just ate really well. I'll keep you all posted with what happens next for me.

Waiting game

Well as suspected doctors/specialist told me I could not under go surgery with a cold like mine. I've been taking prescribed stuff the have me since yesterday evening. And tomorrow I'm due back in the clinic to see how much I've improved. I feel very well taken care of. Even though it's a bit dissapointing that I may not get my surgery I really do believe in everything g happening for a reason and if I have to come back I will. With all this experience I feel even more confident in my choice in surgeon. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Finally on the flat side!!! 1 day PO

Hi everyone, very happy to say I'm on the flat side. No mayor complications thank God. Doctor and his team were awesome and professional. I have some discomfort which is very normal, I'm actually surprised it's not worse. I am back in the apartment which I rented with my mother in law who is god sent. Thank you ladies for all the support along this journey. I will definitely keep posting during my recovery process. Still haven't seen much of my body but have a few pics to share.

Pics didn't load

Officially a Redondo doll. 7 days PO

Well there is so much to say this week has been going so fast here in Puerto Plata. I'm happy that the doc says I'm healing very nicely. My cough is lessening. My drain is gone as of the 3rd day. I can now shower, no more gauze. Belly button looks nice. Massages are intense but I do feel a lot better after. My most concerning issue is swelling. So I'm definitely stayi g with the massages today will be my 5th one and I'll be incorporating ultrasound. I'm now just trying to walk more and straighten up bit by bit.

Spa visit... Massages intense but really good for optimal results.

Ladies what can I say depending on your level
Of swelling and brusing your massages will be somewhat intense but if you are lucky enough to have a great masseus like I had they shouldn't be painful. I'm 7 days PO in these pics.

On my way home.

Saying goodbye to these two awesome people. What a great team they are. I'm so thankful I have a great surgeon and that my procedure went so smooth and successful. I'm heading back home today and now a new chapter begins for me. Further recuperation, giving the swelling time to go down, healthy eating and waiting for the 8 week mark to start my workouts. Thank you God for keeping me safe.

4 weeks PO ... Getting there slowly but surely.

Well these are pics taken Friday was officially 4 weeks PO. I have to say if anyone out there believes it's surgery and next day your a mermaid. Well their in for a rude awakening. This is definitely a process and a lengthy one at that. I am loving the progress nonetheless. I'm continuing my messages and supplements such as Turmeric, vitamin c, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and B. Comp. Been back at work since I was 3 weeks PO. Scar is coming along nicely, had a spitting stitch been treating with polysporin. Feel tight and sore when working long days or when I go out shopping walking around. Faja is driving me nuts in this heat. But I know have to keep it on. I think that's about it for now.

More pics... Still considerably swollen

Some areas are still lumpy and sore. My abdominal wall still feels stiff and my mid section pretty numb. All of which are still normal from what my PS had said.

Still very swollen, sore and tight.

It's been 9 weeks and I have to say there are days I feel so impatient, discouraged and angry I feel like my body is taking forever to bounce back. I'm taking supplement, still getting lymphatic massages but nothing is really helping to speed this up. There are days I come home from work at 4 and I have to rush in to put my compression garment on because I feel so uncomfortable from the swelling and soreness. I try and remind myself we are all different and that I just have to be patient. I think Im developing what's known as dog ears and my butt does not look anything like I thought it would by now. Not sure how much longer to give this before I bring it up to Dr. Redondo, I've heard of some cases where girls have taken Literally 6 months to have everything finally settle and look its final results . I guess I just keep waiting for now.

Some pics from my 9 weeks PO

It's been difficult so far the wait more then anything. Haven't been able to fully return to my workouts which is another downer, but I am doing some modified workouts.

Starting scar treatment

Things have really took a turn for the better... Thank God. Feeling much better. Diet really does make a difference and time/patience. Still have a way to go but definitely feel a lot more positive. Thanks to all my beauties for your support.

responding to some questions.

Hi dolls, a lot of you have messaged me asking a lot about Puerto Plata and how my experience was there. I guess there are a lot of you wanting to compare to your possible scenarios in the capital vs. POP. Let me say that I have never been anywhere else so to me it was very welcoming and comfortable. If I had to rate the actual clinic (Clinica Burnigal) I would give it a 8 out of 10. It was clean, nurses came in to check on me often. My Doc came the night of the surgery he actually ended up missing his little sisters wedding :( .... but as he said himself, life of a doctor. Overall my experience was pretty good..... yes coming out of surgery I was freezing and I missed the warm blankets we get here when we undergo procedures in hospitals. I guess that was one of my most unpleasant experiences.
2. I've been asked about pain and meds, supplies. I feel very lucky to say, I did not experience bad pain not even on my first day out of surgery, nor the second... if anything I was pretty numb. A little sore yes... but nothing like I read a lot of reviews on here. I was taking a lot of supplements like collagen, vitamin c, B comps, bromelaine and turmeric. I was always on these prior to surgery made sure that what ever pain meds the doctor prescribed I took as suggested. I never felt an ounce of pain, discomfort yes, that would be the normal expected discomfort related to the bruising from lipo, tightness and soreness. But as for pain, not at all. again feel very fortunate about that.
3. I see a lot of girls packing like its the end of the world. I know its a great feeling to have when your prepared and even though I did try and bring things with me that I was anticipating might be cheaper or easier to find here. I have to admit my supplements where the only thing I could say where cheaper. everything else is cheaper there and easy to find. every pharmacy had polysporin, gauze, tape, saline etc... my best advise is ask your surgeon/ surgeons assistant.. they would have a better idea of what is easier to find. save your luggage space for other things that are better used. I loved the fact I took a toilet seat raiser. I was thankful for that... its a little hard to go all the way down (for #2 obviously) when you recently come out of your surgery, so that's one thing you can think about.

3. I did not stay at the recovery house I rented an apartment. Much cheaper but obviously not everyone can do this or feels comfortable doing this. That's completely up to you and your needs and comfort level. I found my apartment at really cheap. I think it worked out to $45 CAD a night... for a fully stocked 2 bedroom apartment. So cant go wrong there.
Well I think I covered most of your questions. hope this helps. I will be posting more pics of my actual wound healing progress, a lot have asked for those too. :)

Swelling still lingering

So I've tried to wean myself of of this torturous contraption called "faja" lol.. Mistake. Body is definitely not ready... Yes even at 3 months today. I was sore? swollen and just miserable. I hurried home and snapped myself back into my waist trainer. I've been using an Anne Cherry AMAZING. Very comfortable except for the bra straps. So I'm true testament to the saying... Everyone is different, and yes even though I've seen some ladies here look amazing g at 3 months.. Some others like myself just take a bit longer. Yes I've been Massaging, taking supplements for help with the swelling g but at the end of the day... Body just needs time. Would t change anything. I'm positive I will get to where I want to be. I never had unrealistic expectations of this changing me drastically I just wanted to be a better, improved me and I definitely feel
I'm getting feel I'm getting there.

8 Months update - Revisions

Hi everyone been MIA for a bit. Well my update lets see.... Will be getting revision. Yes Dr. Redondo is in complete agreement. He's been wonderful at identifying and agreeing with my concerns and will be providing the revision free of charge. Revisions will include correcting dog ears, further lipo to full back and waist as well as more fat grafting to hips. I will be taking advantage of trip and revision to also get my round 2, Inner thigh lift. Very Excited :) I will be doing a separate review when I return. Right now it's count down to revision/round 2 - tentatively booked for July 10th 2017.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I would recommend this surgeon to anyone. He is very good at what he does and his clam pleasant demeanour is very refreshing. He followed up with me often and I felt well taken care of with the situation of my cold when I got in to DR. He definitely puts your health first. We are still in contact and I suspect we will be in contact via whatsassp often. He asked for picture and to stay in touch if any concerns should arise. Now I'm just waiting for swelling to go down and my continued healing.

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