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I have stalked this page for what feels like...

I have stalked this page for what feels like forever.. And now its FINALLY my turn to spill my story . I'm 42 5'11" tall 230lbs mother of 6 beautiful children ages from 22- 7. 3 are biologically mine . I have been unhappy with my body for over 20 years I'm not kidding . So my bestie asked me to go with her to the DR to have surgery and she would help me pay for mine so it was a no brained me . I am having a TT, BBL, and lipo . now with that being said you ladies have helped me SO much and as my sx gets closer 18 day away to be exact I'm am becoming more and more emotional. I am terrified, anxious, excited and every other emotion one can think of . I watch a ton of movies and always think "what if" so yeah it doesn't help . I'm trying to remain positive and keep my faith in God and know that everything is gonna be fine. I can't wait to show you lovely ladies my results and share the rest of this emotional journey with you . I have posted a few pics before my sx for you ladies just so you can experience this journey with me the rest is yet to come . Until then ladies stay positive and please pray for us all . Thank you ..

So nervous..

OK so I am totally on the count down and extra nervous and just completely going nuts ... My husband is excited for be but insists he loves me exactly how I am ,my kids are nervous about me leaving, my youngest daughter is really playing on my heart strings . I've NEVER left my family for more than 1 day so this is gonna be hard for me .. But I'm doing this for me and nobody else and know that God has my back and I'm gonna be back home with my family in no time I just really need to relax before I completely come unglued... I swear ladies this is one of THE MOST emotional things I've EVER dealt with .. Lol

Counting Down

OK so I literally have 3days and I will be flying to the DR and 5 days before my surgery and I'm getting so many emotions right now. One minute I'm like YES I can't wait and the next I'm like maybe I don't look so bad and I should stop being selfish and just stay home and take care of my family. And then I look at m photos and realize just how unhappy I am with my appreance and beat myself up all over again. I'm such a nervous wreck ... Please pray for me ladies ..

Finally here and only 2 days left

So we are finally here and my surgery is 2 days away .. Omg I can't believe how fast the time went by . I am still nervous, but so ready at the same time .

Getting closer ..

Ok got here at 10 got our labs done and checked into our recovery home and now its time to relax

I FINALLY made it

hello my beautiful ladies I finally made it to the flat side.. This has been such an emotional journey for me I so glad I'm in the recovery process. Dr Robles is amazing. From what I've seen of my new body I'm totally in love .. I know it sounds crazy but all I could do when I woke up from my surgery was cry and thank God for not letting me die.. I've been such a wreck . Trust me ladies if your feeling scared about dieing or something going wrong you are not alone I was there the whole time .. It's not silly to feel that way I actually had everybody including staff pray for me and with me . I'm in some pain not to much but it's my first day after surgery so it's to be expected. So I'm really tired so I will post more later . Ttyl ladies...

Ready to go home

OK ladies I leave to head back home tomorrow. I will say if anybody reads this , this is the most IMPORTANT thing I can EVER tell you 1 bring at 2000 in extra cash for things they don't tell you that you need and 2 get a receipt for everything! I have posted a few pics of me now however I'm VERY swollen

Just more pics

Just adding some pics

11 weeks post op and loving my results

Im loving my results still some swelling after i each but i feel great and finally love my body again

12 weeks post op

7mths P O and feeling FABULOUS

Im SO in love with my body and Dra Robles. Shes awesome
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