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Hello Honey's!!! I will be on my way to see Dra....

Hello Honey's!!! I will be on my way to see Dra. Robles in the Dominican Republic. I am going to get a BBL, Tummy Tuck, and Lipo waist and back! I can't wait I am so excited!!! Doing something for myself and want I want. I'm loving that I can finally get my body the way I want it! I will update "RS" as I go. I wanted to wait to time got close to start posting anything. Keep a watch Ladies!! Muahh!

Seven days and counting!!

Hello loves! I'm so excited I can barely sleep at night. Laura from Dra. Robles Office just sent need an email confirming my stay and surgery. I tell you she is simply the best! I was a real self stalker for a little while now. I have my friends who tell me how great it is. I can tell you though ladies that my cousin just came from Robles on last Thursday and she is loving her results! So I will walk y'all through this process through me. I have posted some before picks of me. Late lovebugs!! Muahhh!!!

5 Days packed and "READY TO ROLL"

Hello honies!!!! I am packed and ready! I believe i have everything on the list. Im so stoked i can't think straight! You can also see by the pictures i uploaded that i got me another girdle just in case. I saw a couple of people say they purchased one of these. Got my compression stockings and body wipes! I am on the plane and outta here Sunday!!! Until next time muahhhh ladybugs!!!!


HEY love bugs!!! I'm on the plane!!! One not so good thing. My plane was delayed by and hour and half but they personally called me to Let me know. The great thing is I'm the only one in my row!!!! other people in my seat...just me myself and I on D E to Miami then on to DR. I hope they got my flight change though or I'm a be sitting at the airport because of the short notice....Lawwd hope they get it in time and the driver is there!!!


Hello lovebugs!!! I have to tell you that I can't even be upset..what that means is that everything so far is great!!! The driver met me at the airport. We chit chatted a little only because he doesn't know much English but it was cool!! He called Laura on the way and she met me at the front door. Gave me a hug and said she would be in to talk to me. The nurse came in about 30 minutes later which was good because it gave me a chance to call my fiance, kids, and family to tell them I made it. Laura came in and started explaining the process and how it works. The nurse gave me orders for a ekg, blood work, and chest X-ray. I have to be real with y'all Laura said I may not be able to get all of my work done, but you know what I'm OK with that. It's because my bmi is to High. Again I'm OK with that whatever she can do is fine. It will be less money I have to pay. You feel!!! But anywho I'm waiting for dra Robles to tell me yay or nay...Again whatever it is I'm good with it. So don't get discourage love bugs!!! Get at least something and look at it as you didn't have to pay for it and you can work on the rest or come back next year!!! Okay lovebugs until later muahhhhhh!!!!

Dra Robles Came In !

Okay ladybugs Dra Robles just came in with Laura and she is totally sweet!! She marked my body from the butt to the back fat to the tummy! Anddddd I will be getting everything just not as much. She said she will concentrate on my back fat and fill my butt as much as she can. I told her whateverrr she can do is wonderful but sounds like she is gonna do everything!!! Ladies Let me tell you..TAKE YOUR IRON...start now even if you have months to go start now. Especially if you have a period!!!! Our hemoglobin fluctuate in some woman...Okay see pictures of markings!!! Chao ladies.. I'm a take you every step of the way!!!


Hello lovebugs! This is a must have applications to download. It makes it much easier to talk and chat with your family without the charges!

Oovoo- video, text, chat just like Skype.
Majicjack- free calls anywhere
Whattsapp- free text messages Laura has this too!

Cardiologist came in heart is great. Chest X-ray is great!! Surgery at 10 or 11 Monday!!!


Hey lovebugs!! Today is the day. Im prep and ready! I have my surgery clothes on hat shoes paper panties and! Make sure to most definitely bring extra money. I have to get two iron shots at $20 a piece which is not included in the packet. But i believe for us thicker, higher bmi woman we may need more of everthing because of our size but again thats okay as long as i can get something done and i come out alive!!!! This will be my last update for now. Will catch up with you dolls later! Muahhhhh!!!!


OKAY y'all here I am the day after surgery and I made it through the night! Where do I start...Okay first Let next tell you DRa Robles team is ON TIME people!! I got my blue pill at 9 and hour before surgery it just makes you feel a little loop the loop nothing special. They did came for next at 957 right on time bc dra Robles said my surgery was at 10. The anesthesiology came in spoke to me, hugged me and said she was gonna take care of me. I've in it was lights out. lol! While I was sleep I believe towards the end I could here them talking of course it was in Spanish and I didn't understand them but I knew I was on my stomach and she was doing my lipo on my back. I felt it but didn't feel it. (Does that make sense) lol. I just felt like my side itched and she scratch lie!! It didn't hurt, But that's my body I have a High tolerance for pain. Next thing I knew I kinda woke up in the room meaning I was still groggy but I saw people coming in and out...of course there was pain afterwards. Laura text me and ask how I was doing. I told her great because my everything hurts and send pain medicine. That were in here in five minutes. I'm …out again like a light bulb. Lol. Okay I did throw up three times from the anesthesia and that hurt like hell because you stitched up but of course pain medicine followed yayyyyy!. Dra. Robles said she would be back after another surgery she had and Yes she came back. Such a sweetheart. She undid me and checked my drains...Yes drainnnns! I got everything done!!! Again yayyyyyy! TT, Lipo, bbl... all done!! She then hooked me back up. I talked to my family and friends told then I was doing good. Nurse came in pain medicine and was out again. Lol. Dr. Panito came in after 11 and stayed the whole night she said Dr. Robles like special care for her patients! So now I'm woke new iv this morning and pain medicine (they believe in that) a cup of camomile tea. Good as long as you don't move.. haha. Oh and you have to sleep sitting up all night so bring a neck pillow mine saved my neck...Okay lovebugs I feel the pain medicine working. Muahhhh!!!


HELLO dolls... I made it to Soroya's recovery house. She welcomed me with open arms. And there is 4 other girls here. I've heard good and bad stories... really I just know of m m own experience. They were cooking When I got here so l had lunch now in the bed! The driver who came to pick me up was excellent! He drove real slow and Let me take pictures on my was cool...I'm in a twin bed but it's nice! I have no complaints at this point... well sleepy.. long day...goodnight lovebugs!!!!!


Hello lovebugs!! I've been sleeping my Tootsie roll I guess once the hospital medicine wear off you own your course you have pain medicine that they give you from the clinic. No pics today I'm a be real I am in pain, but once you get in one particular spot you good.. I sit up on the couch, bed, table. they take real good care of you here at Soroya's House. It's new to the recovery House game and it's small but it's very homey, clean, and nice. MILLIE the lady that works here takes very good care of me. She helps me wipe my butt, go to the bathroom, cleans my drain, brings me water and juice, helps me to the table basically you get the idea SHE DOES EVERYTHING for me and the other girls. I was in some pain last night I believe because the good drugs from the hospital had worn off but it is bearable. The girls here who have been here 7 or more days are walking hunch over but really fast now. The still hurt but not as bad. So all in all it's good. I'm good y'all!!! I'm good!!! Muahhhhh!!!! Oh no pics yet


Heyyyyy lovebugs...I'm in the bed but I do want to post some pics because Dra Robles do have it going on. I could not be happier other people can say what they want but everybody body is different!! I'm loving my new body.. still swollen and wish I could take a real bath. But it is what it is. I'm going to follow the doctors orders to a T. Still draining of course and I have two drains because of the bbl hoping to get that one taking out before I leave, but all is well that ends ya muahhhh!!! Pics posted!


Hello lovebugs!!!! I know its been a couple of days since i posted something but you know you gotta get your mind wrapped around not doing stuff for yourself! I mean im an independent woman but even independent woman need help! But i can say being 6 days post op i am good i feel much better than days 1-3. It gets better ladies just hold and wait and see. If this is something you been wanting to do then live up to it live up to the pai you will endure! Because once its all said and done your butts are going to be fine as wine!!!!! So hang in there!!! Me and some of the ladies in the house are gonna go to the mall or beach on Tuesday. Trust me take your time to heal and by day 7 you should be able to go to the mall! You will be hunched over but!!!! Until next time ladybugs!!!! Muahhhhh!!


Heyyyyy lovebugs!!! I am home and happy to see my family yayyyyyy!!!! So for an update I went to see Robles the day before I left on Wednesday and she cleared me and took out my back drain but I still have instructions for my day to day cleaning and taking care of myself. So I'm good with the one drain. The plane ride home was good I didn't have any problems and I felt fine the only thing that made me uncomfortable was my migraine headache I had When I left other than that the people at the airline took care of me. Wheeled me here and there to my traveling points. Customs was fine they asked me what did I do i said surgery. He asked me how did I feel I said good, he said Okay take care and stamped my passport! Easy piesy. My fiance met me at the airport and I was all smiles!!! I missed him!!! Oh before we left me and 3 other girls at our recovery house chipped in and brought flowers for Soroya the Owner of the house! She was so great to us!!!! Her and Millie our house nurse and Yamlet our cook really really took care of us!!! We tipped Millie and Yamlet almost 2000 pesos each for their help they went over and beyond their call. Not t mention they only get paid $5 dollars per person a week and Yamlet only get paid $3a week for all the cooking and cleaning which is just sad. she is 18 and the oldest out of 8 kids only her and her Mom works. We take so much for granted and other people are just happy with the little they have. I hope what we gave them helps a little! I heard 2000 pesos can last 3 months in DR. Well not to bring you down lovebugs but just be thankful you have somebody there to help you!!! Muahhhh!! Oh I feel good still sore taking it east not over doing it! Pics in another week!


Heyyy lovebugs!!! I'm healing nicely! Moving a little better. I drove myself today to the store, but hung onto the basket. I can't walk for long periods of time but I made it through the grocery store yayyyyy!!!. I hate this drain, I really want it out..Lol..hopefully a couple more days it's been draining slower and slower! Take a look at how I'm healing lovebugs. Can't wait to get into some jeans!!!!


Hey lovebugs!!! I know it's been a minute since I've posted something was trying to get myself together for my birthday today!!! Yayyyyyy IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! this girl is a HAPPY 39 years old today and don't look a day over 25...Lol...I'm so happy today words can't explain! I have some pics for you guys I'm still very swollen cause I a Big girl..Lol, but I'm loving these curves. My back still hurts but I've been up walking and doing things!! I got on the treadmill last night for 7 minutes it was tight but I don't want to push it to much!! Any who...I been trying on clothes and buying clothes too...hehehe...check out the pics..well love you lovebugs!!!! Muahhh!!!


Heyyyyyy lovebugs!!! Thought I just Drop in and pop a few pics for y' momma cooked me a birthday dinner today and my family came over and saw me for the first time after surgery so I had to show up and look good although I'm sore right now for doing too much today.. Lol so here are the pics lovebugs... muahhhhhh!!!!


Hello lovebugs!! Been missing y'all but trying to get myself ready and healed enough for the journey back to work!! Yep that's right a girl going back to work tomorrow and these 5 weeks was definitely time needed for healing (although I need 1 more week) Lol! But I'm going!!! Soooo let's play catch up. I finally took a REALLLLL shower on Friday!!! Yayyyyy was so tired of the cat baths, but that's what the doctor said no showers till 4 weeks, I feel so fresh and clean!!! I'm still sore to the touch but me and my fiance scratched ever nook and crevice!!! Lol.. I dont feel any more pain but if you touch my back the wrong way I screamed!!! It's still sensitive but not sore. hopes that makes sense!!! Today was also my first day back at church and my God I loved it!!! I So miss church and of course everybody wanna know where you were for a month...just told them I had a Lil surgery!! ???? ...I'm loving my body babyyyyyy!!!! Still swollen in the front but I know that is all good and will get better! just loving this knew me!! Check out some pics and as soon as this body is swim wear material y'all know I'm a Post some pics!!! Until then lovebugs!!! Chao!! Muahhh!!


HEYYY lovebugs. Since I'm so Happy that I get to wear clothes again and a request for THE REAL DEAL was made here are some pics. Let me make this clear though this is a process and it's only been a month and 5 days I'm Happy with my results but you WILL NOT see a difference in 36 days When they already tell you this is a 2-3 month process! Please Let it be known everyone's body is different.. But I'm still looking DAMN GOOD!!! LOL


Helloooooo ladybugs!!! So sorry I haven't been here or answered in a week. I had my first day back at work last week and Let me tell you although I don't do any standing, sitting all day is not good as well!!! I had to get up and take walks because sitting so long would tightened up my stomach! I loveddddd that I could shower last week OMG! I wouldn't have went back to work if I couldn't! Well I'm doing great!! Besides for the fact I believe I'm retaining fluid and may need a syringe drain. So it could be swelling or just that I need a drain! I'm not a doctor so I'm trying to look for some before I go to mine! Overall I'm still loving everything and so is my family. I'm just trying to be ready for Vegas in June!!! Oh had sex last week and throughout the week..hee-hee it was AWESOME SAUCE!!! Hahaha misses that but we did have to control ourselves my back and side started hurting. Good hurt though.. Lol..I'm posting some new pics tell me what you think! Syringe drain I believe I need! Later love bugs!!! Muahh

Pics Added

I had to take them over wouldn't Let me add them from my phone!


Hey lovebugs!!! I know it's been months on Sunday since I have posted but Let me tell you ladies I'm still loving this body besides the FREAKN SWELLING!!! It will be 8 weeks tomorrow and I still have swelling. Why I don't know maybe because I'm a Big girl. Again I don't know. The swelling was bothering Mr though so I went to see my PCP. I had an X-ray and abdomen ultrasound. Yes I had begun to get a little worried so I went. Goof news to say though both my ultrasound and X-ray came back normal! No seromas or nothing!! Yayyy! It's just FREAK SWELLING!!!! ughhhh. My doctor say everything is fine and I just have to wait for it to go down. So if y'all feeling the same way I do just first go and get checked. Then for some of us. It's just the swelling! Swelling be gone!!! Well until next time lovebugs chao!!!! Muahhh


HELLO LOVE bugs...for the picture request! Muahhh!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have had a wonderful experience with Dra. Robles and her office. She was very professional and her assistant Laura is the best. I have always been contacted back with the time said which is 48-72 hours. Laura answers your questions and gets back with you. I am 9 days away from my surgery. Thanks Dra. Robles and Laura for making it possible.

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