Ready for a Change!! Just Made my Deposit - Dominican Republic, DO

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This site is so helpful!! I have looking at this...

This site is so helpful!! I have looking at this site for some time. I finally choose Dr Robles mainly because her work is beautiful! I have been searching a lot of doctors. She had the curve figure that I'm looking for. I just made my deposit. I will keep you posted. I'm booked for Feb 2016. I'm gettin a tummy tuck Lipo around my waist and breast implants.

Just got my confirmation date set!!

I'm excited I just got my confirmation date from Dr Robles. Now I'm focused on losing 20 pounds.

Change surgery date.

So I had resechdule my surgery date to April :(

5 more weeks left!!!!!

I getting excited 5 more weeks left. This week I'm getting my blood work done. The last time I got blood work my hemp was 12.7 I just started taking my vitamins then. That was 1 month ago. I started purchasing my things. I found some maxi dresses on Amazon for $2 while I'm down there to change In and out of. Does anyone know of any sites that I can get a Faja? (I think that's what it's called lol)

Before Pics

CBC Hemo levels

So I got my CBC results back and my hemo dropped down to 12.1. I'm on my cycle so I know that had something to do with it. So I got some SSS tonic ( I seen good reviews on this product) because I only have 4 weeks left and I need it to be at least 13.8 or higher.

CBC test hemoglobin

I got my test done and my hemo dropped to 12.1. I been taking my vitamins for 2 months. (I was on my cycle) I know why it dropped. I brought some SSS tonic. I heard good reviews. I need my hemo to be at least 13.8 or more bc I may be on my cycle when I get there. Wish me luck.

Before pics

6 days left for DR Robles!!! My hemo went up!!!

So since my last update my hemo dropped from 12.7 to 12.1 when I took my CBC test(I was on my cycle when I took my first test) . So I started taking SSS tonic for about 1 month and now my hemo is 13.0!!!! So if you need for your hemo to increase SSS tonic will help!!!!! The first time I went to Walmart(pharmacy) to get it. Then 2nd time I went to Publix (pharmacy). I purchased the biggest bottle and that last for about 2 weeks. The taste is not the best but it does work. It taste like cough medicine to me but your not taking that much so just use a juice chasers for the taste. Just gotta pack and take care of other things. I'm so excited I will keep y'all posted!! Stay blessed ladies.

Robles doll soon!!!

So I have 2 more days!!!! And I'm off!!! I will provide updates!!! Keep me in your prayers!

Airport Problems!!

I was using a buddy pass (I was on standby) and the flights was booked!!! So I had to purchase a flight!!! Buddy passes are not garanteed so be careful! I will still make it the same time as the other flight!! Go delta!!!

I have arrived!!!

Everything is going smooth. I got of my flight. Got my tourist card. Got my luggage. When I left outta the airport I seen my driver. He was holding my name. And he took me straight to the clinc so I'm here now waiting.

Getting test done!

So I'm at the clinic getting test and blood work done. I had to pay the fee for that first. The clinc is very nice!!! I wish have brushed up on my Spanish though lol.

Surgery in the morning

My surgry is In the morning just waiting on the ekg

All marked up!

I finally met Dr Robles! Shes really pretty. She speaks English. I told her I love her work. She told me she loves what she does. She was very thorough. She let me know if everything is going good with my tummy tuck then she will proceed with doing my breast. I'm still nervous and my mind is still playing tricks on me but meeting her releived me slightly. I can tell by the way she was marking me up she pays attention to detail and that's good! So now I just have to brace myself bc I can't eat or drink until surgery and that's around 4pm :( y'all pray for my husband bc I'm so evil when I don't eat lol aughhhh

Food at Queens Recovery

The ladies at Queens recovery are really helpful and nice!

I'm ok thanks for your prayers

I'm resting now. I only got tummy tuck and Lipo I have to come back for my chest it was to much for my body

Surgery is done!!

Here are some pics for now I'm very soar and stiff. I will send more later as I get better! But the tummy tuck line is great!!! I'm happy with my results and every day it will be better!


As soon as I get the strength. I will take more pics. I'm still very stiff and soar. It feels like You lift so many weights at the gym and the next day you can barly move. I see the doctor today. By the way they drive very crazy down here. I thought NYC was bad lol.

Almost 2 weeks Post Ops.

Well I made it back home safely. The plane ride back felt like hell. I was in so much pain. I should have flew back first class. It's more space in first class and Bc I was so swollen I could barley sit in the seat even the wheel chair I had problems. It was just a horrible experience. I got home a took a Percocet. But since I got back it's been rough. I just been really swollen and stiff. My drain came out tonight. It was painless. It was half out anyway. And I was draining right at about 50cc or less. I wanted to keep it in as long as possible to prevent seroma but hopefully I will be fine. I'm getting a message tomorrow. I will keep you posted! Good night!

Re: Super Swollen

Just to how how swollen I have become. The pic to the left is 3 days after surgery and to the right its 2 weeks after surgry.

3 Weeks Post Op Dr Robles

So I'm 3 weeks post op. I'm still very swollen. And my stomach and waist is still very hard!! I still barley have feeling in my waist. It's also still hard for me to walk straight up. With all that I'm still making improvements every day. I have notice my stomach is going down. I am able to do a lot of things on my own though. I started driving a couple of days ago. :) I aslo started on my massages. Ladies please make sure you set aside funds for these. They are very important. Dr Robles gives you a list of places to go to but most are in NYC. I found one in Atlanta that offers 1hr. Lymph Drainage Massage. World Therapy Center. I love it!!! So far I'm happy with the results that I'm seeing. But this recovery sure does Suck!!! It's no joke!!

Robles 5 weeks Post Op

So I'm seeing good chances in my stomach. Slowly but surly. I'm still very swollen and soar in my stomach and I'm not fully mobile. But every days is getting better. I tell you this recovery is not for the week!!!

2 Months Post Op Dra Robles

It's getting better. I can move around more but not at 100%. My stomach is still swollen and hard. It seems like the recovery is taking a little bit longer for me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far Lefy has been responding to all my texts and emails in a timely manner. She's very helpful.

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