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I have another profile but I want to start off new...

I have another profile but I want to start off new. I already have got done a bbl. And I loved my results but I think I gained a lil more weight and I have excess skin that I want to get rid of and I want to be more snatched. I also want a breast lift with implants as well. Let me say that I got surgery done at vanity I did not have not one bad experience with them everything was good and I would go back to them and get tt ba but I want to go to the DR and go to Dr. Manon I love his work and can't wait to see my new body. It's 3 if us going to get the same procedure done we already paid our deposit and sent for our passport now we play the waiting game


Shit just got real yall lol. I'm so ready to get it done and over with. My passport just came in the mail yassss. Every thing working how it suppose to be. Dr. Manon I'm on way when it's time


Hello ladies I know it's been a while and I'm sorry if anybody care lol. But I didn't get a chance to go last year to Manon but I'm booked with Manon on March 20th. I'm so ready and excited. I'm getting the procedure a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants for 4200. Time is flying and I'm ready

Surgery buddy!

Hello ladies I'm looking for a surgery whose going around the same time I'm going. I'm leaving March 9th out of Florida, I mean we can meet in the DR. The recovery house I'm staying at is karis Recovery House. Let me know if anybody is down.

Plane ticket

I'll be booking my plane ticket in another week I'm very excited I no Manon is going to do a good job on me

Dr Manon assistant

Do anybody have trouble with getting in contact with Dr Manon assistant it's like she'll look at message and don't respond back to me and I don't like it at all.

Dr Manon

I love Dr Manon he's so sweet I was kind of second guessing about going at first because his assistant would not answer my messages for nothing and it was getting me very upset. I mean my surgery is next month and I'm trying to make sure everything is good and do I have everything before I come. She would look at my messages but won't reply. So I message Dr Manon and told him what was going on so he handle every question I had and now I feel comfortable about going. He told me he'll be there waiting on me lol. But you guys I'm ok now and back excited as well.

Wish pics



Sx buddy

Hello dolls I'm looking for a sx buddy if anybody interested. I'll be leaving March 19th my sx date is on the 20th. I'm leaving from Jacksonville Florida. I'll be going to Dr Manon and the recovery house I'm staying at is karis Recovery House.



Changed my recovery house

Hello ladies i changes my recovery house to dreams it's Dr manon recovery house. I'm so excited and ready to get it over with
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