Quotes from Baez, Yily, Mejia, Duran, and Almonte. Who to Choose? TT, BBL, LIPO - Dominican Republic

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This post is not my first rodeo, my original post...

This post is not my first rodeo, my original post on RealSelf was in 2013 and I had plans of getting my surgery done in 2014. After receiving several quotes all ranging from Yily, Almonte, and Duran I ended up getting nothing done but instead focused on building a relationship with my newly found boyfriend at the time. So much has changed for me I have a new career, relocated back to Florida, finally gathered the funds to get myself into a Luxury Modern Apartment complex. All has been great but one thing... my body image.

I could have easily gotten my surgeries done in 2014 when I was living with my mom and getting tax refunds but I made other things a priority (such as moving out of my moms house). 2017 will officially be the year for me no excuses this has been long awaited. In the meantime I've gotten updated quotes from the following doctors:

Dr. Almonte - $5200 / $500 Deposit (Includes 10 Day Recovery House)
Dr. Fragoso Baez - $3900 / $200 Deposit (Doesn't include Recovery House)
Dr. Yily De Los Santos $4,750 / $300 Deposit (Doesn't include Recovery House)
Dr. Luis Mejia - $4650 / $300 Deposit (Includes 10 Day Recovery House of my choice)

With all of the doctors above I only asked to be quoted for a Tummy Tuck, BBL, and Full Back Lipsculpture (Waist, Flanks, etc.). I don't feel my body would be able to handle breast on top of this so I will get that done at a later date.

In all I'm torn between Dr. Mejia and Dr. Baez both do a good job with their patients. They're also both close in price. However, if I choose Baez I can easily afford to stay at the Serenity RH which looks absolutely beautiful. Meija is not partnered with Serenity. I've also been seeing another doctors work around Instagram by the name of Rodriguez? Not too sure but his work looks really good! I originally had a quote from Duran back in 2014 for $4800 but I know by know that quote is no longer good and trying to get a new one is a hassle! I hear a lot of people are going through Surgicoordinator just to get a quote for her.. but I'm not about paying an extra $200 for someone to get it for me... So well see!

I got the clearance from my job to get this done but I have a lot to still do such as getting my passport, book a flight, and pick a doctor! If there's any other information you guys would like from my quotes don't be shy to ask! I've definitely traveling the week of March 6, 2017 so if you have plans for the same please let me know!

Deposit Paid! Luis Mejia it is!

After a long hard thought I finally decided to go with Luis Mejia as my surgeon, as I love his work and care for safety. Also his assistant Lefny is extremely on point with everything she has answered every single question I had with little to no wait. My biggest concern with traveling overseas is not being able to get a hold of anyone and with doctors like Yily or Duran you can't reach them for nothing. To top it all off their package prices rock! $4650 for all that I want including a recovery house among other important things.

Lefny also worked with me on the deposit I didn't have the $300 on me at the moment but she said sending $100 is fine and that I can continue to make payments until I pay off the full balance which is extremely helpful because I didn't want cash laying around just to pay for my procedure. Those of you that are not ok with traveling with all of that cash then check into Dr. Mejia! One of the questions I asked Lefny was if Mejia can complete an FMLA form for my job and she said yes! So that's it I'm booked with him for March 8, 2017.

As for the recovery house Dr. Mejia offers Rocio Ortega Recovery House, New Life Massiel, or High Class Recovery House and I'm leaning between Rocio or High Class so I'll have to decide pretty soon. In my package I get a 10 day stay at any of these but I'm going to pay extra for 4 more days as I really want a 14-15 day stay to make sure I leave with no drains in me. I have a big fear of having to travel with the drains in me so I want to make sure those come out first.

In the next couple of weeks I'm going to work on getting my passport application out and starting a diet to help shed lbs so I can get the best results and with 6 months to go that should be enough time to at least lose 40lbs.

Pre Op Photos

Just wanted to post my pre op pictures. I'm currently 5'8 and 230 lbs my BMI is at 33 but I want to lose 40 lbs to bring it down. Dr. Mejia will do anyone with a 35 BMI or lower but nothing higher.
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