My Quest to be a Cabral Doll- Dominican Republic

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Hello everyone, I have been lurking on...

Hello everyone,
I have been lurking on this sight for some time now and finally got the guts to write something.. I have so many question but don't know where to begin, I have seen some amazing work with good and bad views about fellow members journey's and I commend them all. Just reading and doing some research gave me the willpower to finally do something that I have dreamed about but was to scared to go through with it.. I am 30 years of age and a mother of two sons ages 13 and 9. I want to have a Tummy Tuck and a Brazilian Butt Lift around July of 2016 but it's so hard to pick a good doctor. I Just wanted to ask if anyone have any recommendations.. I have a two in mind so far Dr.Duran and Dr Tania Medina. But I am still looking before I make up my mind.

Can't wait

Hello all..
I been researching like crazy and I have decided to go with Dra Tania Medina. I have sent her an email and waiting for a response on a quote. Will keep you all posted here are some wish pic..


Hello everyone.. Well I am so excited to get a response from Dra Medina. As I stated previously I am looking to have a tummy-tuck with liposuction of waist, flanks and bra line and a BBL. I was quoted 4,500,she also suggested her RH but I am not sure I will stay there. However, I am still waiting on a response from Dra Duran hopefully soon I will keep you updated. If I don't hear anything by next month I am going to send Medina my deposit to lock in my date and quote because I need a doctor who will get back to me quick and Medina fits all the characteristics I am looking for.


Hello RS family.. Just wanted to up date on everything that has been going on with my search for Dr Doctor's.. So far I drop Dr Duran because she is very hard to get a hold of.. But after researching I think I found one.. Dr Manuel Diaz, his picks are fabulous and there is nothing but good reviews and his customer service is great which I like.. Just out of curiosity has any one heard of him. I am not looking to go until next July 2016 due to school and all but I will keep u guys posted when I receive my quote..Blessings to all.

almost there!#!

Well hello all, I could not sleep so I figured I update you guys..So Dr Manuel responded to my email which is.


Thank you so much for get in touch with us.

Dr. Manuel Diaz saw you pictures and he think "I am confident I can do a great work with her body"

The price for Tummy Tuck+ Lipo (abdomen, back, flanks)+ Brazilian Butt Lift is US$4500.00 dollars. This price includes the following:

Blood work
Surgical procedure
One night at clinic
10 Massages
Follow up
In case you decided to have a Full Package the price can be US$5500.00 US dollars. Including the before plus the following:

10 days stay (minimum amount of days need to stay)
Ground transportation from-to airport
Pos op meds
Nurse at CIPLA for surgery night
The flight is not included.
The payment is cash only.
Price in US$ Dollars

We request a Deposit in order to book a date $300 US dollars to our Bank of America account # 898054962186 or by western union to Manuel de Jesus Diaz Guzman, address: Ave. Pedro Henriquez Urena 137, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana.

When do deposit send me a picture or copy of the receipt for confirmation.

So they price is not bad and I am going to pay my deposit this week.I am so excited even though it's not until beginning of July of next year. Looking to see if any one will be going around that let me it would be nice to have company that can relate. Well will keep you posted

Almost there

Hello all, it has been awhile since I posted something but I have been so busy with school. I am so happy that I have found this site so many times I have had a change of heart but after doing research and reading others member journey motivates me to go forward. I am still going ahead with Dr Diaz he is a very good doctor and he has responded to all my question and concerns that I have since this will be the first time I will be going to Dominican Republic.. Even though I will not be traveling until June of 2016 it doesn't hurt to start to prepare so if anyone is looking for a traveling buddy let me know I have posted another wish pic. Until next time ladies be blessed.


Hello all, So I have been up looking around and reading views and I had my mind made up on dr diaz. But omg when I saw the pictures on Cabral work and how snatched these women are I was like I have a change if heart.. I have emailed a request for a qoute and I waiting for a response. Will keep you guys posted.

Future Carbral doll!!!!

Hello all, well as you know I have been back and fourth between doctor's.. But I think I am going to stay with Cabral. I received a qoute from him which was very short. I was quoted 4800-5000 for a tt,lipo of back and flanks and a BBL. Which is not bad so I am just gonna start stacking my paper since i have some time.So if anyone is going around June 2016 and is looking for a travel buddy let me know..Until next time

July 2016

Hello all, It's been awhile but just wanted to post an update.. As you all may know I am still stuck on Cabral being my doctor I was set to go in June but I had to change it for July of 2016. I planned to have my SX on the 26th and I would like to fly out a day early to prevent any setbacks and all. Will keep you guys posted on any new update until next time...

Cabral doll July2016

Hey realself, I hope all is well Just wanted to update you all on a few things. First as many may know my surgery date with Dr Cabral will be in July of 2016. I found a surgery buddy "BootyNvy" she is really cool and down to earth. We agreed to stay at My home recovery house and even though I have a way to go before SX I feel nervous because this is my first time going to DR. I have not bought anything yet but I will start in December to start getting my self organized. I will continue to keep everyone in the loop until next time bless up your self.


Hey everyone, just wanted to update well my deposit was made for my RH..I will be staying at My Home Recovery.. Right know I am just stacking up my paper. I have not bought anything yet since my trip is for July 25,2016. So if anyone out there have any suggestions on what to bring I would appreciate it because I want to be prepared but at the same time I want traveling light... Well that it for know well try to keep everyone updated..Positive Energy stay blessed.

Cabral Count Down 7/26/16

Hello All, I just wanted to update you all.. So far My deposit is paid for the recovery house I will be staying at. And my SX date is secure, I am also gathering some supplies here and there trying not to over buy. I am also busting my butt between my job at the hospital and the salon stacking my coins to reach my goal of funds.. because I have researched on this site and I am so thankful for all the members on here who left very informative details in the reviews on their experiences.. And I just want to make sure I have enough funds to cover my behind just in case. I have been looking for non stop flights to DR so far no luck but I will keep looking because I will like to purchase my ticket by the end of January. So with that said Happy Holidays everyone and stay blessed..

Count down begins Cabral doll 2016

Hello all, just wanted to update so far everything is still the same with me. I am working hard trying to save my money for my SX. Trying to get organized with my supplies,I have been getting little things for now cuz I want to make sure I pack things that will make my journey comfortable and also I don't want to over pack as well. I am on the hunt for low air fare but so far no luck yet.. Will key updating.. Stay blessed

5 months I am gonna be a Cabral Barbie

Hello to all RS family.. Just wanted to jump on here since I have not posted anything in a while. A lot has been going on but I will not let that stop me from achieving my goal.. I have been pulling a lot of overtime at the hospital but that was short lived until they stopped us from getting overtime. Just my luck right? No, I am just gonna continue to save my coins as much as I can. In the beginning when I started my journey to prepare my self mentally and physically I had all the support from my family and my fiancé but all of a sudden they want to be negative.. Like that's gonna stop me. I have sacrificed so much to go through this. Countless of sleepless nights and trying to be a good mother, good student and a good fiancée all I ask to show me some support. I alway gave my last to help everyone around me so it's time I do something for me. My only worry is will 10 days in DR be enough because I just recently was offered a new position at the hospital which is better for me and less stressful for the most part, I can focus while I am in nursing school. But I only have 2 days of rest when I come back from my SX then it's back to 12 hours night shifts.. I just don't want to have any issues sorry for all my ranting but I feel like being on here Your not judge and we all can relate to each other in some ways. I have learned so much and gained friendships as well and I feel we should all stick together because people will always try to bring negative energy and I am not about that. With that said Happy healing to all who have made it to the other side!! And congratulations to the ones who are deciding and who are counting down like myself to the new you.. Until next time stay blessed.

Count down!!

Stand Still..

Hello to all just wanted to update you all on my progress thus far.. So much has been going on in my life I just I could just write a novel but this is not the time for that.. I have been saving my coins but everything came to a stand still.. It's been stressing me out since my date for SX is a few months away. I mean I have been planning for this but I regret letting my inner circle know my business. I mean my man for 16 yrs wants to show shade knowing that I will be leaving in a few months and I really don't feel like kissing people ass just to help me out with my boys while I am gone.. All the money I have vested so far just makes my blood boil.. I just try to stay focus and keep doing me.. I just wanted to vent a little I know this does not really have anything to do with anything but I just had to get it out.. Cuz people you less expect can be so damn spiteful it's a shame. I will keep you all posted, until then stay blessed.


Well hello all, hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to update you guys in my progress do far. well with everything that is going on in my life I have to make a decision and postpone my SX until next year. I was very hurt about this because I really wanted this so bad but I guess everything happens for a reason. So far I am all set with my supplies which is good and I deposited my funds into a saving account until I have the rest. My home is so nice I did not have to pay another deposit to change my date which is a good thing. The down side of thing is I have to pay $200.00 change my flight which I knew but it better than losing the whole amount. But I going to hold off until I get a confirmation from Cabral. I have emailed him about my change of plans but I have not received a response yet. I did however emailed Duran for the hell of it and she replied to me with a quote which I was shocked since she is very hard to get in contact with. She quoted me 4900 for TT and BBL and 6900 for a TT,BBL and BA with a 250 deposit. So I am gonna give Cabral a few more days to get back to me because I know he is very busy and he always responded to my emails in the past and I really want him to do my SX. I will feel disappointed if he does not get back to me since I already had my time locked for July but you can't always control what the future holds. I plan on going to DR In early April thinking around the 9th. I will keep you guys posted on my progress. Until the stay blessed.

Cabral 2017!!!

Hello to all, I just wanted to update with my progress.. Cabral has responded to me and I am all set for April 10,2017. Even though I have to call back in December to confirm my date since he is not booked that far. But I am still happy I am sch with him.. I know I have a journey ahead of me but I feel confident now since I will be better prepared.. Until next time stay blessed and happy healing.

Push through!!

Well hello all!!!
Hope everyone is well just wanted to post on here since its been awhile.. Anywho things are good still stacking my paper and getting myself together for my SX. Things have been rough with nursing school,my home life and with negative people trying to throw shade my way. But it is what it is I expect that from people who are quick to judge. I just try to be humble and do what I have to do for me with no regrets. Stay blessed

Journey to be a Doll

Well hello to all my RS sisters and brothers,
I hope everyone that are beginning or has completed their journeys are doing well. I just wanted to update you all on my progress.. I have reached my goal and have saved enough money of $8000 to have my SX. A lot has been going on in my life being a full time nursing student, working and taking care of my boy's. But I have never let that stop me from my mission to take this experience even though it crossed my mind at times when I first started this journey.

My date is set for April 10, 2017 with Dr Cabral. I will be staying at My Home RH for about 14 days I am nervous and curious about what I will be going through but I will just brush that off for now. In the mean time I am just preparing myself mentally and physically as well as emotionally as I reach closer to my date. That's it for now I will update if anything new arises until then stay blessed and positive.

Cabral Count Down!!!

Date locked

Well hello to all, just wanted to update u all.. So my date was set for April 10,2017 but I called to confirm my date and the girl recommended my date to be changed for April 11 2017 so I can arrive a day early to get my testing done. She was really nice and she also told me to make sure that my RH was in order and my travel plans. Which I informed her I was already ahead of the game.. LOL. I am so excited my date is locked in and I can finally get this done and enjoy my new body..Well that's all for now until next time..stay blessed!!!


Almost time!!!!

Can't wait 6 more months to go and I will become a Cabral Barbie!!! 4/11/2017 chat bout!

My Dilemma

Hello My Real Self peeps!!!
I hope everyone is healing and doing well I just wanted to take the time to update you all on some new information. Many may already know but for the ones that don't you might find this useful. With that said, I booked my date of 4/11/2016 a few months back and I even call his office to confirm and to lock in my date. Well I was checking my IG page and I came across phenombeautyconsultants page that I follow. She posted that Cabral is NOW requiring a deposit even if you previously booked in order to secure your date for the safety of his patients. Which I am cool with that. I emailed Cabral and he responded stating he is now requiring a deposit of $ 200.00. The issue is I called to make sure she had my name down for my SX date. She tells me I can no longer keep that date because from April 10-14, 2017 is Cabral Holy week and he will not be doing any surgeries . I was beyond mad I was like well "it would have been nice if the girl that I spoke with before should have told me" In a nice way..smh. She apologized and suggested some dates so I have to change my date for 4/17/2017 and I will be paying my $200.00 today!! sorry for this long post but I just wanted to put the word out there to double check and pay your deposit if you want to secure your date with Cabral. Until next time ladies stay blessed.

Crunch time


Well I know it's been a while since I posted I have been busy getting myself for my SX. My date is set for April 18 I am so excited and scared shitless at the same time so many things are going through my mind it's insane but I am just gonna have faith that everything goes well. If anyone is traveling the same time let me know I will be flying out of NYC will try to update more.


Well I been getting my self together because I hate to do things at the last min. Again I am excited and scared. But I just can't wait to see my new body.. Anyone having Sx in April let me know..


So after a set back with the Recovery House I was supposed to be staying at. I am now going to be staying at House of Phenomenal Beauty. I heard so many good things about them and they respond to my emails so I believe everything happens for a reason so I am just gonna enjoy the ride.


Almost time:)

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD

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