My Journey to a New & Improved ME...The Count down July 2014

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First in foremost I would like to say that I will...

First in foremost I would like to say that I will not tolerate any negativity on my review im here 2 gain knowledge understanding and hopefully when im done i can encourage someone now thats out the way
Im a 30 yr old mother of 2 beautiful girls my oldest is 12 and my youngest is 23 months. I cant truly blame them for my body being the way it is but they damn sure didnt help. I have always been tall and big with no butt after having my second childI lost all the weight I gained during my pregnancy and than some but after 4 months having my baby I had 2 get my gall bladder removed and from tht moment on the weight gain began n all the weight went to my stomach. When i was younger I always use2 make jokes tht I would take the fat from my gut n put it n my butt not knowing tht was possible...I have been speaking 2 my doctor since the mid of last yr sent her picks I just wanted my stomach n butt done she emailed me back with everything I needed 2 get done 2 have fantastic results so I will be having a tummy tuck lipo on my back & arms and fat transfer 2 my butt Im going 2 DR not just because its affordable but the way they sculpture a body is just amazing My doctor will be Robles I love her work and our communication is amazing especially with heraassistant Laura ok so this is it for now any questions advice I will definitely appreciate it have a wonderful and blessed day


Hey Loves hope all is well with I went to church as always it was fantastic, I always battled if this was against God but I realized tht im not changing who I am he didnt make me with this extra baggage thts considered 2 b my stomach I so happen 2 pick it up along this journey called life. I have lived my life for my kids n my family this is the first thing tht im doing 4 myself besides my masters degree but tht doesn't count lol but I came 2 the conclusion tht im doing nothing wrong and I will go forward with this because it will make me a better me some ppl may not understand but its not up 2 them....I failed 2 mention tht I am 264lbs I must lose weight prior 2 the procedure I want 2 b 200lbs im aiming 2 have surgery in july so this is goin 2 b a journey I have been eating healthy counting calories and exercising going n2 my second week im not dieting I want 2 change my life style...I spoke 2 laura thru
Whatsapp she messaged me Good morning no business talk just checking on me she reached out 2 me 3 times thisweek regardless of her reasons its a great feeling well im hitting the sac back 2 business tomorrow

Whts a Girl 2 do....

Hey loves I hope all is well this week I started my herbalife tryna shed these pounds I want 2 try the shakes for 3months and see how it goes ive been 2 the gym 4 times this week so im praying I see some type of results today a few of my family members told me they think I should wait 2 have surgery. ..I listened but the only thing tht will stopme is this weight and if I felt like something was goin 2 terribly go wrong n I do not feel tht way whatsoever its now or never 4 me n I choice now!!! Has any other big n sexy ladies have a tummy tuck I see a few but not many plz put some in put thx well I pray whoever is reading this has a wonderful and blessed week....p.s im thinking of posting pics but not confident enough not yet

A Few lbs Lighter

I told myself I wouldn't weigh myself often but go based on how I felt with clothes on or n general because often times the scale can discouraged u but I wanted 2 kno where I am so today after being serious for 2 weeks I have lost......8lbs not a huge number but im extremely happy tht I lost something im excited if I keep this up I kno I will c great results so 2 my loves tht r trying 2 lose b encourage n keep ur eyes on da prize!!!


I paid my deposit through Western Union its official no turning back now im scheduled for July 10th 2014 received an email confirmation from Laura so excited but anxious so many feelings this is really happening im n disbelief....any other ladies scheduled around my time????

4lbs lighter

Yaaaay im excited lost some more lbs makes a totally of 12 lbs n 3 weeks I cant wait 2 b at my goal weight I want the best results possible...OAN im so addicted 2 this site I loved it b4 now tht its actually happening 4 me it feels funnybut great overall

Traveling by myself

So my friend was suppose 2 come wit me she was getting a tummy tuck as well but she told me today shes not gonna b able 2 go i always think of the possibilities of things not goin as planned so i was prepared 4 da news im still a lil disappointed but life goes on n i was doin this 4 me and not 4 nobody else things happen 4 reasons.....


Any one have an idea on how much extra cash I should bring with me im debating on whts an appropriate amount


I've been feeling a little selfish for spending tht much money on myself its not taking away from my family but theres so much I can do with the money...I keep telling myself I deserve this which is true ugggghhh


Sorry I've been MIA feb is a busy month 4 me also my buddy is no longer going with me its cool though just dont like da fact I will b traveling by myself I wanted someone I could experience this with but God doesn't make any mistakes....


I just purchased my tickets 2 DR im super excited this is so traveling with jet blue I paid an extra $35 for more rm on my flight back from DR im happy they offer tht cause I kno once Robles is done me imma need all da rm I could get....ok so now its time 4 packing any suggestions I have no clue


I have read a few comments n regards 2 cecip (the hospital tht Dr Robles works out of) being shut down....according to Dr Robles herself tht is false not true...I could of went along with wht was being said but I used the same outlet tht I used 2 communicate with her all this time andasked point is stop spreading or speaking things tht r not factual I dont about everyone up here but 4 me this is not just some simple task 2 fly in a foreign country 2 have surgery n b away from my children n family 4 a long period of time...but I trust God and im having faith tht all will b well but it would b more helpful than 2 hear rumors if its facts than I can deal wit tht but anything else plz keep 2 urself....


Hey loves nothing much has changed on this end...I did my passport last week Friday so I'm happy that is n motion. I also told my doc about my procedure but I left out the actually place I told her Miami lol but nevertheless she told me 2 go 4 it said that I'm a perfect candidate 4 it especially since I shed some lbs. Its a great feeling having her support just in case I need her...Im getting excited again lol this journey is really a rollercoaster can't wait till its over...OK loves until next time


Originally I was goin 2 DR with my child hood friend n unfortunately she was u n able 2 go but today she gave her deposit n will b booking her flight I'm so excited tht she is able 2 go with me I'm happy 4 her she deserves this so now I'm no longer alone on this journey


My friend just booked her flight so we will b leaving 2gether n having surgery da same time....God is so good...i was n still am ready 2 do this alone but it's awesome tht I'm not...I'm still tryna lose weight i want 2 lose 20 more lbs and i will b extremely happy so tht is my goal until my date...


Guess who's got their passport. ...ME!!!! God is so good all is working out n I'm so thankful n blessed...without him my ffamily I have no clue where I would fam supports me if though dome don't think I need it but nevertheless the support me every time I speak 2 my mom she gets excited like it's her having surgery lol. ..Take care loves


I hate them yall kno wht i was meaning 2 say i swear i can spell lol...RS should have an option 2 edit Ur updates n is it just me but the site b bugging out sometimes when i search it says loading 4 hrs n Nothing comes up but i still love RS n all of its members tht take time 2 share their stories

Passport status

Below is link 2 check da status of Ur passport I hope this helps :)


Ladies where do u or plan 2 put Ur money while traveling 2 DR...I'm so clueless with carrying all tht money

9 weeks 2 go well almost 8

Tht is all


I'm probably late but it really hit me tht is is really goin 2 happen....i have read so many reviews so many pics from beginning 2 end n it amazes me how the woman have transformed....i will transform as well I'm so numb but excited n disbelief so many emotions...i go next week again 2 my primary care soI can check my hemo aagain i did it last time while on my menstrual n no vitamins and it was 12.9 so I'm hoping while not on my menstrual and taking blood builders 4 30 days I should definitely have some improvement...i will start my whole vitamin regime now so I can have da best hemo I pray

Count Down

It is almost tht time today is da first day n June July is right here i still have a few things 2 get but I'm far from stressing....i pray tht God continues 2 keep me covered and tht i as well as the rest of u girls have a successful surgery w no complications...


Spoke 2 Laura this morning n asked her was it necessary 2 get pesos 4 tips...n she said no tht it absolutely fine 2 us American dollars especially since I wouldn't kno how 2 use it... n tht makes sense shoot if I'm paying 4 my surgery n American Money than im tipping W American money 1 less thing 2 do

30 days n counting

Can't believe n exactly 30 days I will b on da flatside!!! Praying 4 God's covering


The countdown is now days no more months I'm a mix of a bunch of emotions....Really praying that all goes well i know it will...i need 2 make a list of last minute errands i pray all u ladies r well any suggestions plz share

Tick Tock

Where did da time go I can't believe it's really almost tht time I'm so thankful 2 God 4 this opportunity he is so awesome n I'm trusting all will b well I pray tht I'm able 2 get all my procedures done but I'm prepared if I'm not I hope everyone is well n soon I will b on da flats ide c u there

flat side

Sorry ladies 4 being so late but once u here u really don't have time....i arrived 2 Dr yesterday da 9th Wilson was there waiting 4 me he drove me straight 2 da clinic i did all my testing ladies b prepared 2 wait the wait game is crazy but u should already know ur Goin 2 foreign land n they do things differently but nevertheless Gonzalez took me around 4 my test Laura was on her way while waiting i met another lady who was scheduled da same day as we so we hit it off right away we met Dr Robles got marked up n was told we will have surgery next da n 2 b there at 5am when we were finished bumped n2 my girl boston7201 we been communicated for several months now she was here with her husband n brother law and his wife they r some really nice ppl since there was no beds n the clinic they took all of us 2 a hotel we had a blast order pizza and laughed next morning arrived a Cecip I was da first patient n Laura remembered she told me that so on arrival got undressed took the blue pill it didn't do anything 4 me but once I got 2 da anesthesiologist she put an iv n me and I don't remember anything else I do believe I woke up n felt her working on my stomach but there was no pain whatsoever it felt like a dream cause I was there but not there but I was happy that I was good after surgery they send u n da recovery room I was really emotional and n severe pain n those nurses n the section r not sympathetic but 2 guys came 2 get me took me 2 my room n now I'm here filling u guys n I don't know what I look like but I already know better than how I came n overall all is well

at Virginias

All i can say is that the group of woman tht i am truly blessed n fortune 2 meet here are amazing the treatment at Virginia is awesome they truly care i have heard several horror stories about other rhs while here n it saddens my heart...but coming 2 a foreign country alone and meeting ppl who r going through the same journey n being at a rh tht has ur best interest n heart that is all God's work and i thank him.....I'm not n pain just discomfort but as the days go by i feel better now regards 2 pics give me some time i haven't even taken any i don't know how yall ladies do it but I will update later take care
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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