my journey begin 1/15/2014 ..... im getting tt,ba,lipo -Dominican Republic, DO

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hello my name is irene im 23 yrs old im having

hello my name is irene im 23 yrs old im having surgery on 1/15/2014 with dr.contreras the procedures im getting done are tt,bbl,ba,lipo & arm lift ...... i have a few friend that with to this doctor and they look great im am more then ready i have everything pack and ready to go i hve 13 days to go :-)

12 days to go woot woot

so i have everything pack and ready to go im so ready to go ...... im going to my doctor to pick all my meds up tomorrow ..

i weighted myself im 195.2

side view

Ugh can't wait to get me tt...

12 more days

Can't wait

Dr.c info

THIS Have HIS info address and all



3 days b4 im out

3 days 2 hours 47 mins till im out woot woot


for the past 3 day i was super stressed out idk y ......... but now im feeling super better and ready to get this sx done and over with .... when i get out of sx ill post pics ok ladies

I'm back sorry I taking so long

January 15 I land in Dominican Republic at 4:45am my driver Jose picked me up taking me to Dr Contreras office I had to wait in the lobby till 8Am till everyone come in and put me in a room :-( Jose came back and taking me 2 get all my test done after that I went back 2 dr.contreras office got my bloodwork done pay for surgery put me in my room then a nurse came to get me to meet dr.contreras and get marked up I only waited about 10 mins in the waiting room the waiting room was full of ladies waiting to meet him so at 3:30pm the male nurse came to get me and take me to the surgery room I wake up a few time when they was clothes and my tummy tuck scar they they put me back out the I woke up again when they was liposuction my arm I didn't feel no pain at all thanks god ... I'm 10 weeks post op and loving My results .... I stayed in Dr for 9 day .... any Questions feel free to ask

1 week b4 school and next day after sx

Dr . Contreras didn't give me a bbl

I'm not mad tho because I already had ass

1st time out since surgery

Dr.Edgar Contreras

IM am so ready for this SX im bring my mother along with me im staying at Dr.contreras clinic for 9 day after surgery ......... if you have any Questions please feel free to ask

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