July 14 with Dra Robles- Dominican Republic

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Hi there! I'm a mom to a 10 year old boy. I also...

Hi there! I'm a mom to a 10 year old boy. I also delivered two sets of twins as a surrogate, who are now 5 years old and 3 years old respectively. My body has been pretty wrecked from those twin pregnancies though I wouldn't change a thing, it is besides my own son, the best thing that I've done with my life. I've been looking into a tummy tuck since my last delivery 3 years ago, but haven't had the time, money, etc. Still don't really have the money but I'm gonna cash out an old 401k and head to the Dominican Republic with Dra Robles! Surgery date is August 5 though I may push it back. Uploading "before" pics I sent her, now :)

Here are my "before" pictures

And the others

not sure why it didnt post all

trying again...


Been a while .. I moved my surgery date up but I'm so confused. I'm scheduled now for July 14. I need to get my CBC done but in Minnesota you can't order your own bloodwork and I have no PCP... I ordered my passport expedited and let my job know about needing time off.. just kind of lost as to the millions of things I need to do in the next 3 weeks. Vitamins?? Plane tickets??


Anyone else going the week of July 14?? I'm going alone and need a travel buddy!


Front and side "before" pics that i couldn't get uploaded


Update to my review. Man I should really of read the reviews more carefully where folk talk about how they can't get a straight answer and keep getting pestered to wire money internationally. WAKE UP FOLKS IT'S A SCAM. So I ask whoever the hell keeps emailing me if I can do the 15th and they said yes. Well i ended up having to buy brand new tires for my car ($700) and then on Saturday tried to wire the money but my bank wouldn't do a wire transfer on a Saturday. So I emailed Laura or whoever asking if I can wire it today (Monday) as my bank won't do it on Saturday, to hold my date of the 15th. She said YES SURE OF COURSE!! I had already requested leave from work and made arrangements with my ex who I have joint custody of our son, and then saturday BOUGHT MY DAMN PLANE TICKETS... so on Monday, the wire transfer goes through, then I get an email from WHOEVER saying I can't do it on the 15th, it's no longer available, I have to wait til the 17th. NO DAMN WAY. I rearranged 3 people's lives and my government job for this shit. I cannot take much leave and it's going to take TWO DAYS TO GET THERE and I do NOT WANT TO TAKE TWO DAYS OF TRAVEL for this surgery when I have to use those days to RECOVER. Robles is a goddamn scammer!


After she had my money she tries to change my fucking days on me.. WHO DOES THAT? Who can just have their shit changed like that??? This whole thing is a goddamn scam.

Plane tickets cannot be changed or refunded

Sorry, I bought my plane tickets on Sunday. And they are NOT changeable or transferrable.


Now Laura is saying she just wanted me to be able to be first on the 16th? She had changed me to the 17th without my consent . . what is going on? Why is she so confused? I've WhatsApp'd Dra Robles with no response and emailed several times. I have plane tickets and all arrangements . .. URGH!

All is good now

Not sure what Laura was trying to do .. but per the advice of another RS member I contacted Dra Robles directly on WhatsApp. At first she said Laura controls the schedule and would put me in contact with her . . but I was like, that's why I'm contacting you! Laura changed my schedule! So a little while later she replied I was still good to have surgery on the 15th. So we are a go again! Yay! I don't know about Laura but Dra Robles seems like she's got it together.

Using your cell in DR?

I haven't seen this addressed . . what do you guys do so you're not roaming while in DR?

My dream Bootay


Dream Bootay.

Based on my before pictures above, can I pull that off??

Ugh Laura

She sends me my confirmation email . . saying my surgery date is the 14th and recovery house is Queens. I only paid for the 15th and Virginia's .. wth? Does anyone have any info on Queens?

Relax Recovery vs Queens

Anyone want to chime in? My first choice, Virginia's, is supposedly unavailable.

Bout to take some more before pics .

I was supposed to lose weight . . but I gained instead. Oops.

Before pics, 8 days pre-op

As the title says :)

One more week..

Shiz getting real.

This time next week

I'll be waking up on the flat side!

3 Days . .

Til I fly out . . oh my.

possibly canceling

I'm supposed to fly out tomorrow but I'm considering writing off my losses in deposit and plane ticket and canceling. Laura just does not make me feel good about this at all.

on my way

First flight down... 2 more to go. I will be in DR at 0340 tomorrow AM!

missed my flight to DR

My flight from MPS to JFK was delayed by 5 hours. Missed my flight from JFK to SDO by 2 hours. Rebooted for 0730 flight coming in at 1117. Don't know if I'm having surgery today... what a mess.

on the flat side..

Made the 730 flight to SDo and got in around 1230 and surgery at 5. Feeling decent so far except low iron.

First post op pics

In my faja and backside

more pics

Still a lot of swelling but thr girls here assure me I have a big booty haha. Virginias is great. And this afternoon me and some of the other girls see Dra Robles which will be my first time seeing her since sx. Overall feeling decent just sore and ready to go home.

The hardest part...

Is hanging out, waiting, boredom, hours waiting to see the doc for your post surgery appointments... ugh. Ready to go home.

No power or water

Since last night....not good.

I dunno about this....

If it is really worth it. I know a lot of folks said to expect to feel regret or depression or whatever and it's true. I am swollen all the way up to under my boobs, we finally got AC and water back an hour ago.. I just don't think the conditions are right for recovery and I just want to make it home with out getting sick.

yalitza is awesome

She washed and detangled my hair and keeps us entertained at Virginias. She's the best!

It's worth it.


emotions will run all over

I've had ups and downs in this week post surgery but all in all its been good. 3 girls left this weekend who really made this place come alive and feel like home. You meet some awesome people in this journey.

At the clinic...

Marx and I figured out the waiting game :) one week post op!

Heading home early tomorrow...

Back drain was removed today even though it was still draining a good bit... going home with just front drain. 4 flights and something like 12 hours in the air tomorrow at 10 days post surgery. Wish me luck...

4 weeks 1 day post

Feeling almost 100%. So happy with my results thus far.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far, I really like Dra Robles. She stepped in and cleared up a situation that Laura had created when she messed up my surgery schedule. I have complete and total confidence in her. Will update more after I meet her, and surgery.

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