Mom of 3 Future Molina Doll... TT... BBL...LIPO

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Hey Ladies, so I am so very excited to know that...

Hey Ladies, so I am so very excited to know that next year I will be a Molina Doll... I am very excited for I have wanted this for the last five years... I am doing something for myself and I feel darn good about it ((lol)) I am very nervous!! However I am so ready!!! Any other ladies going in Feb??


Hey ladies just so anxiously waiting for February... I've been talking to another doll named Steph all day today, she says he's the best and trust in him, so I am 100% at ease!!! Just wishing it could be feb already lol... the time is kinda sorta going by fast but not fast enough... I will keep you guys updated!!!

Travel Buddy

Is there anyone else going to Molina in February??? Inbox me and let me know!! ??

Implant or to not implant

Just deciding if I want to get an implant or just a lift? This decision is so hard...

4 months and 27 days!!!!

All day and all night all I do is look at Dr Molina's Instagram... I can't wait!!! So long over due...

Any Molina Dolls for Feb?

Hey ladies I'm going in Feb, anyone else going that month??

Deposit Made!!!!!

Hey Dolls sorry I haven't been on here in a while, I'm more on my Sx page lol good news I am booked for Dr Molina for January 18th 2017!!! I am so excited and I will continue to update you Dolls on my journey ????

Landed in Santo Domingo

Hey guys!!! I know I haven't been on here for a while, but here I am!!! The time had finally arrived!! I landed in Santo Domingo last night. Bladimir from Venus Recovery house was there when I flew in. Yesterday I checked into The Sheraton Hotel for the night to relax and pray! This morning I'm off to do blood work

Surgery was a success

Hey Ladies!!! I made it to the flat side!!! I'm very happy with the way my tummy tuck looks!!! It's been a while since I had a flat stomach!!!!
Dr Julio Molina Suarez

So far Dr Molina has been very professional... what I love about him thus far is he is very caring about your health and eases your worries...

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