MOLINA 35 Mother of 2 Girls Getting TT BBL and Lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

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So where do I start. I've been doing research for...

So where do I start. I've been doing research for about year. I've search Docs in Colombia and Dominican Republic. After deciding on Dr. Molina I found out he did my aunts lipo and breast reductio, my friends lipo and her sister breast agumentation. Plus my cousins wife Breast reduction. Meaning I have seen his work first hand.
I wrote to him through wassap and he wrote back sooner then expected. He was very pleasant and informative. I send him pictures and I told him what I wanted which was lipo and bbl. I explained to him my concerns and why I didn't want lipo. (Will explain below). He suggested TT full lipo and BBL. his reason my skin in he abdominal will be loose just with lipo :(. This conversation took place in March 2015. Since then I spend 1000 of dollars on vacation and other nonsense. This year it's all about me.
So I'm going with his recommends and having surgery approximately the end of February beginning of March.
I'm 5'7 and weight about 166. So my reason for not wanting a TT is because I don't scare good. I have a very ugly scar on my chest from chemotherapy and in my head I will have the same ugly scare across my waist. Dr. Molina told me he will do his best to give me a very low incision. Plus my husband is very supportive. I was a average weight before chemo but due to steroes I gain like 40 pounds which I've since lost with healthy eating and exsersise but my belly is disgusting.
I have family in DR and will not stay at a recovery house. I will hire a nurse to visit me daily.
If anyone has any tips on recovery and things I must take me let me know you help will be appreciated.

Lipo Vs tummy tuck

I'm torn between getting aggressive Lipo or tummy tuck. I keep going back to I scar horribly. On IG I saw a girl way bigger then me that did just Lipo and she looks great. Like really I have 2 daughters I'm 35 and not gonna be out with a string bikini I can live with a flat stomach and a little stretch marks. I don't think I will make up my mind until Molina sees me in person." Just venting"

Some of my before pics

One step closer

So I put my deposit today..... I'm so excited. I want to have my surgery between 3/10 - 3/12. I have to text him to let him know those dates.
I've done so much research my husband says I'm going crazy. I've watch tons on videos on what to expect. I already started buying stuff. I'm lying all have are the pads and gloves plus pain reliever.
I want to by some Percocets pills. What do you dolls think should I? I'm not good with pain :( and I'm so scared I'm gonna be in lots of pain.
i called my mom today and told her about the deposit she told me she thought I wouldn't go through with it but that she will support me. I love my mom so supportive I know many don't have that. I always owe husband big time for paying for this surgery. I won't have to finance it. He's even working a double shift at work.
Anyways just excited I'm almost on the flat side.

Plane ticket..... Check

I bought my plane ticket and I will be leaving on 3/10..... Woooo hoooo!!!. OMG I'm so nervous now that day is almost here. I told my daughters and the 6 year old was crying that she don't want me to leave. It broke my heart.
I started making my list of things I need. I seen a few other women post list so I'm going from that. I don't want to buy any unnecessary things. If anyone has any suggestion on things I should take please reply. Tummy tuck is no joke and I want be ready.

Travel buddy

One more thing anyone going to Dominican Republic around March 10? If so in box me we can support each other in DR.

Ab board

How soon do you start putting ads and back boards???? Also what abou scar away band?

SX date confirmed

Yessssss baby!!!! I have my date which is March 12,2016.

Shopping always makes me feel good

So my sister works at CVS and told me to drop by and give her my shopping list. She got me most of the things I needed. Still need basic stuff like my compression socks under tees panties PJs and of course my boards. Ohhhh and I'm thinking if I should get a bbl pillow or just go with a bobby pillow. Is there something I'm missing? Please let me know

2 more days and I'm out!!!!

I'm about to start packing. Like I'm not staying at a recovery house I even bought pillows to take to my parents house. I need losts of pillows. I also lined up a recliner which rents for 100 for 10 days(anyone need the info). The lady that does the massage called her too. She's charging $35 per massage.
I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm trying not to bother dr Molina with my million question cause I'm seeing him on Friday morning. I've been having a few nightmare which is not good. My husband has gone from being supportive to now says I'm gonna leave him after the surgery. Hes driving me crazy. What an emotional roller coaster. I just can't deal with his nonsense right now got to stay focus and positive.

I missed my flight

Yep I missed my flight by 6 minutes. I'm a traveler and I've never missed any flights. I spoke to like 3 people at the airport and they were like I have to check in my bag 1 hour before departure and I was 6min late. I was so pissed but something told me calm the F down.... Everything happpens for a reason. But to be honest I think my husband did it on purpose and their was traffic too. But I blame him for not driving fast enough.
I texted Molina but have not received a response back. Well I'm showing up at his office on Monday 7am for blood work and hopefully sx on Tuesday. One day behind but that's no biggy. Lololol...,, will post tm when I finall check in at the airport.
I'm on Gods timing!!!!!

All about hemoglobin

I love my mommy she's has all the 411. Dolls drink natural drinks for your hemo don't just depend on pills. Guava and red bellpeppers is great to increase you hemos. Pineapple celery and cucumber get rid of fluid in your body. My mom also is making beets and carrot juice which is good to increase your hemo. I'm also having liver for lunch... Nasty!!! But I just want to be in the best shape before surgery.
Good luck girls....xoxoxo
Ohhhh how can I forget Molina confirmed me for our consultation for tomorrow Monday. Can't wait :-)

Surgery day at Molinas clinic

I wrote a long review on the wrong pages but anyway I got her at 7am sharp. Thinking I was just going to do blood work. NOT!!! Surgery is going down TODAY!!!! I'm currently waiting I've been marked up by Molina already.
Dolls here's a few things if u coming to Molina
Be on time
You gonna pay $135 for insurance
Bring your own X-rays if not it cost $750 peso.
Ask questions
Wish me luck dolls and pray for me. Attach some pic of the recovery/waiting room.


So got my blue bill and fell asleep hours later the Anesthesia. She told me she be cal in a few. Came back around hours later. Bill pill was a wrap can't remember anything at all. Woke up hours later. Called my husband kids which I can't remembers
Sleeping on my back caused the TT but holp my bbl good.
Oh yea pian..... None yet jut tightness and discomfort. I was just give pain. I'm very suppise wit the plan leave because I'm a pendeja to pain. Once I have m

Surgery day up dateq

Once I home more pic I will update

Morning post op

5am nurse came in took off my urinal. Not having to worry about peeing was heaven. I want it back. She showed me and my momo how to get me out it bed. Feet flat on the foor. the nurse hold both you hands and u push your self up. If u gettin a tummy tuck do no use you abs do not push yourself with you hands on the bed.
I brushed my teeth andmy mom wasted my face while the nurse held me. I also use a wash cloth. Came in handy. You can't walk straight up not healthy for healin.. I walk backed to bed sat down both legs flat on the flow and the nurse carries my lefs to the bed. She bent my legs at told me to push my leg up with my legs and I did just a little. I told her that all I got not moving up any more. She told me find and that she will come back. I like her and will be tipping her. Bring lots of single. I tip everyone just so they can remember me a give me better service. I'm Dominican and I know how these people work.

Day 1 post

Yesterday was a hard day. While in the hospital I was feeling actually great minimal discomfort. I check out around 2pm. The walk to my dads jeep was hell. I almost passed out while getting in the jeep. Meds were wearing off and I had pain on my thighs and butt. TT no pain. I was sweating and could breath. Finally when I got home I had to climb a flight of stairs which took for ever while the sun was blazing on my face. Long story short. Yesterday was hell. I was very weak and no appetite. I tried to walk as Molina suggested but every time I got up I almost fainted. Pain meds given by Molina was suppose to be taken every 8 hours I was taking them every 4-6 hours F***k that. I drank water and some hemo juices my mom made for me.
At night I took my tylenol PM slept it ill 4am where I took more pain meds. Slept till 7am. Had A light breakfast and took all my meds plus my own vitamins. Feeling weak but not dizzy like yesterday.
One more thing I was very emotional yesterday cried all day and didn't feel skinny or how I though I was going to look. Thanks god for my parents and my cuz and sister in law who were consistently talking to me. I would have not survive in a RH yesterday.

2weeks post

So today makes 2 weeks since my body transformation. I haven't had the energy to post my update. Many women here write I'm gonna be posting believe me once you go through this the last thing you have on your mind is posting your update.
I've had a hell of healing process. Let's start of by say that today 2 weeks is when my drain was taken out (not painful at all).Most women get their drain removed within 5-8 days after surgery. I was told my Molina's wife that I have a rare case that happened to Few women that retain lots of fluid. I was suppose to leave on March 25 and was unable leave due to this. This process has been emotionally and physically draining. My having the drain on my healing process has been delayed. Massages start a few days later then usual, unable to move t stage 2 faja and unable to sleep on my tummy meaning I was on my bbl more than what I wanted to be. Let's not talk about that I've had lose of appetite which is not good because I had very low hemo and you must eat a lot to produce fat for you new bbl plus eat lots of protein. At doctors requested I have to drink 3 ensure per day.
The good news is my drain was taken out today and I am wearing a stage 2 faja size small. I was crying this time out of happens. I've received 7 massages and for the last 4 days in I will be getting 2 massages a day to help with the fluid in my back. So much info so if you have any questions please ask.

Some updated pics

3 week update

Hey dolls.... I make 4 weeks on Monday. Where do I start. I departed DR on March 31. Plane ride was horrible. My flight was in the afternoon so I went to the clinic to get my ditches off from my belly button and to get my last massage. I went to the airport dressed comfortable with sweatpants and a white tee. My feet we very swollen I didn't fit in my toms nor my sneakers. So I ware flip flops... Smh!!! I just a letter from Molina to get wheelchair assistance. I wore both my boards even though I heard they might asks me to take it off. The didn't the took me to a room touched me and asked me some questions. While sitting on the wheelchair I felt I was leaking my pants and shirt were wet. I was so embarrassed but staff was very nice and told
Me its not a big deal. Once inside the plane I got a pad and tried to but it over my butt where I had the leakage coming out. It didn't work!!! I sat my ass down and just waited to get to NY.
Once home I took my first bad in weeks as per doc request. I was in pain my back was killing me but the bath did me good.
Since arriving I started working on April 4. I work siting down but sit it's taken a toll. I'm not working a full day until I feel better. I've lost my appetite and I'm not eating much which is not good because I won't heal as quick. I drinking ensure to replace what I'm not eating. Im also taking my vitamins.
Starting Monday I'm going to load on meat natural juices and beans etc. just thinking that i have to eat makes me want to throw up.
I finally start my massages again ($500 for 10 massages) on Friday. My back is still hurting and I feel like I still need to Be drained. It's hard to you touch and hot. I've texted both Molina and my massage lady and they have responded right away.
Starting Friday I will also start putting silicon scar away. I've been putting merderma and neosporin where I had the drain. I'm still very swollen and feel exhausted.

Belly button

Before sx I did research on how to get the perfect button from marbles to belly button plunge and the tip of a tampon. When I asked Molina when can I start putting things in my belly button he told me NEVER you don't need it I gave you a beautiful belly button and I most agree. I love my belly button and I'm glad I won't have to do nothing crazy. For those of you who do, can can do the above stated and put neosporin and then the object.
BTW I take off my faja just to shower about 30-45 minutes a day.

1 month update

I made a month on the 14. Lots of ups and downs. I seen my body go through many changes. Sometimes I love it and at times I don't. I understand it's a process. I sleep and have my faja on everyday. I only take it off during my massages and when I shower. The massages are still painful and I'm still very swollen. My lower back and my sides are very hard. According to the lady that gives me my massages that happens. It should soften up with the massages. I still haven't slept on my belly. Molina said after 40 days. Which means I haven't had a good night sleep. Sleeping is still very uncomfortable. My husband and I took our daughters out for dinner and movie and I didn't wear my faja for the first and only time. I wore a panty and bra for the first time in a month. My husband was in shock he even called my mom to tell her I looked so beautiful. It made me feel good but I just saw my flaws. I gotta start working on changing the way I think.

Back still fucked up

I haven't forgotten about you dolls. Attach is a pic of my lower back. I got aggressive lips there and it's been a long process. My mid and lower back is still in pain and hard and hot. I continue to go to my massages 3 times a week and my husband does the other days. To all yea females that going to undergo this procedure make sure you have $$$. It doesn't end the day you have surgery. I spending money left and right. Just the silicon sheets I order were $250. And I'm going to have to get another massage package. Hopefully you dolls won't need as much massages as me. In the pic I'm still very swallow. Some people hate their faja for some reason I love my faja I have worn it 2 days for about 4 hours and I was rushing home to put it on. I sleep with it every single night.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Molina was very responsive to all my needs. Made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions in person and via text. Spoke to me with honesty and told me what he was able to Do for me. His staff was very warm and welcoming. Love the service I received from everyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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