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This won't be long, because I'm trying to recover,...

This won't be long, because I'm trying to recover, and I'm on my phone, so I will give a full detail after I fly back home. I'm not sure if I will post pics as of yet, Dr. Baez told me to be at her office at 7am after I checked in with the nice man at the emergency desk 15 min later Dr Baez and her husband
which is a medical doctor came in and gave me a big hug and kiss. We went upstairs to her nice spacious office sit down and her husbands starts translating for her. She wanted know what medications I had been taking and what my concerns were about my body, she asked me many more health questions. Then she told me come in baby please take your clothes off. She stands you up in front of a mirror, and she takes her time looking at your body and answering a ton of questions. She is very professional and sweet, she listens to you every word,down and her husband started translating for her

I Love Dr. Fragoso Baez

After you take your test and crays and get marked up, Dr. Baez will take you to get a room at the clinic to wait in , the cardiologist came in to clear me for surgery, and after that they came in to put my IV in and wheeled me off to surgery. The anesthesiologist will prepare you for an epidural, btw he is so nice, and he speaks a little English. He will put medicine in your iv to calm you and then the young man stoop in front of me an held my head in his chest. I was so relaxed I didn't feel a thing. Then Dr. Baez came in with a big smile and gave me a hug, she told me to lie down, and after they flipped me on my stomach the surgery started. I was aware of what was going on around be but it was like, I was very sleepy and just relaxing, some times you May feel pressure that's it. When she started my tummy tuck he knocked me out and I woke up at the end when DR. was stitching me up. Then she lipoed my arm put, I remember her looking at me saying" I'm almost done baby, I'm making you beautiful baby, you look so beautiful" then she started singing, she has a nice voice btw..lol. I looked at her and smiles and then I was done. I can't explain enough how much I loves my experience with Dr Graffiti

continuation, my phone is silly

Typo, my phone puts graffiti everyone I type Dr. Fragoso, anyways her husband Dr. Graffiti is a God send also, he stayed with me at the clinic when the Dr had to go do another consult, but she came right back. I love love, love my results. My scary is very low and thin, and she shaped my butt just right, she shaped everything just right, I had full body lipo also. She was very attentive. She made sure I had the best nurse to stay the night with me, I paid the nurse 25$ she was so good I tried to give her more money before I left, but she said no baby Dr. already paid me. She gave me small amounts of her juice every hour, and she constantly checked me for fever and put pain medicine in my I've. Dr.Fragoso came in to check on me and help me walk, when I stood up I there up, so painful because of my tummy, she started running my head saying go ahead baby get it out, your ok. She said let me i.e. when your ready. After I walked around the room she checked my body, and explained the correct way to sleep and sit, then her husband came in with needs, and explained to me how to take them, btw Dr. fragoso pays for your meds it's included in her package. And she sends a nurse to massage you everyday, you get 10 free massages, it's included also, she is so good and caring. Www.spamedicaljm

phone still acting silly

I did not put spamedica, my phone decided to put that on here idky. I'm staying with Yasmin, I have no complaints, she's caring, hands on, and she makes sure your comfortable. so glad I booked with her, you can find her on airbnb.com oh Dr. graffiti calls me daily to check on me and answers all my calls and emails, you can't go wrong with her ladies she is the best to me. She not only does good work, but she takes her time and she listens to your every need, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I will post before and after photos when I'm about 4 weeks out, I'm very swollen, and I want to truly show her work. If I think of anything else, I will post.

something else I noticed

I think she does not have many reviews because as you can see , and other ladies here will tell you, she really cares about her patients. She won't cut any corners, so if you want to know something email her she will email you right back within 24 hours. You can put it in Spanish to make it easy for her if you want, but I write in all English and she had no problem, her husband Dr. Baez helps her alot, he speaks English very well. I noticed she has many patients but not an over load , I asked her and I saw for my self she gets about 2 or 3 American patients a week, but the rest of them are local, this is the reason why there are no reviews in my opinion. You will need to take all your vIranian and get healthy as possible, because if something is not right , she won't just take your money and do surgery, she will be sweet and tell you what you need to do and ask can she reschedule you,, which is a good thing for your health and life. But if your scared of making a blank trip, because I understand how hurtful that would be, I went and got a simple physical, hemp, blood pressure, cholesterol etc, to make sure I was up to par

sorry phone again

If all those things are fine you should be fine, if you want to take an extra step, get xrays also, but Dr. Fragoso will take you for all test. I don't smoke, but drink occasionally, but stop 3 months before surgery, so I knew I would be fine. If you have other health issues just talk to her and be honest you will be ok....
Ladies I'm 5'3 and 180 pounds that's the only thing I was scared about, I tried to loose weight, but I have thunder thighs, and I'm a 38 dd, but I have a good curves shape, but I've also had 3 kids which are 7,6,and 5, so no I did not bounce back like some other lucky women, but that's ok, Dr.Fragoso, made me beautiful, I was beautiful before, but I like how I look with clothes off now, lol, ok ladies I'm still in the Dr, and I got a tummy tuck and it's not easy, it doesn't really hurt, it's just walking bent over and the swelling that uncomfortable, don't go back for my follow up until Thursday, will keep you posted...

to answer question about facilities, very clean, and friendly attentive staff

Thank you for your kind words, her facility and operating rooms are very clean and organized, her office is very nice and clean, she has a spacious sitting are with nice furniture, that connects to another office where she will sit you down and talk to you and ask your concerns, then she has another room where the medical bed and mirror and bathroom are this is where she will stand you up in front of a big mirror and look your body over to make sure she knows what you want, she is very precise and she takes her time. I forgot to mention above that she will sit you back down, and show you your pictures she took of you and show you again what work she will perform on you,, I was just blessed I trusted her website and through our conversations that she was for me,,, I think she will be very busy soon. Good luck with your choice..

Dr. Fragoso Baez cares

The Dr and her husband checked on me again, I just love her, she laughs at me because I try to speak Spanish, and I tell her how to say things in English, she told me she really wants to learn English and she's working on it... When she calls you will hear
e her cherry voice

continuation, my phone and I don't get along well..lol

You will hear her cheery voice say ,, Helloooo Hola Babyyyyy this is Dr. Fragoso, how are you babyyy any pain? Then her husband will start translating for her. She will ask how are your massages, and do you need anything ,,, Everyday I thank God I found her, she even emails me at night after she gets out of surgery,, I prayed to be in good hands and I am. I don't really have any pain from the tummy tuck, but I do have discomfort and a little pain in my back, because you have to walk bent over until she gives the ok to start straightening up. She said she will tell me after my drain is out and after she makes sure my scar is healing good. I mostly have swelling In my lower back and side because that's where most of my fat was, she had to lipo alot.

I will post in 2 weeks

I hate to keep you waiting, but when I fly home I will get my husband to take pics of me and I will post, I don't want to because of the crazy things people are doing with pics, but I realize it's important to see results. I didn't have pics to go off of, but from what I seen on her Web site and from communication with her I knew she would do her best on Mr and keep me safe. alot of us are traveling very far so I understand why you want pics give me time to heal a little more and I will post

Dr.Fragoso info

Tel 809 890 8143
Dr.Fragoso is very responsive, you should email her first, she can answer you better I think
If you want you can call you might get her or her husband if he's in the office, but it's better to email,,, she is very busy ladies, she takes her time with her patients.
I wish you all luck

made it home

Hey ladies, when I got up out the wheelchair and my husband saw me, his moth dropped, my hair was really curly, but I got a blow out, so I changes my look from head to toe, when he seen my booty, he was like dannnnnngggg, even the old man pushing the chair started laughing...he helped me in the car, he was being all nice, he was like sit down baby, are you ok, are you hungry,,,,,, I was like I must look good, cause this is not my husband..lol even my babies was like mommy you so pretty...my daughter was playing in my hair and my boys kept telling me how pretty I am....did I look that bad? Lol my mom, and her friends came over to see me, now they want to go to Dr. Fragoso lol, u told them to sit down somewhere and to stop being fast, cause I need her to watch my babies so I can go out with my man and show off my new body.....lol Dr. fragoso emailed me last night checking on me, and she also sent me more info on how to take care of my body.... I love my Doctor, and you will love her also, trust me I wouldn't tell you about her if I wasn't happy, I'm more than happy....I kept hugging and kissing on her at my last visit, her husband even walked me downstairs and have me a hug..when it was time to go I kept turning around to hug the Dr. I kept saying I love you, I love, I love , I love you, she was laughing and she hugged me back and said I love you babyyyyy and she have me a little rap on my butt :-) then she was back to work, she had a office full of patients she walked up to all of them, to hug and kiss them, then I was on my way... Yasmin was great , her family are some beautiful people. I love her sister Juanita,
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm so glad I went with Dr. Baez, my body looks wonderful, she did everything I asked her to.

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