Tummy Tuck, Liposuction (Waist, Back, Arm Pit) and Brazillian Butt Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi girls, I am very excited to start this...

Hi girls, I am very excited to start this blog/review since this page was a VERY helpful resource upon my decision on having surgery and choosing a doctor. I would like to provide the same resources that may help others through their journey into cosmetic surgery. :) I am officially scheduled to have surgery on July 17, 2003 with Dr. Robles in Santo Domingo, DR. I had chosen a different doctor but after seeing her work and the excellent customer service from her assistant Laura, I changed my choice of physician.

Pre Surgery Pics

Well here are my pictures. I am 176 lb my height is 5'7" and I am 31 years old with two kids.

7 days before my trip and 8 days before my surgery!

I did my summer dress shopping yesterday and found 2 dresses at NY&CO they had a 50% and 70% off sale :) $14 bucks a piece. I already purchase all of my toiletries but the only thing I'm missing is the Rose Mosquetta oil which I dont know where to find!

Having Mixed Feelings...

May push the surgery day back a few days because I am feeling bit down. Since I will be traveling solo it is kind of discouraging being alone. Any body out there who is planning to get surgery on the week 15-19 of July??

Packing Mode!!! 3 days trip/4days Surgery :) and Important Information to have in my Cell Phone

Well Here is a pic of some of the stuff I got for the trip.

**Important phone numbers and adress to have written down before traveling**

829 380 8019 Dr. Robles Cell
809 686 7290 ext 222 Clinic Cecip (office)
809 867 9446 Laura Castro
809-685-4906 Dr. Robles Office

The name of the clinic is CECIP (this address is the one you need to write down for immigration purposes) Clinic address: Calle Manuel MarĂ­a Castillo Num. 20 , Gazcue, Santo Domingo. ( In front of the National Palace)

Recovery House information:
Address: Calle Proyecto #1. Residencial Gala Los Prados, Santo Domingo
Phone number: 809-567-4419

i am in Dominican Republic now!

My surgery is paid for blood & paper work is done as well. I Rescheduled my surgery for tuesday. I will be going to the beach w my boyfriend he surprised me with reservations at a beautiful resort at Bavaro Punta Cana and called Laura to rearrange the surgery. So I will have it done on Tuesday. Thanks for all the support girls! The clinic is beautiful.

Tomorrow is my surgery

Back from vacation OMG beautiful :) I am now at virginias recovery home and tomorrow go into surgery at 6:00am.

More Pics

Second Day postsurgery

Everything went well. I DID get everything done Bbl, TT, and Back Lipo. My hemoglobin was high but after surgery went down requiring a blood transfussion. Doctor Robles is a beautiful person in and out. Virginia recovery house amazing. Offergreat care to all the ladies. I am in pain but it is bearable. Ill update later when i feel stronger.

Day after surgery pic, @ CECIP

4 days post

feeling a lot better but stilll very swollen specially my thighs.

4th day post still very swollen

13 Days After Surgery

It hasn't been easy. You have to be very strong mentally and physically to go through this type of surgery. It is very painful and it takes a lot of patience. Later Iwill post more details about the hospital staetc....

Omg Finally Made it Home! Back in Texas

After 11 hours of airports and 3 connecting Flights, I'm finally Home! The wheelchair saved my life so reserve that wheelchair ladies! :)

I need a FAJA ASAP

Before I left the doctor did not have any fajas available so I have to look for one online. Please can anyone tell me the brand or website of the fajas you obtained from Dr. Robles I will greatly appreciate it. :)

Pinapple and Cucumber Juice for swelling

According to Virginia from the recovery house juicing pinapple, cucumber, and a splash of vanikla extract will aid with decreasing swelling rapidly. Using very little water juice both ingredients and after draining, sweeten with vanilla extract.

Just Purchased my Faja from www.FajateNewYork.com

Had an XL from Marena and just purchased a full body faja from Fajate in Large I hope it fits right.


OMG LADIES I MADE THE PINAPPLE AND CUCUMBER JUICE W VANILLA EXTRACT AND IVE been drinking it throughout the day today and my swelling has DRASTICALLY DECREASED!!!!! ITS A MUST!!! :) Wow lol im so excited I guess since it bothered me so much and Im feeling so much relief!!!! Anyway good night hahaha :) i'll try to post a pic tomorrow :)

16 days post surgery pics Drain Off

20 days post (little black dress) still swollen

Scared, so my drain hole closed so I decided to take a full normal shower

Scared, so my drain hole closed so I decided to take a full normal shower. Wow I think my blood pressure dropped I felt so dizzy and weak that I ended up vomiting and shaking. Is this normal? Ive noticed when my faja is off and I am standing up I feel dizzy. I rarely take the girdle off inky when its a must. I'm getting desperate yo receive the other one I ordered since yhe ine I have on doesn't feek very thight. I texted DR Robles about the incident and sent pics of my belly button because I'm clueless about its progress and to me it looks gross.

mmn starting my linfatic masages on friday

mmn starting my linfatic masages on friday. Doctor Robles saw my stomach and said it was too swollen still. I never received my faja from that stupid website WWW.FAJATENEWYORK.COM IS A FRAUD. HAD TO BUY SOMEHWERE ELSE. im still waiting on a tighter faja. I guess thats why ny tummy is still big because it hasnt been tight enough. :( i feel bummed.

www.fajatenewyork.com is a FRAUD

I know i posted about the website but I never got my faja. Tried calling them no answer to emails or phonecalls. Just purchased from someone else in Miami and I spoke with them on the phone before buying anything.

Just had my first limphatic massage & all i can say is OMG

That massage lady worked WONDERS it wss just my first and I feel amazing. I got a great deal for them $30 per massage. But i feel so much flexible and my tighs feel smaller just right after the session. I am wearing a tighter girdle while i wait for the second faja i ordered. Its def. Helping me walk straight and keep my tummy tight.

30 days post surgery pics

Just updating progress with some pics.

some updated pics and yes im still swollen.

im now using my fajate girdle and i love ?????? it... Ive had my second massage and they do bring the swelling down.

almost two months post op

More pictures

Dr. Robles follow up email

I just got emailed from Dr. Robles Assistant asking about my recovery. This is awesome since what I read from others is that Doctors usually dissappear once you are gone from tbe country and this is definitely not the case of Doctor Robles. I have her in whatsapp and she was pretty good answering my questions. Here is a snapshot of the email. Lol also trying to entice me w a small discount for another procedure hahah... have a good day ladies!!!

I just got in some non stretch jeans!

Well here are some updated pictures. I am almost three months post op and I am starting to fit in to ny regular clothes. I am enjoying my new figure. I am getting a lot attention lol but most important i feel great! I am still swollen from my stomach and I understand that will take at least another 3 more months to end with the swelling. My thighs are back to normal. The only thing that bothers me are my arms. One os bigger than t he other and when i put on lom g sleeve office blouses my arms dont fit :( i wonder if its because i got the armpit lipo that they got swollen. My arms where not an issue before the surgery. I AM ALSO contemplating on buying a size S girdle from Fajate (I love these girdles they are the best) or getting an abdominal board. I'll be in Dominican Republic this upcoming November 22 this time for pleasure travel :) Alright girlies have a good one :) Ill continue to post more pics later. Bye bye

I started dieting 4 days ago because i felt big and with hige hips

I started strict dieting 4 days ago because i felt big and with huge hips. A friend of mine that also goy surgery way before me told me that i need to wait at least 3 more months fpr my hips to go down so I decided to believe her lol at least have some hope lol. I am going to the Dominican Republic in about 24 days and honestly don't want yo feel fat so I started dieting and gave me some help with some diet pills as well. Its been 4 days and I lost 3 pounds. Here are some pictures. Yes my tummy is still swollen. Also my arms were huge and one of them is bigger than the other one and I did not have this problem before the surgery. I whatsapped Dr Robles and ahw told me I looked fine but in all my shirts, my arm gets stuck lol and the other one is just fine. Oh well I hope w my dieting this problem will diminish.

Bikini Pics... Week before Vacation at Dominican Rep.

update :)

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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