Tummy Tuck, Liposculoture, BBL, Possible Arm Lift August 25th - Dominican Republic, DO

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After researching Yily, Almonte, Robles and Baez,...

After researching Yily, Almonte, Robles and Baez, I've chosen Baez. She answers all questions patiently and communicates in a timely manner. I have heard from other patients that she doesn't do all procedures if she doesn't think they are warranted or possible and that's a good thing. Her quote does not come with a recovery house so now my next step is to research and book one. I am travelling from New York and welcome any suggestions or surgery buddies. I've uploaded current pictures and am trying desperately to lose a few pounds before surgery but its not working. I don't have much time to work out but will keep trying.

Deposits sent, flight booked!!

Deposits for Baez and Oasis RH sent today. Date confirmed and flight booked, last flight out of JFK on 8/23. I've put this off for years and now its happening so fast. Very excited and nervous. Next move is going through all of the supply lists I've compiled while lurking on RS for the past two years lolol.

Post op suggestions

I'm looking for post op care in NY. Does anyone have any experience and suggestions with post op in the New York area?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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