34 NYC . Tummy Tuck ,lipo.BBL dec8th

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So I've decided to go with Dr. Tinia Medina after...

So I've decided to go with Dr. Tinia Medina after lots of research she answered all my questions was very responsive very sweet I was trying to get a hold of Dr.duran for weeks and gave up lol.
I have 8 pounds to lose to get my BMI at 33 stared my journey at 209 now at 198 im 5feet 3 in I have not yet checked my hemoglobin I don't really know if I should go to the doctor and check it or just go over there hoping it's on point lol I haven't made my appointment because I'm waiting to lose 8 pounds once I lose the 8 pounds I will try to leave as soon as possible looking to go November 14 because I have met another girl going on the same date for the same doctor and since My Husband can't come because somebody has to stay with the kids at least I'll have some kind of comfort that somebody's going through the same thing I am.
i've already begun trying to get my medications I don't want to get medication over there I heard it's expensive and a pain medication is weak so I'm going to speak to my doctor I already have pain meds from a previous procedure but I never used and it's not expired so that part I'm happy about going to start taking iron and some other vitamins she recommended keep you posted will post b4 and after pics when i get the procedure done and pics along the way

So after not being able to get the date i wanted...

So after not being able to get the date i wanted with DR Medina i changed DR. Walkiris Robles. i took the just sx package for 4,350$ because i made a friend on RS and we wanted to stay in the same RH MyHome. I hear Dr. Walkiris Robles dose not speak english so i'm not really happy with that is that is true . But i am impressed with her work so lets hope for the best . ordering stuff i need online and getting ready mentally because i have been so emotional lately i will post pics as i move along

After a lot of back and forth I'm going to the dr...

After a lot of back and forth I'm going to the dr with DR medina on

Dec 8th2016 and staying at my home recovery house . I'm looking for a last min buddy . And will keep updating paid my deposit threw moneygram it was 500$ . Got my meds here from my doctor and just have to Oder a few more things and im ready to go going to miss my kids like crazy never been away from them for so long I will be in the DR. For 14 days my hemo is 13.9 Gota try and get it up just a bit sucks because Iron makes me backed up if you know what I mean lol I'm 5'4"190 lost about 20 lbs in the last 2 months and still trying . Don't want my arms to look fat after I get my tt lol but hopping to get lipo on them I'll talk to her about it when I get my consultation in DR so she can see first hand .

33 Yrs Young Mother of 2 Tt,lipo,bbl with DR.Medina

So in 9 days i will be in DR having sx with DR.Medina have not found a sx buddy .

feeling a lot of mixed emotions hate living my kids and husband i will be going alone my quote was 4500 but after cost of stay and meds and other little things they don't tell u about i know i will be spending a little over 6,000 not including flight i will be posting more after i get there not much to write about now other then cost i got my DR here in the states go give me the medications i will be needing so that saved me some $$$ ordered my supplies on amazon if any one will be at my home recovery house around the same time plz reach out would be nice to have company i will arive on dec 7th and leaving dec 20th .

Leaving tomorrow !!

A lot has been going on the last few days I had to get an ultrasound was in the Er yesterday I have a hernia on my esophagus dr says it's no biggie was put in meds medina says it's not a problem going threw with everything still but I'm even more nervous now had have been very emotional about leaving my kids and husband I'm going alone so I have to be strong about this and pray for the best right ... time to try and get some shut eye I will keep posting grime here in out .

I'm here !

Flight went well gorge was waiting for me when I arrived love him already speaks English , recovery house is nice ppl that work there are good so far and I'm now doing blood work
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