34 NYC . Tummy Tuck ,lipo.BBL with DR.TianaMedina

So I've decided to go with Dr. Tinia Medina after...

So I've decided to go with Dr. Tinia Medina after lots of research she answered all my questions was very responsive very sweet I was trying to get a hold of Dr.duran for weeks and gave up lol.
I have 8 pounds to lose to get my BMI at 33 stared my journey at 209 now at 198 im 5feet 3 in I have not yet checked my hemoglobin I don't really know if I should go to the doctor and check it or just go over there hoping it's on point lol I haven't made my appointment because I'm waiting to lose 8 pounds once I lose the 8 pounds I will try to leave as soon as possible looking to go November 14 because I have met another girl going on the same date for the same doctor and since My Husband can't come because somebody has to stay with the kids at least I'll have some kind of comfort that somebody's going through the same thing I am.
i've already begun trying to get my medications I don't want to get medication over there I heard it's expensive and a pain medication is weak so I'm going to speak to my doctor I already have pain meds from a previous procedure but I never used and it's not expired so that part I'm happy about going to start taking iron and some other vitamins she recommended keep you posted will post b4 and after pics when i get the procedure done and pics along the way
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