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Hello Dolls!! I am a 33 yo wife & mom of 4. With...

Hello Dolls!! I am a 33 yo wife & mom of 4. With my last pregnancy I was on bed rest from week 18 until delivery at 36 weeks. Thank God my son made it!! However that did a number on me and I have not recovered!! Can't totally blame my beautiful children but I will say Prior to kids I was ????????????!! Banging anyhow.. I'm ready to get my body back and have been ready for the last 2 years. I, like most moms put everyone & everything before myself. Well I told my husband when I get my bonus it will be spent on me and me alone & he is supporting that totally & should I decide to out of town, DR or Colombia he will be by my side & promised to take me on a shopping spree after..I am considering several doctors I'm very undecided. I like several doctors both in DR, U.S. & Colombia. The only doctor in DR I'd consider is Dr Fatima she's the boom not that others aren't just my preference. In the U.S. I've been looking at Dr Fisher, Dr Hartway or Dr Bryant. In Colombia I've been looking at Correa, Sacritian & Villalobos. Colombia is a new area I decided to review because I saw another RS doll asking some questions about medical tourism in that area & she mentioned it was cleaner and higher standards (same/similar to US) with DR prices. Any one have any pros & cons to help me with my consideration?

Pre op pics

So I'm jumping out here and adding my pre op photos..it's not looking good :(

Wish pics

Most of these pictures are from Dra. Fatima website some are from another doctor I liked the results as well,

Me in clothes

I hide that 200 lbs well

Here's the quote I received

Here's the quote I received From Dr. Fatima

How much time did you ladies take off work???

I'm wanting to have a tummy tuck and Lipo of the back in March 2016. I plan on taking 2 weeks off work to do so as that's the max amount of time allowed for vacation at one time. I can not afford to take FMLA as it is unpaid and I need my pay. Will a total of 14 days be enough time off? I have an office job.

After care

Wondering if any of the ladies who have done medical tourism in DR have found doctors in the states that are will to provide care?? I've been calling doctors in Michigan looking for after care if needed for drain removal etc.. Please let me know if u guys have found anything out.

Having second thoughts

Hello thought I'd update on what's been going on..I was all set to go with Dr. Almonte she is THE best in the DR and I'm confident in her work and care the problem is that I really want the aftercare..I want to be have someone to hold accountable after and go to see for whatever reason..and being away from my kids for that long of time made me nervous..also when my husband and I wrote down all the expenses it didn't seem much cheaper than the US..at first..I decided to visit a PS in the US..Dr Michelle Hardaway today. First the office was decorated so beautifully & staff was very pleasant. It was very professional and she even showed me how I'd look after!! Yay!! So I was all for it until DON DON DON!! The put me in a room and gave me the quote..when I say my eyes got big!! I was quoted 9,350 for the surgery I'm very confident she would do a great job and even does pain blockers etc and help with the scar lighting etc..it's still 4,000 more than quoted from Dr. Almonte & after the additional 55.00/day for a companion and 700/each flight it's still 2,150 more..now I'm trying to figure out if I should pay the additional money then figure how I'll get it lol..also need to mention that her quote was only for tummy tuck & Lipo of the lower back..Dr. Almonte quote includes TT, full back Lipo, arms & BBL.

It's official February 29th

So after all the confusion and back and forth I have decided to keep my original plan of going to Fatima & confirmed with Lesley that my date will be changing to February 29th!! I wanted the 2nd but unfortunately it was not available..I will be focusing my energy on figuring out which recovery house is the best & dropping a few pounds.


More wish pics

Supplies & Flight

So I went ahead and purchased my flight through JetBlue. The total was 701 which includes carry on back and checked bag, extra large seat & wheelchair on the return. I went and purchased supplies which included the below.
Baby wipes
Clorox wipes
Wife Beaters
Surgical tape
Antibacterial soap
Hand sanitizer (with pump)
Anti itch cream
compression socks

I stocked up on vitamins and just working on losing a few pounds. I will go get my CBC testing done soon so I can see where I'm at. Also I went to Garnder Mountain for the master lock personal safe and was told they sent them all back because they were no good. The manager told me they had so my returns because u can get into it very easy cause the latch that the lock goes into is made of thin plastic. So ladies I'll be looking for something more secure.

Talk to you later

Counting down

Just preparing my body for this change & counting down the days..found a cool count down app & also been looking at tattoo scar cover up!

It's starting to get real,



Counting down & working hard

I can not believe I'm a little over 1 month until my surgery..its been a long road or trying to find a doctor to trying to figure out if I wanted to do it in US or DR to the waiting game..I'm taking online classes which I thought would take my mind off of the surgery but instead I'm finding it hard to focus on the homework because I'm always thinking of the surgery..I went through a few surgery buddies and now it's looking like I'll be going alone. It's understandable because everyone has to do things in their own time and I just feel like this is my time and whatever decisions other people make will not affect mine. I purchased Body by Vi and I've replaced two meals a day and eating better to help lose a few pounds prior and so far I'm managing it but I haven't lost a pound. I have an appr with my Primary Doctor this week to check my levels, get a physical and meds for the trip. I also want to ask if he would treat me after I return because I have heard if u have a good doctor who cares about ur well being, they will see u and he's pretty cool & well aware that I plan to get the surgery so my fingers are crossed. I will probably be coming back with a drain and will need him to at lease remove that and drain any fluids after that.

Hemo not high enough...yet

So I went to my primary Doctor to make sure I was healthy enough for surgery on the 27th. I have a history of anemia and that was a concern for the doctor. My hemo was 12.1 which was not what I hoped for as u ladies all know we want to see 14+. So my doctor has requested further testing and says I should increase my iron intake. I'm not a huge meat eater so that's not helping me any. I went to the pharmacy and purchased geritol to help and I will start to take my iron twice a day instead of just once. Hopefully I can get it up fast enough cause I only have one month to go!! Any suggestions?! I know girls have done all sorts of things but I wanna know what actually worked for you!! Please give me some tips
Also my doctor would not give me Percocet or anything worth having. He gave me Ultram which I looked up and sounds like it does nothing for pain smh guess I'll get some off the streets.

Until next time,


Still trying to up my hemoglobin

So I bought so enforcement to get this hemoglobin up..Geritol & Blood builder..seeing that I can take the blood builder on an empty stomach I take that in the am and the Geritol in the evening.

Hope everything is going well for everyone!!
Stay prayed up ladies,


Recovery Houses

Good day all u sexy ladies!! Ok so I'm thought I was as all settled on MyHome recovery house until I was reading a dolls post and she mentioned A recovery home that was 750 for 10 days with everything included even snacks and they offered 7 massages included!! That sounds so awesome to me because Lesley adds 850 to the quote and u still have to pay for the massages separately. Sea Lily has a website and it looks very nice & modern. The only problem is there aren't many reviews on them. Has anyone stayed there before or heard of them?

Sea Lily Quote

Counting down!!

A few extra items

Ok so I wanted to show u ladies (and gents) a couple of items that I picked up..I read a RS page by I believe a lady name ClassyUSA? Sorry I can not remember BUT she suggested this roller and I went to get one. She said it was the bomb with self massages and it was only about 5 dollars..she also suggested a back scratcher which I got as well. I'm all packed and ready to go. Now I will just have to get shopping for food for my family and then relax until it's time to go. I plan on taking my babies I've skating and to Sky Zone before I leave..

Until next time!!

In DR!!!

Ok so ladies (& gents) I am in the DR and I'm feeling quite excited. I arrived early this morning with the driver Orlando waiting for me. I am staying at Sea Lily and so far so good. There some really cool girls staying here. I will give a detailed review when I leave and can have an overall review. I will say that JetBlue was on they stuff regarding the wheelchair service. They was waiting on me nd even moved my second connection seat to an up front seat because I requested wheelchair service. I told the lady I only needed it on the return but she said it does matter. I am confident that the ride back will be just as accommodating. Also I was kind of upset because I missed the credit union on Saturday & have a limited amount of cash on hand. My plan was to bring all the money but that did not happen. Lesley has contacted me and stated I need to be at the clinic and 4pm for testing & will stay the night there tonight. Well I will post-up some before pics later today before my procedure. I will soon be on the flat side!!! TTYL, Sassy XOXO

Made it to the flat side!!

Hello ladies sorry to those that follow me that I went MIA. This process is not walk in the park. First I'd like to say that the pain FOR ME is not what I expected. It's more sore than pain..FOR ME..I can't give a full review of anything yet because I'm still in DR and still experiencing it all. I have posted pre-op and post-op pictures for ur review and all I'll say right now is so far the results look amazing. The incision line is low just like I wanted and very thin. Dr Almomte says it's still very swollen and that it will be much smaller as time goes on. I was not able to get everything because my hemo was only 12.3 but as my girl Fireceat36 stated ur health is what's important and she was still able to give me the main things I wanted.
- tummy tuck
- Lipo waist and sides

I really feel transformed.

Until next time,

Be prepared!!

Ok I wanted to say this to everyone. Be prepared when u come down here ok don't just bring enough money for the surgery bring more than enough. One they nickel and dime u every chance they get I mean it's a poor country. With Almonte I was told that all the meds was included BUT right before they discharge me from the clinic Raquel the secretary tells me I need to give 40.00 for heparin shots. This was not discussed or disclosed prior and then when I address it she said well it's not required BUT u need these shots it prevents blood clots. In addition to that at the recovery house there is a lady here who went to a different doc I will not state the doctor name but she only had enough for the surgery and has no meds!! NONE!! We have been given her things like pain meds and Benadryl but the other things she won't have. It's very sad to watch. We all ordered pizza and she had no money and wanted some. Also if u need anything extra it's a charge. It's a fee to go to the pharmacy because that's not included with ur transportation. It's a fee for everything. Ladies have ur coins up when u come and be prepared!! Thanks for reading this, Sassy

Random photos

Here are some random photos since I've been here in DR.

PS. Dra Fatima no longer has the t-shirts she use to give out. The lady who makes them said she can no longer to them. I was very sad about that.

Until next time,

Photos didn't post

No back fat

Ok so here's a quick pic of my back. When Lesley told me I couldn't get everything she asked what was the main things I needed some and ladies I said that Timmy tick and my back!! When Dra Almonte saw me she said my back was fat?! But the flanks needed to go..y'all when I say I'm very pleased with how flat it is that is an understatement and mind you it's still swollen. I had Cristina take a pic after my first massage. The room is small and so the picture is very close (no my back isn't that damn wide in person) lol.


11 days post op

Just wanted to write a few lines to tell you all how things are. For the most part I'm good. I made it home safe and sound 3 days ago. I left early because I really missed my family and seeing that I would've been going home with the drain anyway I felt good enough to go home. When I got to Michigan I searched and searched for a lymphatic ultrasound massage without any luck. From my understanding it's a specialty so do research on someone well in advance if you plan on getting massages when you return. I found a lady but she uses manual drainage method. I have to speak with Lesley to find out if that will be ok or not. Hopefully it will be fine. Also I did not get the stage two garment and I now regret that. I was told by many that you can get them cheaper online however that has not shown to be true. I have found others but not that brand and type. The compression is not the same. If you have the money as I did don't be cheap just get it while your there. If you know where I can get the same brand garment even if it's not cheaper please let me know. I went on the Fajaye website and it's not even in English so I had no luck there. Well I have to go. Here are a few pictures.


17 days post op

So things are good I haven't had much time to write a full review of Sea Liky or my experience with Dr. Almonte either so sorry ladies I got back with 1000 things to do & very little energy. Here's a photo from 14 days po. Since my drain has come out and there is very little difference so far but I'm still awaiting my stage two garment which seems like it is taking forever.. Talk to you later ?, Sassy

Seroma & ER visit

I was unsure if I had swelling or a seroma so today I went to urgent care to have them check it and remove any fluid if there was any. No pain no fever & feeling fine. Well I now write this post from the ER! It would seem that medical tourism must mean an infected person..they started an IV, took blood test and getting me prepared for a CAT scan, hopefully this is all for nothing and I'll be out in no time with a peace of mind. It's crazy how all the nurses are coming in asking questions about my procedure, the doctor the cost and how I feel about the results. I'm sure that's not on the registration forms. I did end up contacting lesley to ask the name and dose of all meds given post SX and she responded very quickly and keeps checking on me. That was nice because people always say when you leave they say f u but not in my case. Lol I will keep you all posted.


ER outcome

I was released from the ER yesterday around 6pm. They checked me for infectious diseases and God only knows what else and I was fine. They did find a lot of fluid and swelling and scheduled me with a PS for an aspiration on Monday for some reason they didn't want to do it there. They said if they did it I would have to be admitted which I did not want. I got my stage two garment yesterday and it is very nice. Thanks Fierceat36 for the info this garment is giving me life!! Yes I have fallen for it in a weird way.

Thanks for the concern and support to you all!!


Quick update

Went to see the surgeon yesterday regarding my seroma he just laughed at me!! Yes ladies in my face and said I was flat I had a very small pocket of fluid that was about the size of a twizzler and that my body would absorb it and that its so small that he would have to set me up with ultrasound just to find the fluid to remove..so if it worsens then he will do that otherwise I'll go back in two months to see him. I can not lie I'm still scared but I agreed to just let nature take its course. Overall I feel great!! I feel like I look very nice just don't go without my garment anywhere and I mean I never take it off other than to wash it and even then I use a stage one until it's completely dry lol. I don't want anything to affect my results cause this was not an easy process. I'm just working on my scar now trying to prevent keloids and darkening. Any suggestions?!



41 days post op

Comparison photos

Just so you all can see the difference

Doctor Fatima Review

Well I know I have taken quite a long time to post the actual review of my experience with Dr. Almonte & Sealily and the reason I haven't reviewed them both are different. For Dr. Almonte and staff I wanted to wait until I was fully healed to really review them because it's important to judge them by how they treat you before SX, during the SX process while in DR & after should you have additional questions or need anything further when you have arrived home. I didn't wanna say something one day then back track and say something different later after I was upset or after they let me down. As for SeaLily..I was just plain lazy! You girls who have been through this process know that it drains you completely and I can't say that I'm totally back to normal psychologically but I am up to more than I was before.

This is the longest post I've made so get ready.

Overall with Dr. Fatima I can say I like my results but there was lose ends that I feel should have been explained prior to my arrival. The one thing that ended up causing a problem was that the day we (my sister and I) arrived we were not told by lesley or anyone else that we would be going first the following day and that we would be staying two nights at CECIP. Normally you stay one night unless ur SX is first thing in the AM. This would not be a big deal but we paid for the recovery house for additional days that we really didn't need to but I'll get to that in my SeaLily review.

First impression: Dr Fatima is very tiny lol..Lesley was nice enough she kind of fast talks you. She is your primary contact while your in the states and while your in DR. When I got there I did several test which include EKG & Bloodwork. The one thing I can say is ladies check your Bloodwork a day or two before u leave and take the paper with you. It will help you out tremendously if your told it's too low cause many girls had that problem. I expected Dr. Fatima to come in and give her suggestions and advise but no that never happened. Lesley said ur hemo is 12.3 what do you want done the most. Wish the doctor was more involved with that. When Dr Fatima came in I believe I was somewhat off because my sister had went back already and had not returned. There had been several girls from other doctors of course who had went back before & after her and was out already. I had taken the blue pill and worrying. When she came in to mark me We didn't say much but I assume seeing that I had spoken to Lesley and told her what I wanted I was good. She told me I had a great foundation to work with and that she says a prayer before each SX which was very good to hear. I asked about my sister she said that she was still sleep and that some ppl sleep longer that others after SX. She marked me and was out. When I woke up I wasn't in any pain. I was not cold or anything they had cover over me. I saw several of the other girls in recovery that I meet prior and we was all asking each other are you ok? Lol that was pretty cool. Soon as the doctor came to get me I asked where is my sister?! They took me to her room I felt much better. When I got to my room there was Maria from SeaLily. She was such a great person to have there. I was vomitting and she was right there with a bucket and helped in every way! If you want they will send someone with you from SeaLily to stay overnight at the clinic. I would suggest you do that. It was $50 which is $25 cheaper than what the hospital charges and I felt much better with her there. The next day I woke up to Dr Fatima other assistant can not remember her name but very pretty girl..she cleaned me and put me in the faja. Then she gave me a bag of meds and also sold me the heparin for $40. As I said before if you go to doctor Fatima be prepared for this addition cost because nowhere is it mentioned and honey you need that. Doctor Fatima and lesley then came in checked everything set an appointment for three days later then sent me on my way. After that I problems with the drain it came out several times I was so afraid! They do have an actual nurse at Sealily who was able to put it back in. Tania who is a doctor that works for Doctor Almonte was very responsive and helpful. She is who will see you at your daily appointments at the clinic. She cleans you wombs and checks things out then Doctor Fatima will come in and check her work and speak with you. I would whether deal with Tania than Lesley because she actually is hands on and knows more and response fast to your needs after SX as we all know when you need some follow up about your recovery who wants to wait? Your nervous and anxious and need answers now. I was able to call Tania directly instead of messages being sent through WhatsApp and they may or may not to answered but that's just my opinion. Overall Doctor Fatima was nice enough I just wish she was more informative. I get asked all the time if I had regrets the answer is yes and no. I don't regret having SX I do regret not fully understanding the process this is. I thought I knew I thought I researched but really I didn't care about the recovery I just wanted the SX no matter what. And I must honestly say I wouldn't go back to the DR. The reason is that prior to going to the DR I was aware of the Doctors that had deaths I was aware of the clinic that had high infection rates etc. I figured I'd find the best doctor with no deaths and at a different hospital etc I think I got that with Fatima but there was other things that goes on in DR that I wasn't aware of until after. I have heard they reuse the instruments from patient to patient with sterilization. Girls have said they came back with Hepatitis and HIV. I would not have taking that kind of risk for a flat stomach. I did however find a little peace in knowing that Doctor Fatima does test all patients prior to SX and will not preform SX on someone with a disease but it's still very scary. After I heard about this I called and asked for my results which Tania stated they can provide but reassured me that they don't do SX on ppl with disease which still scared me cause she would never say that they don't reuse the tools. I went to my doctor and was tested. That's a terrible feeling to say the least.

Anyhow that was quite the mouth full,

Until next time,


Sealily Review

Sealily is the recovery house I chose to use. The reason I chose them was because it was cheaper than the package deal from Doctor Fatima & they also offered massage & transportation to appointments and the airport. They also spoke English which was a huge plus.

It was clean and home like. Everyone was very nice and helpful.

Cristina who is the owner also does the massages and is a licensed as such with 20 years of experience. And I must say since being back in the US I have not received a massage that measures up. When I arrived at the airport it was 3am and Orlando was right there waiting for me. Prior to arriving he asked for a picture of me which was kinda odd at first because as you know we are all skeptical of this whole process. I didn't know what to expect. I would advise you to ask him for a photo as well ( I didn't and regret that) he is a handsome young guy. Orlando did everything I ask I might add. From giving me my shots every night to driving me to and from appointments took me to the bank several times and shopping!! He even took us out to eat when we ask and got ice cream..he was like family a very nice young man. Cristina entire family was very helpful and really made my stay more comfortable. They worked well with the doctor on appointments and arranged for someone to stay with us at the hospital for the fee of 50 dollars. It was wifi in my room which made things nice. Also download the magic jack app for free calls home while there!! You use wifi and can call anyone which saved me tons of money!! I have Verizon and international calls are expensive.

Anyhow the house looks just as it did on their website. It's a huge house and lots of areas to chill. I loved the outside seating area. We chatted and had lots of laughs. There is a young lady named Arlene that speaks several languages and was a great person to have around. She was very caring and we even had bible study while I was there at my request that is.

The only problem we had was that we were not told my Lesley that we would be staying at the clinic for two days. We had already paid for our stay at the recovery house when we got there. So we paid for two days that we would not be there. This was not Sealily fault and when asked they did give a refund. I will say don't go into this expecting that because as we all know it's not how service works. If you say you will be there for a certain amount of time they expect that so you are holding up a room that could be for someone else. I used the money for additional tips before I left. I tipped everyone the cook, the helpers, Orlando, Arlene, Cristina, the guy that helped at the airport, the wheelchair service ppl. Just be prepared for that. Again a little goes along way and they appreciate that.

Overall it was a great place to stay and I'm glad I took the chance and tried something different. I would say the food was good but different than what we have in the US. You have to go into this knowing that you are not going to get US food. These people are not your servants but they are people who work hard and try to please you. Remember to tip them. This is a poor country and 5 or 10 US dollars goes a long way for them. And remember to be kind and respectful.

Until next time,


***Very Graphic*** Private messages

I received several private messages asking some some details on the kinda things that where going on in DR. Again not my doctor not her clinic but it's still scary.
***Very graphic***


Went shopping..still have a problem finding clothes without the big stomach!! Thick thighs, big butt & slim waist..its tailoring from here on out or dresses & jeggings might work as well. I have on my black garment and black leggings underneath so it looks a little crazy but way better than before. No changes so far, Frustrated, Sassy!! Xoxo

Scar update

Scar looking pretty much the same..I'm happy with it seeing that I keloid pretty bad and it seems to be doing great..still numb & lots of tightness on the sides

90 days!!

It's been 90 days since my SX..feeling out have been working out trying to still lose weight. Having a problem with my incision. I sent a picture to Lesley and she thinks it's an ingrown hair however I am going to the doctor on Tuesday for confirmation.

Happy healing ladies

Just for the hell of it

So today I decided to update with some pictures. Not sure if anyone is still looking as we all get our procedures and we become negligent . I'm at the 8 month mark and still get swollen. I do plan to return to DR to get my teeth done I will be getting veneers. I would also like more lipo on the stomach..it's very much improved but I'm looking for a smaller waist. When I shop all I buy is crop tops now it's so funny I never wore them before. Overall I'm satisfied..Lesley still checks up on me which is nice. When I return I will be staying at Sea Lily again even though I'll just be getting my teeth done. They are an awesome family and very close to the dentist. Anyhow have a fabulous day!


Dr Fatima Almonte

Dr Fatima Almonte was a very polite women. I wish there was more conversations with her and less with Lesley (who by the way is nice too) because lesley makes promises or tells you things that I felt perhaps Dr Almonte was not aware of. Overall good experience with the doctor herself.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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